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Corellian Run Radio Episode #134 & Giveaway

Good morning! We’ve had some technical difficulty posting the latest episode of Corellian Run Radio, but we do have it on YouTube that you can listen and watch! Here is episode #134 of the podcast, in which we talk about SWTOR news and more thoughts on the new expansion: Shadow of Revan.


We also talk about a contest we are having on the show, in which you can win a copy of the novel Revan by Drew Karpyshyn. In order to enter, you must submit a suggestion topic or discussion for the show! Here is the link to enter that. We will be choosing a winner on Sunday for our next show!

In other news, I will be on The Republic on tomorrow night, Thursday, December 18th at approximately 6:30pm PST! This will be our last show of the year, so I’ll try to be festive with a Santa hat or something. Come watch and join the chat room!

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast and Gadgets & Khajiits

Han Shot First

Today I just have some light news regarding Pretty Little Sith and its presence in our SWTOR community.

The interview that I mentioned doing with Gadgets & Khajiits is now available for you to read on their website, so you will want to check that out for more information about me. I answer the controversial question of “Who shot first?” and also talk about my “best gaming moment.”

Additionally, my blog post “How to Find a Guild: It’s Like Dating” was mentioned in the latest episode of SWTOR Escape Pod Cast. I haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet, since it takes me about a week to get through all my subscribed podcasts, but I look forward to listening to Episode 41: “To Guild Or Not To Guild.”

Finally, thank you to the readers that have already left comments on my 100th Blog Post! You still have a week to leave a comment for your chance to win an M8-3R Astromech Droid pet-code, so comment away!

100th Blog Post M8-3R Astromech Droid Pet-Code Giveaway

100th Post M8-3R

It’s been almost four months, starting on February 5th 2014, and today’s blog entry is my 100th post on Pretty Little Sith! Who knew I could write that much?

I’m pretty proud of myself! My favorite blog posts are actually the text-heavy ones. If I hadn’t included any pictures to go along with the text, it was because I wanted the words to shine. I wish I could think of stories in my head, because when I was younger I wanted to write novels. I lack that talent. Somehow, I got derailed, avoided majoring in English, and changed my major from Journalism to Anthropology. I am still not even an anthropologist, heh.

Anyway, I am so thankful to the SWTOR community for supporting and encouraging my blog. When I started, I really just wanted to practice my writing skills because I thought they were going to waste. I’m glad that I’ve gotten to interact with more players other than those in the microcosm that is my incredible in-game guild, <Despair>. I am also very happy to be able to share my gaming thoughts and experiences on an almost daily basis here on the blog.

To celebrate 100 blog posts, I am giving away three M8-3R Astromech Droid Pet-Codes! I would like to get a feel for what the readers like on the blog, so in order to win a code, please leave a comment on this post about what your favorite blog post(s) or topic is on Pretty Little Sith! I will randomly choose 3 commenters, as long as they have actually included their favorite topic, and I will announce the winners one week from now on the launch of SWTOR Game Update 2.8, Tuesday, June 10th.

Happy Star Wars Day! – Astromech Droid Winners

M8-3R Astromech Droid

I probably won’t be doing anything out of the ordinary except playing more Star Wars! As you may know, I have a little contest to announce winners for!

For those that were unfamiliar, the contest was to “Like” the Pretty Little Sith Facebook page in order to win 1 out of 3 M8-3R Astromech pet-codes!

With the help of my guildie Ben, here are the three winners who have been chosen at random!

Grayson Thomasmessaged

Luca PittPlease update your settings on Facebook so I can message you! messaged!

Joseph Peloquinmessaged

Congratulations! I will be messaging you your pet-codes with instructions to redeem them. If your name wasn’t on the list, don’t be sad! I have more pet-codes, so I will think of another contest for the future.

May the Fourth be with you!

Win 1 out 3 M8-3R Astromech Droid Pet-Codes!

I finally updated the blog’s Facebook page! To celebrate me attempting to figure out Facebook, I am running a blog giveaway for 1 out of 3 M8-3R Astromech Droid pet-codes!

M8-3R Astromech Droid

This is an exclusive pet-code that is normally only obtained by attending the SWTOR Community Cantinas. However, I received some codes via Eric Musco for the blog. Thanks Musco! The code is not restricted to any server in particular, and once you redeem the code under your account page on, you will receive the pet in the mail on all of your characters.

In order to be randomly selected to receive a pet-code, all you have to do is “Like” the Pretty Little Sith Facebook page, in which there is also a convenient, new “Like” button that I added to the sidebar of the blog. Please also leave a comment on the page and say hello!

The contest runs from now until 9pm on May 4th (Star Wars Day!). Good luck, and may the force be with you!