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FitBit Alta Review

Trying to get Daisy to pose with the FitBit Alta

Trying to get Daisy to pose with the FitBit Alta

Hey everyone! I had a birthday this month and received a FitBit Alta as a gift. The FitBit Alta is one of the latest FitBit models, along with the new FitBit Blaze. It comes in four basic colors, but I had the black one (there were customizations you could purchase for it later if you wanted). At first, I loved it! It was slim, unlike other FitBits I had seen before. I was also excited to get reminders to move throughout the day, during my sedentary desk job, and to see how many calories I burned. However, the usefulness of the fitness wristband stopped there for me.


Black Desert Online Beta


I recently had the opportunity to play Black Desert Online in their second closed beta session for their upcoming Western release. Thank you Joe of Gadgets & Khajiits for providing me with a code! I hadn’t been interested in the game prior to trying it. In fact, my first impression of the game was negative. From what I had seen and heard about the game before I even played, I thought that the “boob jiggle” animation, gender locked classes, and revealing female outfits perpetuated sexism and objectified women. However, I tried the game, and I liked it a lot! None of that other stuff mattered anymore. Do not judge a book by its cover! Here’s what I thought about Black Desert Online after trying it out.


Idakoos Shirt Review


The kind folks at Idakoos sent me a shirt to review on the blog! Idakoos is an online retailer selling t-shirts and other printable products with custom and pre-made designs. I chose one of their pre-made designs, a grey and black raglan t-shirt that says “Dog Vader” and “Boston Terrier” at the bottom with an image of a dog in a Darth Vader mask! The image is also captioned with “ggrrr…”

The shirt itself has an Idakoos tag, is 100% cotton, and was made in Peru. I chose the raglan style because I thought it was more stylish than a basic tee. I probably could’ve fit into the size XS, but I got a size S just in case the shirt shrunk a bit in the laundry. I’ve already washed it, and I think it might’ve shrunk slightly, but it still fits comfortably like in the picture!


I really like the shirt, especially because their site had such a cool design for me to choose! However, you can also order your own shirt or even make your own custom design! You can order a bunch of shirts with your own custom design, and there does not need to be a minimum amount of shirts with that design ordered so that you can get it. You can simply use your design for however many shirts you like. This is really good for things like group events, guild meetups, SWTOR community cantinas, and things like that! It’s very cool when gaming groups all have the same shirt at events, like the WOOK guild!

If I ever decide to design (or have someone else design, LOL) a Pretty Little Sith t-shirt, Idakoos seems like a great option, especially since I’m already familiar with their sizes and styling!

Thank you Idakoos for the awesome shirt to review!

Experimenting With WildStar

WildStar logo

The highly anticipated launch of WildStar has prompted me to at least give it a chance, so I would be able to provide a knowledgeable opinion about the game.  So far, I’ve played WildStar three times: once at PAX East, once during beta testing, and finally last night using a guest pass. My overarching opinion of the game is that it is very cute. I can’t stop saying it’s cute.

WildStar at PAX


I had to wait in a line to play the game, surrounded by people much younger than myself. Jessica Nigri was dressed as a Draken Stalker posing with the people in front of the line, and right before I made it to the front, she left. You can imagine my disappointment, as that would’ve made a great Instagram picture.


When I was able to play, they gave you an option of choosing between several pre-made characters. Of course, I chose the Spellslinger Chua, because it was cute as a button. I ran around the map, impressed by the cuteness of the Chua’s movement, aiming my attacks at the enemies. I quickly got bored because I didn’t really know what was going on. Simply clicking objectives and killing NPCs without knowing why or even caring to know didn’t hold my interest. I stopped playing well before my play-time ended.

WildStar in Beta

I decided that maybe I had social anxiety at PAX (or maybe I didn’t want to continue touching the keyboard), so that’s why I stopped playing so quickly. I downloaded WS Beta Client during the open beta period last month to try the game again. I enjoyed the character creation. Of course I made a Chua, and I loved the different options with eye color, fur color, ear and face style. I even made it just a bit chubby, because chubby animals are SO cute. I don’t remember what class and path I chose this time. Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far again. It was easy to figure out where to go with quests because of the light up quest arrow. However, I think the art style really detracts from essential game functions, and makes everything look very busy and complicated. I quit pretty early—at the Cathedral of Light—because I just didn’t care about what was going on, and I was mindlessly running around and clicking things.

WildStar with a Guest Pass and a Friend

Wildstar 3

My guildie Kitkat saved one of her 7-day guest passes for me, which was awesome! Since a few of my guildies were excited about the game, I decided that I should give it another chance, so I redeemed a 7-day guest pass last night. I coordinated with Redna from OotiniCast, who also started his 7-day guest pass yesterday, to play the game on the Caretaker realm on the Dominion side. He remarked that I chose a PvE server (I’m such a carebear), but I chose that one because my guildies had their Dominion characters on that realm. Interestingly, we both ended up choosing Chua Spellslingers in the Soldier path without consulting each other.  This ended up making questing—when we got to it–a bit easier, since we both had the same quests.

"Um, excuse me sir, have you seen Redna?" "You got the wrong Chua, kid."

“Um, excuse me sir, have you seen Redna?” “You’ve got the wrong Chua, kid.”

Apparently, pro gamers we are not. For one whole hour, we couldn’t figure out how to see/find one another in-game. We tried adding each other to friends lists, which didn’t work as guests. We figured there were different instances in the zone, but we didn’t know how to switch. I tried Googling, but I didn’t Google very hard. Redna Googled and finally figured it out. You have to invite someone to a group, which I thought was counter-intuitive. I feel like you would try to be someone’s friend first before they were in your group, which is why I didn’t think of it. I clicked the “Sync Group” button to move my character to the same instance, and questing was much easier after that.

Wildstar 2

After our initial frustration (“How are little kids playing this? Are they all just better at video games than me?” I said), we made it to Levian Bay, killed some snails, wolves and bears, collected something for who knows what reason, and found a cave. It felt pretty grindy because I felt like you had to kill so many enemies without knowing or caring why. I think that was my biggest issue, coming from SWTOR, not seeing a point or caring about why I was doing a quest other than to simply level up. I’m sure the other parts of the game are really cool, such as housing, 40-man raids, and the PvP aspects, so I will persevere. After all, I have six more days to play. However, the game is not engaging me enough to want to play more or subscribe after that unless I reach some kind of WildStar epiphany in the next week.

Stitch Fix Review #2: March 2014

It’s that time of the month again!

stitch fix review march 2014

Time for another Stitch Fix review! (What were you thinking?) This month my Stitch Fix package arrived a few days early rather than a few days late like last month. I saw that it was delivered while I was at work and couldn’t wait to get home to try on my new clothes!


If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix or didn’t read my first review, it is a women’s clothing subscription service in which you answer questions regarding your size and style, and for a $20 styling fee a personal stylist picks out clothes for you to try and sends them to your house. If you don’t like the items, just return them, but it is in your best interest to keep at least one item. The $20 styling fee is used as a credit for whatever you purchase. Most likely you’ll like at least one item, and if you purchase all five you get a 25% discount! I recommend reading the original blog post for a detailed description.

So what did I get?

I still cheated and looked at the items I was receiving online before receiving them. However, not all of the pieces had images on Google, so I was still surprised on what some of them looked like. I received a necklace, two skirts, a cardigan, and a blouse. Here’s what I thought of everything:

Tricia Gem & Chain Statement Necklace – $38.00

Me and my crap photography skillz.

Me and my crap photography skillz.

This necklace was heavier than I thought. When I picked up I was thinking ” 2 Chainz!” (the way he says it though). I didn’t really care for it because I had necklaces already with similar colors, and the design on this one wasn’t as pretty as my other necklaces. However, it was cheaper to keep it than return because I purchased the other items in my Fix. Kept!

Brownson Striped Hooded Open Cardigan – $78.00

Brownson Striped Hooded Open Cardigan

When I Googled a picture of this cardigan before I received it in the mail, I only saw the one with the brown and black stripes, which I didn’t like. Once I opened the package and saw that it was blue and white stripes, I was very happy! I don’t really have anything like this at all, and it was good to get something patterned instead of having solid colored tops all the time. The style cards that come with your Fix are so helpful, and I put together a nice outfit than I never would have thought of before. Kept!

Marieta Geo Print Jersey Skirt – $48.00


I didn’t realize the skirt flared out on the bottom by only looking at the style card. It was very easy to put on and easy to create work outfits with. It would also be good to wear to a nice dinner if I didn’t want to wear a dress and also because it has an elastic waist (hello buffet)! Kept!

Desiree Faux Leather A-line Skirt – $48.00

Desiree Faux Leather A-line Skirt

Although this skirt is made of faux leather, it’s also cut very classically in an A-line shape. The material is also very soft, and it says machine wash! Not sure if I believe that, but if it shrinks a little, it would be okay. It was a little big around the waist, but that was fixable with a belt. I have a lot of outfits in mind that I would wear with this skirt, but I’m not sure if this is something I could wear to work. Kept!

Cathleen Split-Neck Tulip-Sleeve Blouse – $68.00

When I saw the name of this item on my list, I was thinking, Um, I already got this top in my last fix. But then I looked online at noticed someone received it in a different color. While I liked this top last month and I like the color that I received, I would’ve liked to have received something a little different than last month. Even paired with the skirts I received, the outfit looks awfully a lot like what I got last time. Even so, the color is beautiful and I still like the blouse. Kept!

Very dorky pose.

Very dorky pose at my sister’s baby shower.

Final Thoughts

Financially this was a success for Stitch Fix because I purchased all the items. I’m excited to get my next one, which is scheduled to arrive around April 2nd! I also added in stylist notes that I’ll be visiting Boston for the SWTOR Community Cantina and maybe PAX East, so hopefully I get something good to wear!

Disclaimer: Stitch Fix has not compensated me to do a review, and I purchased everything with my own money. However, if you or a friend sign up for Stitch Fix using the referral links on my blog, I will receive a $25 referral credit to go towards future Fixes!

OMG My Little Pony Fighting Game?! (Review)

Fighting ponies. Oh my God, this is so adorable; I can’t handle it. How do I even find stuff like this? I don’t have time to play this! I need to be on SWTOR 2.7 update on the PTS! But look how cute…

My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic 1

I found My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic on, because the article was alluringly titled: Fan-Made My Little Pony Fighting Game Available To Download. How could I not read the article? Then look at the pictures? Then watch this cute freakin’ video?


I had to have the game. I downloaded it for free (link is in the Game Informer article)! The keyboard controls were a little confusing, and I’m still failing pretty hard, but ahhhhhh! I was having kind of a bad-ish night, and this was full of so much happy! (Can’t even speak proper English when I talk about cute things.)

Pinkie Pie Character Selection

In a little bit of seriousness though: In character selection you can choose to play one of the Mane 6, who all have their own special moves and combos. You can also change their colors which is awesome!! As far as I can tell from watching the video, the combat is pretty cool, and each pony has their own special moves. I love how Applejack has a lasso, and Fluttershy has her bunny… very nice touch. The music also sounds very happy. You can play by yourself, but I also think that there is some kind of multiplayer option. I have barely figured out basic controls yet, so multiplayer is beyond me…

Rarity Fight

I don’t know how much time I want to spend learning how to play this, but I want to get to it eventually. Of course, this game looks like it has some serious copyright issues, and I’m not entirely sure if I can play the game offline and keep it forever. I have no idea, but it’s on my computer, so it should work forever after, right?

Rainbow Dash Controls

Basic Keyboard controls for My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic

Start = Whatever you have as “A” in your keyboard controls

ESC = Go back

Everything else you can pretty much figure out by customizing your keyboard controls in the toolbar, which is only visible for me in windowed mode. To go back to windowed mode (if you were like me and got super excited to play ponies in full screen), just press Alt+Enter.

I apologize for the temporary insanity.