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PvP: Zero to Exhumed

Before a Huttball match! My character is on the left.

Before a Huttball match! My character is on the left.

Last night I PvPed for the first time in a long time! It’s been months since I’ve been in a warzone or arena, but I have at least dueled a bit with my guildies. I joined a group of players, some that I’ve met in person and others that I know from Facebook, and had a great time!


How I Feel About SWTOR PvP

Yesterday, while waiting for Dreadtooth to respawn, one of my guildies challenged me to a duel! He beat me the first time, but I destroyed him the second time. He was in full PvP gear, and I was in my 192/198 PvE gear! He had also left the operation group temporarily, so we wouldn’t see each other in stealth.

He said, “You should really get PvP gear; you would be so good.” Or something like that. I need to pay more attention to conversations with guildies because they are all super funny and clever people.

I said, “I don’t like PvP.”

I said it. I hate warzones and arenas and random strangers beating on me, telling me I’m a noob or that I suck, or the opposite team trash talking. It’s unnecessary stress dealing with unfriendly, high-strung players, and for someone that plays games to relax, not the thing for me. Actually, it doesn’t even really matter what game the PvP is in; I just prefer PvE. I enjoy PvE, having fun conversations, working together with my guildies to defeat bosses, and practicing my priority rotation and positioning until it’s good enough to clear a fight.

However, that’s not the complete truth. I do like dueling with my friends. I like easygoing 1v1s. I like doing it for fun, not because I care about a ranking or how many goals my team gets in Huttball.

Honestly, at this point I don’t think PvP in SWTOR is a high priority for BioWare. While I feel bad for my PvP playing friends and have tried to help and spotlight the issue with PvP in the game, in the end, I simply enjoy flashpoints and operations and experiencing new stories when they are released. I think this is what BioWare is putting their time, money, and effort toward, and as someone that plays a few nights a week with a great guild (my operations team is 4/10 on the latest hard modes), I’m happy with the game.

(Note: BioWare Austin, if you’re reading, please still continue to work on GSF!)

Corellian Run Radio Ep. 139: PvP Goodness is Out!

Corellian Run Radio

Hey guys! The video and podcast episode for Corellian Run Radio episode 139 are out!

On this episode, my cohost Jason and I host a PvP roundtable with Geldarion ( and PvP streamer GoukenPT, along with a Guild Ready Check segment featuring <Unholy Alliance> on the Harbinger!

Unfortunately we did record this before the announcement that the Operation Victory Tournament was canceled, so keep that in mind when listening to this episode!


Corellian Run Radio Episode 136: PvP Philosophy With Drew

Corellian Run Radio

Episode 136 of Corellian Run Radio has been released!

I think this is a great episode in which Jason and I talk about a lot of PvP in SWTOR with Drew aka Geldarion, who runs and is a contributor to Corellian Run Radio in the past and present. We also have a great Guild Ready Check/Streamer Spotlight Segment with Michael of Death and Taxes, who I’ve mentioned before on the blog when I visited EA Redwood Studios.

Click here to listen on Corellian Run Radio’s website, but otherwise I have the video embedded here on the blog post. You can also download the episode via iTunes or the podcast app of your choice!



Let me know what you think! Leave a comment on the post or tweet me @Heather_PLS!

SWTOR 2015 Predictions & Wishes

brace for the worst

Revan: “Brace for the worst….”

Today I asked for some blog post ideas on Twitter! One of my followers (@UnholyAlliances) suggested that I could “play prophet for a day and predict what is in store for us in #swtor in 2015.” I can do that!

Obviously I can’t promise that I’ll be right (and some of this stuff is just obvious. Of COURSE they’re going to release at least one new flashpoint.), but I spoke a bit about this on The Republic last night (no YouTube video yet, will upload here on the blog as soon as I can), and I think it would be fun to have something in writing, especially if I turn out to be correct (at least just a little!)!

Here’s what I think will be happening in SWTOR in 2015:

More stories and cinematics:

pyramid revan

When I visited EA, one of the things that was said was that the developers would be going back to what BioWare does best, which is storytelling. Additionally, they said that if we liked Shadow of Revan, we will love what’s happening in 2015! This leads me to think that there will be more stories to enjoy, which is great! Although I am not a huge Star Wars lore buff, I still like the stories that they come up with, and I will at least play through them the first time without space-barring.

What this means, in regards to gameplay, is most likely more PvE content, especially similar to the Forged Alliances story arc with the flashpoints. So far, we don’t have a lot of level 60 flashpoints, so it would be great if they added more variety to the Weekly flashpoint missions and group finder queues.

I’m hoping we will see more of Darth Marr and Satele Shan, and also learn more about Lana Beniko and Theron Shan. BioWare has introduced these characters, and I would like to see further development. I hope this is what is in store for next year.


At the end of The Ravagers operation

At the end of The Ravagers operation.

Last night when we discussed this topic on The Republic, Redna predicted that we will probably get Nightmare modes of the new operations (The Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice), and three months after that, another operation, maybe two. I agree with this, since BioWare has said that we will never go as long as we have without a new operation again. A new operation (or two) six months from now seems completely plausible.

As far as the story in these operations, I think they will relate to what we have experienced in Shadow of Revan, but we will not be fighting “the big bad” yet. I think it’s too early for that. While I think the two factions have been stressed and frustrated after the “forged alliance,” I do not think that they will design a faction vs. faction operation, because then they would have to come up with two different versions. They have marginally done this, in Korriban Incursion and Attack on Tython, but I think an operation is a much larger undertaking, and they will just design bosses for both factions–a common enemy, as they have always done.

Since I don’t believe the common enemy will be “the big bad” from the end of Shadow of Revan, I have no idea what it would be in the meantime!


Oh, PvP–the redheaded stepchild of SWTOR. I said earlier in the post that the game is going to have more story, which seems to push PvP aside. I think that the developers are working on new warzones, since they asked the community to submit ideas for them much earlier this year. Hopefully, we should see what they are working on sometime soon.

BioWare says the new discipline system also allows for easier class changes and balancing, so we should see more of that. It will be fun to see an actual “Flavor of the Month” and not “Flavor of the Year.”

I don’t think they will be making a change to Arenas in Ranked anytime soon. However, if I could “wish” for something it would be 4-man objective based warzones in Ranked. I don’t think they will ever bring 8-man Ranked back, but this, they could consider, since we are constantly doing objective-based warzones in Unranked.

I also think they will release whatever they are considering to improve Ranked, which leads to my next prediction.


They are also working on the ominous “better-than-cross-server” idea. At this point we still don’t really know what’s going to happen. Some have suggested a megaserver with different play-type instances, like separate instances of PvE, PvP, RP-PvP, and RP-PvE. I agree that this could and may happen, and people would be able to retain the gameplay type they enjoy, but also would be able to have a much larger population for queues, since what you do in operations, flashpoints, warzones, and arenas is separate from open-world gameplay.

Basically, I predict that people will be able to queue with all types of players, but in the open world, you only have to play with others in the type of instance you prefer (PvP, PvE, etc.). What would be interesting is if they also allowed you to switch the type of gameplay at any time you like. For example, if I’m feeling especially bloodthirsty and I want to pretend like my Sith Assassin is having a bad day, I could switch over to the RP-PvP instance of wherever I was and hunt some Pubs.

The larger population in queues, in my opinion, would lead to bigger and better competition in Ranked. I think it would also bring the community together by being able to play with anyone in game.

As far as the specifics with names, I’m not sure how they will work that out. I have a toon that is literally named just “Heather” on the Harbinger, so I would prefer to be able to retain that.

Galactic Starfighter

The last time I asked, which was a month ago, BioWare currently had nothing in development for GSF. If they come out with anything, it will be later on in the year. I hope they come out with at least a new game mode, and it would be great if they released a new ship type as well.

Galactic Strongholds

One of my guildie's strongholds!

Dianah crashing in a guildie’s stronghold.

BioWare is constantly adding more decorations to the game and the Cartel Market, and I don’t think they are going to stop anytime soon! I don’t think they have another stronghold currently in development, but that is something I would like to see next year. I wish that we could have an underwater stronghold on Manaan!

What are your predictions?

What do you think will happen in SWTOR in 2015? Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts!

SWTOR Expansion 3.0: Shadow of Revan

SWTOR Expansion 3.0 Shadow of Revan

Surprise! SWTOR Expansion 3.0: Shadow of Revan has been announced! I couldn’t resist the 12x experience bonus, so I preordered about a minute ago. I plan on logging in and leveling my Shadow toward level 55. Early Access for people that pre-order is on December 2nd, which is earlier than I expected! Community Coordinator Hillary Nicole has also e-mailed new information, including highlights of the new expansion:

Highlight of things to come in Shadow of Revan:
– 5 more levels (level cap now 60).
– 2 planets: Rishi and Yavin 4.
– Disciplines
– 2 new role-neutral Flashpoints.
– 4 Hard Mode Flashpoints.
– 2 level 60 Operations.
– Limited time XP boost for Subscribers.
– And more!


I’m not surprised at all by the two operations and two planets. I’m guessing one planet will be like Makeb, and the other will be a small Daily area like CZ-198. I’m really hoping that the four Hard Mode Flashpoints aren’t simply HM versions of the current Tacticals, but I’m afraid they probably will be. It also looks like we’re getting two new Tacticals on top of that.

Another interesting and huge change is the new Discipline system, which I’m looking forward to trying. I find that I use a few points as filler in the Deception skill tree, and it will be nice to have a bit more freedom.

Unfortunately, Eric Musco has verified in the forums that there will be no PvP content, space or ground, in the new expansion. However, he wrote that the changes with the Discipline system and set bonuses will directly impact PvP.

It’s also interesting that Bioware delayed this announcement for a subscriber perk, when the only subscriber perk announced was an experience bonus.   I don’t think that should have been reason enough to not meet the deadline promised to their players/customers.

What do you think? I’m really excited to try out new level 60 operations, but a bit disappointed that a $20 expansion has no concrete (new maps/modes) PvP content, especially since I find that PvP is one of the weakest aspects in the game.

PvP Series: Gear Upgrades & Ranked PvP Guilt

I admit I took a really big break from warzones and arenas and stunted my progress earning PvP gear. For those of you reading the blog for a while, you’ll know that my initial goal with my “PvP Series” was to do enough PvP so that I was geared out and comfortable. You’ll be intrigued to read that so far this week after reset I have hardly done any PvE content (have not run any operations or tried the new flashpoint), but I have done a lot of GSF and Ground PvP.

I’ve been PvPing a lot more lately. I’ve been having fun in unranked warzones, and it’s exciting to see lots of medals and my damage/kills. I’m also trying to get used to using my taunt. I’ve recently been motivated to PvP by planetary conquests, earning more points that way, and participating in Season 2 Ranked in the final hour! I didn’t make it to the first or second tier, but I got the title and satisfaction that I participated. I only did 11 matches on the last day of the season. I think I could be even better if I started PvPing more and working on my gear again.

Last night I turned in some missions and had enough Warzone and Ranked Warzone commendations to buy some new gear! I traded in my Obroan offhand for a Brutalizer one (I already have a Brutalizer mainhand), and I now also have an Obroan four-piece Stalker set bonus. I still need to earn more commendations for Obroan gloves, belt, bracers, and I need to upgrade my implants, which are embarrassingly still Partisan.

I did step into Season 3 Ranked for a little bit last night with a few guildies, and we queued for group Ranked. I felt like my gear was really lacking. This makes me feel a little sad and guilty that I ran a few matches and lost. I don’t think I belonged in there without having the gear. I don’t want to go back into it until I have it. I don’t want to bring others down because I wanted to go in before I was ready.

As a player who does extremely well in most aspects of the game, it’s frustrating to not be as good as I want to be at something. It doesn’t help that unranked warzones don’t really prepare you that well for arenas either. I suppose I could start reading guides about my class (which I never do!) in Ranked PvP, but I usually like to learn things for myself in-game.

PC is Still in the Shop!

Last week my computer started making some noise that I decided to ignore. That was a bad idea.

After a few matches of PvP on Saturday, my game was going extremely slow. Of course, I blamed the game because my computer is amazing! My guildies suggested that I restart my computer, and I reluctantly agreed. After all, with the new SSD my computer loads extremely quickly now! When I restarted, a screen came up that said my CPU was overheating.

The horror.

I immediately stopped using my computer and panicked about what it could possibly be. Is the fan broken? The water cooler?!

The next morning I brought it to the PC repair shop I went to last time my computer went wonky, which seems to horribly happen a lot to me. Currently, it’s still there, and I am typing this on my iPhone 5s.

I just wanted to keep you guys updated, for those that didn’t see my frantic tweets about my broken computer or listen to the SWTOR Galactic Gamers Coalition podcast on Sunday, which I recorded on my phone. I will be busy this Labor Day weekend, so my next post might be next Wednesday, or sooner if I find some extra time!

I do have some exciting news (hopefully) on another super secret project, but I will tell you all about it next week!

Why Season 2 Ranked PvP Rewards Make Me Sad


With today’s announcement of the Season 2 Ranked PvP rewards, my heart sank just a little bit. I think the helmet is awful, and the decorations don’t impress me either. I also see that they didn’t change the top three players of every class to be server exclusive, like it should’ve been. SWTOR really should’ve had cross-server queues when making that decision. I don’t think they listened to the players at all about these rewards.

I didn’t play this season because I don’t think my gear is good enough, but this doesn’t mean I don’t care or shouldn’t care as a player that does primarily PvE content. I’m sorely regretful that I didn’t put more effort into PvP, because I feel like you may think I have no right to complain about it.

I wrote a post back in February about why I quit the first guild I joined in SWTOR, but I never elaborated why I quit the second guild I joined. I simply said it “became inactive.” While joining my current guild a year ago is probably the best thing I ever did to enhance my SWTOR experience (hello guild flagships and conquests!), my previous guild was a bit different. Smaller and less organized, yes—but vastly more enthusiastic about PvP. They were so excited to go out and smash—literally–other players. If you think I have questionable tastes for other players’ blood in-game, this is probably why.

The guild fell apart of course. The guild didn’t have a lot of people, so the few people that I was used to talking to in voice communications were dropping like flies. My favorite guildies seemed really unhappy about the way PvP was going in game. They stopped logging in. They transferred servers. And I was left with an even smaller guild, who didn’t seem as interested in clearing more difficult operations as I was. I don’t even want to talk about my experience playing on a PvP server, only to feel left alone.

I guess I wouldn’t say I’m traumatized by PvPers leaving the game, but it definitely concerns me. Playing with others in an MMO is what makes the experience so fun, so I would hate for PvP players to see these rewards, think their efforts were for naught, and quit the game. This could cause some of their friends to leave the game also. Alternatively, they could, like I did, adapt to the situation, make new friends and become a top-tier carebear.

I’m not saying my current guildies don’t do any PvP, because a few of them do (and I’m happy I know who they are!) but I also feel like some are not as supportive when I just want to run in somewhere and destroy other players. Is it so wrong to want to run around and gank other players? You don’t have to be a terrible person to enjoy this.

So, Bioware, a request from Pretty Little Sith: please try harder next time with the Ranked rewards. Please work on cross-server queues and/or Ranked for Preferred players. Ranked is where the best of the best prove their skill and should be rewarded tremendously for it. While conquests will be a good addition in that it will encourage open-world PvP, please don’t trivialize the Ranked PvPers for spending money on your game doing what they love. No other players in the game have to be subscribed to play, so why are you short changing those that do?

PvP Series: Go Go Gree!

After our normally scheduled ops last night, I swapped out my 180/186-rating gear for my PvP gear and took my ship to Ilum to participate in the newly returned Gree event!

This is actually one of my favorite events because of the PvP aspect. I currently play on the Harbinger server, so my urge to run around ganking people with my double lightsaber is dampened by the fact that no one is flagged for PvP in the open world. With the Gree event, you can attack people on both factions including your own, which is very cool and fun!

I took three of my guildies with me to do the dailies that were there. I don’t remember the missions or the map that well, so I’m glad two of them did. Unfortunately they did not share my thirst for blood and were more interested in getting the missions completed quickly, especially the ones in the PvP area, because they wanted to be flagged and vulnerable for as little time as possible. This wasn’t that bad, since I had a headache anyway and wanted to hurry up and get off the computer.

However, we did run into a few PvP-flagged groups. The first 4-man group targeted me and then continued to melt down my group, which prompted them to change to a different planetary instance. We ran into another 4-man group that was seemingly non-aggressive. I said, “Since they’re not aggressive, we should attack them because they’re probably afraid of us.” Alas, they decided to attack us first while we hesitated, but thankfully we were much better than them. This was followed by me stealthing, spiking, and mauling lone wolves attempting to complete their missions despite my team’s reluctance in attacking helpless individuals.

I’m actually a very gentle and kind person with no violent tendencies in real life, so it’s difficult for me to believe any research done on video games saying that they encourage violence. I see absolutely no problem with killing other players in a game, because in a way, they are just another digital target with higher intelligence (hopefully) and better gear than the mobs you come across in PvE.  

At the end of the day, I can beat an operation boss and get great parse numbers and excellent gear. However, there’s no other rush like destroying a player controlled character out in the open! I guess this is what I miss out on for being on a carebear server.

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