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FAQ for Community Cantina Prospects

Las Vegas

Earlier this year posted approximate dates for the Las Vegas SWTOR Community Cantina, November 7-9, and one of my readers sent me an e-mail to ask some questions about attending! I thought my answers would be helpful to more people interested in going to a Cantina in the future since I’ve been to two of them so far. Here is a bit of what I sent back to Terry, who plays on the Harbinger server!

Question #1: How do I find out WHERE in Vegas it will be?

Answer: Usually SWTOR announces the exact date and location a few weeks before the actual event, however they did post something earlier this year that gave approximate dates, so that you could schedule your life/travel around it. We won’t know where in Vegas it will be for a few weeks to a month from now!

 Question #2: Will it really be taking place over 3 days?  Or will it just be for a few hours on one of the days?

Answer: The cantinas are only for a few hours on one of the three nights, and they usually have them at bars or hotels, somewhere they can serve food/alcohol and hold a lot of people.

Question #3: How much time will I actually get to ask questions?

There’s a Q&A session in which the devs and community team answer questions in front of everyone, but what you may want to do is talk to one of them after the Q&A is over. They go into the crowd and they are pretty easy to talk to! I spoke with [Eric] Musco and Courtney [Woods] when I went to Boston, and they’re very nice and approachable, but of course, many people want to talk to them. I think if you get a hold of one of them you will have plenty of time to ask questions.


The Las Vegas Community Cantina is coming up soon, so if you’d like to go I would start making some travel plans! I will definitely be there since I live here, and I hope to see some blog readers and listeners there as well!

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SWTOR Community Cantina Boston 2014: Q&A Twitter Summary

For those that don’t follow me on Twitter, here are the live tweets I posted during the SWTOR Community Cantina in Boston of the Q&A session and conversations I had with members of the community team, Eric Musco & Courtney Woods.








I just got back to the hotel, and I’m pretty tired. Tomorrow I have PAX East to go to. I have some excellent info regarding Assassin/Shadow Deception/Infiltration AOE, so I will write about that later along with some videos that my new friends from the Prophecy of the Five server recorded.

UPDATE: Click here to read the bonus questions asked after the main Q&A session.

Clean Hair or Late-Night Gaming? #Priorities

Tonight I fly out Boston for PAX East and SWTOR’s Community Cantina! However, I haven’t packed yet for my weeklong trip…

I need to wash my hair tonight, because it’s been a few days and it’s really annoying having to put my hair up. (The dry shampoo I have currently, Oscar Blandi, doesn’t work very well masking oily hair, but it doesn’t leave a lot of white residue. I would rather have it work properly, like Batiste does, and have to brush out all the white instead.) But tomorrow I have a blowout appointment at The Dry Bar in Boston! You’re not supposed to wash your hair every day because it’s damaging. I should just wash it because my hair gets oily quickly.

Do you know why I just didn’t wash my hair this morning? Because I was sleeping in long after my alarm went off after a bit of late night gaming. Bahhh!

A lot of the stuff in my life can be blamed on gaming. Reason why I didn’t go to the tailor and get my pants hemmed? Dress altered? Hair washed? Room cleaned? Clothes packed? VIDEO GAMES ARE WHY. Heh, I’m joking just a little bit, but I seriously need to get my time management skillz together.

On another note, not sure how/when I’m going to get a chance to post anything about the Cantina tomorrow night, since I don’t have a laptop, and I will be going to PAX East on Saturday and Sunday. I’m not sure if there’s enough time in the morning to do anything before I go. I really would like to apologize in advance if my entries are a bit light in the next week, but it’s a harder to blog without an actual keyboard.

If you’re going to either of the events this weekend, don’t be afraid to say hello!

Leveling Fever, Pink Dyes, & Going to Boston

Silence on the blog means busy, busy gaming for me!

I rolled another Jedi Shadow, because I didn’t like the first one I made. I have a serious leveling fever right now, but I think I can finally get a level 55 toon on the Republic side with this one now. In the past couple weeks, I went from one level 55 character to three! The other two were already at level 50 or higher though, so it’s not like I’ve been playing like crazy… (Or have I???) I now have a level 55 Assassin, Mercenary, and Sorcerer. The Sorcerer has fairly decent gear (69 set-piece armorings and 72/78 mods and enhancements), but I still need relics and implants. I won’t be able to participate in next week’s double XP weekend because I’ll be in Boston!

Here’s a picture of the Jedi Shadow so far. I’ve updated her robes since then, but the current ones I have on her won’t be permanent either.


This picture is a bit overdue. It’s from our all-Bounty Hunter raid from last Tuesday. My in-game photography skills are not very good here, but those who participated will be able to recognize their own characters.


Finally, here is a picture of sad Dianah, who unfortunately couldn’t beat Corruptor Zero on Dread Fortress HM 16-man with her team last week. I’m thinking we’re going to try again tonight, but some of our guild members are probably going to be watching Game of Thrones, so we’ll see.

sad dianah

Another thing that also happened in SWTOR’s Cartel Market is the release of pink color dyes! They had pink/white, white/pink, pink/black, black/pink….. My girly SWTOR demands are finally being satisfied! Yay. I actually didn’t get any of the pink/white combinations because pink/black is just so much better. I bought four because I didn’t think they were going to stay on the Cartel Market. Now we’re just waiting on our magenta/black color crystal!

I really, really need to clean my room and start packing for my trip later this week. I will be at the SWTOR Community Cantina on Friday night, as well as PAX East on Saturday and Sunday. I won’t be going home until the next Thursday, so I will be having some fun vacation time in Boston!

Also, don’t forget! I’m featured on OotiniCast’s upcoming episode 129, which is coming out tomorrow (Monday, April 7th) for your listening pleasure.

Officially Going to SWTOR Cantina in Boston!

It’s official! I will be attending SWTOR’s Community Cantina in Boston next month, scheduled sometime during PAX East 2014 April 11-13th. I tweeted Community Manager Eric Musco to make sure the Cantina was going to be within those dates, and thank God he confirmed that it would absolutely be during PAX East weekend. I was definitely paranoid for a second after I confirmed my plane ticket and hotel room without knowing for sure, but now I’m super excited! (I’m flying Economy, but I’m staying in a 4-star hotel that looks awesome!)

I would really also like to attend PAX East even for just one day, but I normally don’t plan my life so far in advance to buy tickets for something like that. Those passes are sold out and have been sold out for a while. I’m probably really out of luck, but we’ll see what happens.

I haven’t been able to take any vacations longer than a 4 day weekend for the past six months, so I’m so excited to get out of town, even though I’m only going to be in Boston for 5 days. Boston is one of my favorite cities, and I can’t wait to do and see things that I haven’t done in past visits.

Other random stuff I think you should know about:

Elder Scrolls Online Beta is still really, really boring, and I can’t imagine what they could do to make me like the game when it actually comes out. I need to call and cancel my pre-order because I just don’t see myself playing the game. It was so boring, in fact, that…..

I made another character in Star Wars: The Old Republic this weekend. This is probably like my 3rd Mercenary that I’ve tried to level. Instead of going back to an old character, I would rather just start a new one instead of trying to figure out everything in the middle of a plot. Somewhere around level 25 or so I lose interest, but I really want to make this one work this time. The Bounty Hunter class story is the only one that I have not completed on the Imperial side, and the stories are, in my opinion, the best part of the game.

Site changes: I updated my picture on the sidebar because the previous picture was annoying me. The horrible quality, the horrible blush application..ugh. This current one I like a little better. I also have updated the Contact page to include an e-mail address ( and my Twitter page is also clickable from there as well.

My birthday is in less than 2 weeks!