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Attending PAX Prime 2015: Saturday


Last weekend I was able to attend PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle! I’ve attended other PAX events before in other cities, but this was my first time at PAX Prime. The last time I was in Seattle, I flew there for a SWTOR Community Cantina event. At that point of time, I didn’t even know what PAX was, but I quickly learned it was one of the biggest gaming conventions.


Going to San Diego Comic-Con & PAX Prime!

I will be attending San Diego Comic-Con this week and PAX Prime at the end of August! I wasn’t planning on going to either, but I was able to obtain a full weekend pass for SDCC and a Saturday pass for PAX Prime.This will be the first time I’m attending either event! I’ve been to Seattle during PAX Prime for the SWTOR Community Cantina Tour, but I didn’t have a pass to the convention. However, I have been to other PAX conventions in Boston and San Antonio.

I’m extremely excited to go to Comic-Con though! I’ve been looking up the schedule and the offsite events, and there is so much stuff going on and so many people and things I want to see! I know several people that will be going, so hopefully I can meet up and hang out with a few of them.

Also, I will be attending the SWTOR Community Cantina this Saturday as well in San Diego! BioWare is doing something they haven’t done before in their cantina tour, which is a story panel and meet and greet with SWTOR developers and staff prior to the actual cantina. I wonder if this is exclusively a SDCC thing or if they will do the same on all future cantinas as well, like the upcoming one in Seattle during PAX Prime in August.

With the community cantina in August, I will have attended four SWTOR community cantinas this year. I remember writing here on the blog that I expected to only attend one! I expect this will be it for me this year as far as cantinas go, unless someone flies me out to Germany for Gamescom or New York Comic-Con!

If you have any questions you’d like me to bring to the cantinas, let me know! I can’t promise that I’ll get them all answered, but I managed one at the last cantina. I do prefer to go to these events to meet players and have fun, and I’ve realized that asking questions at these types of events is a bit futile. However, it is not futile to continue putting ideas and suggestions for the game into their heads, so I will try my best to do that at least!

Adventures at PAX South 2015


Last weekend, I flew out to San Antonio, TX to attend the first annual PAX South! I went to PAX East last year, so it wasn’t an entirely brand new experience for me. However, there were some differences I wanted to point out!

Since PAX South was in its first year, it was a lot smaller than what I had seen before at PAX East. However, it was much easier to see everything and walk around. I don’t attend a lot of conventions, so I couldn’t really compare the size to anything else. Even though it was “small,” there were still a ton of things to do!


On Friday, I attended the panel, Where Did Multiplayer in MMOs Go? My co-host on The Republic, Larry Everett, was a guest on the panel, and he, along with the other panelists, talked about how some MMOs seem to be moving away from the social aspect by enabling players to be self-sufficient on their own without needing to communicate with other players. They mentioned Star Wars Galaxies quite a bit, and how it was an excellent MMO for social interaction, and they used garrisons from WoW as an example of how players sequester themselves from others.


Panel of Where Did Multiplayer in MMOs Go?


While I saw many different games at the convention, for some reason I enjoy going to booths that aren’t games, but gaming products. I liked seeing the different gaming keyboards, mice, and PC components, like those from Logitech, Klevv, Astro Gaming, and Intel, because I like to see different products that could make my gaming experience better. I entered to win an i7 processor from Intel all three days of the convention, but I didn’t win! I’m sure they went to people that needed the processor far more than I, so I’m not bummed at all.

I’m not interested in playing a new game, and am not one that buys new games all the time. I keep my gameplay to a handful of games that I know I already like, so I wasn’t really that interested in seeing anything that was there.

Despite this, I did play a few games! I tried out Elite Dangerous, which was a space flying game that you played with joysticks and the Oculus Rift (if you’re lucky). The odds of getting to play with the OR were 4/7 which sounded good, but ended up working out for neither me nor my boyfriend. They should’ve never told us the odds.

I also played Super Mario on the Super Nintendo! I don’t remember what the room was called, but there was a couch and television set up in a corner with the SNES, and we played through a few levels!


There was an arcade room that I enjoyed as well. I played this side-scrolling game that had crude language and feces flying through the air to damage your health. It was still fun, but eventually I somehow broke the computer because an AVG error message came up! Oops.

My boyfriend and I played some Dance Dance Revolution type game, and he shockingly beat me. I’m supposed to be good at this type of thing! One of the steps on my dance pad seemed like it wasn’t working, so perhaps I would’ve completely owned him if it did!

I would definitely attend PAX South again, but maybe not next year! Since I went to PAX East last year and PAX South this year, it’s time to travel back to Seattle for PAX Prime next year!

Going to PAX South!


Today I nailed some passes to PAX South in San Antonio for January 23-25th 2015. I’m very excited to have made it through the queue to get passes! This is also the first PAX South that will be held, so it should be very cool. I’ve been to San Antonio before, but probably not for 15 years or so, so it should be fun to go and do some tourist things when I’m not inside the convention center.

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that I also attended PAX East in April! There were a few experiences related to being a girl that I didn’t write about previously.

I attended PAX East alone on one of the days I was there, which wasn’t so bad. It was my first time going to a convention, and seeing all the people was really intimidating! I’m not sure how intentionally I did this, but I was dressed very conservatively. It was cold in Boston! However, I think, for a small female going anywhere alone it is a bit scary. To be in a place where I was obviously a “girl gamer” and dressing to attract too much attention seemed foolish. You can bring up all kinds of feminist points that I should have been able to dress exactly how I wanted to without having to worry about any unwanted attention, but I feel that it is too idealistic to expect that what has been going on in society for so long will change just for me.

Nevertheless, attention is unavoidable. I wasn’t wearing a paper bag over my head or a potato sack. I can’t imagine if I was a cosplayer, wearing what they wear, stopping to take pictures with everyone, not having anyone to control if there was a crowd around me…

Let’s start with the fellow attendee that went out of his way to help me find the room I was looking for and was so very interested in me being an MMO blogger. He then went on to watch the seminar with me, even though he had been planning on going to an entirely different one. I don’t think I’m being arrogant thinking he was flirting with me, but I could be wrong.

The second experience was actually kind of funny. I asked some random “nerd” to take a picture of me with something in the background. His response? A frightened look on his face before walking away.

And apparently men like girls in glasses. I had bought some cute glasses, and two steps after walking away from the vendor wearing them, someone was on me right away, asking who I was with, if I had any plans after, if I wanted to go to some hotel party, if he could have my phone number. Of course I’m not a rude person; I’m very polite which could also be confused with being interested. I somehow escaped this situation but not before marketing the blog to him.

I know these aren’t really serious instances in which I had to be worried about being in any kind of danger, but it really is a different world for a woman sometimes. Luckily these conventions are well populated, but what about outside of it? I have to worry about little things like if someone is following me, making sure my car keys are out well before I get to my car in case I have to run, never leaving my drink unattended, etc.

With that said, I don’t really have a huge issue going to these events alone—I just have to be prepared. I really enjoyed going to PAX East, and I’m sad I won’t be going back to Seattle this year for PAX Prime. However, seeing a different city every once in a while is great, and I can’t wait to visit San Antonio!

Post 2.7 Stats & Gear Update



I just got back from vacation about an hour ago! I added some new mods, so my stats have changed a bit. Mostly everything is rating 180, with 2 set-piece armorings at 168, and two enhancements that are still 168. Also, these stats are with a Prototype Nano-Infused Resolve stim.

I haven’t been able to get better gear since I’ve been on vacation, but I think we are running DF NiM on Sunday, so I may have a chance at a drop.

I haven’t gotten around to listening to the podcasts this week, though I should’ve had plenty of time flying on the airplane. I was busy playing this text-based game on my iPhone called A Dark Room, and that kept me occupied for HOURS. I feel like I’m doing it wrong though, so I’m probably going to Google a guide for it after this.

I just did a few flashpoints in SWTOR, and I’m a bit tired. I may be developing PAXpox. Let’s hope not. Until next time, thanks for reading!

PAX East 2014: Saturday


The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is a gaming convention, including video games, PC games, table-top, and everything in between. This was my first time going after seeing how cool it was when the convention coincided with my trip to Seattle last year for the SWTOR community cantina.

When I first walked into the Expo Hall, I thought, Holy crap. so many people! But there were also many gaming companies, and it was so awesome.

I went to one panel, “Why It’s Awesome to be a Female in the Gaming Industry,” which was very interesting! I learned a lot of tips and advice from the panelists. I met Karen of and Dianna of DualShockers who were both so nice!


I tried out WildStar for the first time! The Chua is absolutely adorable. I love how it hops around when you move. It was pretty easy to figure out how to play, but since it was a demo I wasn’t too sucked into a story or anything. I also used to not like the graphics, but now I think they’re pretty cute. Probably still won’t get the game as SWTOR takes up most of my time.



I tried out a few other games, including Lichdom: Battlemage, which I really liked. I also checked out There Came an Echo featuring Wil Wheaton. It’s a voice activated game instead of using any controllers, mouse, or keyboard. Not my thing, but a really cool idea.

I also bought a crap ton of stuff, including: Pinkie Pie (MLP) bobble-head, Pinkie Pie keychain, Chewbacca bobble-head, My Little Pony lanyard, Rarity (MLP) plushie, Star Wars leggings, My Little Pony leggings, PAX East 2014 t-shirt, nerdy pixel glasses, and a Tetris Light desk lamp. The WildStar goat is for a friend!

Today I need to go back to the Logitech station and get a 50% coupon for doing some kind of news report thing, in which I can also win a bunch of gaming gear (keyboard, headset, mouse, etc.). I also need to go back to Lichdom: Battlemage to get a t-shirt because their Saturday supply ran out. I probably won’t buy anything else unless I can’t resist…

See you guys at PAX today!