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The Republic Episode 200 Video is Out!

Best screencap of me ever.

Best screencap of me ever.

I know a few of you have been asking when episode 200 of The Republic that I recorded with Larry Everett (Hyperspace Beacon), Chuck (Bad Feeling Podcast), and Andrew (SWTOR Economics) for would be available on YouTube, and here it is! I think this is a great episode! We talk about some of the positive aspects of SWTOR and what we like about the game, and you can see me pull out my pink lightsaber!

Happy watching!


Happy One Year Anniversary at Pretty Little Sith!


Today marks one year after the first blog post I released on! In the past year, I have made so many friends and met many people that play the game. It’s such a joy to see that what I have produced, either in written, audio, or video form has brought smiles to people’s faces. I am so happy to write this blog for everyone, and I’m thankful to so many different people!


Thank you to my guild Despair, who I’ve been with for a year and a half, and especially to my guildies Ben, Film, Sleeth, Drios, Bordeau, and everyone in my operations group! Thank you for being so supportive of my blog and my presence in the SWTOR community and continuing to treat me like a “normal” guildie, putting up with me when I don’t meet my conquest points, when I accidentally stand in reticles, my lackluster crafting attitude, and my Deception Assassin DPS!  I’m very happy to be in one of the greatest guilds together.


Thank you for being the best readers a blogger could have! I know some of my posts can get quite lengthy, and I’m so happy that my readers are amazing and intelligent people. I love reading and responding to your e-mails, and I look forward to more in the future!


Thank you to Carla and Jason, who thought I would be a good co-host on Corellian Run Radio, even though I originally asked if I could submit articles for the website! I’m very happy to continue the legacy that our podcast has and to take the podcast into new and exciting directions!

Thank you to Larry Everett for asking me to be on The Republic! It’s been an incredible experience so far for someone that does not produce her own videos or stream. I think it’s been a lot of fun to actually show my face when I talk about the game!

The Republic

Thank you to Teo, Chill, and Redna for interviewing and talking about me on OotiniCast early on, before anyone ever noticed me! It has been a pleasure to meet all of you in person. Thank you especially to Chill, for listening to my panicked messages about becoming a podcast host on CRR and living up to your name by being a cool, calm, and collected person that I can trust. Also thank you to Redna, for being one of my biggest blog fans!

Thank you Deltia for featuring me in one your interviews for gamers in the community! I felt like a guinea pig, but I’m so proud of your success with your site now! I promise I will try to play ESO when it’s free!

Thank you Chuck and Brian of the Bad Feeling Podcast! It’s like we’re celebrating our birthdays together! You have made me laugh so many times while driving. Brian especially, you have been so friendly and logical, and I’m glad you are a very open and easy person to talk to.

Thank you to Road for working so hard on so many podcasts and also inviting me to be on a few episodes of the SWTOR Galactic Gamer’s Coalition. It was so much fun to be able to talk and discuss SWTOR subjects with other podcasters.

Social Media

Thank you so much to Madmar for maintaining @SWTORFamily on Twitter and retweeting my work! Thank you for noticing when I try to bring a SWTOR player or community contributor under your nose so that they can be added to your lists. I’m very appreciative that you help to let others know about content that is being produced for the game.

Thank you Olib for creating! It’s such a beautiful website, and an amazing resource to access different sources of SWTOR content. Thank you for coding in the Pretty Little Sith image when I use the tag on submissions, and responding when my scatterbrain forgets my password!

Thank you to everyone that has “Liked” the Pretty Little Sith Facebook page and/or follows me on Twitter! I love interacting with people about all kinds of different topics, including the game, and I’m so happy that you appreciate what I do and give me feedback. Thank you for giving me ideas on what to write about. It’s also exciting to have met a few of my followers.

Ootini Knights

Ootini Knights

Thank you to my friends on the Prophecy of the Five server! If I hadn’t met some of you in person, the SWTOR Pot5 PvP Facebook group would’ve been a lot stranger, but it has been fun. I enjoy the different perspective on the game and even all the crazy things you guys post in the group. Thank you for helping me practice my anti-troll communication skills. Thank you also for being some of my first supporters when I’ve been on The Republic or have done any streaming. I’m sorry I’ve been too lazy to play a character to max level on your server, and that I’m still a bit of a “shitter.”



Thank you to the BioWare community team for including me in your fansites and to EA for inviting me to the EA Redwood Shores studio. That was such an exciting experience I will never forget, and I’m happy I was able to befriend Victoria (SWTORista) and Michael at the event. Thank you Amber Green, though I’ve only met you once at the 2013 Seattle Cantina, for being so nice, funny, and approachable. Thank you to Eric Musco and Courtney Woods for remembering my name and communicating with me about the game! I don’t think I will see you in person much for the rest of this year, but I hope we can meet again.

2014-11-21 11.04.49

In the future I hope to self-host the blog once I become more savvy with HTML and web design. I also look forward to writing more, and I’m glad I’ve been able to scratch my writing itch after a long period of writing nothing much at all. Thank you so much to everyone reading, and I’m ready for another year of Pretty Little Sith.

New Corellian Run Radio + The Republic Episodes

Hi everyone! Here are the videos for the latest Corellian Run Radio and The Republic episodes! In both of the shows we have a guest host named Rachel, who writes the Xam Xam Says blog. We talk about the recent exploit punishments, and my experiences at PAX South and the San Antonio SWTOR Community Cantina.

Corellian Run Radio – Episode 137: The “Super-Cast”


The Republic – Episode 198: SWTOR’s Dealing Out Punishments


New Episodes of Corellian Run Radio & The Republic

Corellian Run Radio

Hello SWTOR community! This week I recorded episodes for Corellian Run Radio (podcast) and The Republic (Gamebreaker), which are both out and available to watch and/or listen! Here are links and videos and little descriptions about each episode:

Corellian Run Radio Episode 135: Predictions for SWTOR 2015

In this episode Jason and I talk about our predictions for SWTOR this year and the upcoming San Antonio Community Cantina! You’ll also hear me mention megaserver theories and “ewok genocide!”



The Republic Episode 196: SWTOR Sploits

Larry gathers Redna and I to talk about the exploit that has been “going around” as well as new features in the latest SWTOR Player Test Server!



Hopefully next time Corellian Run Radio (next live recording Sunday 1/18 at about 2:00pm Pacific) and The Republic (TBA)  record live, I’ll see you in the chatroom!

SWTOR 2015 Predictions & Wishes

brace for the worst

Revan: “Brace for the worst….”

Today I asked for some blog post ideas on Twitter! One of my followers (@UnholyAlliances) suggested that I could “play prophet for a day and predict what is in store for us in #swtor in 2015.” I can do that!

Obviously I can’t promise that I’ll be right (and some of this stuff is just obvious. Of COURSE they’re going to release at least one new flashpoint.), but I spoke a bit about this on The Republic last night (no YouTube video yet, will upload here on the blog as soon as I can), and I think it would be fun to have something in writing, especially if I turn out to be correct (at least just a little!)!

Here’s what I think will be happening in SWTOR in 2015:

More stories and cinematics:

pyramid revan

When I visited EA, one of the things that was said was that the developers would be going back to what BioWare does best, which is storytelling. Additionally, they said that if we liked Shadow of Revan, we will love what’s happening in 2015! This leads me to think that there will be more stories to enjoy, which is great! Although I am not a huge Star Wars lore buff, I still like the stories that they come up with, and I will at least play through them the first time without space-barring.

What this means, in regards to gameplay, is most likely more PvE content, especially similar to the Forged Alliances story arc with the flashpoints. So far, we don’t have a lot of level 60 flashpoints, so it would be great if they added more variety to the Weekly flashpoint missions and group finder queues.

I’m hoping we will see more of Darth Marr and Satele Shan, and also learn more about Lana Beniko and Theron Shan. BioWare has introduced these characters, and I would like to see further development. I hope this is what is in store for next year.


At the end of The Ravagers operation

At the end of The Ravagers operation.

Last night when we discussed this topic on The Republic, Redna predicted that we will probably get Nightmare modes of the new operations (The Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice), and three months after that, another operation, maybe two. I agree with this, since BioWare has said that we will never go as long as we have without a new operation again. A new operation (or two) six months from now seems completely plausible.

As far as the story in these operations, I think they will relate to what we have experienced in Shadow of Revan, but we will not be fighting “the big bad” yet. I think it’s too early for that. While I think the two factions have been stressed and frustrated after the “forged alliance,” I do not think that they will design a faction vs. faction operation, because then they would have to come up with two different versions. They have marginally done this, in Korriban Incursion and Attack on Tython, but I think an operation is a much larger undertaking, and they will just design bosses for both factions–a common enemy, as they have always done.

Since I don’t believe the common enemy will be “the big bad” from the end of Shadow of Revan, I have no idea what it would be in the meantime!


Oh, PvP–the redheaded stepchild of SWTOR. I said earlier in the post that the game is going to have more story, which seems to push PvP aside. I think that the developers are working on new warzones, since they asked the community to submit ideas for them much earlier this year. Hopefully, we should see what they are working on sometime soon.

BioWare says the new discipline system also allows for easier class changes and balancing, so we should see more of that. It will be fun to see an actual “Flavor of the Month” and not “Flavor of the Year.”

I don’t think they will be making a change to Arenas in Ranked anytime soon. However, if I could “wish” for something it would be 4-man objective based warzones in Ranked. I don’t think they will ever bring 8-man Ranked back, but this, they could consider, since we are constantly doing objective-based warzones in Unranked.

I also think they will release whatever they are considering to improve Ranked, which leads to my next prediction.


They are also working on the ominous “better-than-cross-server” idea. At this point we still don’t really know what’s going to happen. Some have suggested a megaserver with different play-type instances, like separate instances of PvE, PvP, RP-PvP, and RP-PvE. I agree that this could and may happen, and people would be able to retain the gameplay type they enjoy, but also would be able to have a much larger population for queues, since what you do in operations, flashpoints, warzones, and arenas is separate from open-world gameplay.

Basically, I predict that people will be able to queue with all types of players, but in the open world, you only have to play with others in the type of instance you prefer (PvP, PvE, etc.). What would be interesting is if they also allowed you to switch the type of gameplay at any time you like. For example, if I’m feeling especially bloodthirsty and I want to pretend like my Sith Assassin is having a bad day, I could switch over to the RP-PvP instance of wherever I was and hunt some Pubs.

The larger population in queues, in my opinion, would lead to bigger and better competition in Ranked. I think it would also bring the community together by being able to play with anyone in game.

As far as the specifics with names, I’m not sure how they will work that out. I have a toon that is literally named just “Heather” on the Harbinger, so I would prefer to be able to retain that.

Galactic Starfighter

The last time I asked, which was a month ago, BioWare currently had nothing in development for GSF. If they come out with anything, it will be later on in the year. I hope they come out with at least a new game mode, and it would be great if they released a new ship type as well.

Galactic Strongholds

One of my guildie's strongholds!

Dianah crashing in a guildie’s stronghold.

BioWare is constantly adding more decorations to the game and the Cartel Market, and I don’t think they are going to stop anytime soon! I don’t think they have another stronghold currently in development, but that is something I would like to see next year. I wish that we could have an underwater stronghold on Manaan!

What are your predictions?

What do you think will happen in SWTOR in 2015? Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts!

Corellian Run Radio Episode #134 & Giveaway

Good morning! We’ve had some technical difficulty posting the latest episode of Corellian Run Radio, but we do have it on YouTube that you can listen and watch! Here is episode #134 of the podcast, in which we talk about SWTOR news and more thoughts on the new expansion: Shadow of Revan.


We also talk about a contest we are having on the show, in which you can win a copy of the novel Revan by Drew Karpyshyn. In order to enter, you must submit a suggestion topic or discussion for the show! Here is the link to enter that. We will be choosing a winner on Sunday for our next show!

In other news, I will be on The Republic on tomorrow night, Thursday, December 18th at approximately 6:30pm PST! This will be our last show of the year, so I’ll try to be festive with a Santa hat or something. Come watch and join the chat room!

Happy Thanksgiving, Last-Minute Leveling, Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer/Wallpapers

Thanks Richard for the high-res SW7 wallpapers!

Thanks Richard for the high-res SW7 wallpapers!

I hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving weekend! I am very thankful for my blog visitors and everyone that has been supporting Pretty Little Sith, Corellian Run Radio, and The Republic. I am also thankful for my guild Despair, who make playing SWTOR more fun than playing alone! This blog is about 10 months old, so I’m very excited to see its progress in that amount of time.

This weekend, I’ve been busy hanging out with family and rushing to get some last minute leveling in before the new SWTOR expansion Shadow of Revan comes out on Tuesday! I should be able to get two more characters to 55. I have a Sniper at level 51, which I should be able to finish in a few hours, and I also have a Scoundrel who’s around level 39 I think. Hopefully I can get her before the end of the weekend. If I am surprisingly successful with those two, then I’ll also work on my Guardian who is level 28.

Anyway, I thought I’d give you guys a little update, as well as embed the new Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens teaser trailer that came out yesterday! I don’t want to give away any “spoilers” if you haven’t watched the teaser trailer  yet yourself, so definitely, definitely watch it! I know this was quite “spoiler-y” but if you click the screen capture of the image above, it will bring you to imgur showing some of the high-res screencaps/wallpapers my friend Richard has put together!


The Republic Episode 192, CRR News, and More


The weather is finally cooling down here in Las Vegas! I’m actually wearing pants (normally I only wear dresses/skirts), and a scarf. Yesterday when I was dressing for a jewelry party, I realized I have the same sweater in at least half a dozen different colors, and they were all, inconveniently, thin and quarter-sleeved.  I will have to go shopping for more differently designed, warmer sweaters.

The display at the jewelry party I went to!

The display at the jewelry party I went to! I bought more than I probably should have…

I’m really excited to pack tonight for my trip (even though it will be very short) to San Francisco/Redwood City for the EA press event about the new SWTOR Shadow of Revan expansion while I represent Corellian Run Radio! I will be flying out tomorrow afternoon and coming back on Wednesday night. I cannot release much of the information that I learn at the event right away, but I will post something as soon as I’m able to.

Corellian Run Radio

Additionally, we have begun to livestream our Corellian Run Radio episodes! On Sunday we streamed our first episode on Twitch. The video/podcast won’t be out until tomorrow, so look out for another post with the video and links to the podcast. Our episodes are released every two weeks, so follow us at so that you’re ready for our next episode!

In other news, I was on another episode of The Republic last week for I think I did better with the lighting this week, since I made a makeshift diffuser (more like me just taping a piece of paper over the lamp, LOL). Here’s the video of episode 192 of The Republic:


(No) Leveling and New Webcam!

I know I’ve been slacking a bit on the blog posts, but I’ve started another super-secret project that you won’t be able to appreciate until sometime from now! I’m very excited about it. However, how have I been doing in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Since preordering the new SWTOR 3.0 Expansion: Shadow of Revan, I have not leveled a single toon to level 55, despite the 12x boost. I hardly had time to level anything before, and while I know it’s really fast to level, I usually only play my Assassin anyway. When I finally get my Shadow to 55, I’ll probably run more operations.

My guild is invading Hoth this week, and I’m already a day behind in earning conquest points. Hopefully I’ll get some playtime this week, but the large goal seems extremely daunting. I didn’t make my personal conquest goal last week, despite my guild conquering yet another planet. I felt like I wasted an opportunity to obtain a title since I didn’t reach my personal conquest point minimum. I am, though, very happy with the way I spent my time outside of game, so to miss out on the “Conquerer of Quesh” title is not really that big of a deal.

In other news, I finally bought a new webcam! No longer will I look like a blurry “Monet painting.” I purchased the Logitech C525, at a great price of only $37.25 on Amazon. I decided against the C920 because of the higher cost and a recommendation to not get 1080p. At the price I purchased the C525, I think I definitely got a deal, since it was even cheaper than the older C510 model. Now I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the camera I got, or if I truly did get a good deal.

I also purchased a desk lamp, so my lighting is a little better on camera, and some other things with my Amazon Prime trial! I have 30 days of free, 2-day shipping, so I’m buying things as soon as I think of them. I tend to forget that I need/want new things if they don’t end up on a shopping list, so it’s nice to just be able to go on Amazon and buy something quickly. (My other Amazon Prime purchases so far: a hot water kettle, duvet, sheets, light bulbs, and a coupon wallet.)

Here's a photo I found on my desktop from recording last week's episode of The Republic! I think I hit a camera button on accident.

Here’s a photo I found on my desktop from recording last week’s episode of The Republic! I think I hit a screenshot button on accident.

Finally, don’t forget to watch me on The Republic again tomorrow on! We should be starting at about 6:30pm PST, and you can watch at either or I’m happy to be doing another episode with Larry and Redna. As usual, I will embed the YouTube video here once it’s available in case you miss the live show.

EDIT: Here’s this week’s episode!


Gaming vs. Real Life Commitments

Today one of my friends told me about this awesome sale going on and asked if I wanted to shop on Friday night. While I felt extremely excited about the sale, I turned her down because Friday is one of the days that I run operations with my team, and we only run ops (officially with our team) two days a week. Since we’re working on Nightmare progression and we just recently put together this group (which I think is awesome!), I did not want to stunt the group’s progress, they would have to bring someone else in, and I would have to learn what they figured out while I was gone.

However, turning down a shopping date does not mean I’m prioritizing video games over real life events. Since I have been raiding on a schedule, I find that I’m able to be online less and can plan other things in my life around gaming. And if I have nothing to do, then I will stay online for hours at a time.

Before having regularly scheduled operations, I felt like I had to be online as much as possible to get into PuG operations, I never knew when people would want to play or if there would be room for me in a group. I remember having to log off in the middle of operations because of something I had to do in real life, and I didn’t like it at all. It made me feel guilty, like I was stealing time from things and people in real life, my guildies in-game, and myself.

The other day I almost forgot I had something to do in real life. I was sitting in Terror From Beyond, about to start my third operation of the day, and I realized that I had to go. I felt really bad about leaving, but they were able to find a replacement quickly. Also, it wasn’t one of my regular raid nights anyway, just a story mode run, so it wasn’t crucial for me to be there.

I definitely don’t feel obligated to show up to raid nights (Monday/Friday) while I’m on vacation, if I have a family event, or if it is a holiday (Halloween is on a Friday!). However I always let my guild master or ops lead know beforehand if I’m going to be late or unable to show up.

Sometimes I still find it difficult to schedule things going on in my life. Today, I will be recording another episode of Corellian Run Radio before I go to a class at the gym. On Wednesdays I drive home from work, listen to maybe 15 minutes of OotiniCast, and then I have to go to another class at the gym. Thursday, I’m hoping recording The Republic will end early enough that I can make it to Pub Quiz with some friends later. Lately, most weeks have been like this, where I’ve been very busy.

My weekends are filled with running errands, doing chores, going to appointments, going out with friends, and then some gaming. A few weeks ago I accidentally booked three appointments at the same time. I got that fixed before it actually happened, but I should probably work on using my phone’s calendar better. I still feel like I play a lot, but clearly not as much as others when I’m only playing and trying to meet conquest points on one character.

Right now I work full-time, have no children, and am already done with school. If I ever get married and have kids, I’ll definitely have to change something in my life, because I wouldn’t want to give up gaming to have more time.

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