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Pretty Girls and Pretty Games: How Important Are Appearance & Graphics?

Looks aren’t everything. Appearance will certainly bring you in, but substance will make you stay.

What am I talking about here? I’m talking about attractive people and video games with amazing graphics.

The Elder Scrolls Online certainly sucked me in with beautiful graphics. Seeing people post screenshots, watching the cinematic trailers, oohing and ahhing made me want to buy the game (again). When it came it to actually playing the game, I would be impressed for a second at the view and then sorely disappointed for the next half an hour at how unsatisfied I was with the game. I was bored. The game was buggy. I felt like the storyline didn’t care about my character. I wanted something more with the game, not just a pretty landscape.

The same could be said when you date someone new. A lot of the time the first thing that attracts you to someone is how they look. However, looks aren’t enough if there are things wrong (bugs), such as not being able to hold a conversation, not having anything in common, not have the same values or priorities, etc. Sometimes you fix the bugs. But a lot of the times, it’s just not technically possible or too much effort for too little reward. And out the girl/guy/game must go.

If the girl/guy/game is really that attractive, maybe it will keep your attention for a little bit longer. However, if there is nothing else that interests you beyond the appearance, then I feel like you couldn’t be as happy as you could be if you found a girl/guy/game that was fun, interesting, or whatever else you look for in a partner/game.

On the alternate end of the spectrum, how about those games or people that have absolutely nothing going for them on the outside? A while back I wrote about a mobile game I was playing called A Dark Room that was merely text—black and white. And yet, that game was so addicting. I spent hours playing it until I beat it. There were absolutely no graphics at all needed to make me happy.

For you single folks, there may be someone out there that you haven’t noticed because their outward appearance has not piqued your interest. However, their personality, brain and heart might be the perfect fit for you. Alternatively, a beautiful outward appearance may not always mean a boring inside. To find one of those games/people that has what you are looking for on the inside and the outside is truly a find.

What do you think? How much do you prioritize a game’s graphics? A person’s attractiveness? (Is that a loaded question?)

Purchased The Elder Scrolls Online AGAIN


Despite what I said before in previous posts, I bit the bullet and purchased The Elder Scrolls Online AGAIN. (FYI: I pre-ordered, played the beta, hated it, returned it, then bought it again after launch.) One of my coworkers said that her husband bought it, and they’re playing and really like it. Also, a few of my guildies are playing ESO as well, so I was like… I guess I’ll buy it. I bought the Imperial edition because my coworker said it was worth the extra money just to get the horse right away.

I created a Sorcerer because I like magic! Currently leveling through the Dark Magic skill line but the lightning one looks cool. For a physical weapon I’ve been using a magicka regenerating dagger.

I’m currently running through the same starter areas as I did in beta. I haven’t gone past where I left off from then, so most of what I’m doing, I had already experienced before. So far, I think I figured out the crafting thing better than I did before.

However, I have already run into a few bugs, such as “Your Attempted Transfer Failed,” in which I couldn’t get enter the dungeon. I Googled a fix which was pretty easy, just log off and log back in, but still. That was annoying. I’m pretty sure I ran into one more bug, but I can’t remember what it is. It must not have been that annoying if I don’t remember.


As far as character creation though, despite all the options, I still failed at making my character look exactly how I want. How do you guys do that?? I wanted her with a rounder face, different eyebrows (don’t like the eyebrow selection), different nose, and big, Mila Kunis eyes. Looks like I’ve failed. Oh well. I’m way too lazy to play through that beginning part again. It’s discouraging to create an ALT!

Basically, if you ever wonder why I’m not updating the blog, it’s because I’m happily gaming. I really need to get Twitch going, so you guys can watch what I’m doing, but I’m so lazy to get that set up.

This doesn’t mean that I will be leaving SWTOR at all! This is just a nice little break, and who says you can’t play multiple games? If anyone wants to add me on The Elder Scrolls Online, my user ID is @heathernaz.

Officially Going to SWTOR Cantina in Boston!

It’s official! I will be attending SWTOR’s Community Cantina in Boston next month, scheduled sometime during PAX East 2014 April 11-13th. I tweeted Community Manager Eric Musco to make sure the Cantina was going to be within those dates, and thank God he confirmed that it would absolutely be during PAX East weekend. I was definitely paranoid for a second after I confirmed my plane ticket and hotel room without knowing for sure, but now I’m super excited! (I’m flying Economy, but I’m staying in a 4-star hotel that looks awesome!)

I would really also like to attend PAX East even for just one day, but I normally don’t plan my life so far in advance to buy tickets for something like that. Those passes are sold out and have been sold out for a while. I’m probably really out of luck, but we’ll see what happens.

I haven’t been able to take any vacations longer than a 4 day weekend for the past six months, so I’m so excited to get out of town, even though I’m only going to be in Boston for 5 days. Boston is one of my favorite cities, and I can’t wait to do and see things that I haven’t done in past visits.

Other random stuff I think you should know about:

Elder Scrolls Online Beta is still really, really boring, and I can’t imagine what they could do to make me like the game when it actually comes out. I need to call and cancel my pre-order because I just don’t see myself playing the game. It was so boring, in fact, that…..

I made another character in Star Wars: The Old Republic this weekend. This is probably like my 3rd Mercenary that I’ve tried to level. Instead of going back to an old character, I would rather just start a new one instead of trying to figure out everything in the middle of a plot. Somewhere around level 25 or so I lose interest, but I really want to make this one work this time. The Bounty Hunter class story is the only one that I have not completed on the Imperial side, and the stories are, in my opinion, the best part of the game.

Site changes: I updated my picture on the sidebar because the previous picture was annoying me. The horrible quality, the horrible blush application..ugh. This current one I like a little better. I also have updated the Contact page to include an e-mail address ( and my Twitter page is also clickable from there as well.

My birthday is in less than 2 weeks! 

The Elder Scrolls Online Beta: Extra Invite

ESO logo

So, I promise I have another SWTOR themed blog post coming out later tonight once I can get my in-game screenshots but since my Elder Scrolls Online Beta Review post has been pretty popular, I decided someone might want this…

I have an extra beta invite key for this weekend’s beta testing, so whoever contacts me first can use it.

I’m pretty excited to be able to go into The Elder Scrolls Online beta again this weekend to take more screenshots and report more bugs!

This weekend’s beta testing will start on Friday, February 28th at 12:00PM EST and end on Sunday, March 2nd at 11:59PM EST.

Elder Scrolls Online Review

The kind folks at Bethesda and Zenimax Online have lifted their NDA ban this past weekend, so I’m free to post my Elder Scrolls Online review. Yay! However, I have only played the most recent beta testing weekend, so if you’re still on the fence on buying the game, I would wait until it comes out in April to read a more up to date and complete Elder Scrolls Online review. There are many things that I can talk about right away though, so let’s get started.

Elder Scrolls Online Review: What I Liked

Character Creation: WOW!

Okay so not the character creation screen, but look at the chest, not too skinny waist, and hips. Unfortunately can't see backside.

Okay, so this is not the character creation screen, but look at the chest, not too skinny waist, and hips. Unfortunately you can’t see her backside.

This was one of my favorite things about Elder Scrolls Online. I’m such a superficial girl, haha. You could really customize your character’s body exactly how you want it to look like. You would think only horny, lonely male gamers care about this, but I LOVE that I can give my character an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in your face. And large breasts. And thin but kind of muscular legs. And I have options to choose a soft/angular/heroic face style. Additionally, there are so many different face options and sliders, very much like in The Sims games, which is one of my favorite thing about The Sims. You can choose the shape, size, height, width, of all sorts of facial features. So far in SWTOR I have been stuck picking the same body types and same faces that I thought were attractive because I couldn’t really customize or choose anything different, so I really, really liked this part.

Beautiful Graphics and Landscape

Watching the sunset in Daggerfall. Notice the backside on this toon.

Watching the sunset in Daggerfall. Notice the backside on this toon.

During some parts of gameplay, there are absolutely breathtaking scenes. I mostly tried out the Daggerfall Covenant and Aldmeri Dominion because I didn’t want to waste my time doing the Ebonheart Pact when I’ve played so much Skyrim, so I’m not too sure what the other cities in that faction look like, besides the first one, which was in Skyrim. Unfortunately, I really didn’t take enough screenshots because I didn’t believe my print screen button was working (lol noob), so pretty much all of my pictures are of Daggerfall. I can’t remember which one of the cities in the Aldmeri Dominion was called…. the one where you’re in that harbor town with that guy that gets killed by poison (I know, spoiler alert, plus I’m not the best note taker/reviewer) , but that town was stunning. They even incorporate day and night, and weather features. So basically, it’s not always nighttime, and it’s not always raining. I’m not sure how often time of day or the weather changes, but it was pretty cool. When I arrived at Daggerfall, it was a beautiful sunny day. After that, it just kept raining.

Cause and Effect

I liked that if I chose to help a certain NPC in the first city (Daggerfall Covenant), they helped me do something later on. This wasn’t a permanent thing, as they didn’t really come back once I got to Daggerfall, but it was kind of cool that you could have minions do your dirty work real quick instead of doing it yourself. For example: I saved a thief from jail. Later on, instead of having to steal something myself, he offered to help, and I could choose yes or no. Of course I chose yes! This particular NPC doesn’t stay with you, but I was kind of hoping for some kind of romantic relationship between him and my character, since all the female NPCs were talking about how hot he was. And he sounded like Steve Blum, voice of Andronikos Revel, the female inquisitor romantic companion in SWTOR.

Elder Scrolls Online Review: What I Didn’t Like


So this is a pretty important thing for gamer to like about a game. Unfortunately for me, a lot of the time it seemed kind of clumsy, confusing, and weak. Maybe I just suck at playing the game, but I got through Skyrim and SWTOR successfully enough. I liked that you could use your weapon with your mouse, but then you also had to manage that with the abilities that get hotkeyed to your keyboard. This was actually the worst with the archer character I had, but maybe I was putting my skillpoints in the wrong thing. I did like my Sorcerer and Dragonknight, who both used magic, but I didn’t know what to do with my sword, or how to buff them up for melee range. This problem could probably be solved with more gameplay, but that was my first impression.

Is this an MMO?

A lot of the gameplay could be completed alone or without any contact with other people. If you went for the same enemy, ungrouped, you would still be able to loot it. Or maybe I was just really good and looted before everyone else–I don’t know. There weren’t really any quests that forced you to group up, or perhaps I didn’t play long enough. To me, it doesn’t really make too much of a difference if I’m playing with someone or not, but to not really have a big MMO aspect yet pay a $14.99 subscription every month seems odd.

Is this quest mandatory or not?

I’m sure they’ll fix the  bugs by the time the game is released in April, but certain quests bugged out on me. If I didn’t complete them, I couldn’t move on to the next area. I didn’t really like this, because sometimes, after you’ve played a game for a while, you don’t want to do every single little thing to level up.


I was pretty confused by crafting, and once I kind of figured it out, I couldn’t find the supplies or ingredients anywhere. However, with time I’m sure I would get good at this if I kept at it.

Overall thoughts?

Elder Scrolls Online 3

I haven’t been annoyed enough with the game to cancel my pre-order. Additionally, it seems like it would be a pain to call and explain to them why I didn’t want to buy the game after all. I think I’m going to continue with the pre-order, but I probably won’t subscribe after the first month, just because the cost of gaming won’t be worth the time I spend playing it. Also, I’d rather just play Skyrim, even though Elder Scrolls Online was so beautiful! So yes, I’m staying faithful to Star Wars: The Old Republic for now.

The Cost of Gaming

EDIT: I will be canceling my pre-order because I didn’t like Elder Scrolls Online in beta. I doubt that feeling will change when the game is fully released.

I feel like I’m cheating on Star Wars: The Old Republic, because…

I pre-ordered Elder Scrolls Online Digital Imperial Edition! I know, I probably should’ve just waited to try it before spending the big bucks (so irresponsible), but I consider gaming a fairly cost-effective hobby. Plus, I love Skyrim, and ESO just sounds awesome. The cost of the ESO Digital Imperial Edition was $79.99, and for the first 30 days after release I will get 30 days of unlimited play, which will be followed by a $14.99 monthly subscription. The game will be fully released on 4/4/2014 on PC and Mac.

For all the gamers that whine about how expensive a monthly MMO subscription is, you need to reevaluate your monthly spending. Or, you’re a kid that can’t pay for their own stuff anyway. $14.99 a month? Bring your lunch to work/school with you one day (or a couple of days, depending how much you like to spend on lunch). If you think the $14.99 is a waste of money to spend and not a good thing by providing the company money to spend on developing more content, then you’re probably just not playing enough to make it worth it.

We can also look at monthly subscriptions in comparison to other forms of entertainment that one would spend money on. I can go to the movie theater, and spend upwards of $20 for 2 hours of entertainment and sub-par theater snacks. I might not even like the movie! I could also go to the mall for a couple of hours and spend $200 on clothes I don’t really need, but just bought because I was bored and was trying on clothes for fun. With video games, especially on the PC and with MMOS, your $14.99 monthly subscription is worth hundreds of hours of entertainment over time. Even if you include costs of upgrading your computer reasonably over time and the price of purchasing the game itself, I would still spend way, way more money trying to entertain myself some other way.

Let’s look at this mathematically. Figures are monthly estimates.

Amount Spent on Shopping / hours of entertainment = Cost of going shopping for fun
(This is not even factoring cost/per wear factor and possibly buying clothes I will hardly wear.)
$300 / 4 hours = $75.00/hour

Amount Spent on Movies / hours of entertainment = Cost of going out to the movies.
$40 / 4 hours = $10.00/hour

Amount Spent on Playing Subscription MMO / hours of entertainment = Cost of playing video games
$14.99 / 50 hours = .2298 or 23 cents/hour

Obviously not everyone spends $300 a month on clothes. I probably don’t even spend that much, but these are just examples. Figure out what you spend money on for fun in your own life. Is the cost worth the entertainment? For me, it definitely is.

BTW: Kate Beckinsale is one of the voice actresses for the game!!