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Going to PAX South!


Today I nailed some passes to PAX South in San Antonio for January 23-25th 2015. I’m very excited to have made it through the queue to get passes! This is also the first PAX South that will be held, so it should be very cool. I’ve been to San Antonio before, but probably not for 15 years or so, so it should be fun to go and do some tourist things when I’m not inside the convention center.

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that I also attended PAX East in April! There were a few experiences related to being a girl that I didn’t write about previously.

I attended PAX East alone on one of the days I was there, which wasn’t so bad. It was my first time going to a convention, and seeing all the people was really intimidating! I’m not sure how intentionally I did this, but I was dressed very conservatively. It was cold in Boston! However, I think, for a small female going anywhere alone it is a bit scary. To be in a place where I was obviously a “girl gamer” and dressing to attract too much attention seemed foolish. You can bring up all kinds of feminist points that I should have been able to dress exactly how I wanted to without having to worry about any unwanted attention, but I feel that it is too idealistic to expect that what has been going on in society for so long will change just for me.

Nevertheless, attention is unavoidable. I wasn’t wearing a paper bag over my head or a potato sack. I can’t imagine if I was a cosplayer, wearing what they wear, stopping to take pictures with everyone, not having anyone to control if there was a crowd around me…

Let’s start with the fellow attendee that went out of his way to help me find the room I was looking for and was so very interested in me being an MMO blogger. He then went on to watch the seminar with me, even though he had been planning on going to an entirely different one. I don’t think I’m being arrogant thinking he was flirting with me, but I could be wrong.

The second experience was actually kind of funny. I asked some random “nerd” to take a picture of me with something in the background. His response? A frightened look on his face before walking away.

And apparently men like girls in glasses. I had bought some cute glasses, and two steps after walking away from the vendor wearing them, someone was on me right away, asking who I was with, if I had any plans after, if I wanted to go to some hotel party, if he could have my phone number. Of course I’m not a rude person; I’m very polite which could also be confused with being interested. I somehow escaped this situation but not before marketing the blog to him.

I know these aren’t really serious instances in which I had to be worried about being in any kind of danger, but it really is a different world for a woman sometimes. Luckily these conventions are well populated, but what about outside of it? I have to worry about little things like if someone is following me, making sure my car keys are out well before I get to my car in case I have to run, never leaving my drink unattended, etc.

With that said, I don’t really have a huge issue going to these events alone—I just have to be prepared. I really enjoyed going to PAX East, and I’m sad I won’t be going back to Seattle this year for PAX Prime. However, seeing a different city every once in a while is great, and I can’t wait to visit San Antonio!

Why I Play A Female Character



A legendary video game character near and dear to my heart is getting a sequel! While my Tweeps are going crazy over me posting about SWTOR’s double XP WEEK, I would like to say that I’m excited that my favorite lady anthropologist Lara Croft is coming back for another round in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Holiday 2015). Tomb Raider (2013) is one of the few games I have installed on my computer, amongst SWTOR, Nancy Drew Mystery Games, Skyrim, and The Sims 3.

In that very short list, you can see that I’ve chosen games in which I can play a female. Throughout my life I’ve always loved “strong female characters.” I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it was on air. When The Hunger Games series came out, I loved Katniss too. Interestingly, I did not care for Xena. I’m also not familiar enough with female comic book characters to have an opinion on them. However, I could go on and on about all the female characters I like, such as Daenerys, Hermione, and Leia. They all have common aspects to them which are reflected in the way that I play my Sith.

I’m not a hardcore role-player, but I think about my character’s personality in my head while I play. Yes, she is a dark-side Sith, but no, she is not going to kill injured Sithlings that can’t fight. She will get them medical care so they can be more productive in the future. She is a “soft thing,” as Khem Val says, but she is also very smart, resourceful, cunning, and not afraid to beat the bloody pulp out of everyone in the room because they pissed her off.

And so, there comes the real life realization that I am not as strong or tough as these fictional characters. In one part of Tomb Raider (2013), Lara is “raped” and killed (game over) if you don’t hold off the bad guy the right way in your gameplay. When I first played it, I failed this part at least once. I really didn’t expect the scene at all. As a small person, sometimes it can be a bit frightening to be out alone, and this may be the reason I like to watch/play other small, tough female characters that can defend themselves.


Today is also the last day you can comment on my 100th blog post to win an M8-3R Astromech Droid pet-code! I will be choosing the winners some time tomorrow. Good luck!

Buying Battle #1: Girl vs Geek

A wild Solid State Drive appeared!

Today I tweeted that I was very careful with my money in a conversation regarding the Nar Shadaa casino event coming up in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Well, I’m careful in the fact that I save for retirement, I have no debt, and I don’t spend more than what I make. However, I really like to shop after I put some money away in savings first, and I thought it would be fun to show you guys my recent purchase considerations! Let’s see if you can guess which one I bought/didn’t buy! The answer is in white text, so you will have to highlight the text after “Result” to see what I chose.

Round 1: Bikini vs. Video Game

Victoria’s Secret Bikini ($61.50)


I will be going on vacation for Memorial Day to Puerto Penasco possibly, and this is a great excuse for buying a brand new bikini! The last time I bought a new bikini was probably 6 years ago.


WildStar ($74.99)

WildStar Pre-order

I tried this game at PAX East 2014 and holy moly was that Chua cute! Seeing as I spent a bunch on the Elder Scrolls Online when it came out, this would not be out of the question.

Result (highlight text!): The first option was much more logical! I will be buying a new bikini this weekend! No Chuas for me.

Round 2: Shoes vs. SSD

Cole Haan Rosalin Wedge ($198.00)

Cole Haan Rosalin Wedge

I know what you’re thinking. $200 sandals. But Cole Haan is my favorite shoe brand, and these are the perfect tan color. Plus, the wedge is not too high that it looks trashy. Very classic looking sandals that will last for a long time.

Samsung Solid State Drive ($217.99)

Samsung Solid State Drive

Because I am somehow always the last to load into an operation/flashpoint. This was suggested to me to decrease my load times in-game. Here are the details of the model pictured: SAMSUNG 840 Pro Series MZ-7PD256BW 2.5″ 256GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD).

Result (highlight text!): …I bought the sandals. I’ll get the SSD eventually! But right now it’s not killing me to not have it. Also, I will probably select a cheaper model to purchase.. maybe. EDIT: Returned the shoes. So basically, didn’t get either of these.

Round 3: Blue Dress vs. Blue Glasses

J. Crew Factory Petite Printed Sun Shift in Cerulean Blue ($98.00, sale price $55.65)

J Crew Factory Petite Printed Sun Shift Cerulean Sea

This is really cute. I have a ton of blue dresses though.

GUNNAR INTERCEPT in Cobalt ($69.00)

Gunnar Intercept Cobalt

I seriously need these. I stare at a computer all day at work, and then I come home and stare at the computer more when I play games and blog. Today the eye strain is not so bad, but sometimes I get headaches and sore eyes.

Result (highlight text!): The glasses would’ve won hands down, but…. They are sold out! I am really sad about this. I guess I could purchase a different model/color, but I really like these blue ones. I bought the dress, but I would’ve purchased both if I could.


I guess we can say that given the choice, I will probably buy something silly and girly. However, I will not buy anything “geeky” such as a new game or computer hardware unless absolutely necessary. The glasses are something that I’m really needing.

This blog post was a bit fun for me, and I will always have new things to buy in the future. One day I will do a Buying Battle #2! I actually had a more substantial “girl gamer” post that I had written and decided against. And you will never know what it was! /evillaughter

Thoughts on Streaming

As a young lady trying to make my way through this crazy thing called the gaming industry/community, the topic of streaming while I play video games has come up quite a few times. Today I will set you straight on what I think about streaming.

Reasons I Want To Stream

  • For business/marketing purposes, it would be good for the blog/personal brand. How good? Who knows?
  • Sometimes my jokes actually are pretty funny, and Twitter is not enough!
  • Because all these other girls are streaming, and gosh darn it I can do it too.

Reasons I Don’t Stream

  • I’m really lazy to get it all set up. Apparently I’m not lazy enough to write essays every day for the blog, but lazy enough to not figure out how to stream. Hah!
  • Sometimes I think my jokes are only funny in my head, and I don’t want to be a boring streamer.
  • I don’t want gaming to feel like “work” when I’m streaming. Gaming is escapism for me, and I feel like aside from talking to my guildmates, I would like it to be a little private. Is that weird?
  • I don’t want people judging me when I suck.
  • My computer already craps out in 16-man raids; I can’t imagine trying to stream on top of that.
  • A lot of times I’m gaming right when I wake up or right when I go to bed. While I think I look fine on a daily basis with no makeup, the interwebz may not! I’d rather not put makeup on to raid.

On a more serious note, I would like people to like me primarily because they think I’m smart and funny, a good writer, and a player that knows (mostly) what she’s doing, not because they like to watch me make faces at my computer screen when I die. Of course, you can argue that I could just stream without a webcam, but I would not want to put my computer under the additional stress unless there was a much greater return in results. Webcam=more viewers, but of course there are exceptions. However, a webcam definitely makes it easier.

What do you think? I’m basically telling you that I will need a really, really good reason to start streaming.

Girl Gamers: Why so much drama?

One of my Twitter friends @DanRhodenizer tweeted about his girl gamer list. I decided to join the list for funsies, because why not? I read through the conversation, and I was interested in the different reactions, such as people saying something like, why is that image pink/purple/hearts, those girls only play fucking call of duty, etc.  Why are “girl gamers” a big deal? Who cares what game they like to play? I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, but I don’t think I’ve ever truly written an opinion on this for you guys.

Why are girl gamers a big deal?

I can see why girl gamers are a big deal, because they’re a rarity. Anything that is scarce is more valuable if you look at it from a supply and demand perspective. If suddenly there was a huge influx of female gamers, the male gamers really wouldn’t care as much about gender anymore. At that point, if the ratio was 1:1 male and female, being a girl really wouldn’t be special.

Why do girl gamers care about being labeled a “girl gamer?”

I really couldn’t care less. That is exactly what I am. Why do females care so much about the distinction? Gamers are typically male, so to differentiate you, you are labeled a girl gamer. Like I said in the previous paragraph, when there is a more balanced ratio of females and males in gaming, the label will probably go away. Are women concerned about “girl gamer” having a negative stigma? If you are so concerned, by all means, just be a good member of the gamer population and don’t make it so girl gamers have a negative stigma. (Ex: all the things female gamers do that make you shake your head.)

Who cares what games they like to play?

I don’t really like to play the more violent games, like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. Actually, I generally do not like console gaming unless we’re talking about a Super Nintendo. Am I less of a “gamer” because I don’t like to play those mainstream, popular but violent console games? Or am I more of a gamer because I nerd it up on my PC playing an MMO? I don’t really want to link a video again, but in The Guild, when Codex meets Stupid Tall Hot Girl, you see a mini battle of girl-on-girl console vs. PC. You can see the disdain on Stupid Tall Hot Girl’s face when Codex says she plays an MMO, and STHG thinks she’s better than her. I know this is a work of fiction, but this really felt like an honest truth that I don’t know if males could relate to. People are not all exactly alike, so I wouldn’t expect every girl gamer to be the same, but..

Why are some girl gamers rude to others of their kind? Why are girls catty to each other in general?

Some gamer ladies are very unnecessarily mean and territorial, and I believe many feel validated that they are “the only girl” in their guild or raid group or whatever. One girl that used to be in our guild was horrible! I was nothing but nice to her, but she would be so rude and bitchy. Mean comments literally came out of nowhere. I also have run into the girl gamers that think they are better players than everyone BECAUSE they are a girl. Basically, they wouldn’t be playing if they weren’t really good. That’s annoying too.

I really just want a girl gamer friend that I can text and say, let’s go 2-man these quests, and then go to the nail salon after and talk about our epic loot.


Tonight I will log into Star Wars: The Old Republic. I will most likely be running a 16-man raid with my guild who treat me just like any other raider (except I have a blog), and there’s going to be at least 3 other females in there with me who all get along with each other and do not care what you think about them being female gamers.

Girly SWTOR Demands

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is a Jawagram from me to all of my visitors.

I Love You Jawagram

My favorite thing about the Jawagrams is when the Jawas briefly follow you. Of course, I now have an ewok that can follow me everywhere, so thank you SWTOR for giving us Treek. However, I really wish SWTOR would make some super adorable pets in addition to these ugly little (they are kind of cute in their own way) monsters and droids, so that I could always have a piece of cuteness following me everywhere while I DPS down a boss.

Ugly, cute little monster.

Ugly, cute little monster.

I did get a pretty cool pet in this week’s Galactic Ace’s Starfighter Pack, the Mini-Mogul OR-1, who looks like Karagga’s droid in the final boss of Karagga’s Palace. I will probably sell it though, because I don’t want to pack my Inventory with more stuff I won’t use.

Mini-Mogul Droid

And while we are on this subject of girly SWTOR demands: where is my pink/black color crystal? Pink/black dye? White/pink dye? There is no point in using my fabulous Magenta Hawkeye Crystal if I don’t have a matching outfit. I had a few outfits I cycled through that went well with the pink color crystal, but there’s only so much you can do that looks good. I was telling Annie in-game last night that sometimes it takes me hours to comb through my inventory, the Galactic Trade Network (GTN), and Collections to find an outfit that I like. Most of the time I mix and match different set pieces and add in a color dye to create a customized look.

Elegant Dress Outfit

I also think that many of the Sith outfits look the same. There’s only so many ways you can re-skin a long robe with either a long-sleeve top or huge shoulders. I guess the Jedi have it worse. Brown robes for life. Another demand I have is… short shorts! I have a miniskirt with bare legs and a miniskirt with leggings in-game, but where are my short shorts? If there are short shorts in the game, someone please tell me what they are called. I don’t want to put my character in the slave/dancer underwear. I know many male players would like short shorts for their lady toons as well, so this is not too much of a stretch.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft wears short shorts. Why can’t I?

Also… more crop tops that aren’t exposing the chest. Yes, I would like to show my midriff but no, I don’t want to show you my breasts. There was a lot with the base game, such as some of the Sith Warrior and Inquisitor tops, but I would like a different design… Okay that last one is maybe a little demanding.

Pink Pants

Guys, if there was some super freakin’ cute stuff in-game, like pets, pink, and nice outfits and hair, you could show your wife/girlfriend that she can literally have a doll that goes around game completing missions. Then you can solve that problem of her bugging you all the time while you play. Maybe she’ll even heal for you. (Yes, I know not all female gamers like pink, BUT I DO.)

Girl Gamer Meme

I’m not entirely ungrateful though.  I am thankful that Bioware designed and maintains a game that I like to play. I appreciate that the developers thought to add color dyes, more hairstyles, and options to color coordinate your outfit with your chest piece. I just would like to tell Bioware and everyone at Star Wars: The Old Republic, that there is a faithful “Founder” female subscriber out there that thinks that some simple cosmetic additions would vastly improve her gaming experience.

Girls with Gamer Boyfriends: Get Over It

So we had a pretty good discussion after raid today about girls with gamer boyfriends. What’s up with these girls getting mad at their boyfriends for playing video games? They’re not out getting drunk or picking up IRL chicks. They’re not out doing dangerous activities or spending insane amounts of money.

One of the guildies was talking about how they were sitting within 6 feet of the girlfriend, maintaining an intelligent conversation with her, watching Netflix, and playing an MMO at the same time. He claimed, what’s the difference between me sitting at the computer desk or on the bed watching together?

One of the other stories was with the girlfriend that bothered the gaming boyfriend to watch TV with her. The dutiful boyfriend logged off to watch some girly show with her, and so he said, “Since I’m here, can we watch something we both like?” The girlfriend said, “This is my show; I really want to watch it.” WTF, so he can’t play a game that he likes, but she’ll inflict her TV show on him?

Then there was the story about the guy who had female guildmates that used to text him asking if he was coming to raid. I guess the girlfriend went apeshit over that. Seriously? He’s not gonna cheat with someone whose real name he doesn’t even know or have weird MMO cyber sex with them. He’s gonna be with the real live breathing human that’s next to him, which is the girl giving him grief about an innocent text.

There were a few more stories, but you get the gist. My guild actually has quite a few females, so I’m not the lone estrogen in the group. My response to this conversation: “Girls are just crazy bitches.” So, females, what is your issue? Entertain yourself. Read a book. Watch a movie. Take a nap. Play the game with him. Be an independent, non-clingy human being. He’s going to log off eventually after the boss is dead.

Except Valentine’s Day or anniversaries or birthdays. Don’t play video games on those days. If you are gaming this Valentine’s Day instead of taking her out, you are doing it wrong. Admittedly, if you don’t spend enough of your off time when you’re not playing video games with your girl or put enough effort to send a cutesy text message, then you are still doing it wrong.