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Leveling a Trooper

I finally started leveling another character! This is something I rarely do, but the 12x Class Story experience bonus is motivating me to play through more class stories. I had never tried the Trooper class story in Star Wars: The Old Republic, so I rolled a Trooper. I’m attempting to unlock all the different playable races in-game, so I chose the Zabrak race!

I originally rolled a female toon, but after listening to the first conversation that the Trooper has in the story, I didn’t like the voice. I thought it was a deep voice, and I also didn’t like that I chose this tiny female to fight in the Republic military.

I ended up rerolling a male Zabrak instead, body type 2, and I was much happier. I thought that, as a male, the story seemed to make more sense. I couldn’t imagine Aric Jorgan (the first Trooper companion) talking to a female the way he did on Ord Mantell. I even like the side story with Sergeant Jaxo, which I would not have gotten to enjoy had I continued with the female toon. This is more motivation for me to play through characters of opposite genders than what I originally chose, to see more parts of the story.

As for my advanced class, since I already had a Mercenary on the Imperial side, I chose the Vanguard so I could learn how to play that. A few abilities were familiar, such as the one I identified as equivalent to Flamethrower on Imp-side! Otherwise, I’m enjoying playing another melee class that has a few range abilities (like my Assassin). I didn’t want to tank, so I chose the Assault Specialist tree (the one on the right).

At the time of writing I’m at level 40 on Hoth (which burns my eyes!). Hopefully by Wednesday night I’ll be at 55. Since I’m simply playing this toon for the story, I don’t think I will be doing any end-game operations or PvP with it. This makes gearing a bit easier, and I can probably just run through Oricon to get a basic set of end-game gear.

Someone told me that if I’m enjoying the Trooper story, I should trying playing Mass Effect, because the story seems very similar. Additionally, Mass Effect is also a game produced by Bioware. I have not played any of those games yet, so maybe when I get a bit of free time from leveling SWTOR characters I will try those out! I’ll be sure to write all about it for you guys!

I Hate Kuat Drive Yards

Kuat Drive Yards

During this Double XP Week, lots of players have been power leveling via Kuat Drive Yards (KDY), a Tactical Flashpoint for characters level 15 and up. The nice thing about it is the bolster, so you can be in a group with people in varying levels. Also, there is a lot of experience to be gained in the flashpoint.

I hate it.

I’ve probably done it less than 10 times ever, and that’s a generous number. I hate the different rooms, I hate that it’s boring, I hate all the adds and mindless clicking of blue objects. I could not do it over and over again. I don’t know how people do it. Does anyone actually enjoy it?

It may be effective in your leveling process, but at what cost? I don’t like to “grind” when I’m playing a game. I play for fun. I’m no masochist; I’m not going to inflict pain on myself just for the sake of leveling.

On Twitter this week I saw that someone got chewed out for going into KDY for the first time and not spacebarring through the conversations. This person was berated by a person that was overly concerned with their rate of leveling. Why so serious? Why is it such a big deal to level so quickly? I wish people would just calm down and realize that they’re playing a game, and playing should be fun.

Maybe Double XP Week is wasted on me. I’m going to level how I want. I could care less how fast I’m going, because I’m still going to play in the way that’s fun to me. Maybe I’m not getting the best returns on experience, and maybe I’m not spending enough time in-game. However, I’m not going to force myself to level quickly. I’ll make it to level 55, or I won’t. It’s not a big deal.

Leveling Fever, Pink Dyes, & Going to Boston

Silence on the blog means busy, busy gaming for me!

I rolled another Jedi Shadow, because I didn’t like the first one I made. I have a serious leveling fever right now, but I think I can finally get a level 55 toon on the Republic side with this one now. In the past couple weeks, I went from one level 55 character to three! The other two were already at level 50 or higher though, so it’s not like I’ve been playing like crazy… (Or have I???) I now have a level 55 Assassin, Mercenary, and Sorcerer. The Sorcerer has fairly decent gear (69 set-piece armorings and 72/78 mods and enhancements), but I still need relics and implants. I won’t be able to participate in next week’s double XP weekend because I’ll be in Boston!

Here’s a picture of the Jedi Shadow so far. I’ve updated her robes since then, but the current ones I have on her won’t be permanent either.


This picture is a bit overdue. It’s from our all-Bounty Hunter raid from last Tuesday. My in-game photography skills are not very good here, but those who participated will be able to recognize their own characters.


Finally, here is a picture of sad Dianah, who unfortunately couldn’t beat Corruptor Zero on Dread Fortress HM 16-man with her team last week. I’m thinking we’re going to try again tonight, but some of our guild members are probably going to be watching Game of Thrones, so we’ll see.

sad dianah

Another thing that also happened in SWTOR’s Cartel Market is the release of pink color dyes! They had pink/white, white/pink, pink/black, black/pink….. My girly SWTOR demands are finally being satisfied! Yay. I actually didn’t get any of the pink/white combinations because pink/black is just so much better. I bought four because I didn’t think they were going to stay on the Cartel Market. Now we’re just waiting on our magenta/black color crystal!

I really, really need to clean my room and start packing for my trip later this week. I will be at the SWTOR Community Cantina on Friday night, as well as PAX East on Saturday and Sunday. I won’t be going home until the next Thursday, so I will be having some fun vacation time in Boston!

Also, don’t forget! I’m featured on OotiniCast’s upcoming episode 129, which is coming out tomorrow (Monday, April 7th) for your listening pleasure.

Happy April Fool’s Day!


Muahaha April Fool’s Day. So much fun! Bioware pulled a funny one today, the Asteroid Starship. So stealth, haha. From their website: “If you enjoy ramming your starfighter into your enemies and taking foes out from the shadows of space, the Asteroid is the ship for you!”

I pulled my own little prank on Twitter. While some people were a bit wary of news, I did get a few congratulations tweets. Of course I gave up the charade quickly because I didn’t like leading people to thinking the wrong information, no matter how funny I thought it was! I thought about even temporarily changing the title at the top of the blog to “Pregnant Little Sith,” but I didn’t want to alienate any readers viewing the site.


Today is also our all-Bounty Hunter raid in Despair. I didn’t make it to level 55 in time, because our raid time starts as soon as I get home from work. I’m only up to 54, about one bar into the level. Thank you so much to Pat for doing Czerka and Ilum dailies with me, and Mesh, Mallgus, and Ragnarok for running me through the mob-heavy areas on Makeb and helping me finish the planetary quest there. I died a couple times and was losing steam and motivation, so they came in and helped out. We’ll see what happens tonight, and maybe the guild will do a Classic Operation instead so that sub-55 characters can go.

Also, Teo e-mailed me the final-ish cut of my OotiniCast interview, which I’ve listened to like three times already. That sounds a little self-absorbed, but I really, really like to proofread. I typically read my own blog posts over and over again just to make sure there aren’t any errors, and I still miss them sometimes. (Actually, if you see me write a run-on sentence, I’m usually very aware of those and leave them in…) However, it was so much fun doing the interview, and I’m excited to share with you guys! It should be the episode after the upcoming episode, but I’ll let you know in my blog and via Twitter.

Leveling Burnout

Last night I *healed* my very first operation ever. I had a whopping 16k in health at level 51 on my Mercenary, using Planetary commendations for the Makeb mods (Rakata-level 58s), thanks to Film for giving me leftover mods and unused comms. However, we only did Eternity Vault Hard Mode with 6 people, and the other 5 people in my group were very well-geared. Basically, I didn’t have to heal very much. I also actually ran off the stairs on Soa, which I never, ever do. It must have been nerves that got to me! They rezzed me at the bottom, but that was very bad playing on my part.

While many of you probably play many different alts, I personally only like to play one character, so having a new one makes me pretty nervous! I have a few characters in which I only played the class story and never any end-game content. I would like to be more flexible in regards to raiding in my guild though. I feel like a one-trick pony with just the one raiding toon! It’s really weird, because I’ve been playing almost since launch.

I did feel a bit burnt out from this past weekend. All the hours of grinding towards level 55 on a poor healing toon, waiting for Torian Cadera to kill stuff, off-DPSing to go faster, paying attention to Torian so he doesn’t die…. I thought about respeccing to DPS just to move the process along, but since I haven’t really ever played a healer I wanted to practice and get good at it with my companion at least. Torian still died a few times, but I was able to keep myself alive long enough to kill some difficult mobs.

I was almost burnt out enough to open up Skyrim! LOL but I did not. I had returned my pre-order for Elder Scrolls Online, but I didn’t want to play that anyway. What I actually did when I got burnt out was close out SWTOR, open up Netflix, and watch a few episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As a girl, I think the show is super cute and funny, and makes me wish I had a cool herd of friends.

If you’re worried about my sanity (and perhaps also my intelligence), I also picked up the classic Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. The reason I did that was because I also played QuizUp on my phone, and one of the questions asked was who the main character was in the book, which I answered correctly (duh because I’m smart)… so I felt like reading the book.

I probably sound like I’m FOREVERALONE. I’ve been getting a bit depressed about something and getting burnt out in my favorite game isn’t fun. However, I have some upcoming events within the next month in my life that will hopefully turn everything upside down, from lackluster to very, very exciting. I do have a new Stitch Fix coming to me in the mail today, so that’ll be a change of pace also!

Leveling a Mercenary: NEED TO BE 55 BY TUESDAY!

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any substantial blog entries in the past couple days, it’s because I’ve been trying to level my Mercenary like crazy. Despair is having a Bounty Hunter operation on Tuesday, which means only Bounty Hunter classes: Powertech tanks, Mercenary healers, and PT & Merc DPS. /sigh

At the moment, I have completed my class quest, and I’m on Ilum at level 48. It’s a little slow going since I’m so under-leveled, but once I get to level 50 I’ll try to find some better gear to put my character in. Then I can go to Makeb and level 50-55, and I’ll have a full set of level 55 gear by that time.

I really would like to quote Miley Cyrus’s song “The Climb” and replace the lyrics with “It’s the grind….” in this particular situation. I’m not going to. Just sing the song to yourself in your head.

In other news, I did my little interview with OotiniCast earlier today, and I think I sound completely scatterbrained. Clearly talking and writing are two different skill sets. I’m not sure when the show will air, but I’ll keep you guys updated!

Leveling a Mercenary: Status Update

As you may know, I’m currently leveling a Mercenary (level 35), and I’ve never done the Bounty Hunter class story before. Well, I got Torian Cadera not too long ago, and I’m just as excited about the romance story as I was when I played my very first character, the Sith Inquisitor!

I already knew he was going to be the companion after watching someone else level a Bounty Hunter, but of course he did not have the romance story with him. I haven’t gone on too far in that companion’s story, but he is like the best one so far out of all the Imperial, male romanceable companions!

I would like to write a whole post about the Imperial male romanceable companions, but I haven’t completed Torian’s story yet. Don’t tell me please, but I really hope he doesn’t go the way of Quinn. Ugh.

I also changed my character’s look (see her previous look here), because I didn’t want to see a Twi’lek get down and dirty with Torian…. yep. I’m a little lazy to find an armor that I like for Twi’nkiepie, so for now she’s wearing something kind of Sith-y.

Leveling a Mercenary Status Update

My main, Dianah also has a new look. Long hair again, different makeup, and a crop top with no under-boob! Yay!

Dianah new look 32114

Leveling a Mercenary: An Assassin’s Point of View

As you may know from reading yesterday’s entry, I started leveling a Bounty Hunter: Mercenary. I’ve leveled a few before, but somehow I’ve always quit around level 30. Now, I really want to make this one work. Right now I’m at level 19 somewhere in the Balmorran Arms Factory. Here are my thoughts on the Mercenary from an Assassin’s point of view.

Skill Trees

I’ve chosen to level through the Arsenal skill tree, which to me looks like it was the one that Mercenaries were made to play. Sorry Bodyguard skill tree, but for now my Bounty Hunter is killing and not healing. And I don’t want to play Pyrotech, because for some reason I think Powertechs are better suited to play it.  (Personally, I think the Madness skill tree is better for a Sorcerer than an Assassin.)


My main character, a Deception Assassin, probably has the worst AOE attacks in the game. This is a big contrast to Mercenaries who have a plethora of different AOE attacks, including Death From Above, Fusion Missile, and Sweeping Blasters—abilities that I already have at level 19. I have Flame Thrower too, but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be turning towards the individual enemy NPCs while it’s on, or if it’ll just work if I’m generally facing the mob within 10m of course. From a Deception Assassin’s point of view, Death From Above is freakin’ magic! Multiple enemies dead with little to no effort? Heck yes.

Ranged DPS

Enemy is far away? No problem. I can probably defeat them before they even touch me. Mercenary DPS also seems more fun than Sniper DPS. Probably because I can run and shoot (can Snipers do that? I can’t remember) and I don’t have to go into cover. Also, if the enemies do manage to get within melee range of me, I’m not totally screwed like a Sorcerer would be. I’ve played that advanced class before also, and I don’t know if I just sucked (my first toon, LOL), but if the enemies got too close, I was pretty much going to die. Speaking of not dying….

Heavy Armor

Mercenaries are not made of toilet paper! I’m not too sure how I’m going to dress my Merc, since she’s pink Twi’lek, but I definitely feel a teensy more durable. Mako is the first companion you get for the Bounty Hunter as well, so you get a personal healer right away. I’ve died maybe once so far, but only because I took on that giant droid in the south part of Hutta way too early.

Force vs. Heat and Combat Differences

Although I did say that Mercenary DPS is more fun than Snipers, I still think Assassin DPS is more fun than Mercenary DPS. Maybe I’ll feel a little different about this the higher in level I get with more advanced abilities or if I actually use the Mercenary in raids. However, I think the combat that I do right now as a Deception Assassin is much more dynamic, fast-paced, urgent, and also… not as forgiving. If I get something wrong in my rotation I am unfortunately temporarily starved for force. This is a good thing for Mercenaries, because I definitely feel like it’s harder to use up your heat and easier to maintain it.

No Stealth

I miss being able to Stealth. It’s a little harder to skip some areas, which can be annoying sometimes since I’ve done these areas so many times before. If I get too close to an enemy, then I have to engage in combat and defeat them. I can’t Force Speed away, I can’t use Rocket Boost in combat, and I can’t Force Cloak out of combat either.

To sum up my thoughts: the Mercenary is very good DPS, more fun to play than a Sniper and ranged DPS Sorcerer, and sturdy. It’ll be nice for once to have an ALT for raiding when I hit my weekly maximum commendations, which I did this past week. My guildies might be happy to hear this, but maybe I will try to learn how to be a healer for once.  I’m not so sure how good that will work out since tanking makes me nervous, and I don’t know if I want to be responsible for keeping the raid team alive either!