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Attending PAX Prime 2015: Saturday


Last weekend I was able to attend PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle! I’ve attended other PAX events before in other cities, but this was my first time at PAX Prime. The last time I was in Seattle, I flew there for a SWTOR Community Cantina event. At that point of time, I didn’t even know what PAX was, but I quickly learned it was one of the biggest gaming conventions.


Adventures at PAX South 2015


Last weekend, I flew out to San Antonio, TX to attend the first annual PAX South! I went to PAX East last year, so it wasn’t an entirely brand new experience for me. However, there were some differences I wanted to point out!

Since PAX South was in its first year, it was a lot smaller than what I had seen before at PAX East. However, it was much easier to see everything and walk around. I don’t attend a lot of conventions, so I couldn’t really compare the size to anything else. Even though it was “small,” there were still a ton of things to do!


On Friday, I attended the panel, Where Did Multiplayer in MMOs Go? My co-host on The Republic, Larry Everett, was a guest on the panel, and he, along with the other panelists, talked about how some MMOs seem to be moving away from the social aspect by enabling players to be self-sufficient on their own without needing to communicate with other players. They mentioned Star Wars Galaxies quite a bit, and how it was an excellent MMO for social interaction, and they used garrisons from WoW as an example of how players sequester themselves from others.


Panel of Where Did Multiplayer in MMOs Go?


While I saw many different games at the convention, for some reason I enjoy going to booths that aren’t games, but gaming products. I liked seeing the different gaming keyboards, mice, and PC components, like those from Logitech, Klevv, Astro Gaming, and Intel, because I like to see different products that could make my gaming experience better. I entered to win an i7 processor from Intel all three days of the convention, but I didn’t win! I’m sure they went to people that needed the processor far more than I, so I’m not bummed at all.

I’m not interested in playing a new game, and am not one that buys new games all the time. I keep my gameplay to a handful of games that I know I already like, so I wasn’t really that interested in seeing anything that was there.

Despite this, I did play a few games! I tried out Elite Dangerous, which was a space flying game that you played with joysticks and the Oculus Rift (if you’re lucky). The odds of getting to play with the OR were 4/7 which sounded good, but ended up working out for neither me nor my boyfriend. They should’ve never told us the odds.

I also played Super Mario on the Super Nintendo! I don’t remember what the room was called, but there was a couch and television set up in a corner with the SNES, and we played through a few levels!


There was an arcade room that I enjoyed as well. I played this side-scrolling game that had crude language and feces flying through the air to damage your health. It was still fun, but eventually I somehow broke the computer because an AVG error message came up! Oops.

My boyfriend and I played some Dance Dance Revolution type game, and he shockingly beat me. I’m supposed to be good at this type of thing! One of the steps on my dance pad seemed like it wasn’t working, so perhaps I would’ve completely owned him if it did!

I would definitely attend PAX South again, but maybe not next year! Since I went to PAX East last year and PAX South this year, it’s time to travel back to Seattle for PAX Prime next year!

PAX East 2014: Saturday


The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is a gaming convention, including video games, PC games, table-top, and everything in between. This was my first time going after seeing how cool it was when the convention coincided with my trip to Seattle last year for the SWTOR community cantina.

When I first walked into the Expo Hall, I thought, Holy crap. so many people! But there were also many gaming companies, and it was so awesome.

I went to one panel, “Why It’s Awesome to be a Female in the Gaming Industry,” which was very interesting! I learned a lot of tips and advice from the panelists. I met Karen of and Dianna of DualShockers who were both so nice!


I tried out WildStar for the first time! The Chua is absolutely adorable. I love how it hops around when you move. It was pretty easy to figure out how to play, but since it was a demo I wasn’t too sucked into a story or anything. I also used to not like the graphics, but now I think they’re pretty cute. Probably still won’t get the game as SWTOR takes up most of my time.



I tried out a few other games, including Lichdom: Battlemage, which I really liked. I also checked out There Came an Echo featuring Wil Wheaton. It’s a voice activated game instead of using any controllers, mouse, or keyboard. Not my thing, but a really cool idea.

I also bought a crap ton of stuff, including: Pinkie Pie (MLP) bobble-head, Pinkie Pie keychain, Chewbacca bobble-head, My Little Pony lanyard, Rarity (MLP) plushie, Star Wars leggings, My Little Pony leggings, PAX East 2014 t-shirt, nerdy pixel glasses, and a Tetris Light desk lamp. The WildStar goat is for a friend!

Today I need to go back to the Logitech station and get a 50% coupon for doing some kind of news report thing, in which I can also win a bunch of gaming gear (keyboard, headset, mouse, etc.). I also need to go back to Lichdom: Battlemage to get a t-shirt because their Saturday supply ran out. I probably won’t buy anything else unless I can’t resist…

See you guys at PAX today!

Clean Hair or Late-Night Gaming? #Priorities

Tonight I fly out Boston for PAX East and SWTOR’s Community Cantina! However, I haven’t packed yet for my weeklong trip…

I need to wash my hair tonight, because it’s been a few days and it’s really annoying having to put my hair up. (The dry shampoo I have currently, Oscar Blandi, doesn’t work very well masking oily hair, but it doesn’t leave a lot of white residue. I would rather have it work properly, like Batiste does, and have to brush out all the white instead.) But tomorrow I have a blowout appointment at The Dry Bar in Boston! You’re not supposed to wash your hair every day because it’s damaging. I should just wash it because my hair gets oily quickly.

Do you know why I just didn’t wash my hair this morning? Because I was sleeping in long after my alarm went off after a bit of late night gaming. Bahhh!

A lot of the stuff in my life can be blamed on gaming. Reason why I didn’t go to the tailor and get my pants hemmed? Dress altered? Hair washed? Room cleaned? Clothes packed? VIDEO GAMES ARE WHY. Heh, I’m joking just a little bit, but I seriously need to get my time management skillz together.

On another note, not sure how/when I’m going to get a chance to post anything about the Cantina tomorrow night, since I don’t have a laptop, and I will be going to PAX East on Saturday and Sunday. I’m not sure if there’s enough time in the morning to do anything before I go. I really would like to apologize in advance if my entries are a bit light in the next week, but it’s a harder to blog without an actual keyboard.

If you’re going to either of the events this weekend, don’t be afraid to say hello!

Leveling Fever, Pink Dyes, & Going to Boston

Silence on the blog means busy, busy gaming for me!

I rolled another Jedi Shadow, because I didn’t like the first one I made. I have a serious leveling fever right now, but I think I can finally get a level 55 toon on the Republic side with this one now. In the past couple weeks, I went from one level 55 character to three! The other two were already at level 50 or higher though, so it’s not like I’ve been playing like crazy… (Or have I???) I now have a level 55 Assassin, Mercenary, and Sorcerer. The Sorcerer has fairly decent gear (69 set-piece armorings and 72/78 mods and enhancements), but I still need relics and implants. I won’t be able to participate in next week’s double XP weekend because I’ll be in Boston!

Here’s a picture of the Jedi Shadow so far. I’ve updated her robes since then, but the current ones I have on her won’t be permanent either.


This picture is a bit overdue. It’s from our all-Bounty Hunter raid from last Tuesday. My in-game photography skills are not very good here, but those who participated will be able to recognize their own characters.


Finally, here is a picture of sad Dianah, who unfortunately couldn’t beat Corruptor Zero on Dread Fortress HM 16-man with her team last week. I’m thinking we’re going to try again tonight, but some of our guild members are probably going to be watching Game of Thrones, so we’ll see.

sad dianah

Another thing that also happened in SWTOR’s Cartel Market is the release of pink color dyes! They had pink/white, white/pink, pink/black, black/pink….. My girly SWTOR demands are finally being satisfied! Yay. I actually didn’t get any of the pink/white combinations because pink/black is just so much better. I bought four because I didn’t think they were going to stay on the Cartel Market. Now we’re just waiting on our magenta/black color crystal!

I really, really need to clean my room and start packing for my trip later this week. I will be at the SWTOR Community Cantina on Friday night, as well as PAX East on Saturday and Sunday. I won’t be going home until the next Thursday, so I will be having some fun vacation time in Boston!

Also, don’t forget! I’m featured on OotiniCast’s upcoming episode 129, which is coming out tomorrow (Monday, April 7th) for your listening pleasure.

Quick Thoughts, News, & Upcoming Events!


I don’t want to spam anyone’s Twitter timeline, so here’s some random thoughts/facts of the moment:

  • I ordered business cards for that have my gaming info on them also. I foresee my networking skills being used at PAX East next month.
  • I regrammed a sweet Snow White picture illustrated as a Sith Assassin on my Instagram, thanks to @StarWarsy for posting the picture.
  • My next Stitch Fix is arriving next week, and I can’t wait! They haven’t shipped it out, so I can’t cheat and see what the items are yet.
  • Raid night was anticlimactic; couldn’t get through Corruptor Zero on Dread Palace HM.
  • I somehow did the flashpoint Athiss twice tonight with Daemon, Rewster, and Mesh.
  • I put the extra Saturday pass I had for PAX East on sale on
  • Chill from OotiniCast will be interviewing me this Saturday for an upcoming show!
  • I have low blood pressure according to my biometric screening…..!