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Becoming a Preferred Player in SWTOR

Dianah in her Preferred player handcuffs

Dianah in her Preferred player handcuffs

A while ago I wrote on the blog about how I had become disenchanted with Star Wars: The Old Republic. I was no longer logging in and playing like I used to. I knew, eventually, that my account would go into the Preferred status, because I removed my payment information from my account before my subscription ran out to prevent it from auto-renewing. However, even though I knew it was coming, I was a bit shocked when I did finally log in, because my guild needed a fill-in for an operations group, and I was available.


Corellian Run Radio Episode #161: Have a Nice Day!

This week on Corellian Run Radio, Jason, Mox, and I talk about our experiences playing SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapters 10 and 11, and I talk about what it’s like becoming a Preferred (non-subscription) player. We also meet Knite and Sin from the Have a Nice Day, a primarily PvP guild that is working on releasing their own SWTOR podcast called Have a Nice Daycast!

Download the podcast on iTunes or listen from the Corellian Run website here!

Black Desert Online Beta


I recently had the opportunity to play Black Desert Online in their second closed beta session for their upcoming Western release. Thank you Joe of Gadgets & Khajiits for providing me with a code! I hadn’t been interested in the game prior to trying it. In fact, my first impression of the game was negative. From what I had seen and heard about the game before I even played, I thought that the “boob jiggle” animation, gender locked classes, and revealing female outfits perpetuated sexism and objectified women. However, I tried the game, and I liked it a lot! None of that other stuff mattered anymore. Do not judge a book by its cover! Here’s what I thought about Black Desert Online after trying it out.



“Disenchant” is an action you do in Skyrim to learn new magical abilities (enchantments) to add to your weapons and armor. In the process of disenchantment, you destroy the item. (Currently, I think I’m at level 98 out of 100 Enchanting skill in Skyrim!) I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim for the past few weeks, and I can’t help but think: I am disenchanted with Star Wars: The Old Republic.


PvP: Zero to Exhumed

Before a Huttball match! My character is on the left.

Before a Huttball match! My character is on the left.

Last night I PvPed for the first time in a long time! It’s been months since I’ve been in a warzone or arena, but I have at least dueled a bit with my guildies. I joined a group of players, some that I’ve met in person and others that I know from Facebook, and had a great time!


My Boyfriend Unsubbed from SWTOR

"You're my enemy now. Go." Just kidding.

“You’re my enemy now. Go.” Just kidding!

I’ve mentioned my boyfriend a few times here on the blog, and I would consider him a hardcore SWTOR player. He has definitely played more than me! He has played all of the class stories, has all 16 advanced classes at current max level, ran in NiM progression operation groups, unlocked and maxed out many (all?) GSF ships, and has played a ton of Ranked, unranked, and open world PvP. On top of that, he has an incredible number of achievements and maxed out reputations.

He is going to unsubscribe from the game, and it’s okay. SWTOR is a great game, whether one is subbed or not. Personally, I will stay subbed to the game for a long time, but I respect his decision, and I don’t disagree with his opinions either. (Or perhaps we agree to disagree!)

There are many reasons why a player would unsubscribe, and there is nothing wrong with it. At some point, some people are done playing a game—maybe forever, maybe playing only casually, maybe only when there is a new game update. Here are some of the reasons he has stated on why SWTOR is not worth the subscription fee to him anymore:


My First RP Party!


A couple Saturdays ago, my podcast Corellian Run Radio, was invited to a party by Radio Free, an RP guild on the Ebon Hawk server that throws awesome parties daily!

Roleplay (RP) is not usually something I do in-game. Usually I just log in for raid night with my guild and/or do a flashpoint and some dailies. However, I was very interested in seeing what role players do in-game.

I didn’t have any characters on the Ebon Hawk server, so I leveled up another Sith Assassin! I enjoy doing side quests, but my boyfriend (who also plays SWTOR) laughed at me for doing everything while 12x XP was active! I was level 12 before even picking up my first companion, who you should get much earlier than that in the Inquisitor storyline! Eventually, I was able to make it to Nar Shadaa!

The party was held on the lower promenade in Nar Shadaa next to the “Cheese Hutt.” There were plenty of people there! I immediately realized that I needed to dismiss Khem Val (no one else had their companions out), and also switch my character to “RP walk” (no one was running around like my character, even with Sprint turned off).


I found the people that invited Corellian Run Radio to the event and also logged into their Mumble channel. Radio Free has DJs that play music and emcees like a real life party, and they play this on their website. It was really cool seeing that the DJ was up on the stage in-game with dancers! There was a dance circle and lots of people emoting and talking to each other.

I found a drink droid and emoted my character to drink next to it! Additionally, a character was walking by with a Nekarr cat, so I RP-walked my way toward her and “hugged” the cat. I realize now that I might have been intrusive, and should’ve asked if my character could hug her cat before doing so.

Back on the dance floor, I didn’t have any dance emotes aside from the ones that are automatically given to you! I didn’t know there were so many, but my main character on the Harbinger at least has “Bop” also, which I like.

I met up with a friend, Jessie from the Unholy Alliance guild on my home server! She seemed to be a better RPer than me! She took some pictures and even filmed a video of us there, which I’ve embedded here on this post.

Surprisingly to me, I spent almost 2 hours hanging out at the RP party. I think I did have some awkward moments, like accidentally making my character dance with other characters (I think I’m supposed to ask permission before doing that) as I could be interrupting something they were currently doing.

It was definitely a different experience, but I’m so glad we were invited! I highly recommend attending one of their parties if you’d like to try RPing (they have an event calendar on their website), because they had a large turnout with plenty of people to help you if you need it.

Corellian Run Radio Ep 146 is Out!

Corellian Run Radio

I know, I am REALLY behind in posting this! However, I’m hoping you also follow my podcast, Corellian Run Radio! On Tuesday, my co-host Jason and I released a new episode featuring Larry Everett, who writes Hyperspace Beacon and does a lot for Massively Overpowered regarding Star Wars: The Old Republic. We also go over a bit of news, and I talk about my first RP party experience!

You can also download the episode on iTunes or your preferred podcast app, or simply listen to it directly on as well.

Massively Opinionated vidcast: How Long Will SWTOR Remain Relevant?


Hey guys! I recorded for Massively Opinionated, a video-cast show on Massively OP, last week about Star Wars: The Old Republic. I was given some questions prior to the show to prepare my answers, so I included my unedited notes at the bottom in case you wanted to see what I thought in writing (because I think I’m a better writer than speaker).

I also embedded the video here, which I hope you’ll enjoy! I’m on the show debating against YouTube content creator and Twitch streamer Vulkk, and podcaster/streamer Redna. The show is facilitated by Larry Everett, who runs Hyperspace Beacon as well.

Here are the questions I was given before the show to prepare, and my rough notes!

Question One: We will start with a general and positive question. What is the most compelling reason to play Star Wars: The Old Republic?

I could say what might be the “easy” answer, which is simply that it is a Star Wars game, an extremely successful IP that has a culture in itself greater than just gaming. However, for me personally, I didn’t start playing the game as a Star Wars fan. One compelling reason to play for me has been the stories, especially the extensive class stories while leveling and the companion romance aspects. Another compelling reason for me to play has been the operations and flashpoints, which I don’t play for the story, however. I don’t think this is the most compelling thing, but I enjoy mastering a character’s discipline and all the abilities that come with it. I like boss interactions and creating a strategy and method with my teammates to defeat a boss. That compels me to play now, after completing class stories. I think for people that don’t enjoy any of these things probably don’t like the game as much.

Question Two: (Fun question) Using just NPCs in SWTOR (not pulling from the rest of the Star Wars Universe), which two NPCs fighting each other would be the most interesting? (Example: Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker.)

Satele Shan vs. Theron Shan. They are both Republic, light side, and family, so it would be interesting to see in what situation they would be fighting each other. Satele gets her mind taken over by the emperor? Theron Shan decides to defect to the Empire? They simply just get mad at each other? I think there are a lot of story possibilities for this that would be very interesting, especially with the two of them being big “stars” and characters in TOR lore and in-game.

Question Three: Many SWTOR haters will give a death date for the game. But I would like to know how long you think the developers can keep SWTOR a relevant as an MMO at large? As an example, EQ is a great game and set the standard for many MMOs, but for the MMO community at large, it’s no longer actively making an impact.

SWTOR is a PvE, story-focused game. It blows other MMOs away with their stories and voice acting. This is going to keep it relevant for a very long time, unless another MMO can do better. Even then, unless that MMO is Star Wars, SWTOR will still be relevant.

With the new Star Wars movies comes out, I think there is definitely motivation to keep SWTOR relevant, by putting a lot time, money, and resources into the game. I really think they should tie the game more closely to the film’s marketing and take advantage of all these potential players. At least another five years. I think it could only be made irrelevant by a new Star Wars MMO. In five years time by then maybe another industry influencing MMO will come out, but it would really have to be special and doing something that existing MMOs are not doing to make SWTOR relevant. I’m not sure what “something special” would have to be.

Question Four: Normally, here I would ask you to build an MMO, but we already have one. So what I’m going to ask you is to add three new key features that would greatly improve the game over all. The only stipulation that I have is that it’s within reason. No rebuild-the-game-engine answers.

Within reason? I am not a game developer, so I’m not sure how “within reason” my ideas will be. Additionally, this is my first MMO. I have no prior experience playing anything else to the extent of SWTOR, so I’m unaware of what other games have. From just playing SWTOR with no diluted opinions or experience playing anything else, this is what I think:

  1. Cross-server queuing or mega server, or at least some server mergers. Possibly losing your character name is really a miniscule problem compared to the benefits you would get. Greater population for queues is always a good thing. PvP queues will pop more often because there are more people, you will have a chance to fight against different people and not the same all the time, and there is more competition.

HOWEVER if this is not technically possible, something that BioWare can do that is already in-game is create a PTS-like server where players can transfer their characters for free and PvP with each other. Combined with having account-wide legacy and achievements which is my next point, players can PvP on this PvP-hub server with everyone else that wants to, while still being able to play on whatever server they like for other content. You can still have regular PvP servers for open-world and things like that, but players can go to this PvP hub to queue. Since there already have been competitions on the PTS, this is something that they should look into. Not sure exact logistics, but this is something they could do in the existing game engine.

  1. Account-wide legacy and achievements and datacrons. It was hard work for me to get all the datacrons! I’m not a good platformer, but I’m glad I got them. Also, people like to play on different servers, and they might get different achievements on each, for example, a player that PvPs on the Harbinger but runs operations on Jedi Covenant. Would be nice if the game tracked everything and didn’t separate by server.
  2. More powerful guild tools:

Calendars – gives small or starting guilds without websites or any type of guild page to organize and show when an operation is, or when they are grouping together

Whispering from the guild list no matter where you are, guild-wide messages/e-mails (not simply a Message of the day) – increased communication aside from trying to “catch” someone when they’re online.

Guilds foster community and friendship, and being able to manage a guild more easily makes players happy because a more organized guild is running content and doing things together and simply playing the game more as I think a massively multiplayer game should be played. More people will want to join guilds because they’re doing stuff in the game, or even simply because there are friendly, familiar people to talk to in guild chat or voice communications while they complete missions with just their companions. More people will want to continue playing because they’re happy with their guild and who they play with.

I know I didn’t like the game as much when I had an inactive guild, and my world changed and my passion and happiness for the game ignited when I joined an amazing guild. I think improving guild capabilities is very beneficial and reasonable within the current game engine.

Rolling on SWTOR Decorations

Yavin 4 Stronghold

Last night, my ops team and I did a fun run-through of Temple of Sacrifice 8-man story mode! We were missing one of our regular tanks and a healer, so we had some substitutes. Otherwise we would’ve been working on hard mode Colossal Monolith or Torque.

When we beat Revan, a decoration dropped! We all rolled on it, and I tied for the highest number with one of my tanks. Our ops/co-guild leader told us to roll again, and this is what happened:

*I roll a lower number than the tank.*

Tank: Yes! I got it!

[I’m sure he said something much more clever than that, because he normally does.]

Me: I don’t care; it’s not like I would’ve used it anyway.

I still haven’t decorated any of my strongholds. I own three, one on Dromund Kaas, Coruscant, and Nar Shadaa. Pretty sure I didn’t spend credits on the Tatooine one. Maybe I’ll decorate when the Yavin 4 one comes out. Maybe. Maybe my guild leader will just do it so we get more conquest points LOL!

I’m not sure why I dislike decorating my stronghold or have little desire to do it. I love decorating in The Sims and my home in real life, and I think I’m actually pretty good at it. Oh well.

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