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Happy One Year Anniversary at Pretty Little Sith!


Today marks one year after the first blog post I released on! In the past year, I have made so many friends and met many people that play the game. It’s such a joy to see that what I have produced, either in written, audio, or video form has brought smiles to people’s faces. I am so happy to write this blog for everyone, and I’m thankful to so many different people!


Thank you to my guild Despair, who I’ve been with for a year and a half, and especially to my guildies Ben, Film, Sleeth, Drios, Bordeau, and everyone in my operations group! Thank you for being so supportive of my blog and my presence in the SWTOR community and continuing to treat me like a “normal” guildie, putting up with me when I don’t meet my conquest points, when I accidentally stand in reticles, my lackluster crafting attitude, and my Deception Assassin DPS!  I’m very happy to be in one of the greatest guilds together.


Thank you for being the best readers a blogger could have! I know some of my posts can get quite lengthy, and I’m so happy that my readers are amazing and intelligent people. I love reading and responding to your e-mails, and I look forward to more in the future!


Thank you to Carla and Jason, who thought I would be a good co-host on Corellian Run Radio, even though I originally asked if I could submit articles for the website! I’m very happy to continue the legacy that our podcast has and to take the podcast into new and exciting directions!

Thank you to Larry Everett for asking me to be on The Republic! It’s been an incredible experience so far for someone that does not produce her own videos or stream. I think it’s been a lot of fun to actually show my face when I talk about the game!

The Republic

Thank you to Teo, Chill, and Redna for interviewing and talking about me on OotiniCast early on, before anyone ever noticed me! It has been a pleasure to meet all of you in person. Thank you especially to Chill, for listening to my panicked messages about becoming a podcast host on CRR and living up to your name by being a cool, calm, and collected person that I can trust. Also thank you to Redna, for being one of my biggest blog fans!

Thank you Deltia for featuring me in one your interviews for gamers in the community! I felt like a guinea pig, but I’m so proud of your success with your site now! I promise I will try to play ESO when it’s free!

Thank you Chuck and Brian of the Bad Feeling Podcast! It’s like we’re celebrating our birthdays together! You have made me laugh so many times while driving. Brian especially, you have been so friendly and logical, and I’m glad you are a very open and easy person to talk to.

Thank you to Road for working so hard on so many podcasts and also inviting me to be on a few episodes of the SWTOR Galactic Gamer’s Coalition. It was so much fun to be able to talk and discuss SWTOR subjects with other podcasters.

Social Media

Thank you so much to Madmar for maintaining @SWTORFamily on Twitter and retweeting my work! Thank you for noticing when I try to bring a SWTOR player or community contributor under your nose so that they can be added to your lists. I’m very appreciative that you help to let others know about content that is being produced for the game.

Thank you Olib for creating! It’s such a beautiful website, and an amazing resource to access different sources of SWTOR content. Thank you for coding in the Pretty Little Sith image when I use the tag on submissions, and responding when my scatterbrain forgets my password!

Thank you to everyone that has “Liked” the Pretty Little Sith Facebook page and/or follows me on Twitter! I love interacting with people about all kinds of different topics, including the game, and I’m so happy that you appreciate what I do and give me feedback. Thank you for giving me ideas on what to write about. It’s also exciting to have met a few of my followers.

Ootini Knights

Ootini Knights

Thank you to my friends on the Prophecy of the Five server! If I hadn’t met some of you in person, the SWTOR Pot5 PvP Facebook group would’ve been a lot stranger, but it has been fun. I enjoy the different perspective on the game and even all the crazy things you guys post in the group. Thank you for helping me practice my anti-troll communication skills. Thank you also for being some of my first supporters when I’ve been on The Republic or have done any streaming. I’m sorry I’ve been too lazy to play a character to max level on your server, and that I’m still a bit of a “shitter.”



Thank you to the BioWare community team for including me in your fansites and to EA for inviting me to the EA Redwood Shores studio. That was such an exciting experience I will never forget, and I’m happy I was able to befriend Victoria (SWTORista) and Michael at the event. Thank you Amber Green, though I’ve only met you once at the 2013 Seattle Cantina, for being so nice, funny, and approachable. Thank you to Eric Musco and Courtney Woods for remembering my name and communicating with me about the game! I don’t think I will see you in person much for the rest of this year, but I hope we can meet again.

2014-11-21 11.04.49

In the future I hope to self-host the blog once I become more savvy with HTML and web design. I also look forward to writing more, and I’m glad I’ve been able to scratch my writing itch after a long period of writing nothing much at all. Thank you so much to everyone reading, and I’m ready for another year of Pretty Little Sith.

SWTOR Community Cantina: PAX South – San Antonio 2015

Community Manager Eric Musco

Community Manager Eric Musco and Redna

On Friday night, I attended the SWTOR Community Cantina at the first annual PAX South in San Antonio! I can imagine what you’re thinking—the community cantina was three days ago, and I am behind on reporting! Actually, I have quite a lot to write about for the blog this week, but I wanted to put this post out first, since I know it’s what many people are waiting for.

Flash Drive Files

First, if you are interested in the contents of the flash drive provided at the cantina, I have them at the very end of this post! However, nothing new or groundbreaking was included in the flash drive but I did like the images that you can use for Facebook covers or Twitter banners. The other images were items that have already been released in existing Cartel Packs, so nothing new. (My guildie Sleeth said he had everything that was pictured already!)

Q&A Session

Second, here’s the important information about what was mentioned at the cantina. Honestly though, I didn’t pay as much attention as I usually do, because I was much more interested in having fun and meeting and talking to friends I hadn’t seen for a while. Anyway, here are some of the new things we can expect from BioWare Austin this year for Star Wars: The Old Republic:

  • New planet: Ziost
  • Outfit Designer
  • New playable race: Togruta (this was known about for quite a while, but they are finally “officially” announcing it)
  • New stronghold
  • Story Arc continuing cliffhanger that ended Shadow of Revan expansion

I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to the Q&A (I was probably one or two beers in at this point already, and loudly said “Oh my God,” when someone asked if Pazaak would ever be in the game), but there was one question in particular that I wanted to mention here on the blog. Someone asked about the Contraband Slot Machines and why they were nerfed so hard. Basically, the answer from Community Manager Eric Musco was that players were correct that the cost to reward ratio from using the slot machines was way out of balance and that it would have serious long-term effects on the game economy. They saw that players were simply not running crew skills anymore because using the slot machines was better, and they could not have a huge segment of the game ignored because of this item.

Meeting and Greeting the Attendees

Honestly, I should’ve said something about this on the blog prior to the cantina, but I simply wanted to attend and have fun without “working” so hard on keeping track of the Q&A and asking hard-hitting questions to the BioWare staff. I think I accomplished my goal of doing that, but if you watched my Twitter, you can see I slightly tried to pay attention to what was going on!

Me and Larry Everett eating sandwiches

Me and Larry Everett eating sandwiches

I arrived about an hour before the cantina started with my friends from The Republic on, Larry Everett (Hyperspace Beacon, Massively) and Redna (OotiniCast, Twitch). For some reason as we were walking, I turned around, saw Lead Community Coordinator Courtney Woods with some other BioWare folks, and started a conversation! We spoke with them for a few minutes before heading toward the line, which had lengthened quite a bit while we were chatting.

I met up with my Despair guildie Sleeth, who I had gone out to dinner with along with his wife the day before at Texas de Brazil (and who I’ve written prior blog posts about which you can read about here and here). He had just come from work, but he had enough time to check out the PAX South exhibition floor prior to the cantina.

Also in the line, I immediately spotted Michael (Death & Taxes), who is not only very tall, but was wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat! I’ve also mentioned him before on the blog when I attended the EA Press Event in Redwood City.

Additionally, I met quite a few readers of the blog and Corellian Run Radio listeners and watchers of The Republic! I was so excited to meet people that enjoyed my work, and I’m very thankful and flattered that people recognized me.

At this cantina, Eric Musco and Lead Community Coordinator Courtney Woods were there as usual, like I mentioned earlier, but this time I was able to meet Community Production Coordinator Tait Watson as well! Before the cantina started, Courtney said to keep an eye on him since he tends to sneak away from people. This is absolutely true! After I tracked Tait down and spoke to him for a bit, he snuck away from me as expected. I did feel slightly like a creepy stalker “tracking Tait.” Here’s a picture of us together:


Me and Community Production Coordinator Tait Watson

Other BioWare employees that were “officially” there were Ben Irving, Matt Pucevich, and Jesse Sky. Later in the evening (and probably three or four beers down), Ben Irving, who I’d met at the Las Vegas Community Cantina, asked for some feedback about the cantina events and which ones I liked the best. I said I liked the Las Vegas cantina the best because there were a lot more tables and chairs to sit at. Also, servers came around to serve hors d’oeuvres in Las Vegas too. There was a noticeable lack of chairs and tables at the San Antonio cantina, which is why you see many people sprawling on the ground in front of the stage.


There were quite a lot of other BioWare employees there, past and present, though I can’t remember everyone’s names! My friends and I ended up at a table in the corner with BioWare Austin General Manager Jeff Hickman, who I saw at EA Redwood City, but I was too nervous to say anything to him!

I met Luther, who worked on the game pre-launch and pointed out to me the man that worked on Ilum (“The PvE part!” he assured me.). I also met Lead Narrative Designer Paul Marino (“I follow you on Twitter!” he said when I introduced myself.), who works on the cinematics of the game! I told him my favorite cinematics in-game were the end of the Imperial Corellia planetary storyline and another one which I cannot remember.

Larry Everett and Lead Writer Charles Boyd

Larry Everett and Lead Writer Charles Boyd

Former Community Coordinator Hillary Nicole AKA Pokket was also there and spoke for quite a while to Michael and me at our table about streaming, gaming, and post-cantina plans! I was able to get a picture with both of them as well:

Hillary (Pokket), Michael, and me

Hillary (Pokket), Michael, and me

Throughout all this meeting and greeting, I obtained a lot of free drink tickets and had enough to get enough beer for myself and a few glasses of wine for Redna! I tipped the friendly bartender after a while because I kept going back! I also really liked the Amber I was drinking, which had a Texas logo on it. I don’t remember the name.

Finally, I wanted to mention that Redna got nachos, and I thought the “green stuff” was relish so I didn’t want to eat it. It turns out it was actually salsa verde, or “green salsa” in English, which I am actually extremely familiar with. I’m really not sure why the first thing I thought of was relish. It must’ve been the booze.

I would highly recommend attending a SWTOR Community Cantina if you are a fan of the game, because they are a lot of fun! You have a chance to personally make your voice heard to BioWare staff and meet those who are working on the game you play. I also think that the BioWare staff made a conscious effort to provide more information about upcoming plans for the game at the beginning of the Q&A, and I think in the future they will continue getting better at connecting with players at these in-person events.

Continue reading to see the files from the cantina flash drive!


Ootini Cantina 2014


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—except maybe what was live broadcasted on OotiniCast last weekend!

Last week I spent some time with the men and women of OotiniCast and Ootini Knights/Rage, and it was a lot of fun! I reunited with the friends that I made earlier this year that visited Las Vegas and met some new ones as well.

On Friday night a group of us went out to eat at Table 10, a restaurant by Emeril Lagasse, at the Palazzo. At the table we had Chong & Stephanie, Teo & Aaree, Mosq & Canaan, Bill & Cathy, Turg, Dunedai, Redna, and me. I had a large lunch that day so I only ordered a salad, but others ordered off the four-course menu, and their food looked really great! I sat next to Dunedai, and he ordered an entrée with giant prawns on it. Because I’m the worst blogger ever, I didn’t take a picture of it, but it definitely looked awesome.

Table 10

The next morning we went out to Hash House a Go Go (my first time) at The Linq, and that was probably the craziest wait for a table I’ve ever experienced. Thankfully, the company I was with was fun and interesting, so the wait didn’t seem long at all. During our wait, a woman went up to Redna (who was wearing the original OotiniCast t-shirt) and asked if he was Teo. Obviously he wasn’t, but she was actually one of the guildies in the Ootini Knights who traveled down from Reno with her family! I would like to point out that she said she knew she had the right group of people because she recognized me from my blog profile photo, heh.

Hash House a Go Go Table

Hash House a Go Go food

If you’ve never heard of Hash House a Go Go before, it’s known for its very large portions. The restaurant has also been featured on the television show Man vs. Food. I did not intend on eating something entirely on my own, so I ate a small share of Redna’s “Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Benedict w/ maple reduction, 2 eggs, bacon mashed potatoes & biscuit,” an entrée that was featured on Man vs. Food. Hopefully I didn’t take up too much of his meal! Chill also arrived straight from the airport, so all the hosts were present for brunch.

OotiniCast setting up

After brunch we made our way to Trump Tower where the Ootini Cantina was being held in Bill and Cathy’s suite. It was all the way on the 60th floor with large windows, so the view was really great! There were snacks and various types of alcohol, and I took just a few pictures while the OotiniCast hosts set up for the livestream. Two cameras were set up, one on the hosts and one viewing the audience. I was tasked with watching the chat on Redna’s Twitch channel, which was broadcasting the audience camera. I hadn’t needed my external battery for my iPhone at all that weekend, so I didn’t bring it to the Cantina. Unfortunately, my phone did end up dying. I enjoyed chatting and interacting with everyone on the channel while it lasted! Later on after the show I chatted a bit on the laptop, but I would’ve preferred to use my own Twitch username.

Aaree and Heather

Prizes from Bioware were distributed to the attendees, including SWTOR flash drives, a couple of t-shirts, a signed poster, and pet codes! It was a ton of fun getting together with everyone, and hopefully another Ootini Cantina will be organized somewhere next year!


Gaming vs. Real Life Commitments

Today one of my friends told me about this awesome sale going on and asked if I wanted to shop on Friday night. While I felt extremely excited about the sale, I turned her down because Friday is one of the days that I run operations with my team, and we only run ops (officially with our team) two days a week. Since we’re working on Nightmare progression and we just recently put together this group (which I think is awesome!), I did not want to stunt the group’s progress, they would have to bring someone else in, and I would have to learn what they figured out while I was gone.

However, turning down a shopping date does not mean I’m prioritizing video games over real life events. Since I have been raiding on a schedule, I find that I’m able to be online less and can plan other things in my life around gaming. And if I have nothing to do, then I will stay online for hours at a time.

Before having regularly scheduled operations, I felt like I had to be online as much as possible to get into PuG operations, I never knew when people would want to play or if there would be room for me in a group. I remember having to log off in the middle of operations because of something I had to do in real life, and I didn’t like it at all. It made me feel guilty, like I was stealing time from things and people in real life, my guildies in-game, and myself.

The other day I almost forgot I had something to do in real life. I was sitting in Terror From Beyond, about to start my third operation of the day, and I realized that I had to go. I felt really bad about leaving, but they were able to find a replacement quickly. Also, it wasn’t one of my regular raid nights anyway, just a story mode run, so it wasn’t crucial for me to be there.

I definitely don’t feel obligated to show up to raid nights (Monday/Friday) while I’m on vacation, if I have a family event, or if it is a holiday (Halloween is on a Friday!). However I always let my guild master or ops lead know beforehand if I’m going to be late or unable to show up.

Sometimes I still find it difficult to schedule things going on in my life. Today, I will be recording another episode of Corellian Run Radio before I go to a class at the gym. On Wednesdays I drive home from work, listen to maybe 15 minutes of OotiniCast, and then I have to go to another class at the gym. Thursday, I’m hoping recording The Republic will end early enough that I can make it to Pub Quiz with some friends later. Lately, most weeks have been like this, where I’ve been very busy.

My weekends are filled with running errands, doing chores, going to appointments, going out with friends, and then some gaming. A few weeks ago I accidentally booked three appointments at the same time. I got that fixed before it actually happened, but I should probably work on using my phone’s calendar better. I still feel like I play a lot, but clearly not as much as others when I’m only playing and trying to meet conquest points on one character.

Right now I work full-time, have no children, and am already done with school. If I ever get married and have kids, I’ll definitely have to change something in my life, because I wouldn’t want to give up gaming to have more time.

Guest Hosting The Republic on!

I’m back from vacation with a working PC! It turns out that the issue with the overheating CPU was that the pumps for the water cooler were no longer working and had to be replaced. Conveniently, I was able to pick up my computer today right after coming home, which is perfect because of an upcoming, important event!

I’m excited to announce that tomorrow night, Thursday, September 4th at 6:00pm PST I will be guest hosting The Republic, a Star Wars The Old Republic show, for . The best part is that I get to work with Larry Everett, who you may know as the Hyperspace Beacon columnist for Massively, and Redna from OotiniCast, who is also new and guest hosting this week as well!

If you want to watch or participate in the live chat, here is a link you can go to. However, you will also be able to view the final version of the video on and YouTube following the live show.

EDIT: Here is the YouTube video of the show! Enjoy!


Experimenting With WildStar

WildStar logo

The highly anticipated launch of WildStar has prompted me to at least give it a chance, so I would be able to provide a knowledgeable opinion about the game.  So far, I’ve played WildStar three times: once at PAX East, once during beta testing, and finally last night using a guest pass. My overarching opinion of the game is that it is very cute. I can’t stop saying it’s cute.

WildStar at PAX


I had to wait in a line to play the game, surrounded by people much younger than myself. Jessica Nigri was dressed as a Draken Stalker posing with the people in front of the line, and right before I made it to the front, she left. You can imagine my disappointment, as that would’ve made a great Instagram picture.


When I was able to play, they gave you an option of choosing between several pre-made characters. Of course, I chose the Spellslinger Chua, because it was cute as a button. I ran around the map, impressed by the cuteness of the Chua’s movement, aiming my attacks at the enemies. I quickly got bored because I didn’t really know what was going on. Simply clicking objectives and killing NPCs without knowing why or even caring to know didn’t hold my interest. I stopped playing well before my play-time ended.

WildStar in Beta

I decided that maybe I had social anxiety at PAX (or maybe I didn’t want to continue touching the keyboard), so that’s why I stopped playing so quickly. I downloaded WS Beta Client during the open beta period last month to try the game again. I enjoyed the character creation. Of course I made a Chua, and I loved the different options with eye color, fur color, ear and face style. I even made it just a bit chubby, because chubby animals are SO cute. I don’t remember what class and path I chose this time. Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far again. It was easy to figure out where to go with quests because of the light up quest arrow. However, I think the art style really detracts from essential game functions, and makes everything look very busy and complicated. I quit pretty early—at the Cathedral of Light—because I just didn’t care about what was going on, and I was mindlessly running around and clicking things.

WildStar with a Guest Pass and a Friend

Wildstar 3

My guildie Kitkat saved one of her 7-day guest passes for me, which was awesome! Since a few of my guildies were excited about the game, I decided that I should give it another chance, so I redeemed a 7-day guest pass last night. I coordinated with Redna from OotiniCast, who also started his 7-day guest pass yesterday, to play the game on the Caretaker realm on the Dominion side. He remarked that I chose a PvE server (I’m such a carebear), but I chose that one because my guildies had their Dominion characters on that realm. Interestingly, we both ended up choosing Chua Spellslingers in the Soldier path without consulting each other.  This ended up making questing—when we got to it–a bit easier, since we both had the same quests.

"Um, excuse me sir, have you seen Redna?" "You got the wrong Chua, kid."

“Um, excuse me sir, have you seen Redna?” “You’ve got the wrong Chua, kid.”

Apparently, pro gamers we are not. For one whole hour, we couldn’t figure out how to see/find one another in-game. We tried adding each other to friends lists, which didn’t work as guests. We figured there were different instances in the zone, but we didn’t know how to switch. I tried Googling, but I didn’t Google very hard. Redna Googled and finally figured it out. You have to invite someone to a group, which I thought was counter-intuitive. I feel like you would try to be someone’s friend first before they were in your group, which is why I didn’t think of it. I clicked the “Sync Group” button to move my character to the same instance, and questing was much easier after that.

Wildstar 2

After our initial frustration (“How are little kids playing this? Are they all just better at video games than me?” I said), we made it to Levian Bay, killed some snails, wolves and bears, collected something for who knows what reason, and found a cave. It felt pretty grindy because I felt like you had to kill so many enemies without knowing or caring why. I think that was my biggest issue, coming from SWTOR, not seeing a point or caring about why I was doing a quest other than to simply level up. I’m sure the other parts of the game are really cool, such as housing, 40-man raids, and the PvP aspects, so I will persevere. After all, I have six more days to play. However, the game is not engaging me enough to want to play more or subscribe after that unless I reach some kind of WildStar epiphany in the next week.

PvP Series Episode 3: New Server, New Toon

Current headshot of my Assassin on the Pot5

Current headshot of my Assassin on the Pot5

I probably should’ve saved last Monday’s “Welcome to the Prophecy of the Five” post for today! If you haven’t read it, I created a brand new toon on the Prophecy of the Five server. I figured it would be easier to practice at the lower levels and work my way up, rather than taking my end-game PvE toon and trying to PvP with the big boys.

Why Pot5 and not a new character on the Harbinger? I maxed out characters on the Harbinger. Also, I wanted to be on the highest populated PvP server with the highest rating. I referenced this post from OotiniCast for the stats influencing my decision. (I wasn’t going to join Euro-server ToFN.)

So far it has definitely been working in my favor, because I win a majority of the warzone matches I get into on my baby Assassin (currently level 17). Even though I’m at a low level, I think I’m getting pretty good at stopping/slowing the opponents (even with only Electrocute, Whirlwind, and Overload LOL), and giving my teammates a chance to get to where I am before I get ROFLsmashed. As a good little stealther I volunteer to go guard whatever if I don’t see anyone else doing it, heh. Actually, I have hardly gotten ROFLsmashed unless I had multiple players on me. For level 17, I’m pretty competent at killing the other players. I can’t wait to see how easy it will be to DPS the enemy team in PvP gear. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to play her too much, since I still have my normal raid times on the Harbinger during the week.

I did join a guild on the Pot5 server! I wanted to be somewhere with a good experience bonus, so it worked. Unfortunately I haven’t really gotten the chance to play with anyone because I don’t have a level 55 toon yet, and I’m at least 3 hours behind for many of them. I guess that’s what I get for joining and east coast server on Pacific Standard Time.

2.7 Invasion Is Out & So Is My OotiniCast Interview!

Apparently, today I’m supposed to write about SWTOR’s 2.7 update, Invasion. (Hehe..) We’re getting the two new flashpoints, craftable 78s, PvP class changes, Nightmare Mode Dread Fortress, and more. Ta da, mission complete, haha! Click here read the patch notes on SWTOR’s official site for more details.


If you haven’t listened to it already, episode 129 of OotiniCast has also been released featuring an interview with me and one of the hosts, Chill. I write much better than I talk, but it’s still super freakin’ awesome, and I’m excited to share it with you guys!

I actually updated my game this morning because my computer was on. I normally shut it down every night, but yesterday I forgot the wall-plug thing of my charger at work. I charged my phone from my computer instead, but it only works if the computer is on. Anyway, I was awake to update my game for today, so I won’t be delayed logging in for tonight’s Sith Inquisitor raid!

I’m not sure if I want to bring my awesome Assassin or the newly-55-and-geared Sorcerer. I’m leaning towards my Assassin because she’s my favorite, but the Sorcerer could use some better set-piece armorings if they drop, depending on what operation we do.

On my Sorcerer I’ve chosen the Madness skill tree. When I originally leveled the toon to 50 like two years ago, I was doing a weird hybrid Lightning/Corruption build, which I did badly as a noob. Now at level 55 and much more knowledgeable about MMOs, I’m playing Madness. I love Death Field (instant, powerful AOE)! It also seems so delightfully more evil than Lightning!? I like DoT effects, and being able to cast, wait and kill! I asked Drios, who mainly plays a Sorcerer, what a good rotation was, because he of course has a notebook filled with notes about every single skill tree (I’m assuming he has every one???) and every single class. That rotation has been working well for me, but compared to the Deception Assassin, it’s pretty hard to screw up your rotation or run out force.

I can also play Madness on the Assassin, but I love Deception too much to want to do that. Thus, I have a Sorcerer that uses it instead. Mallgus talked a bit about how he loved Madness on the Assassin that he is leveling, and it also sounds very cool. Eek, just remembered that skill trees reset today!

Have a good day everyone playing the 2.7 Invasion update, have fun, and don’t take gaming so seriously!

Happy April Fool’s Day!


Muahaha April Fool’s Day. So much fun! Bioware pulled a funny one today, the Asteroid Starship. So stealth, haha. From their website: “If you enjoy ramming your starfighter into your enemies and taking foes out from the shadows of space, the Asteroid is the ship for you!”

I pulled my own little prank on Twitter. While some people were a bit wary of news, I did get a few congratulations tweets. Of course I gave up the charade quickly because I didn’t like leading people to thinking the wrong information, no matter how funny I thought it was! I thought about even temporarily changing the title at the top of the blog to “Pregnant Little Sith,” but I didn’t want to alienate any readers viewing the site.


Today is also our all-Bounty Hunter raid in Despair. I didn’t make it to level 55 in time, because our raid time starts as soon as I get home from work. I’m only up to 54, about one bar into the level. Thank you so much to Pat for doing Czerka and Ilum dailies with me, and Mesh, Mallgus, and Ragnarok for running me through the mob-heavy areas on Makeb and helping me finish the planetary quest there. I died a couple times and was losing steam and motivation, so they came in and helped out. We’ll see what happens tonight, and maybe the guild will do a Classic Operation instead so that sub-55 characters can go.

Also, Teo e-mailed me the final-ish cut of my OotiniCast interview, which I’ve listened to like three times already. That sounds a little self-absorbed, but I really, really like to proofread. I typically read my own blog posts over and over again just to make sure there aren’t any errors, and I still miss them sometimes. (Actually, if you see me write a run-on sentence, I’m usually very aware of those and leave them in…) However, it was so much fun doing the interview, and I’m excited to share with you guys! It should be the episode after the upcoming episode, but I’ll let you know in my blog and via Twitter.

Quick Thoughts, News, & Upcoming Events!


I don’t want to spam anyone’s Twitter timeline, so here’s some random thoughts/facts of the moment:

  • I ordered business cards for that have my gaming info on them also. I foresee my networking skills being used at PAX East next month.
  • I regrammed a sweet Snow White picture illustrated as a Sith Assassin on my Instagram, thanks to @StarWarsy for posting the picture.
  • My next Stitch Fix is arriving next week, and I can’t wait! They haven’t shipped it out, so I can’t cheat and see what the items are yet.
  • Raid night was anticlimactic; couldn’t get through Corruptor Zero on Dread Palace HM.
  • I somehow did the flashpoint Athiss twice tonight with Daemon, Rewster, and Mesh.
  • I put the extra Saturday pass I had for PAX East on sale on
  • Chill from OotiniCast will be interviewing me this Saturday for an upcoming show!
  • I have low blood pressure according to my biometric screening…..!

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