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How to be a Better Guild Member

Woke up at 4am to be in this pic of us winning a conquest.

Woke up at 4am to be in this pic of us winning a conquest.

I’ve been in the same guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic for over 2 years now, and I’m very happy to be with them! I’ve mentioned my guild, Despair on the Harbinger, a few times on the blog before, but today I was inspired by a tweet by @ArtMusicTech, who said:

I have a few tips on what I consciously do in my guild to encourage fun and success in the guild!


Hanging Out with Guildies IRL: Sleeth Part 2

2014-12-30 20.17.12

Tahitian Vanilla Gelato and cocoa nib cookie crust

Back in March, I wrote a post on “How to Meet Your Guildmates in Person,” which was a very cute post, I thought! I wrote about the first time meeting my Despair guildies Ben and Sleeth (SWTOR Harbinger players may be familiar with this name), and I was able to hang out with Sleeth again recently! If you remember from November, I also hung out with my guildie Drios in San Francisco, which I wrote about here.

A few days ago I went out to dinner with Sleeth and his wife Andria, who were visiting Las Vegas to celebrate the New Year! The first time we hung out in person we ate dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s BurGR at Planet Hollywood, as I wrote about in the blog post I linked above! However, this time around, I picked a restaurant at CityCenter.

It’s a little difficult choosing restaurants to go to with visitors, because I don’t want to take them anywhere they can go to at home, nor do I want to take them to an extremely fancy (expensive) restaurant either. Las Vegas has quite a lot of “fancy” restaurants, and I’m a little picky about where I go that is semi-casual. I ended up choosing Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria & Cucina inside The Shops at Crystals. I had been there before, but it had been a long time. I don’t go out to dinner as much as I used to, so I was excited.

We started with the Calamari “Fritto,” which had basil aioli, tomato sauce, crisp parsley, and lemon. I preferred the tomato sauce over the basil aioli, but both were very good. I also really liked the crisp parsley, which I actually thought was kale at the time. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of this!

2014-12-30 19.33.24

For our entrees, I ordered one of the wood fired oven pizzas: Spicy Pepperoni, Calabrian Chili, and Fresh Ricotta. Sleeth ordered one of the specials, which had pasta, clams, and chili. His wife ordered the Garganelli Carbonara, which contained English Peas, Crisp Pancetta, Egg Yolk, and Parmesan Reggiano. I regret ordering a pizza, because their pastas looked so delicious! Fortunately, I can go back since I live here, but I’ll have to find someone to go with me!

2014-12-30 20.17.20

Zeppole: warm doughnuts, orange custard, and caramel dipping sauce

I saved some of my pizza for later, and we ordered dessert! Sleeth ordered the Tiramisu (mascarpone filling, lady fingers, and biscotti), Andria ordered the Zeppole (warm doughnuts, orange custard, and caramel dipping sauce), and I got the Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse (Tahitian Vanilla Gelato and cocoa nib cookie crust)! I love chocolate. I didn’t try the Tiramisu, but the doughnut was delicious! I don’t normally like orange flavored desserts, but this tasted good enough to overcome that.


Tiramisu with mascarpone filling, lady fingers, and biscotti

During dinner, we talked about the game of course (Star Wars: The Old Republic) and the guild! It’s a lot of fun being able to talk to people in real life about things you do in-game, and while the community cantinas are great, it’s very nice meeting people I actually interact with in-game and in Mumble (voice communications).

We said our goodbyes, but I will be seeing them again in a few weeks in San Antonio, since they actually live in the area! Hopefully I will be able to take some great food pictures then as well!

How Voice Comms Can Enhance Your Guild Experience

I read something the other day about how no one knows who you are in large guilds, that it’s not a welcoming environment or a place where you can develop and nurture friendships in game. My experience so far in Despair has not been this way.

A little story of when I first joined (pre-blogging!):  We were running some kind of group content, most likely a 16-man operation, with everyone in Mumble. My guild leader Filmadeus or some other officer decided to play a game and made everyone in the group introduce themselves to me, and I had to guess, by the short bio they provided and the sound of their voice, what their profession was. I will never forget this, because I had mistaken a helicopter pilot for a “banker,” which I think at the time was absolutely hilarious to them. The guild quickly embraced me, and not even a month after joining I met one of my new guildies at the Seattle Community Cantina.

I’ve been in the guild now for more than a year, and I’ve written quite a few pieces on what it is like being in the guild, including: My Guild As A Communist Society and How I Joined Despair. However, I would also like to say how important voice communications are. I believe this is how we are successful, for a couple reasons, including efficiency and effectiveness in group content, getting to know each other, and building comradery. (I would also check out: How To Find a Guild: It’s Like Dating).

Obviously, not everyone likes to be in voice communications, but if you are doing group content with the guild, we will always request that you connect to Mumble. Members don’t always have to speak, but it is necessary if you are going to be in an operations group, to at least be able to listen to the ops lead. I can live without hearing my guildies while we do a flashpoint, but most likely we are already chatting with each other in Mumble. Voice communications simply make gameplay more enjoyable; you don’t notice that you’ve had to run Hammer Station twice in a row when someone is cracking jokes in your ears. Additionally, it is so helpful to be speaking rather than typing to someone in the middle of a warzone or arena. No one has time to type out a sentence while they’re getting attacked.

Also, if you can hear someone talk, it’s easier to get to know them, know what they like to do in-game, and more easily be able to form groups for things. Thus, it’s easier to gather and motivate everyone to work towards a common planetary conquest objective. Personally, I keep the Mumble overlay on my game so I can memorize a voice and personality with a name I can see visually.

There are few exceptions to people that I’m extremely familiar with that don’t speak in Mumble (hello Zissou and Jurckad), but otherwise, if you aren’t in the channel, it’s really difficult to get to know who you are. This is fine, but I wouldn’t complain about your guildies not knowing who you are if you never familiarize yourself with the majority using Mumble. No one has complained about this as far as I know, but we have had a huge influx of new members since the advent of planetary conquests.

I highly recommend for guilds to use voice communications. Even if you are not actively running an operation, warzone, flashpoint, etc., it helps so much to get to know your guildies and to plan, strategize, and talk about things in and outside the game. I think you will find that the guild is strengthened, people are less flaky, and you will enjoy playing with your guildies more.

Preparing For Guild Flagships

Ever since guild flagships were announced, my guild has been saving credits so that we could purchase one when Galactic Strongholds is released! My guild doesn’t impose any type of tax, but simply asks you to contribute if you can. We will definitely be able to afford the base price of 50 million credits, and we can also afford all of the unlocks and upgrades at 130 million.

With the more recent release of information regarding guild conquests and crafting, we have also started to hoard materials. I finally feel more useful, having hoarded mats for two years in my cargo hold. I donated everything to the guild, because I actually don’t care to craft anything myself. Is that lazy? I’d rather just leave the crafting to people who know what they are doing.

When the guild conquests come out, I’m glad that we have a group of people well prepared to do everything. I’m happy we have crafters, GSFers, raiders, and people that like to do different aspects of the game. I’m on a carebear server, so for now I suppose we won’t have to do much world PvP. However, I think we should be able to hold our own if a situation ever arises.

I’m very happy to be in a large guild. Even though some players may come and go, a lot of players are consistently there every week, and it’s not hard to get something going if you need it. I haven’t been online as much recently aside from ops nights, but I’m very thankful that 15 other guild members agreed to run 16-man Nightmare Eternity Vault with me, because I needed the achievement! We could’ve completed it with less people, of course, but we had enough members on that wanted to play. Additionally, my guildmaster also said that we could farm the operation for low level mats as well. And now, I’m finally at 100% for the Eternity Vault operation!

It should be easy to get 100% on the other classic operations; I just have to organize some groups together to knock out the ones I missed (8-man Nightmare Explosive Conflict?). However, I wanted to emphasize how nice it is to have a fun guild that works together to achieve common goals.

Galactic Strongholds Release Date Pushed Back

SWTOR Galactic Strongholds

Today SWTOR posted a letter from Senior Producer Bruce Maclean regarding the upcoming digital expansion, Galactic Strongholds. The original early access release date for Subscribers has been pushed back from June 24th to August 19th “in order to deliver to you the most features at the highest level of quality.” Click here to read the letter in its entirety.

Some of the additional features they are adding with the extra time include:

Conquest Events: use the power of your Stronghold to dominate these events and earn rewards.

Guild Flagships will now offer expanded functionality for Guilds:

o   Provide powerful buffs to Guild members from orbit

o   Transport entire groups to your personal coordinates instantaneously

o   Compete in Conquest Events to conquer entire planets

New Stronghold: Tatooine Homestead

Vehicles, Mounts, Pets, and Companion Characters can be placed as decorations in Strongholds

I think these additional features are very cool! Patience is a virtue, and I would much rather have an amazing product that comes a few months later rather than a sloppy, rushed, disappointing one.

In one of my previous blog posts about Galactic Strongholds, I talked about wanting a house on Tatooine, so that is fantastic. Additionally, I really like the ability to transport your group to your location as well. It sounds like it will eliminate travel time to whatever you are doing. I also am excited to decorate my stronghold with some “cute” pets.

They are also providing Subscribers with rewards on the dates that were scheduled, including another pet, some titles, and an expanded Nar Shadaa stronghold.

While I thought player housing was cool, I am really looking forward to the additions they are making to guilds. I think being in a guild or at least playing with other players really enhances your MMO experience. Personally, I am much happier with an active, organized guild than I ever was before playing by myself or pugging into other groups, so I’m very excited to have more guild-type things to do.

What do you think of the delayed release date and/or the additional features?