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7 Days of TruFusion: Gym Review

TruFusion logoA couple weeks ago while I was running errands, I stumbled upon a gym called TruFusion that offered a variety of different classes of Pilates, yoga, TRX, kettlebell, and more! I asked the girl at the front desk to tell me a little bit about the gym and pricing, and received a tour of the facility, which seemed great! They had a few different rooms that specialized in different activities, a healthy snack and smoothie bar, and even a retail area where you could purchase fitness clothing and supplies.

I had been bummed that my favorite Pilates instructor at my usual gym had dropped to only one day a week. Additionally, lately it has been difficult trying to fit in classes that I like in my schedule (gaming, appointments, various other errands and full-time job), and my usual gym does not always offer classes that I like during times that I am available. However, this new gym does, and so I took advantage of their 7 days for $7 to try out their classes and the gym to see if I would like to join.

Here is how my 7 days of TruFusion went!


Brunch With Brian of Bad Feeling Podcast

IMG_8176On Sunday I went out to brunch with Brian of the Bad Feeling Podcast! He, along with his cohost Chuck, were in Las Vegas for a conference. Unfortunately Chuck had less time in town and I wasn’t able to meet him, but brunch was still pretty fun!

There are many other restaurants that I like in Las Vegas that are excellent for brunch, such as Bouchon, MTO Café, Babystacks, and more! However, I chose Hash House a Go Go located at The Linq, which has very large, indulgent portions with a convenient location to where he was staying. It has also been featured on Man vs. Food!

I ordered the sausage gravy and buttermilk biscuits with two over-easy eggs and mashed potatoes! Brian ordered a corned beef hash, I think. It was absolutely delicious, but the portion size was huge! I took half of it home, which I actually ate during the first few minutes of my SWTOR operation that evening!


We discussed SWTOR of course! He also plays a Deception Assassin, so I enjoyed talking to him about that. We also talked about the upcoming Community Cantina in Anaheim (which he will not be going to), and other aspects of the game.

I’m glad I was able to meet another member of the SWTOR community! I had not previously met Brian at any community cantinas before. It’s nice living in Las Vegas! Many people are drawn here, either on vacation, for conventions, or for work, and I feel like I get to see more people that I’ve “met” from the internet by being here.

Buying My First Home #1


Today my new home starts construction! It should take about two and a half months to build, so I really should start packing since it could take me that long! I picked out all of the flooring, cabinets, interior and exterior paint colors, and many other options–so everything looks exactly the way I want. Additionally, I love the open layout of the living area and that the home is energy efficient. Many of the resale homes I looked at did not have open layouts that I liked and were not built with the better, more energy efficient technology. My new home is also located in a fantastic neighborhood, which is very important to me if I decide to have any children and if/when I sell the house in the future.

I have also chosen to have the entire home networked so that internet access is easier in different areas of the home without necessarily having to use WiFi. This will be useful for the television, which will be using primarily internet services and not cable, and multiple desktop computer areas. I simply don’t watch enough television for me to justify paying for cable every month, so streaming Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, HBO GO, etc. will be sufficient for me. However, I will be purchasing the fastest internet possible!


My kitchen is going to be utterly beautiful. I’ve never been so excited about being in the kitchen my whole life. I chose granite counter tops in grey with black and brown spots, and the cabinets are a medium brown, but not too dark. I am purchasing stainless steel appliances from the builder so that they will already be included in the house when I move in. It was more cost efficient to do it this way, since I only had to pay the difference between the stainless steel version and the standard appliances that were included in the base price of the home.  coloroptions

As far as furniture goes, I have quite a lot already, but there are a few things I want to buy right away, including:

  • Sofa (preferably white leather to brighten living area)
  • Coffee table, side tables for living room
  • Master bedroom set (preferably in white to match my mirror armoire)

All of the other pieces on my furniture wish list I can obtain over time, and are not absolutely necessary right away. Here are the other pieces I will want to get eventually, some sooner than later:

  • Neutral textured rug
  • Bookshelves/shelves for decorations
  • Bar chairs/stools
  • Dining table rug
  • Mirrors
  • Daybed
  • Headboard
  • Entryway bench/shoe rack

I also have a whole lot of things I would like to get to decorate the house, like a new bedspread, pillows, bathroom items, and more. I’ve started using Pinterest for home decorating ideas, and I think I can make the house look really nice, unlike my poor neglected SWTOR stronghold.

I will be writing posts periodically about my house getting built, moving in and settling, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out for them in the future!

Hanging Out with Guildies IRL: Sleeth Part 2

2014-12-30 20.17.12

Tahitian Vanilla Gelato and cocoa nib cookie crust

Back in March, I wrote a post on “How to Meet Your Guildmates in Person,” which was a very cute post, I thought! I wrote about the first time meeting my Despair guildies Ben and Sleeth (SWTOR Harbinger players may be familiar with this name), and I was able to hang out with Sleeth again recently! If you remember from November, I also hung out with my guildie Drios in San Francisco, which I wrote about here.

A few days ago I went out to dinner with Sleeth and his wife Andria, who were visiting Las Vegas to celebrate the New Year! The first time we hung out in person we ate dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s BurGR at Planet Hollywood, as I wrote about in the blog post I linked above! However, this time around, I picked a restaurant at CityCenter.

It’s a little difficult choosing restaurants to go to with visitors, because I don’t want to take them anywhere they can go to at home, nor do I want to take them to an extremely fancy (expensive) restaurant either. Las Vegas has quite a lot of “fancy” restaurants, and I’m a little picky about where I go that is semi-casual. I ended up choosing Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria & Cucina inside The Shops at Crystals. I had been there before, but it had been a long time. I don’t go out to dinner as much as I used to, so I was excited.

We started with the Calamari “Fritto,” which had basil aioli, tomato sauce, crisp parsley, and lemon. I preferred the tomato sauce over the basil aioli, but both were very good. I also really liked the crisp parsley, which I actually thought was kale at the time. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of this!

2014-12-30 19.33.24

For our entrees, I ordered one of the wood fired oven pizzas: Spicy Pepperoni, Calabrian Chili, and Fresh Ricotta. Sleeth ordered one of the specials, which had pasta, clams, and chili. His wife ordered the Garganelli Carbonara, which contained English Peas, Crisp Pancetta, Egg Yolk, and Parmesan Reggiano. I regret ordering a pizza, because their pastas looked so delicious! Fortunately, I can go back since I live here, but I’ll have to find someone to go with me!

2014-12-30 20.17.20

Zeppole: warm doughnuts, orange custard, and caramel dipping sauce

I saved some of my pizza for later, and we ordered dessert! Sleeth ordered the Tiramisu (mascarpone filling, lady fingers, and biscotti), Andria ordered the Zeppole (warm doughnuts, orange custard, and caramel dipping sauce), and I got the Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse (Tahitian Vanilla Gelato and cocoa nib cookie crust)! I love chocolate. I didn’t try the Tiramisu, but the doughnut was delicious! I don’t normally like orange flavored desserts, but this tasted good enough to overcome that.


Tiramisu with mascarpone filling, lady fingers, and biscotti

During dinner, we talked about the game of course (Star Wars: The Old Republic) and the guild! It’s a lot of fun being able to talk to people in real life about things you do in-game, and while the community cantinas are great, it’s very nice meeting people I actually interact with in-game and in Mumble (voice communications).

We said our goodbyes, but I will be seeing them again in a few weeks in San Antonio, since they actually live in the area! Hopefully I will be able to take some great food pictures then as well!

SWTOR Las Vegas Community Cantina Tour 2014


Tonight I attended the SWTOR Community Cantina here in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center! I arrived a little over an hour early, and there weren’t a lot of people there yet. I sat down by GasGuy who I’ve met a few times at Ootini events, and also Terry, a reader of the blog. There was plenty of seating around where the ballroom was located, so most people hung out until Community Manager Eric Musco showed up and said we could get in line! I ended up towards the front, but unlike the Seattle Cantina from 2013, there was plenty of room for the attendees.


When we were finally let into the Cantina, I was excited to see that in addition to the pet code, flash drive, and free drink ticket, Lead Community Coordinator Courtney Woods was passing out thick black wristbands that read, “Star Wars The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan.” I was super giddy about this, since it was my third cantina and I had not previously gotten something like it before.  I used (perhaps wasted?) my drink ticket on a bottle of Bud Light, made my way to the front, and sat down with some players from WOOK, a great guild on the Shadowlands, who I was told were going to be there from Cyberelf!

WOOK Guildies!

WOOK Guildies!

I would like to preface that I went in with very good intentions, to record the Q&A session on video and audio for the developer interviews. That is not what happened. My phone ran out of space for videos about three minutes into the Cantina, and the first question was barely completed.

Producer Andrew Horowitz and me Andrew Horowitz and me[/caption]

I tracked him down once the Q&A was over, since he asked about my long list of questions, and I told him that I would be attending the EA press event next week. He said he would be there too (along with Eric Musco), and that he could answer all of the questions on my list at the Cantina, but they wouldn’t be “real” answers. He advised to hold them for the press event, and that’s what I’m going to do. So, stay tuned for some really good answers from me next week!

I did pay a bit of attention to what was going on around me concerning the other Q&A questions that were asked.

Is there a possibility of a crew skills app? – Unlikely, but they do want to create something for the website to engage the players, keep them thinking about the game, and able to do things in the game without actually being in the client.

Will there be more class stories? – I was a bit perturbed that someone asked this question because it’s “known” that Shadow of Revan will have individualized class stories. Obviously the answer was yes, there will be more class stories in 3.0, but since there is so much involved in class stories, any more in the future would be very small.

Is there a way that we could see some class demographics info? – Someone asked if we would be able to see some demographics information about what classes people were playing and how many, and the Bioware representatives said that this could definitely be released sometime in the future.

Will there be any more on-rail space missions? – By the dev’s answer, this seemed to be a big “NO.”

Can the guild ship key interface be fixed? – This was also unlikely, but they can try to make it a higher priority. The Bioware representatives said that anything we talked about that night becomes more important in their minds because we asked for it.

Will there be more classes in the future? – This was kind of a “Wall of Crazy” question, and I even think one of the developers joked that they will add 14 new classes.

My friends in WOOK asked one of my other questions during the Q&A session, which was,

“Can you elaborate on what you are developing that is “better than cross-server” for ranked PvP? What can we expect in the future regarding PvP?”

Musco immediately said that technically he did not say that! The answer, coming from Development Director Ben Irving, was that they were “working on something that will fix many of the queuing issues.” And that was all they could say. However, he did say that they will try to tell us more about it in the next two weeks. Musco was quick to correct him, to avoid definite deadlines, they will give us more information by the end of the year (maybe?).


There were also many prizes given out for answering SWTOR trivia questions, including four Revan books, one SWTOR encyclopedia, two t-shirts (one Republic and one Imperial), a Star Wars lego set, and a GSF poster signed by the developers! The poster  was the big prize since there are not a lot of people outside the studio that have the poster (maybe 150 I think they said), and even less that actually have it signed. I wanted to try to win it for my guild master, but I didn’t know what the answer was anyway.

Eric Musco and me

Eric Musco and me

Courtney Woods and me

Courtney Woods and me

A question I asked Andrew Horowitz after the Q&A was about being able to toggle the graphical effect lighting up an ability with gold trim when their relevant proc came up in 3.0. I personally found this distracting, and we have other similar preferences that we’re able to turn on and off. He said this wouldn’t be a problem at all, and should be something easy to implement. I also asked about whispering from the guild menu, and this is definitely on their priority list!

Another question that I asked was concerning legacy levels being increased to encourage people to keep playing, or to reward people that were already at level 50, such as having a 12x experience boost bonus option. He said it was unlikely that the legacy level (and crew skill levels) would increase, but the idea to reward people who achieve legacy level 50 is a good idea.

Again, I didn’t go hard on the questions because I knew they were going to give me better answers a few days from now, so I relaxed and had some fun! I don’t know if I should repeat what Musco said about what happened the night before when he and the other Bioware employees went out, but I can say that it was his first time in Las Vegas, and he said the city rocks!


Other random factoids:

Courtney Woods is from Georgia and the dress she was wearing is from Kate Spade.

Ben Irving is from Australia and his wife is also named Heather.

Eric Musco has not shaved his beard for 12 days. I asked if he minded people talking about his soul patch, and he said that in real life no one noticed he shaved it, but the internet sure did!

Finally, here are the flash drive contents from the cantina! I will absolutely get more exciting answers when I visit EA next week, but I’m glad I had a little fun tonight hanging out with SWTOR players and Bioware employees.












Why I Missed Raid: Life Is Beautiful Festival 2014


I only ever skip ops nights if I’m on vacation, if there’s some kind of national holiday, or if there’s some kind of emergency family event. This past Friday I attended the second annual Life Is Beautiful Festival here in downtown Las Vegas, and I thought it was a great way to spend my time, despite missing out on ops!


I met up with a few friends, and we ended up parking at a nearby church! It was only a couple blocks away, but it was free parking for a few hours. The parking rates for the hotels downtown and other nearby areas were about $20, so I thought it was very smart! At first I was worried it was going to be too far away when the driver decided to start heading to the church, but then, once I realized how close we were, I was impressed by the smart and financially savvy idea, though I was still prepared to cough up some cash for a potential parking fee.


Because we all loved to eat and there were fantastic gourmet foods at the festival, the first thing we did was buy some food! Though I would’ve preferred something more “fancy,” we went to the Aloha Kitchen booth, which serves Hawaiian cuisine. I’m surprised I didn’t take a picture of the rest of our food, but we downed it too quickly! We shared the BBQ Kalua Pork sliders, BBQ Chicken Sticks, and the Tokyo Honey Toast, which were all $5 each. I thought this was a fair price for the festival.

On our quest to find the beer garden, which was a grassy area with all craft beers, we passed the Nobu tent, and of course I had to stop by and order the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno! Of course I am the worst blogger ever and didn’t take a picture of it, but it was delicious. I’ve had this dish quite a few times at Nobu and other Japanese restaurants, and it’s one of my favorite things that I don’t get to eat very often. Unfortunately it was $8 for three, small pieces (which seems like a lot for three pieces but actually cheaper than the restaurant itself), but I was still happy that I got to savor the taste of that dish, and it’s been a long while since I’ve had it. (For reference, at the Nobu restaurant, it’s $24 for six pieces I think.)


After looking at a few of the different craft beer stands, I chose the Ballast Point Calico Amber Ale (5.5% ABV). I prefer ambers over pale ales or anything that tastes too hoppy, and this one was great!


We ended up seeing a few different musical artists, including Baauer, Girl Talk, Switchfoot, The Weeknd, Neon Trees, RAC, and Kanye West. I’m not really that impressed by the talent of DJs or EDM artists, but they were entertaining all the same. I enjoyed RAC, and while I didn’t know who they were when one of my friends brought us to their stage, I did recognize one of the songs they played, so I will have to look them up later and listen to more of their music when I’m not trying to listen to hours of podcasts!


During the Bauuer show, my ops leader left a comment on the blog saying “Get to raid!” It’s probably my fault for not reminding the operation leader that I had a music festival to go to this past Monday, but I did let them know about it a week or two ago. I texted my guild leader to remind them that I wasn’t going to be there, because I had told him previously also! I still felt a little guilty (because being dedicated and reliably showing up on time is very important to me), so I opened Mumble on my phone during the show. Of course, I couldn’t hear them, and all they could probably hear on the other end was probably booming EDM music and me frantically apologizing for not reminding them that I wasn’t going to be there.


Later in the evening I ate a Mashed Potato & Bacon Burger from the Hash House a Go Go tent, a restaurant that I’ve still never been to. I was pleasantly surprised that for the portion that was served, it only cost $5, but the restaurant itself is known for very large portions. I also rode the ferris wheel, right before The Weeknd performed.


The last show of the night was Kanye West. I originally didn’t care to see him at all, but my friends convinced me that seeing his show would be the most cost-effective choice versus Panic! at the Disco, which was scheduled during a conflicting time slot. The reasoning was that it costs hundreds of dollars more see Kanye West in concert while Panic! was a bit more affordable. For the most part, I didn’t really enjoy myself. I don’t like him or his music, but I knew some of his songs because they are played frequently on the radio. It was danceable though, so it last least has that going for it. In the middle of the show Kanye started talking and talking about nonsense, which was really annoying. It felt like it lasted for maybe 5-10 minutes. However, his show did start with a version of the Imperial March (Darth Vader theme song from Star Wars), so I geeked out a bit when that played!


I actually had a 3-day pass, but I was so exhausted and sore from the first day that I didn’t attend the rest of the weekend. (I know–I wasted money!) I would definitely still attend next year, but I will wait for the musical lineup and the schedule before purchasing a pass.

Pretty Little Weekend: Salons, Tanking, New Headset!

Sometimes I feel like during the weekend, I don’t spend my time effectively or enjoyably. This weekend, I think it did pretty well! I got a lot of girly things done, as well as lots of gaming, and even made an exciting purchase! Here’s a glimpse into my life from this past weekend.

I started Saturday out with an 8:30am appointment getting my eyelash extensions refilled, which I think might sound horrifying to some people! I’m actually really allergic to mascara, and got rashes on my eyelids when I wore it. When I first tried lash extensions, I stopped getting rashes on my eyelids, and I don’t have to wear additional makeup on a day-to-day basis because they make my eyes look really great. This saves me a ton of time, and lets me sleep in just a little longer after long nights of gaming.

nomnom burrito

After that, I stopped by at my favorite organic coffee shop in town, Sunrise Coffee, and picked up a dirty horchata after seeing SWTOR Live Producer Amber Green tweet about them earlier in the week. Lattes and horchatas are two of my favorite drinks, but together?! I hadn’t even heard of it before, so I had to have one. I got that and also a Nomnom Burrito, which has spinach, egg, avocado, tomato, beans, potatoes and cheese.

Then I went to the hair salon for a half-inch trim and an update on the ombré . For those that don’t know what that means, basically my hair color gradually changes from the roots to the tips. Currently, it’s my natural hair color on top and gradually changes to a nice dark red at the bottom. This is a change from the caramel colored ombré I had previously.


By then, it was early afternoon, and I wanted to get some gaming in! When I picked up my headset to start talking to my guildies in Mumble, I realized that my poor Logitech headset had finally broken. I didn’t want to tape it together, because this was a good opportunity to get something new/shiny. Plus, if I’m going to be on camera at all (The Republic? Streaming? Possibly?) or recording podcasts, I didn’t want to be using broken equipment.

I was due for a new headset anyway, so I drove to Fry’s Electronics here in town. I’m so glad we have one in case of emergencies like this. I wasn’t sure which headset to buy. I figured I’d just pick up another Logitech one, and there was one there for $99.99. However, I also know that my webcam is really, really bad (“Your camera quality makes you look like a Monet painting.”), so I decided to pick up a camera also. I didn’t see the one I was looking for, so I stood around the million employees until one quickly and enthusiastically asked if I needed help. Unfortunately they were out of stock on the camera, but he asked if I needed help with anything else.

When I said what I needed, he suggested, “Have you thought about getting a gaming headset? They are pretty similar to a regular headset.” This poor guy had no idea what kind of person I was, but I’ll give him a break. I played along and let him lead me to the aisle with the gaming headsets. He pointed at the Razer Kraken Pro Neon and said, “This one comes in bright colors!” I picked up the pink one.

broken headsetThe best part was when he tried to sell me a computer, because the headset was definitely easy commission for him. When I said I already had a pretty good computer and he asked what kind—I giggled a bit inside before telling him about my i7 processor, 780ti graphics card, brand new water cooler and solid state drive. “Are you a gamer? What games do you play?” he asked. Star Wars: The Old Republic!

Razer Kraken Pro Neon



I checked out and left the building: Total time spent inside Fry’s was 13 minutes! I’m an efficient shopper.

Prior to purchasing the new headset, I ran the Hammer Station flashpoint using Mumble on my phone, and I actually tanked it! The queue was taking too long with two DPS and a healer, so I decided to take one for the team and tank it for a faster queue pop. I think I did fantastically well, using actual tank gear (surprisingly in 168-186 rating gear) and spec. I will have to learn a bit more about my Assassin’s Darkness spec, because I didn’t think it was too difficult barely knowing what I was doing. Reading the procs that came up helped with knowing what abilities I should use (Energize for Shock, Harnesssed Darkness for Force Lightning). I held agro the whole time also!

The rest of my weekend was more gaming focused. I filled in as DPS in Dread Palace HM for one of my guild’s operation groups, and also worked on finishing my flashpoint weeklies. Additionally, I earned lots of achievements in GSF, playing 50 matches as a gunship and several other things, which I was very proud of! I hit my conquest points goal, which is excellent because my guild conquered Balmorra (Empire) with the #1 spot!

I also tried out Ranked in Hearthstone, and I’m up to 23 right now I think. I’ve been playing with my custom Priest and Rogue decks. Hearthstone is a lot of fun! Add me (“Dianah”) if you would like to challenge me to a match.

How was your weekend? Were you able to get some gaming in? Did you try any new foods or drinks? Did you get any personal grooming or shopping in?

FAQ for Community Cantina Prospects

Las Vegas

Earlier this year posted approximate dates for the Las Vegas SWTOR Community Cantina, November 7-9, and one of my readers sent me an e-mail to ask some questions about attending! I thought my answers would be helpful to more people interested in going to a Cantina in the future since I’ve been to two of them so far. Here is a bit of what I sent back to Terry, who plays on the Harbinger server!

Question #1: How do I find out WHERE in Vegas it will be?

Answer: Usually SWTOR announces the exact date and location a few weeks before the actual event, however they did post something earlier this year that gave approximate dates, so that you could schedule your life/travel around it. We won’t know where in Vegas it will be for a few weeks to a month from now!

 Question #2: Will it really be taking place over 3 days?  Or will it just be for a few hours on one of the days?

Answer: The cantinas are only for a few hours on one of the three nights, and they usually have them at bars or hotels, somewhere they can serve food/alcohol and hold a lot of people.

Question #3: How much time will I actually get to ask questions?

There’s a Q&A session in which the devs and community team answer questions in front of everyone, but what you may want to do is talk to one of them after the Q&A is over. They go into the crowd and they are pretty easy to talk to! I spoke with [Eric] Musco and Courtney [Woods] when I went to Boston, and they’re very nice and approachable, but of course, many people want to talk to them. I think if you get a hold of one of them you will have plenty of time to ask questions.


The Las Vegas Community Cantina is coming up soon, so if you’d like to go I would start making some travel plans! I will definitely be there since I live here, and I hope to see some blog readers and listeners there as well!

And, if you are really interested in reading about my Community Cantina adventures, here are more blog posts by me about them:

SWTOR Community Cantina Guide

Why You Should Go To a SWTOR Community Cantina

SWTOR Community Cantina Boston: Q&A

SWTOR Community Cantina Boston: Bonus Questions


Nar Shadaa Casino Event PTS Preview

Dianah gambling

As a local to Las Vegas, I really wanted to check out the Nar Shadaa Casino event, which is currently available on the Player Test Server (PTS), and see how it compares to IRL casinos! Here are my thoughts on what SWTOR has on the PTS so far.

casino cashier

When I picked up the mission on the fleet, a short commercial plays for the Star Cluster Casino. I think the most interesting part for me was the half-naked male Twi’lek dancing in the background. Unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot of that, but there are more half-naked dancers in the casino! You complete the “Festival of Splendor” mission after talking to one of the vendors in the casino, and you also receive 5 Smuggler Casino Chips.

half-naked dancer

Of course, I wasn’t here for the scenery! I wanted to try the slots. There are two different types of chips: the Smuggler Casino Chips (SCC) that I mentioned before and the Kingpin’s Casino Chip (KCC), which are like the high-roller chips. The SCCs were 1,000 credits each, and the KCCs were 50,000 credits each. Since this is the PTS and I basically have magic credits anyway, I spent all 1.5m credits that I had on my PTS character. I bought 99,000 in SCCs (99 chips) and spent the rest on KCCs (approximately 1.4m). That was definitely my first mistake.

When I tried the slot machines, I couldn’t believe how boring they were. You just stand there and click the machine over and over, win or loss. I thought there would be at least an interesting animation, like you get three Jawas in a row for a jackpot or something like IRL slot machines, but it’s simply an arrow that spins around, and if it lands on a certain part of the outer circle, you win. It’s not skill-based, so you can’t try to control the spin, so I was just standing there, clicking over and over again. I don’t really like gambling in real life, so that may be one reason I didn’t care for the machines.

Dianah dancing on one of the tables. I should've put her in one of those dancer outfits.

Dianah dancing on one of the tables. I should’ve put her in one of those dancer outfits.

There are two types of machines to correspond with the two chips. On the Smuggler machines you use the Smuggler chips (obviously), but you can only win more SCCs or KCCs. I actually can’t remember if you can win a Golden Certificate on the Smuggler machine. On the Kingpin machines, you have a chance to win the mounts (Rancor or Vectron), a Golden Certificate, or more tokens.

The SWTOR Miner tweeted to me some useful data on the chances of a win on the Kingpin machines:

Slot Outcomes

The win animation when you get a “jackpot” is pretty cool, but for me it was quite rare. 45 minutes later, I spent all my chips, and all I won were 6 Golden Certificates. This could buy me one legacy saber and the chest piece, both of which I don’t really care for. I previewed the outfit from the vendor, and it really doesn’t look good on Dianah. Will not buy. However when the event goes live, I may try to get one of the legacy sabers. So far, I haven’t really had a need for them. I also don’t care too much for mounts and speeders.

outfit preview

Speaking of mounts, last night when I was in the casino, there were quite a few people running around on the rancors they won. Someone with the PvP rancor taunted in chat, “I didn’t buy my rancor.” Of course I thought he was absolutely right; he earned his special rancor, whereas the other ones were pay [credits?] to win. He didn’t get a good reaction from the other rancor owners (clearly non-PvPers), which was actually a bit annoying and unfortunate.

Not sure why Dianah looks so freaked out. She could one-shot Maul the alien.

Not sure why Dianah looks so freaked out. She could one-shot Maul the alien.

As for the setting, there were some gambling tables in the middle that didn’t do anything, and there was some kind of alien that I didn’t recognize. There was a cocktail droid! I’m actually a bit disappointed it wasn’t a Twi’lek in a dancer’s outfit walking around with cocktails instead, but oh well.

"Bring me a Corellian Twister, droid."

“Bring me a Corellian Twister, droid.”

Today I learned that I purchased my chips in the least effective way, and that it would have been better just to buy the SCCs since I could win KCCs without spending 50,000 credits on just one. When the event goes live, I really hope they kick it up a notch, but I’m guessing this is pretty much how it’s going to be. I will still participate in the event, but I won’t drain my entire SWTOR bank trying to win. I may actually have to go do Dailies or some other money-making activity, which I normally never do.

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