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Corellian Run Radio Ep. 139: PvP Goodness is Out!

Corellian Run Radio

Hey guys! The video and podcast episode for Corellian Run Radio episode 139 are out!

On this episode, my cohost Jason and I host a PvP roundtable with Geldarion ( and PvP streamer GoukenPT, along with a Guild Ready Check segment featuring <Unholy Alliance> on the Harbinger!

Unfortunately we did record this before the announcement that the Operation Victory Tournament was canceled, so keep that in mind when listening to this episode!


PvP Series: Gear Upgrades & Ranked PvP Guilt

I admit I took a really big break from warzones and arenas and stunted my progress earning PvP gear. For those of you reading the blog for a while, you’ll know that my initial goal with my “PvP Series” was to do enough PvP so that I was geared out and comfortable. You’ll be intrigued to read that so far this week after reset I have hardly done any PvE content (have not run any operations or tried the new flashpoint), but I have done a lot of GSF and Ground PvP.

I’ve been PvPing a lot more lately. I’ve been having fun in unranked warzones, and it’s exciting to see lots of medals and my damage/kills. I’m also trying to get used to using my taunt. I’ve recently been motivated to PvP by planetary conquests, earning more points that way, and participating in Season 2 Ranked in the final hour! I didn’t make it to the first or second tier, but I got the title and satisfaction that I participated. I only did 11 matches on the last day of the season. I think I could be even better if I started PvPing more and working on my gear again.

Last night I turned in some missions and had enough Warzone and Ranked Warzone commendations to buy some new gear! I traded in my Obroan offhand for a Brutalizer one (I already have a Brutalizer mainhand), and I now also have an Obroan four-piece Stalker set bonus. I still need to earn more commendations for Obroan gloves, belt, bracers, and I need to upgrade my implants, which are embarrassingly still Partisan.

I did step into Season 3 Ranked for a little bit last night with a few guildies, and we queued for group Ranked. I felt like my gear was really lacking. This makes me feel a little sad and guilty that I ran a few matches and lost. I don’t think I belonged in there without having the gear. I don’t want to go back into it until I have it. I don’t want to bring others down because I wanted to go in before I was ready.

As a player who does extremely well in most aspects of the game, it’s frustrating to not be as good as I want to be at something. It doesn’t help that unranked warzones don’t really prepare you that well for arenas either. I suppose I could start reading guides about my class (which I never do!) in Ranked PvP, but I usually like to learn things for myself in-game.

Why Season 2 Ranked PvP Rewards Make Me Sad


With today’s announcement of the Season 2 Ranked PvP rewards, my heart sank just a little bit. I think the helmet is awful, and the decorations don’t impress me either. I also see that they didn’t change the top three players of every class to be server exclusive, like it should’ve been. SWTOR really should’ve had cross-server queues when making that decision. I don’t think they listened to the players at all about these rewards.

I didn’t play this season because I don’t think my gear is good enough, but this doesn’t mean I don’t care or shouldn’t care as a player that does primarily PvE content. I’m sorely regretful that I didn’t put more effort into PvP, because I feel like you may think I have no right to complain about it.

I wrote a post back in February about why I quit the first guild I joined in SWTOR, but I never elaborated why I quit the second guild I joined. I simply said it “became inactive.” While joining my current guild a year ago is probably the best thing I ever did to enhance my SWTOR experience (hello guild flagships and conquests!), my previous guild was a bit different. Smaller and less organized, yes—but vastly more enthusiastic about PvP. They were so excited to go out and smash—literally–other players. If you think I have questionable tastes for other players’ blood in-game, this is probably why.

The guild fell apart of course. The guild didn’t have a lot of people, so the few people that I was used to talking to in voice communications were dropping like flies. My favorite guildies seemed really unhappy about the way PvP was going in game. They stopped logging in. They transferred servers. And I was left with an even smaller guild, who didn’t seem as interested in clearing more difficult operations as I was. I don’t even want to talk about my experience playing on a PvP server, only to feel left alone.

I guess I wouldn’t say I’m traumatized by PvPers leaving the game, but it definitely concerns me. Playing with others in an MMO is what makes the experience so fun, so I would hate for PvP players to see these rewards, think their efforts were for naught, and quit the game. This could cause some of their friends to leave the game also. Alternatively, they could, like I did, adapt to the situation, make new friends and become a top-tier carebear.

I’m not saying my current guildies don’t do any PvP, because a few of them do (and I’m happy I know who they are!) but I also feel like some are not as supportive when I just want to run in somewhere and destroy other players. Is it so wrong to want to run around and gank other players? You don’t have to be a terrible person to enjoy this.

So, Bioware, a request from Pretty Little Sith: please try harder next time with the Ranked rewards. Please work on cross-server queues and/or Ranked for Preferred players. Ranked is where the best of the best prove their skill and should be rewarded tremendously for it. While conquests will be a good addition in that it will encourage open-world PvP, please don’t trivialize the Ranked PvPers for spending money on your game doing what they love. No other players in the game have to be subscribed to play, so why are you short changing those that do?

The Stealth Fighter That Never Was

Wonder Woman Invisible JetSome of you may remember that I’m currently working on a PvP Series of blog posts, the next of which will come out tomorrow! However, today I would like to discuss the other side of PvP, Galactic Starfighter (GSF) and The Stealth Fighter That Never Was.

If you’ve been paying attention to SWTOR news, you’ll know that they announced a new ship type a while back for Game Update 2.8, a Stealth Fighter. Unfortunately, it didn’t even make it to the Public Test Server (PTS) before it was scrapped indefinitely. Bioware, the big-time GSF players are really disappointed.

I come from the Harbinger, where most of the expert, hardcore GSF pilots hang out. I’ve spoken with the crème of the crop, my guild <Despair> and our friends in <Black Squadron>, and considered my own experiences as a stealth class in ground PvP. I think it is so important for Bioware to rethink or continue working on the Stealth Fighter.

Adding a New Dynamic to Space

Stealth Fighters would add such an edge of unpredictability in GSF matches. GSF mirrors ground PvP dynamics but with more fluidity and room to wander. What’s missing? The stealth class/infiltrator. Other ships can’t comfortably hide with no fear of attack if they know there’s at least one Stealth Fighter flying around. I love playing my Assassin, and I imagine that a Stealth Fighter would be lots of fun to play also.

Balance Issues

GSF definitely mirrors ground PvP in that there are different types of classes and specs, each with their own specific role. In ground PvP, Assassins and Operatives (and their respective Republic classes) can pop in and out of stealth, dealing a lot of damage. But they are definitely not invincible. However, I hear that the issue for the Stealth Fighter getting scrapped was for balancing issues. Unlike ground PvP, where your role is pretty much the same and unchangeable, in GSF you can change ship types every time you spawn. I understand that GSF is a whole different environment from ground PvP, but I don’t think it is an impossibility to ever have the Stealth Fighter. Here are some possible suggestions for balancing the ship type:

  • Limited weapons and weapon power so they cannot simply sneak up to a ship and one-shot kill.
  • Light shields and armor ratings. Similar armor rating to the Scout. Similar to an Assassin having Light Armor.
  • Limit stealth duration time or have a cool down to go back into stealth.
  • Give another ship type the ability to uncover stealth, such as the Scout and their sensor beacons.
  • Make sure there is another ship-type that is a counter for the Stealth Fighter.

Additionally, you could continue to release the ship to the PTS or even in the live server and have the GSF players test it, and listen to their feedback on how it could be tweaked and changed.

Why Should the Devs Care About Galactic Starfighter?

I strongly believe in the diversification of gameplay. For SWTOR to flourish, Bioware should strive to touch as many players as possible.  While it may be very difficult, I think the end result would be so successful if we had a thriving, satisfied PvP & GSF population without sacrificing gameplay from other aspects of the game. GSF and ground PvP are not simply mini-games for people; they are why they play SWTOR.

So, Bioware—here are some special requests from the best GSF pilots of the Harbinger:

  • More missions, more Dailies and Weeklies to level with, more rewards to incentivize and encourage casual players to play more GSF besides the players that really like it.
  • Ranked 4v4 or 6v6 GSF and LEADERBOARDS.
  • Rewards like a unique ship model, special fire/engine exhaust colors, on par with Ranked ground PvP rewards.
  • Improved tutorial to be more user friendly. It is currently very daunting for a new GSF player and discourages some to not continue playing GSF.
  • Ability to see how far their friendly ships are–not just the enemies.

We should encourage and reward as many people as possible to play the game that we love, no matter how they play it. I don’t want to see my friends leave because they are disappointed, and I’ve seen players rage quit and leave the game because they feel frustrated and ignored by the developers.

Bioware, please continue to work on the Stealth Fighter. I know because it was scrapped that there are some tough issues, but our GSFers would really appreciate it and would stay loyal to the game. At least, if you cannot continue to work on it, you could explain in detail what went wrong. Maybe we can help.

PvP Series Episode 1 – What is PvP?: A Beginner’s Guide to the Basics

you think this is a game cat

In Episode 1 of my PvP Series, I will go over some serious PvP basics and a mini guide for beginners, which I think is especially useful for someone brand new to MMOs. With the upcoming Star Wars trilogy, I imagine more people unfamiliar with MMOs may pick up the game since it’s free-to-play, so this post is for you guys. Even if you primarily only do PvE, you might be able to take a little bit out of this.

What is PvP?

PvP is short for Player Versus Player. In SWTOR specifically, the term “PvP” can be used in a variety of ways. Here’s a rundown of terms you may hear:

PvP Server : This is a type of server you can choose when you start the game or create a new character. SWTOR says this about PvP servers: “This environment allows players to attack other players in many areas of the game.” Basically you are always attackable unless you’re somewhere where combat is not allowed.

If you are new to MMOs, this may not be the gentlest environment to learn how to play, but that’s for the individual player to decide.

Ground PvP: This is literally PvP gameplay in which you can control and use your character on the “ground,” whether you are in a warzone/arena or out in the open world.

Space PvP: AKA Galactic Starfighter (GSF). Some may argue that GSF is not PvP, but you are shooting other players’ ships, which is essentially “player versus player.” Like 8v8 ground PvP, there are different warzones/maps that you can randomly queue for.

Open World PvP: PvP combat not confined to a warzone or GSF match. On a PvE server, there are certain areas in the game that are PvP zones (Ex: Outlaw’s Den). You can also flag yourself for PvP and attack members of the opposite faction that are also flagged. On a PvP server, well, it’s PvP everywhere.

PvP Warzones: These are instances that you queue up for, similar to flashpoints, where you are in a match in 8v8. There is an objective that you work towards to beat the other team, such as scoring points in Huttball for example or holding a node/pylon.

PvP Arenas: These are similar to warzones, except you are in a 4v4 (hopefully). They’re like gladiator arenas—fight to the death!

PvP Gear: This is gear containing the Expertise stat. Many changes have been made to PvP gear since the game’s launch, but currently the two gear sets are the Obroan (Warzone Commendations) and Brutalizer (Ranked Warzone Commendations).

Expertise: This is a stat (stats are things like Accuracy, Cunning, Surge) that increases your damage or healing and also reduces damage taken in a PvP situation.

Ranked PvP: This is PvP in which you obtain a rating after 10 matches during a season. When you queue for Ranked, you are only doing 4v4 (unless someone drops) arena matches. At the end of a season, if you have a certain rating or spot on the leaderboard you’ll get a reward. You can queue either solo or in groups of four. You should probably not try Ranked until you have some PvP gear.

Unranked/Regular PvP: You are not given a rating for Unranked PvP. There are no seasons, unlike Ranked. Also, there are no rewards other than the usual commendations and adrenals. When you queue, you will get either an 8v8 warzone or a 4v4 arena.

What is Valor?

Valor is basically your level in PvP. Every ten levels you get a character title, and after level 40 (out of 100) Valor, you are able to convert regular Warzone Commendations into Ranked Warzone Commendations.

Try not to derp like me and get a bunch of Warzone Commendations, worry that you will get maxed out, and then convert ALL of them into Ranked Comms without buying any Obroan pieces first.


Now that you know the basic terms, you can start queuing (maybe)! There are also guides out there on each of the different warzones and details about gearing out your toon for PvP. I will leave those kinds of things to the experts! However, you may want to read this Reddit thread that one of my Twitter followers Laurie M started: What’s the one avoidable, simple mistake you see people make all the time in PvP?

In my next episode of my PvP Series, I will write about my first week’s experience grinding for gear and become a legitimate PvP player!

PvP Series Introduction: From Zero to Hero

pvp series from zero to hero

A few days I wrote “When I Grow Up, I Want to PvP.” With the advent of Season 2 Ranked PvP, I decided that I should stop being a scaredy-cat and “just do it,” as commenter DualBlastersGuy (and Nike) wrote. Obviously, I’m not going to go straight into Ranked PvP and get face-rolled. I’m really quite a considerate player, and I wouldn’t want to bring down my team just because I wanted to go in without any gear/skill. However, since the season has started, I’m thinking that the good players will probably not be in regular PvP, which gives me some time to practice in regular PvP with mostly others that are also not ready for Ranked.

Every week I’m going to write a new post about my noob/fail experiences in trying to be a legitimate PvP player. I define legitimate as having a full-set of PvP gear, and the skill and confidence to roll through daily and weekly PvP missions with a high success rate. My original goal was to be able to participate in end-of-season rewards, but that was probably a bit too lofty. In order to get better, I’m going to try to PvP every day. I actually started yesterday (Thanks Daemon, Myscar, and Zissou), got into about 4 warzones (I think?) and lost them all. Sorry to bring you guys down! I will try to keep track of some statistics of my win/losses also.

Additionally, I still stand by my belief that Bioware could put more attention on the PvP players with more content and better quality-of-life benefits for them. I feel like I could have a bigger voice (Hello, Bioware!) on that if I PvPed more and had my own original opinions.

To me, it feels like your parents giving you lots of yummy, freshly baked PvE cookies all the time, whereas they give your siblings a stale Twinkie (is there such a thing?) maybe once every year or two. I couldn’t feel happy with cookies if my sister was only getting a stale Twinkie. If you have no idea what I just said: I couldn’t feel as happy as I could be with new PvE content if I knew my fellow PvP players were getting the scraps.

Now that I’ve written this, I’m going to get ganked every time I enter a warzone. /nervouslaugh