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Liebster Award!

Liebster AwardThe Liebster Award is one given to bloggers by other bloggers to help recognize and learn a little more about them than what they usually write about! I have been nominated by Chadrassa aka Cleeyah of the In Character blog, in which she also writes about video games, especially SWTOR!

In my Liebster post, I must give eleven facts about myself, answer Chadrassa’s questions, and then nominate another blogger and write my own questions for them! Let’s get started!


San Diego Comic-Con Day 2


I started off my second day of San Diego Comic-Con on the crowded trolley to the convention center where I met an Elsa (Frozen) cosplayer! The ride wasn’t very long—only a few stops from my hotel. I wanted to spend more time inside the convention on this day, but I quickly learned that it’s easy to tire out from walking back and forth and navigating through all the attendees!


My New Home Office Plus Computer Specs!

CES82myWgAAlhZA (1)

The other night I finally cleaned up my home office area (I had a large box of books on my desk), and it looks fantastic! I’ve had this desk in storage for a few years, so I’m excited that I get to use it again. Before moving, my desk didn’t fit in my bedroom, but now that I have a lot more rooms, I have a separate room for my office. I plan on doing a bit more to it still, such as adding some posters, artwork, and bookshelves, and a side table.

My computer tower is on the left side of the desk. It’s very tall and heavy, and aesthetically I prefer it on the ground and out of sight. Additionally, it gives me more room to go behind and mess with any cables if I need to.

My computer specs haven’t changed since I wrote this post about installing my first SSD, but here they are again!

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth X79
Processor: Intel Core i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz
RAM: 16 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti
SSD: Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 250GB
Other Hard Drives: 2 x 500GB
Monitor: ASUS VE258 1920 x 1080

I also have a 1200 watt power supply and a water cooler.

I’m pretty satisfied with gaming on just one monitor, but it would be useful to have another monitor so that I could look at other windows while I’m in-game without having to tab out or play in windowed mode.


Other accessories that I have are a Logitech C525 webcam, wireless Logitech (non-gaming) keyboard, Logitech (non-gaming) mouse, Blue Snowball for recording and voice communication, a pink Razer Kraken Pro headset, and some Bose speakers. I need to figure out how to make the microphone on my headset work better, because I’d rather use that than the Snowball for gaming. Also, apparently I’m a big Logitech fan hehe!

I purchased the awesome Tetris lamp when I attended PAX East last year! I also have a few little toys of various fandoms. I have Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), a Skyrim Nord, and Chewbacca (Star Wars)!

I’ve gotten a few questions already on social media regarding the desk chair, since it isn’t a typical one. It is pretty comfortable to me, even after gaming for a few hours. In comparison to the desk chair that I’ve been using, which was cheap and is falling apart, my current chair is wonderful!

Do you have any poster or artwork suggestions? What would you like to see behind me on video? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @Heather_PLS!

7 Days of TruFusion: Gym Review

TruFusion logoA couple weeks ago while I was running errands, I stumbled upon a gym called TruFusion that offered a variety of different classes of Pilates, yoga, TRX, kettlebell, and more! I asked the girl at the front desk to tell me a little bit about the gym and pricing, and received a tour of the facility, which seemed great! They had a few different rooms that specialized in different activities, a healthy snack and smoothie bar, and even a retail area where you could purchase fitness clothing and supplies.

I had been bummed that my favorite Pilates instructor at my usual gym had dropped to only one day a week. Additionally, lately it has been difficult trying to fit in classes that I like in my schedule (gaming, appointments, various other errands and full-time job), and my usual gym does not always offer classes that I like during times that I am available. However, this new gym does, and so I took advantage of their 7 days for $7 to try out their classes and the gym to see if I would like to join.

Here is how my 7 days of TruFusion went!


PAX East 2014: Saturday


The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is a gaming convention, including video games, PC games, table-top, and everything in between. This was my first time going after seeing how cool it was when the convention coincided with my trip to Seattle last year for the SWTOR community cantina.

When I first walked into the Expo Hall, I thought, Holy crap. so many people! But there were also many gaming companies, and it was so awesome.

I went to one panel, “Why It’s Awesome to be a Female in the Gaming Industry,” which was very interesting! I learned a lot of tips and advice from the panelists. I met Karen of and Dianna of DualShockers who were both so nice!


I tried out WildStar for the first time! The Chua is absolutely adorable. I love how it hops around when you move. It was pretty easy to figure out how to play, but since it was a demo I wasn’t too sucked into a story or anything. I also used to not like the graphics, but now I think they’re pretty cute. Probably still won’t get the game as SWTOR takes up most of my time.



I tried out a few other games, including Lichdom: Battlemage, which I really liked. I also checked out There Came an Echo featuring Wil Wheaton. It’s a voice activated game instead of using any controllers, mouse, or keyboard. Not my thing, but a really cool idea.

I also bought a crap ton of stuff, including: Pinkie Pie (MLP) bobble-head, Pinkie Pie keychain, Chewbacca bobble-head, My Little Pony lanyard, Rarity (MLP) plushie, Star Wars leggings, My Little Pony leggings, PAX East 2014 t-shirt, nerdy pixel glasses, and a Tetris Light desk lamp. The WildStar goat is for a friend!

Today I need to go back to the Logitech station and get a 50% coupon for doing some kind of news report thing, in which I can also win a bunch of gaming gear (keyboard, headset, mouse, etc.). I also need to go back to Lichdom: Battlemage to get a t-shirt because their Saturday supply ran out. I probably won’t buy anything else unless I can’t resist…

See you guys at PAX today!

Leveling Burnout

Last night I *healed* my very first operation ever. I had a whopping 16k in health at level 51 on my Mercenary, using Planetary commendations for the Makeb mods (Rakata-level 58s), thanks to Film for giving me leftover mods and unused comms. However, we only did Eternity Vault Hard Mode with 6 people, and the other 5 people in my group were very well-geared. Basically, I didn’t have to heal very much. I also actually ran off the stairs on Soa, which I never, ever do. It must have been nerves that got to me! They rezzed me at the bottom, but that was very bad playing on my part.

While many of you probably play many different alts, I personally only like to play one character, so having a new one makes me pretty nervous! I have a few characters in which I only played the class story and never any end-game content. I would like to be more flexible in regards to raiding in my guild though. I feel like a one-trick pony with just the one raiding toon! It’s really weird, because I’ve been playing almost since launch.

I did feel a bit burnt out from this past weekend. All the hours of grinding towards level 55 on a poor healing toon, waiting for Torian Cadera to kill stuff, off-DPSing to go faster, paying attention to Torian so he doesn’t die…. I thought about respeccing to DPS just to move the process along, but since I haven’t really ever played a healer I wanted to practice and get good at it with my companion at least. Torian still died a few times, but I was able to keep myself alive long enough to kill some difficult mobs.

I was almost burnt out enough to open up Skyrim! LOL but I did not. I had returned my pre-order for Elder Scrolls Online, but I didn’t want to play that anyway. What I actually did when I got burnt out was close out SWTOR, open up Netflix, and watch a few episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As a girl, I think the show is super cute and funny, and makes me wish I had a cool herd of friends.

If you’re worried about my sanity (and perhaps also my intelligence), I also picked up the classic Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. The reason I did that was because I also played QuizUp on my phone, and one of the questions asked was who the main character was in the book, which I answered correctly (duh because I’m smart)… so I felt like reading the book.

I probably sound like I’m FOREVERALONE. I’ve been getting a bit depressed about something and getting burnt out in my favorite game isn’t fun. However, I have some upcoming events within the next month in my life that will hopefully turn everything upside down, from lackluster to very, very exciting. I do have a new Stitch Fix coming to me in the mail today, so that’ll be a change of pace also!

OMG My Little Pony Fighting Game?! (Review)

Fighting ponies. Oh my God, this is so adorable; I can’t handle it. How do I even find stuff like this? I don’t have time to play this! I need to be on SWTOR 2.7 update on the PTS! But look how cute…

My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic 1

I found My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic on, because the article was alluringly titled: Fan-Made My Little Pony Fighting Game Available To Download. How could I not read the article? Then look at the pictures? Then watch this cute freakin’ video?


I had to have the game. I downloaded it for free (link is in the Game Informer article)! The keyboard controls were a little confusing, and I’m still failing pretty hard, but ahhhhhh! I was having kind of a bad-ish night, and this was full of so much happy! (Can’t even speak proper English when I talk about cute things.)

Pinkie Pie Character Selection

In a little bit of seriousness though: In character selection you can choose to play one of the Mane 6, who all have their own special moves and combos. You can also change their colors which is awesome!! As far as I can tell from watching the video, the combat is pretty cool, and each pony has their own special moves. I love how Applejack has a lasso, and Fluttershy has her bunny… very nice touch. The music also sounds very happy. You can play by yourself, but I also think that there is some kind of multiplayer option. I have barely figured out basic controls yet, so multiplayer is beyond me…

Rarity Fight

I don’t know how much time I want to spend learning how to play this, but I want to get to it eventually. Of course, this game looks like it has some serious copyright issues, and I’m not entirely sure if I can play the game offline and keep it forever. I have no idea, but it’s on my computer, so it should work forever after, right?

Rainbow Dash Controls

Basic Keyboard controls for My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic

Start = Whatever you have as “A” in your keyboard controls

ESC = Go back

Everything else you can pretty much figure out by customizing your keyboard controls in the toolbar, which is only visible for me in windowed mode. To go back to windowed mode (if you were like me and got super excited to play ponies in full screen), just press Alt+Enter.

I apologize for the temporary insanity.