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Cleared New Operations in 8-Man Story Mode!

Temple of Sacrifice Revan

After a few weeks of working on it, my operations team has finally cleared Temple of Sacrifice (ToS) in 8-man story mode! We cleared The Ravagers operation our first day trying it, but for a while we were stuck for a couple days on Sword Squadron (the walkers, second boss in ToS) and then a few operation sessions later we were able to clear the Underlurker (third boss in Tos).  The last two bosses in ToS were fairly easy. We one-shot the Commanders (fourth boss), and we beat the final boss after failing the door boss (Filmadeus was outside and one of our tanks insta-died), and me “experimenting” with cleansing a grenade off. Nope. I killed half our group when I cleansed that grenade in the middle of everyone! I ended up dying on the second phase of our winning pull, so I laid dying while my operations team beat the boss. It looked very cool, so I hope I will survive next week when we do this boss again!

We did not try these operations at all in closed beta. Also, we took a week break for the holidays, so I think we did fine in our operation progression since we only raid twice a week for a few hours! I’m excited to try hard mode tomorrow in both of the operations, which I anticipate will bring us to the edge of frustration and possible rage quitting!

Overall I really like the new operations! It’s refreshing to work on something new after more than a year of Dread Fortress and Dread Palace, and I’m excited to see the more difficult mechanics that hard mode (and later Nightmare!) will bring.

Have you tried out the new operations so far? How do you like them? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @Heather_PLS!

SWTOR 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

Revan cutscene entrance

Last week I wrote about my SWTOR Predictions and Wishes for 2015, but how about my in-game goals and “resolutions?” Here are a few things I’m hoping to do in 2015 in-game!

Become more proficient at playing my Vengeance Juggernaut.

Before I ever even thought about playing an Assassin, my main toon was a Sith Juggernaut! I tanked a little, but it was a bit stressful for me. I’ve played with Vengeance for a while, and I like it! However, I am nowhere near as good as playing my Assassin, and I hardly ever play my alts. However, it’s good to have a backup in case of an emergency (ex: BioWare destroys Deception Assassins.).

Become more confident tanking with my Sith Assassin.

A few weeks ago one of my guildies asked if I could tank something, because she’s only ever played with me tanking. I was like, lolwut? I will tank, reluctantly (if I can’t get a flashpoint group to pop in the queues,) however, I would really rather not. This should change. I would like to be more flexible, and while I can definitely tank, I would like to be very good at it. I don’t like to do things unless I can do it well. Also, I really, really wish you could save your quick bars instead of swapping out abilities every time you change disciplines.

Clear The Ravagers & Temple of Sacrifice in story and hard modes.

Sword Squadron Temple of Sacrifice

Sword Squadron in Temple of Sacrifice

I’m about halfway there right now, but my ops team probably won’t be going into hard mode until we are all geared a bit better. We have plenty of time to do this of course!

Complete Jedi Knight and Smuggler class stories.

I know–what kind of SWTOR player am I to not have done these yet? Even if I don’t take these toons into end-game content, I would like to see these stories that have been around for three years already. Most likely I would level a Sentinel (since I don’t have a max-level Marauder) and finish my Scoundrel (level 39? 42? I don’t remember.)

Level a Sith Assassin on the Prophecy of the Five server to level 60.

I’ve got my Shadow on the Bastion that I can do end-game content with, but I actually had started to level an Assassin on Pot5 last spring when I met some players at the Boston community cantina. I feel a little bad that I haven’t played with any of them because I hadn’t had a max-level toon.

Participate in a Ranked PvP Season and complete at least 20 matches.

But I need better gear first. PvP stresses me out sometimes.

What are your goals in SWTOR in 2015? Leave me a comment on this post or tweet me @Heather_PLS!


SWTOR 2015 Predictions & Wishes

brace for the worst

Revan: “Brace for the worst….”

Today I asked for some blog post ideas on Twitter! One of my followers (@UnholyAlliances) suggested that I could “play prophet for a day and predict what is in store for us in #swtor in 2015.” I can do that!

Obviously I can’t promise that I’ll be right (and some of this stuff is just obvious. Of COURSE they’re going to release at least one new flashpoint.), but I spoke a bit about this on The Republic last night (no YouTube video yet, will upload here on the blog as soon as I can), and I think it would be fun to have something in writing, especially if I turn out to be correct (at least just a little!)!

Here’s what I think will be happening in SWTOR in 2015:

More stories and cinematics:

pyramid revan

When I visited EA, one of the things that was said was that the developers would be going back to what BioWare does best, which is storytelling. Additionally, they said that if we liked Shadow of Revan, we will love what’s happening in 2015! This leads me to think that there will be more stories to enjoy, which is great! Although I am not a huge Star Wars lore buff, I still like the stories that they come up with, and I will at least play through them the first time without space-barring.

What this means, in regards to gameplay, is most likely more PvE content, especially similar to the Forged Alliances story arc with the flashpoints. So far, we don’t have a lot of level 60 flashpoints, so it would be great if they added more variety to the Weekly flashpoint missions and group finder queues.

I’m hoping we will see more of Darth Marr and Satele Shan, and also learn more about Lana Beniko and Theron Shan. BioWare has introduced these characters, and I would like to see further development. I hope this is what is in store for next year.


At the end of The Ravagers operation

At the end of The Ravagers operation.

Last night when we discussed this topic on The Republic, Redna predicted that we will probably get Nightmare modes of the new operations (The Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice), and three months after that, another operation, maybe two. I agree with this, since BioWare has said that we will never go as long as we have without a new operation again. A new operation (or two) six months from now seems completely plausible.

As far as the story in these operations, I think they will relate to what we have experienced in Shadow of Revan, but we will not be fighting “the big bad” yet. I think it’s too early for that. While I think the two factions have been stressed and frustrated after the “forged alliance,” I do not think that they will design a faction vs. faction operation, because then they would have to come up with two different versions. They have marginally done this, in Korriban Incursion and Attack on Tython, but I think an operation is a much larger undertaking, and they will just design bosses for both factions–a common enemy, as they have always done.

Since I don’t believe the common enemy will be “the big bad” from the end of Shadow of Revan, I have no idea what it would be in the meantime!


Oh, PvP–the redheaded stepchild of SWTOR. I said earlier in the post that the game is going to have more story, which seems to push PvP aside. I think that the developers are working on new warzones, since they asked the community to submit ideas for them much earlier this year. Hopefully, we should see what they are working on sometime soon.

BioWare says the new discipline system also allows for easier class changes and balancing, so we should see more of that. It will be fun to see an actual “Flavor of the Month” and not “Flavor of the Year.”

I don’t think they will be making a change to Arenas in Ranked anytime soon. However, if I could “wish” for something it would be 4-man objective based warzones in Ranked. I don’t think they will ever bring 8-man Ranked back, but this, they could consider, since we are constantly doing objective-based warzones in Unranked.

I also think they will release whatever they are considering to improve Ranked, which leads to my next prediction.


They are also working on the ominous “better-than-cross-server” idea. At this point we still don’t really know what’s going to happen. Some have suggested a megaserver with different play-type instances, like separate instances of PvE, PvP, RP-PvP, and RP-PvE. I agree that this could and may happen, and people would be able to retain the gameplay type they enjoy, but also would be able to have a much larger population for queues, since what you do in operations, flashpoints, warzones, and arenas is separate from open-world gameplay.

Basically, I predict that people will be able to queue with all types of players, but in the open world, you only have to play with others in the type of instance you prefer (PvP, PvE, etc.). What would be interesting is if they also allowed you to switch the type of gameplay at any time you like. For example, if I’m feeling especially bloodthirsty and I want to pretend like my Sith Assassin is having a bad day, I could switch over to the RP-PvP instance of wherever I was and hunt some Pubs.

The larger population in queues, in my opinion, would lead to bigger and better competition in Ranked. I think it would also bring the community together by being able to play with anyone in game.

As far as the specifics with names, I’m not sure how they will work that out. I have a toon that is literally named just “Heather” on the Harbinger, so I would prefer to be able to retain that.

Galactic Starfighter

The last time I asked, which was a month ago, BioWare currently had nothing in development for GSF. If they come out with anything, it will be later on in the year. I hope they come out with at least a new game mode, and it would be great if they released a new ship type as well.

Galactic Strongholds

One of my guildie's strongholds!

Dianah crashing in a guildie’s stronghold.

BioWare is constantly adding more decorations to the game and the Cartel Market, and I don’t think they are going to stop anytime soon! I don’t think they have another stronghold currently in development, but that is something I would like to see next year. I wish that we could have an underwater stronghold on Manaan!

What are your predictions?

What do you think will happen in SWTOR in 2015? Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts!

Shadow of Revan : Flirting with the NPCs (Character Romance Spoilers)

dianah theron

One of the great things about BioWare games is that you can “romance” your companions and NPCs! This is slightly a spoiler, but I think I can say that Theron Shan is romance-able during the Shadow of Revan storyline, and at the end, since I play an Imperial character, he essentially breaks up with her, but it was still sort of a happy ending. I’ll have to see this ending with my Shadow also. It’ll probably be the same result because Jedi aren’t supposed to have relationships and my Shadow is a cold-hearted, dark-side Jedi. However, Theron is the direct descendant of “cold-hearted” Jedi, so maybe! We’ll see.

I know this is a bit “RP” (roleplaying) of me, but I only like to choose the [Flirt] options for characters that either didn’t marry or romance their companions, or got married to Malavai Quinn. And that’s only a few characters for me. When I originally leveled, my Sorcerer married Andronikos Revel, so in my mind, I don’t consider him my Assassin’s romance companion. And this is why it didn’t feel awkward for my Assassin to pursue the romance with Theron. On the other hand, I started to level my Juggernaut, and since I hate Malavai Quinn (treacherous bastard), I had her flirting with Theron Shan also.

dianah theron 2

I did not like the previous romance-able NPC from the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion (the male Sith Pureblood), so I didn’t have my characters flirt with him at all.

My first male playable character that I have, the Vanguard, will not be flirting with Lana Beniko since I have him happily married to Elara Dorne. Additionally, he’s a light side character working for the Republic military, so there is no way he would think about doing that. I’ll have to level through another male character to flirt with Lana.

If you’d like to read more about my thoughts on male romance-able companions, I wrote a post a while back about the Imperial side ones! One day I’ll write one for Pub-side, but not for a long while.

Ding! Level 60 – Shadow of Revan: Gearing & Completing the Storyline (No Spoilers)

This weekend I’ve been busy playing the new Shadow of Revan SWTOR expansion! While I haven’t gone back to my level 59 Shadow, I did get to level 60 on my Assassin Saturday.

I finished the storyline right until the last boss fight about halfway through level 59, and I had a few missions to turn in still. I was already maxed on Basic commendations, but I didn’t want to waste any of them on pre-55 gear, so what I did was buy a few pieces from the vendor and flew to Oricon!

I completed the dailies and weeklies on Oricon, CZ-198, and some of Makeb, and this brought me to level 60. I bought a few 186-rating pieces for my Assassin, sold back the pieces I purchased before I leveled to 60, and then bought a few more level 60 pieces.

I transferred the mods out of the token armor set into one I liked, the Hallowed Gothic Armor set, which requires Champion reputation on Oricon and is also a legacy set. I did this so I could transfer the armor set to my Sorcerer, and then perhaps the second Shadow I’m leveling and a future Sage. I think though, by the time I get to all those toons, I will have much better gear modifications for them!

However, my guildies recommended I continue wearing my old mods until I get the 192 set, since my previous set is optimized, so I wore the Hallowed Gothic set to the final fight in the storyline the next day, in which I took a few screenshots. The fight still ended up bugging out for me, and after one try, my guildies were about to start another operation, so I did that instead!

In 16m Story-Mode, we ran through Scum & Villainy, Dread Fortress, and Dread Palace. Before I logged in they started Terror From Beyond, and I unfortunately had to log out before we completed the Dread Council fight in DP. Luckily, I was still able to complete the weekly quests, and I’m maxed out on Elite commendations.

I bought a Massassi 192-rating chestpiece and put that one on instead of the 180-rating gear I put back on, since it was a significant upgrade. I didn’t want to do any more missions if I was going to waste earned Elite commendations, so I went back to the final boss.

I died once, because the fight didn’t work properly, but the second time, I didn’t expect it to work! I was in an excited panic, and thankfully I had my guildies in Mumble so I could frantically ask what to do now that the fight was actually working. I was also trying a method to overcome the bugs by taunting at around 67% and 33%, but I’m not sure if it made a difference once the fight actually worked. The fight was actually pretty easy with working mechanics, so I defeated the boss and watched the end of the storyline!

I still don’t want to give anything away until everyone’s gotten a chance to enjoy the expansion, and I don’t want to spoil anyone, but the ending of Shadow of Revan was very intriguing! I’m anticipating what is to come in future SWTOR content regarding the outcome of this storyline.

Overall, I am very happy with the expansion, despite the bugs. Also, I wish there were enough missions on Rishi and Yavin 4 to get to level 60. That was pretty much the worst part, getting an expansion with not enough content to take you to the new level cap. I had also completed the Forged Alliances storyline, so for people that had completed it before the expansion, they had a lot less XP to start the Shadow of Revan storyline with.

Skill Upgrade Costs & Tips to Save/Earn Credits

URGENT UPDATE: BioWare is removing skill training costs next week on Tuesday and it doesn’t look like they are giving refunds for credits spent this week. I recommend waiting until next week to upgrade your skills. This does not include crew skills. Here’s the link:

Since Shadow of Revan has been released for Early Access, I’ve noticed two complaints from the SWTOR community: bugs and skill upgrade costs.

I definitely agree that bugs need to be fixed, such as mission objectives not spawning and bugs in crucial fights. However, complaints about things costing too much in-game?

I’ve never been one that likes to actively earn credits. I don’t craft, I don’t play the GTN, I don’t purchase Cartel Packs and sell the contents–I just simply sell junk that I pick up while running missions. I don’t even run dailies on a consistent basis. I run operations and flashpoints, and sometimes I’ll queue for warzones or GSF. However, I do those things for fun, not for the intent that I will be earning credits out of them.

The first toon I leveled during the new expansion, I transferred to the Bastion all by herself a while back. I didn’t send her a bunch of credits before I transferred. She didn’t have my main toon (who is on the Harbinger) for backup financial support, no guild repair funds, and honestly, I didn’t even look to see how many credits she had when I started (probably one million credits or less), because that’s not that important to me.

I didn’t notice that the skill upgrade costs were so high, because I wouldn’t want to gimp myself by not having all my skills upgraded. I just purchased them without considering the cost, and I didn’t go broke.

If you are concerned though, I have a few tips that might help:

– Don’t upgrade certain skills that you know you won’t be using.
I know for sure on my Deception Assassin, since I will be using Ball Lightning from now on, I don’t need to upgrade Shock. However, I just upgraded everything because it’s just something I do.
– Don’t switch out your mods as often.
If you do, make sure you have a reasonable amount of credits to do so. Otherwise, just put on the piece that gives you an upgrade and don’t spend credits taking the mods out of their shell until you have enough credits to comfortably do so.
– Don’t buy as many things on the GTN.
I hardly buy anything. Once in a while, I might like an armor set, or I’ll need an augment and/or augmentation kit, but this happens infrequently.
– Look for chests on the new planets!
I found one that had about 30k credits in it, and my guildies have found some that had 300k in them. In fact, they’re pretty confident that we will have much more credits than we used to due to credits being easy to earn from this expansion.
– Do something–dailies, flashpoints, warzones, GSF, anything.
Credits aren’t difficult to come by when you’re playing the game!

Repair costs are negligible, and hardly cost a thing if you are just leveling. Additionally, skill costs were free during 12x leveling, so that’s a lot of credits that should’ve been saved prior to the expansion.

Skill upgrade costs are not a reason to cancel your subscription or ask Bioware to change. They have more important things to worry about. I do think, however, that if this is the only thing you are complaining about in the game, then the game must be doing pretty good.

“First” Impressions of SWTOR: Shadow of Revan Expansion (No Spoilers)

SWTOR Expansion 3.0 Shadow of Revan

I placed “First” in quotation marks because yesterday was not the first time I had played with the new SWTOR expansion Shadow of Revan, but I did want to write a little bit about my thoughts without giving any of the storyline away.

I started downloading and installing the patch around 7:00am PST yesterday morning, just a few minutes after it was ready. I didn’t time how long the download took, because I was talking to my guildies in Mumble and wasn’t paying attention to the wait time. I’m pretty sure it was less than an hour.


Forged Alliances and Harbinger Server

I logged into the Harbinger, went to my ship to pick up the Shadow of Revan storyline, and it said I had to do the Forged Alliances quest first. This annoyed me, because I didn’t have to do the Forged Alliances quests to get through the storyline before, and I had already completed the flashpoints. This would’ve been fine, except there was so much server lag the Harbinger and the flashpoints were bugged. I would attempt solo-mode, but once I was inside the flashpoint, there was no mission objective and nothing to kill. I left and reset the flashpoints (more than five times!), which seemed to work, but inconsistently.

I managed to complete Assault on Tython, but Korriban Incursion was bugged. When I was inside of the Sith Academy and I had to kill the Jedi to get fragments, one of the Jedi was Overseer Regate instead, who is a Sith! I killed her because she was in the place of the Jedi I was supposed to kill, but she didn’t drop the fragment. After all the lag of trying to get through the flashpoints and having to leave and reset so many times, I decided to stop trying on the Harbinger and try a different server to see if I had the same issues.

I’m not sure if I reported it on the blog, but I actually have a max-level Shadow on the Bastion server. I still had to do the Forged Alliances storyline and flashpoints, but it worked like a dream. No lag, no bugs, and I quickly got through the four flashpoints and moved on to the Shadow of Revan storyline.

You can actually start the Shadow of Revan storyline by going straight to Rishi and talking to the bird in the starting area, but the Forged Alliances flashpoints give a nice boost in XP before you start the Shadow of Revan missions.

Leveling on the Bastion

I am very much a care bear with a slight bloodthirst for PvP with flagged players. Leveling on the Bastion was a completely new experience, since I had leveled the Shadow to 55 solely on the Harbinger and then transferred her. So when I was playing my Shadow, flagged and with enemies all around, it was a little unnerving. In actuality, no one attacked me until I got to Yavin 4, but even then it wasn’t a big deal. I was either able to beat enemy players, stealth out, or get beaten without getting hurt or upset about it.

Xalek, Dianah, and the "Jesus Droid"

Xalek, Dianah, and the “Jesus Droid”

Solo-mode Flashpoints

I enjoyed playing through the tactical flashpoints on solo-mode. The “Jesus Droid” is great, and very helpful, and for me, the flashpoints were very, very easy. It’s very nice to be able to do it at your own pace, especially being able to listen to dialogue when I wanted without being pressured to spacebar. Additionally, I play a stealth class, so I can stealth by pretty much everything. I did kill enough NPCs to the point where I’m getting enough experience for leveling, but it makes completing the flashpoints very fast.


Graphics & Landscape

Honestly, graphics aren’t *that important* if the gameplay is good enough. But this expansion looks good! I really enjoyed seeing different architecture and landscape on Rishi, though I thought Yavin 4 was very similar to Dromund Kaas in appearance. I think Yavin 4 looks more like a Central American tropical rainforest environment, while Dromund Kaas looks more like a Pacific Northwest environment. I didn’t feel like I was doing so much walking without any action, but this might be because I’ve been accustomed to 12x leveling, in which there is a lot of travel between missions.


As far as Disciplines go, I’m very happy with it. I never used hybrid-specs, and now it is much easier to choose your discipline and click a few useful utilities for whatever you are planning, whether it’s a PvE or PvP situation. It’s also much easier to respec, so I can easily switch over from Deception to Darkness without having to click through the skill trees. This is nearly as good as having multi-spec saved, aside from the fact that you need to adjust your quickbars for different abilities.

There wasn’t a lot of change to Deception/Infiltration, so I was happy that I didn’t have to adjust my gameplay much at all. I did replace Shock/Project with Ball Lightning/Psychokinetic Blast, because I only use the ability when I have Induction/Circling Shadows anyway, and there’s no point to having both on my bar since they’re on the same cooldown. I would rather just use Ball Lightning/Psychokinetic Blast because of the higher damage output. (I was actually playing Republic when I did all this, but I am more familiar with Imperial names of abilities.)

Although I asked for an option to turn off the gold proc light up on your abilities, I actually like it a bit! It’s not so obnoxious after all, but this might be because I’m used to playing with it now.


Since I was playing my less geared Shadow, there were a few pieces that dropped from the new missions that were better than what my character was wearing, such as the non-Legacy pieces I wasn’t able to transfer from my Assassin. However, when I level my Assassin, none of the pieces that drop will be better than what I already have on my character and her companions; she is wearing 180-186 rating gear. However, I did not complete the final boss yet, and I don’t know what drops. I doubt it would be as good or better than what I have though.

Mission Givers Change

As far as mission givers go, there is a change on some of the extra ones that are not part of the main storyline. Instead of a voice-acted conversation and cut scenes, you simply hear a short phrase from the mission giver and text about what you are supposed to do. At first, I didn’t like this and thought it was lazy. However, after talking to guildies, I realized this saves a lot of time and resources on side missions that can be used on game development. I don’t mind this at all because after leveling quite a few characters, I usually just spacebar through many of the planetary side missions now because I’ve seen them so many times. I’m more interested in listening and watching the main storylines, not a small mission about someone’s wife cheating on them. (ahem… Balmorra).


Final Boss

At the end of the storyline you’re given an option to continue in solo-mode or in an operation. By no means does this mean it is a solo, multi-boss operation. You only face one boss in solo mode, whereas operations are still multiple bosses. I gave it a shot a couple of times, but it was bugged. I’m going to level my Assassin on the Harbinger instead for now, and go back to this boss on my Shadow after I’ve beaten it with my better geared Assassin and better geared companions.

I am overall very happy with the new expansion! It’s a lot of fun, even after playing through a few times. I enjoy the new missions and the extra class storyline is great! I specifically did not want to give anything away, so you’ll have to go in and play for yourself.

Corellian Run Radio Visiting EA Corporate Headquarters to Preview SWTOR: Shadow of Revan

EA Redwood Shores
I have some fantastic news to tell everyone! Corellian Run Radio has been invited by Electronic Arts (EA) and Bioware to visit their corporate headquarters in Redwood City, California for a special hands-on preview event highlighting Shadow of Revan, the upcoming digital expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic. I will be flying out next week to check out the game and also meet some of the development team!

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting opportunity for Corellian Run Radio!

(No) Leveling and New Webcam!

I know I’ve been slacking a bit on the blog posts, but I’ve started another super-secret project that you won’t be able to appreciate until sometime from now! I’m very excited about it. However, how have I been doing in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Since preordering the new SWTOR 3.0 Expansion: Shadow of Revan, I have not leveled a single toon to level 55, despite the 12x boost. I hardly had time to level anything before, and while I know it’s really fast to level, I usually only play my Assassin anyway. When I finally get my Shadow to 55, I’ll probably run more operations.

My guild is invading Hoth this week, and I’m already a day behind in earning conquest points. Hopefully I’ll get some playtime this week, but the large goal seems extremely daunting. I didn’t make my personal conquest goal last week, despite my guild conquering yet another planet. I felt like I wasted an opportunity to obtain a title since I didn’t reach my personal conquest point minimum. I am, though, very happy with the way I spent my time outside of game, so to miss out on the “Conquerer of Quesh” title is not really that big of a deal.

In other news, I finally bought a new webcam! No longer will I look like a blurry “Monet painting.” I purchased the Logitech C525, at a great price of only $37.25 on Amazon. I decided against the C920 because of the higher cost and a recommendation to not get 1080p. At the price I purchased the C525, I think I definitely got a deal, since it was even cheaper than the older C510 model. Now I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the camera I got, or if I truly did get a good deal.

I also purchased a desk lamp, so my lighting is a little better on camera, and some other things with my Amazon Prime trial! I have 30 days of free, 2-day shipping, so I’m buying things as soon as I think of them. I tend to forget that I need/want new things if they don’t end up on a shopping list, so it’s nice to just be able to go on Amazon and buy something quickly. (My other Amazon Prime purchases so far: a hot water kettle, duvet, sheets, light bulbs, and a coupon wallet.)

Here's a photo I found on my desktop from recording last week's episode of The Republic! I think I hit a camera button on accident.

Here’s a photo I found on my desktop from recording last week’s episode of The Republic! I think I hit a screenshot button on accident.

Finally, don’t forget to watch me on The Republic again tomorrow on! We should be starting at about 6:30pm PST, and you can watch at either or I’m happy to be doing another episode with Larry and Redna. As usual, I will embed the YouTube video here once it’s available in case you miss the live show.

EDIT: Here’s this week’s episode!


2 Episodes of Corellian Run Radio and Recording The Republic Live Tonight!


Jason and I released a new episode of Corellian Run Radio on Tuesday, where we talk about tips and advice for PuGing in-game and the upcoming Community Cantinas! Since we recorded that on Sunday, we hadn’t yet heard news about the new SWTOR 3.0 Expansion: Shadow of Revan, so we recorded another episode on Tuesday that should be released sometime today. Download the episodes on iTunes or your preferred podcast app, or you can listen to us online at

In addition to lots of Corellian Run Radio to listen to, I will be recording The Republic (for real this time) tonight on! The show should start approximately at 6pm PST, but you may want to give us some time for possible technical issues getting set up. Redna (OotiniCast), Larry Everett (Hyperspace Beacon), and I will also be talking about the new SWTOR expansion. Of course after the video is released on YouTube I’ll edit and embed the video into this post and add it to the Videos page here on the blog. (Alternate Twitch link:

EDIT: Here’s the video for The Republic Episode 187!


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