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My Hair Stylist is a WoW Raider

New hairstyle 1-10Last weekend I went to the salon and got a few inches of my long hair trimmed and also had the layers shaped. This time around I decided to go to a different salon that was much closer to my house than the one I usually go to, so I called the salon and was scheduled with a random stylist.

When I arrived at my appointment I met my stylist, a young lady around my age named Sam. She was nice enough, but usually at spa or salon appointments I prefer not to partake in small talk unless it’s regarding what they are doing. I feel like talking with them distracts from their task, and they do a better job if I don’t say anything, but I could be completely wrong about this! However, I’m still polite enough to answer questions, and she began to ask about my personal life: where I worked, if I lived in the area, if I had any kids or a boyfriend.

I told her I had a boyfriend, which was the truth. She then asked where I met him, and so I mumbled something about video games, which she was very excited about!

She said she used to spend hours raiding in World of Warcraft, but lately she hasn’t had as much time to play because she works full-time. I agreed that I also have less time to spend in-game in SWTOR because I work as well.

Before she told me that she played WoW, I was less comfortable and more guarded about answering questions about myself. However, after that, it was much easier to talk to her because we had something huge in common. Usually, I don’t meet women or people in real life that play MMOs, so I was very happy to have met her.

I guess the moral of the story is not to hide or be embarrassed about your hobbies or things that you like to do (unless they are illegal and/or absolutely socially unacceptable), because you never know who you will interact with that may share that interest with you. Sam did a great job on my hair, and from now on I will go back to see her so I can chat about gaming while she cuts and styles my hair.

Response to Jake: How to Experience SWTOR Solo

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

I received a message from a person named Jake who asked:

“Any advice for someone who loved KOTOR and even KOTOR II… but is NOT a fan of MMOs, but DOES want to experience the story elements of SW:TOR?”

I tried to respond, but unfortunately his e-mail address didn’t work. So Jake, hopefully you are a regular reader of the blog so you can see my answer:

Hi Jake,

Make sure you join a PVE (Player Versus Environment) server.

I think the best part of the game is the class story that you complete while you are leveling. I used to play alone all the time when I first started the game! It’s definitely doable, and pretty relaxing to not have other people around or talking to you when you are in the zone.

You can absolutely play through the entire class story solo. Each of the 8 classes has a different story, but they share planetary missions within each faction. Usually when I level from 1 to 55, I mostly don’t play with anyone anyway because I like to take my time and enjoy the story. What you can do is avoid what are called “HEROIC” missions and Flashpoints since they are designed for multiple players. If you are leveled high enough, you can probably go back to complete those missions by yourself to experience the additional story content, but I usually just skip them now because I’ve done them all before. All of the other missions you receive can be completed solo. If it gets a little hard, just try to level up a bit or upgrade your gear. All of the class story missions can be completed solo.

Once you hit 55, you can do what are called the daily planetary missions, which are mostly solo missions that are reset every day. These are on planets/areas like Ilum, Oricon, Makeb, Section X, Black Hole, Belsavis, and CZ-198 that all have daily missions.

You can pretty much ignore the MMO aspect by turning off Chat, and player nameplates. The only other thing you might run into is other players going for the same enemies/mission objectives as you.

There are additional end-game content and stories you can complete, but these are in Operations that are usually completed in 8 or 16-man groups.

Thanks for reading,



Bloody Dread Master Tyrans

Bloody Dread Master Tyrans

Currently in my guild, we shifted from 16-man raid groups to splitting into smaller. 8-man raid groups. Last night my team worked on Dread Palace Hard-Mode. We one-shot Dread Master Bestia, however the second boss in the operation Dread Master Tyrans, was giving us a bit of trouble. This was also my first time going into Dread Palace after update 2.7 since I was in Boston last week.

First of all, we had a Nightmare mechanic bug (and NiM DP is not even out yet!) leaking in. During the Simplifications, you cannot just run away from the square like you would normally do. Instead, you must drop to the lower level and teleport back up with the pyramid in the middle. Bioware, can you fix this please? I guess the positive aspect of this situation is that when NiM DP does get released, we’ll be a little more prepared for this fight. We got the hang of this eventually, making sure that everyone was healed up before dropping down, and hopefully without an Affliction debuff.

Another thing that was kind of buggy was that one of the squares in the front, left part of the room did not appear or respawn after we wiped. I wish I had taken a screenshot, but it happened pretty much every time we came in.

Unfortunately, we did not beat Tyrans, but we made some pretty good progress. I have yet to get an achievement for beating HM Tyrans, so I hope we can nail it tomorrow.

Also, about 30 minutes before raid time ended, this happened right before we pulled:

Me: [holding nose] Oh my God I have a bloody nose!

Film: Tilt your head back!

Columbiaa: Go get one of your tampons, cut it in half, and stick it up your nose.

Drios: Yeah, a tampon works.

Me: Uhh my nose is too small to fit a tampon!


Me: Okay, well, I can’t DPS with my left hand holding my nose, so I’ll be right back.

Me: [goes to the bathroom and sticks a tampon up nose]

Me: Okay, my tampons are actually not that big.

And so we continued to raid with a tampon holding my bloody nose because there was no wasting time when we were so close to victory! At least the bloody nose didn’t last very long.

How dedicated are you to raiding? What is the most ridiculous thing you have done to continue playing a video game?

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F2P vs. Sub, Asking For More Content, Enjoying The Game More

All the time with MMOs I see gamers complaining how there isn’t enough to do or how they shouldn’t have to pay a subscription fee. I just find this so incredulous, because it seems to me like people aren’t taking the time to enjoy what they are playing, nor are they realizing the value of their subscription.

It takes a lot of people to create and maintain a game. People cost money. Why would you expect a new operation or new class stories if you don’t want to cough up the money? Magic fairy dust doesn’t design and create new content; real people do. They don’t work for free.

Star Wars The Old Republic is Free-to-Play now, so we have lots of players populating the servers. That’s a really good thing. But if you are going to demand a free game and more content, that is just not logical. It is not Flappy Bird; it is a full-fledged MMO with a large staff behind it that is working hard to make sure that you have fun playing their game. It’s a basic economical principle: opportunity costs and There Is No Such Thing As a Free Lunch (TINSTAAFL). You’re always paying for something in some way (populating the servers and making the game feel fuller), and if you want more (more playable content), you’re going to have to pay more (subscription fee vs. F2P).

If you realize how much time you spend playing versus the cost of a subscription fee, you’ll realize that the money is worth the time. If you really cannot afford the subscription, that is understandable. I’m sure there’s an excellent reason. But please stop acting like you’re entitled to play a free game, and don’t be the one to complain about the lack of content.

But maybe you are one of those that pays a subscription, and you still demand more things to do. It would take me a very long time to fulfill every achievement, master every class, and gear out all of my characters to perfection. And I still play a crazy amount of hours a week while maintaining a somewhat balanced life.

Perhaps if we didn’t have the uber-hardcore progression raid teams clearing through the hardest content in a day, we wouldn’t have players whining about how they ran out of stuff to do. For most of the PVE raiding population, it takes quite a while to get through top tier content. It’s great to be the first to achieve something, but what kind of environment were you in to get there? Raiding for 12 hours straight for 3 days in a row? Wiping hundreds of times in a short period? Slave master raid leader?

I’m not saying you should goof off during raid time, because you should concentrate and give 100%. You shouldn’t waste your team’s time by not paying attention. But I’m online to play and have fun. I definitely do not raid because I want to hear one of my fellow players degrading and berating one another for not doing a good enough job. It’s fun to beat bosses, but it’s also great to play with people that know how to relax, have fun, AND beat the boss. It just might take longer than the Server First team.

I would like to say that I believe that PvPers are right in asking for more content. For every new thing PVE players get, PVPers hardly get something on the same scale. While I do not PvP much at all myself, I completely respect those players because I think it is so much harder to defeat another player versus a boss that does the same mechanics every time. It is one thing to nail a boss mechanic down. It is a whole other thing to be on your toes in a dynamic PvP environment. Plus, only subscribed players can play Ranked PvP, so they are definitely the ones putting their money where their mouth is.

My point is: Just have fun. It’s a game! If you really want something in the game, pay attention to when the developers ask for your opinion, such as in the forums where they wanted your suggestions for a warzone idea. That’s a great time to intelligently suggest a well-thought idea. Or go to the community cantinas, which are purposely made to obtain player input. Don’t ask nonsensical questions at those! Be a positive voice in the community, whether it’s via podcast, blog, Reddit, Twitter, etc.–something that the developers can use to grasp what the player wants. Rather than complaining, work on ways to make something happen or just try to enjoy what you have.

Tomorrow’s post I will be announcing my first giveaway on Pretty Little Sith, so stay tuned for some awesome SWTOR freebies!

Still on Vacation!

Hi everyone! I’m currently still on vacation in Boston. Unlike earlier on this vacation, I am with a very special guest, so I don’t have a lot of time to type up a whole, grand blog post until I get back home.

I did want to thank everyone that has been linking to my blog or referring their friends here! I’m surprised I haven’t seen an actual transcript of the Q&A session from the Boston Community Cantina. I apologize for not taking absolutely precise, verbatim notes. I figured another popular SWTOR site more into the technical aspects of the game would have posted it (because I was there drinking beer and tweeting, not in serious journalist mode. I guess I should have had less fun LOL.).

I may be armed with some awesome blog giveaways sometime in the future, so stay tuned!

2.7 Invasion Is Out & So Is My OotiniCast Interview!

Apparently, today I’m supposed to write about SWTOR’s 2.7 update, Invasion. (Hehe..) We’re getting the two new flashpoints, craftable 78s, PvP class changes, Nightmare Mode Dread Fortress, and more. Ta da, mission complete, haha! Click here read the patch notes on SWTOR’s official site for more details.


If you haven’t listened to it already, episode 129 of OotiniCast has also been released featuring an interview with me and one of the hosts, Chill. I write much better than I talk, but it’s still super freakin’ awesome, and I’m excited to share it with you guys!

I actually updated my game this morning because my computer was on. I normally shut it down every night, but yesterday I forgot the wall-plug thing of my charger at work. I charged my phone from my computer instead, but it only works if the computer is on. Anyway, I was awake to update my game for today, so I won’t be delayed logging in for tonight’s Sith Inquisitor raid!

I’m not sure if I want to bring my awesome Assassin or the newly-55-and-geared Sorcerer. I’m leaning towards my Assassin because she’s my favorite, but the Sorcerer could use some better set-piece armorings if they drop, depending on what operation we do.

On my Sorcerer I’ve chosen the Madness skill tree. When I originally leveled the toon to 50 like two years ago, I was doing a weird hybrid Lightning/Corruption build, which I did badly as a noob. Now at level 55 and much more knowledgeable about MMOs, I’m playing Madness. I love Death Field (instant, powerful AOE)! It also seems so delightfully more evil than Lightning!? I like DoT effects, and being able to cast, wait and kill! I asked Drios, who mainly plays a Sorcerer, what a good rotation was, because he of course has a notebook filled with notes about every single skill tree (I’m assuming he has every one???) and every single class. That rotation has been working well for me, but compared to the Deception Assassin, it’s pretty hard to screw up your rotation or run out force.

I can also play Madness on the Assassin, but I love Deception too much to want to do that. Thus, I have a Sorcerer that uses it instead. Mallgus talked a bit about how he loved Madness on the Assassin that he is leveling, and it also sounds very cool. Eek, just remembered that skill trees reset today!

Have a good day everyone playing the 2.7 Invasion update, have fun, and don’t take gaming so seriously!

I Got Trolled By My Guild Leader

Yesterday’s all-Bounty Hunter raid was fantastic! We did 16-man Story Mode Terror From Beyond and Scum & Villainy, and I was able to level from 54 to 55. It was so much fun with everyone having the same abilities, and we coordinated by using them at the same time. (“Everyone use Flamethrower! Electro Net! Death From Above!”)

We also had over 30 people online, so those who didn’t participate in the Bounty Hunter raid were still able to do their own operation together. The raid was so successful that in the near future we will have an all-Inquisitor raid, and we will most likely implement a “Mandalorian Monday” (all-Bounty Hunter raid) in the future.

As you may know, yesterday was also April Fool’s Day. I was epically pranked by my guild leader on an elaborate hoax, which turned out to be pretty funny! I’ve been wanting to write about the situation on the blog since it’s been going on for a while, but I didn’t want to embarrass the person that it was about. It turns out I didn’t have to worry about that at all! Here’s the story of what happened, with every little detail I can remember! I’m warning you now that the next bit in this blog post is very long!

The Lion-Oh Saga

A few weeks ago, probably around double-XP weekend, we had a new member in the guild named Lion-oh, like the Thundercat. He was not yet level 55, but he was very happy to be leveling up in our guild. One day, he asked us to add his friend to the guild who was just starting to play SWTOR, Cheetarah, like the Thundercat. (To avoid any confusion, this Cheetarah had a special alt-code for the “C” in her name.) I think it was that day that I found out that they were both Thundercats fans AND My Little Pony Fans. Sure, why not? We have a couple guildies that like My Little Pony–no big deal. I asked Lion-oh what his favorite pony was, and he said Derpy, which was a pretty acceptable answer. Since Cheetarah was new at the game and chose to play an Inquisitor, I tried to get her to pick a Sorcerer instead of an Assassin, because it’s more user-friendly. Alas, she chose the Assassin so she could have the staff like the actual Cheetarah. /sigh

I also carefully explained what operations and heroics were, because she had no idea, and I had the tiniest urge to fly to Korriban and kill everything en masse to help out! I love Korriban. I’m really glad I decided not to do that.

A couple of other guildies and I were busy doing something, and then all of a sudden in guild chat, Lion-oh professes his love for Cheetarah in what looked like was supposed to be a whisper. Lion-oh seemed mortified and logged off. A few minutes later Cheetarah logged off as well. Umm, ok?

A few minutes later, Lion-oh logs back into the game and starts whispering me for advice on what to do. He claimed that Cheetarah just laughed at him, and he’s loved her for a very long time. I suggested just to play it off as a joke, but Lion-oh said it was too late for that. Then I suggested that he consider what the ponies would do in My Little Pony, because they are all about friendship. Lion-oh loved that, and I suddenly became the best person ever (but not his BFF, according to Mallgus). Lion-oh started getting really creepy and weird.. Let me think of everything he said:

  • Cheetarah is his stepsister, but no blood relation.
  • “Can you get her to wear the lingerie I bought her?”
  • “Should I light the candles or should she?”
  • I thought he was acting like a 12 year old, so I asked his age. He’s 40.
  • He wrote the weirdest, creepiest, perviest, poem ever about her, which I didn’t save, but it was pretty well-put together.

I had no idea how to help this weirdo, so I suggested he talk to one of the guys. He specifically wanted a male officer, so we had Mallgus help out…. I’m pretty sure Lion-oh terrorized Mallgus and told him he was his BFF after like 5 minutes. Lion-oh was still trying to talk to me, but I purposely went AFK so he would stop. In the end, Lion-oh asked me to talk to Cheetarah for him, which I reluctantly agreed.

A few days later Cheetarah comes online asking me if I had seen Lion-oh online recently. I said I thought I saw him online this weekend, to which she responded like a crazy person! She accused me of trying to steal Lion-oh away from her, and I think I just stopped talking to her. Or I think I told her to talk to Lion-oh. I don’t remember.

When Lion-oh came on, I was honest and straight-forward. I told him that Cheetarah was looking for him and was really mad that he didn’t respond to any texts or calls. Of course, he freaked out and insisted on talking to a “male officer.” We tried to get him to talk to Psion, who is also a My Little Pony fan, but Psion avoided him like the plague.

In all of this silly drama, as much as people wanted to kick him from the guild (he was trolling other members as well), I insisted that you couldn’t just kick people for being weird and annoying. After all, he leveled quickly and was competently running flashpoints and GSF matches with other members.

In yesterday’s all-Bounty Hunter raid, he came along because he was a Merc healer. After the first boss, he rolled Need on all the loot! I thought I was surely going to get everything because he was already geared with 72s and I still had my Rakata-level mods on. I complained, and soon after that, he told us in guild chat a guild “in-joke” and that he changed his name…

When we refreshed our UIs, we realized that Lion-oh (now Filmadeus-lv) was our guildmaster this whole time, and that many of us got epically trolled. The role of Cheetarah was played by one of our ex-guild members.

I was much more impressed than upset of the hoax, and I was relieved that Lion-oh wasn’t really a crazy, annoying person. Happy April Fool’s Day from our guildmaster!

Happy April Fool’s Day!


Muahaha April Fool’s Day. So much fun! Bioware pulled a funny one today, the Asteroid Starship. So stealth, haha. From their website: “If you enjoy ramming your starfighter into your enemies and taking foes out from the shadows of space, the Asteroid is the ship for you!”

I pulled my own little prank on Twitter. While some people were a bit wary of news, I did get a few congratulations tweets. Of course I gave up the charade quickly because I didn’t like leading people to thinking the wrong information, no matter how funny I thought it was! I thought about even temporarily changing the title at the top of the blog to “Pregnant Little Sith,” but I didn’t want to alienate any readers viewing the site.


Today is also our all-Bounty Hunter raid in Despair. I didn’t make it to level 55 in time, because our raid time starts as soon as I get home from work. I’m only up to 54, about one bar into the level. Thank you so much to Pat for doing Czerka and Ilum dailies with me, and Mesh, Mallgus, and Ragnarok for running me through the mob-heavy areas on Makeb and helping me finish the planetary quest there. I died a couple times and was losing steam and motivation, so they came in and helped out. We’ll see what happens tonight, and maybe the guild will do a Classic Operation instead so that sub-55 characters can go.

Also, Teo e-mailed me the final-ish cut of my OotiniCast interview, which I’ve listened to like three times already. That sounds a little self-absorbed, but I really, really like to proofread. I typically read my own blog posts over and over again just to make sure there aren’t any errors, and I still miss them sometimes. (Actually, if you see me write a run-on sentence, I’m usually very aware of those and leave them in…) However, it was so much fun doing the interview, and I’m excited to share with you guys! It should be the episode after the upcoming episode, but I’ll let you know in my blog and via Twitter.

Leveling Burnout

Last night I *healed* my very first operation ever. I had a whopping 16k in health at level 51 on my Mercenary, using Planetary commendations for the Makeb mods (Rakata-level 58s), thanks to Film for giving me leftover mods and unused comms. However, we only did Eternity Vault Hard Mode with 6 people, and the other 5 people in my group were very well-geared. Basically, I didn’t have to heal very much. I also actually ran off the stairs on Soa, which I never, ever do. It must have been nerves that got to me! They rezzed me at the bottom, but that was very bad playing on my part.

While many of you probably play many different alts, I personally only like to play one character, so having a new one makes me pretty nervous! I have a few characters in which I only played the class story and never any end-game content. I would like to be more flexible in regards to raiding in my guild though. I feel like a one-trick pony with just the one raiding toon! It’s really weird, because I’ve been playing almost since launch.

I did feel a bit burnt out from this past weekend. All the hours of grinding towards level 55 on a poor healing toon, waiting for Torian Cadera to kill stuff, off-DPSing to go faster, paying attention to Torian so he doesn’t die…. I thought about respeccing to DPS just to move the process along, but since I haven’t really ever played a healer I wanted to practice and get good at it with my companion at least. Torian still died a few times, but I was able to keep myself alive long enough to kill some difficult mobs.

I was almost burnt out enough to open up Skyrim! LOL but I did not. I had returned my pre-order for Elder Scrolls Online, but I didn’t want to play that anyway. What I actually did when I got burnt out was close out SWTOR, open up Netflix, and watch a few episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As a girl, I think the show is super cute and funny, and makes me wish I had a cool herd of friends.

If you’re worried about my sanity (and perhaps also my intelligence), I also picked up the classic Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. The reason I did that was because I also played QuizUp on my phone, and one of the questions asked was who the main character was in the book, which I answered correctly (duh because I’m smart)… so I felt like reading the book.

I probably sound like I’m FOREVERALONE. I’ve been getting a bit depressed about something and getting burnt out in my favorite game isn’t fun. However, I have some upcoming events within the next month in my life that will hopefully turn everything upside down, from lackluster to very, very exciting. I do have a new Stitch Fix coming to me in the mail today, so that’ll be a change of pace also!

Leveling a Mercenary: NEED TO BE 55 BY TUESDAY!

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any substantial blog entries in the past couple days, it’s because I’ve been trying to level my Mercenary like crazy. Despair is having a Bounty Hunter operation on Tuesday, which means only Bounty Hunter classes: Powertech tanks, Mercenary healers, and PT & Merc DPS. /sigh

At the moment, I have completed my class quest, and I’m on Ilum at level 48. It’s a little slow going since I’m so under-leveled, but once I get to level 50 I’ll try to find some better gear to put my character in. Then I can go to Makeb and level 50-55, and I’ll have a full set of level 55 gear by that time.

I really would like to quote Miley Cyrus’s song “The Climb” and replace the lyrics with “It’s the grind….” in this particular situation. I’m not going to. Just sing the song to yourself in your head.

In other news, I did my little interview with OotiniCast earlier today, and I think I sound completely scatterbrained. Clearly talking and writing are two different skill sets. I’m not sure when the show will air, but I’ll keep you guys updated!

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