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Corellian Run Radio Ep 149 w/ Lady Insanity

Corellian Run Radio

Hello everyone! I know I’m a few days late reporting this, but my co-host Jason and I  recorded episode 149 of Corellian Run Radio on Sunday featuring YouTube gamer and BioWare fan Lady Insanity! We interview her about what she does in the gaming industry and her thoughts of information she has obtained about the upcoming SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.

Additionally, I give a few tips on trying out operations in-game, especially for players that have been playing alone and would like to try out some additional end-game group content!

You can download the episode on iTunes or your favorite podcast app, or you can also watch the YouTube video of the live recording we did on Sunday, which I embedded here on the post.

My Boyfriend Unsubbed from SWTOR

"You're my enemy now. Go." Just kidding.

“You’re my enemy now. Go.” Just kidding!

I’ve mentioned my boyfriend a few times here on the blog, and I would consider him a hardcore SWTOR player. He has definitely played more than me! He has played all of the class stories, has all 16 advanced classes at current max level, ran in NiM progression operation groups, unlocked and maxed out many (all?) GSF ships, and has played a ton of Ranked, unranked, and open world PvP. On top of that, he has an incredible number of achievements and maxed out reputations.

He is going to unsubscribe from the game, and it’s okay. SWTOR is a great game, whether one is subbed or not. Personally, I will stay subbed to the game for a long time, but I respect his decision, and I don’t disagree with his opinions either. (Or perhaps we agree to disagree!)

There are many reasons why a player would unsubscribe, and there is nothing wrong with it. At some point, some people are done playing a game—maybe forever, maybe playing only casually, maybe only when there is a new game update. Here are some of the reasons he has stated on why SWTOR is not worth the subscription fee to him anymore:


San Diego Comic-Con Day 2


I started off my second day of San Diego Comic-Con on the crowded trolley to the convention center where I met an Elsa (Frozen) cosplayer! The ride wasn’t very long—only a few stops from my hotel. I wanted to spend more time inside the convention on this day, but I quickly learned that it’s easy to tire out from walking back and forth and navigating through all the attendees!


Disagreements Amongst SWTOR Players

SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire will be out on October 27th, 2015.

SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire will be out on October 27th, 2015.

The past few days of SWTOR news have brought out a lot of varying opinions and arguments amongst players. What’s more important? Who is right? PvP, story, RP, etc. People want to be right in their opinions, and sometimes this unfortunately leads to trash talking other players and undermining others for what they like.

I think the new changes look interesting and fun. When the new expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, comes out in October, it doesn’t really matter how I’m playing if I’m having fun with it. In the meantime, it’s only June, and there’s a lot of time in between to be patient, get more information, and possibly provide constructive criticism to the game developers, if it’s not too late.

Zakuul Skyscraper City View Concept

Zakuul Skyscraper City View Concept

When I go to community cantinas, it is very exciting to meet different people, regardless of how they play the game. I may ask what server they play on and what class, but I’ve never encountered or seen people that argue amongst themselves about their opinions of what should happen or be put into the game in person. It’s just fun.

Obviously, I know I’ve poked fun at people at cantinas asking inconsequential questions (Ex: “Will I get so-and-so color lightsaber?”) but it’s nothing like what you see on the internet. On the internet people are ruthless, calling each other bad names, saying nasty things, all because someone disagrees with something about a game they both like.

I have not really encountered any confrontational remarks (this week) about the new content, but I hope people will take into consideration what other people think, and not simply jump down their throats because they don’t like what they say. You can have friends with varying opinions, and that’s okay. I respect players that like different things in the game, even if it is not what I like or care about.

For example, my boyfriend also plays SWTOR, but we definitely have different opinions. He thinks the game is moving towards a single player RPG and less of an MMO and that it may not be good for the future of the game. Like I’ve stated before, I think it’s still going to be a fun game no matter what. I’m not going to argue to death with him about it! I’m not going to break up or say horrible, mean things to him because he cares about different parts of the game than me.

Vaylin under attack

Vaylin under attack

I think people should put into perspective the things they say and do on the internet. I know it’s much easier to be mean to others because of a sense of anonymity (or whatever the reason is people troll) but in real life if a friend, or even a stranger, had a differing opinion about a game, we’d likely be more excited they simply play the same game. We should all be friendlier to other players in the same game, because it’s a huge thing we have in common.

On that note, if you’d like to try out the game or subscribe again, please use my SWTOR referral link!

Corellian Run Radio Ep 145 w/ Nick Avola is Out!

Hello everyone! Episode 145 of my podcast Corellian Run Radio is out! In this episode, Jason and I talk briefly about some SWTOR news, and then we interview the new Assistant Community Coordinator at BioWare Austin, Nick Avola!

This is the first interview he’s done on any SWTOR podcasts, so if you’d like to get to know him a little better and hear why you haven’t seen him much on the forums, you should definitely listen!

I embedded the video here on this post, but you can also download the episode on iTunes or your preferred podcast app!


How I Feel About SWTOR PvP

Yesterday, while waiting for Dreadtooth to respawn, one of my guildies challenged me to a duel! He beat me the first time, but I destroyed him the second time. He was in full PvP gear, and I was in my 192/198 PvE gear! He had also left the operation group temporarily, so we wouldn’t see each other in stealth.

He said, “You should really get PvP gear; you would be so good.” Or something like that. I need to pay more attention to conversations with guildies because they are all super funny and clever people.

I said, “I don’t like PvP.”

I said it. I hate warzones and arenas and random strangers beating on me, telling me I’m a noob or that I suck, or the opposite team trash talking. It’s unnecessary stress dealing with unfriendly, high-strung players, and for someone that plays games to relax, not the thing for me. Actually, it doesn’t even really matter what game the PvP is in; I just prefer PvE. I enjoy PvE, having fun conversations, working together with my guildies to defeat bosses, and practicing my priority rotation and positioning until it’s good enough to clear a fight.

However, that’s not the complete truth. I do like dueling with my friends. I like easygoing 1v1s. I like doing it for fun, not because I care about a ranking or how many goals my team gets in Huttball.

Honestly, at this point I don’t think PvP in SWTOR is a high priority for BioWare. While I feel bad for my PvP playing friends and have tried to help and spotlight the issue with PvP in the game, in the end, I simply enjoy flashpoints and operations and experiencing new stories when they are released. I think this is what BioWare is putting their time, money, and effort toward, and as someone that plays a few nights a week with a great guild (my operations team is 4/10 on the latest hard modes), I’m happy with the game.

(Note: BioWare Austin, if you’re reading, please still continue to work on GSF!)

Farewell Zorz!

I had the pleasure of meeting a few members of the SWTOR guild <Zorz> a few weekends ago at the latest SWTOR community cantina at Star Wars Celebration. I’ve also interacted with a few of them on Twitter, and I can absolutely say that they are extremely nice, fun, and talented people.

I recently heard today that they are quitting the game and liquidating their guild assets because they are going to play other games. I have no issue with this at all. It’s their choice, and I agree that trying new and different games is absolutely reasonable if you have completed all of the content you enjoy in a game. There are so many other great games to play out there, so why not try as many as you can?

Unfortunately, I’ve read many negative things today about this guild, and that made me unhappy. I find that people sound harsh, envious, and angry in regards to them leaving. They are not sitting around and complaining about the game; they are choosing to make themselves happy by playing something else. I am not seeing any “crying” from them, though I respect their wishes that Nightmare content be released sooner rather than later for the newest operations.

I support their decision to leave. Their decisions don’t have to be the same as mine for me to respect them, as I still enjoy playing SWTOR and I am not nearly at their progression level! Good luck Zorz and happy gaming!

Sharing The Love: Call For SWTOR Q&A Questions

leslie knopeI finished watching the television series “Parks and Recreation” and a while ago, and I loved it! If you are not familiar with the series, a woman named Leslie Knope (who works in the parks and recreation department in her city) works very hard to make her city a better place for everyone. Unfortunately throughout the series, she receives a lot of criticism and a lack of gratitude from the residents of Pawnee for the good things she has done. Eventually she works her way out of this and is very successful by the end of the series, but it made me consider a few things.

While I like most of people within the SWTOR community, I also have felt less passionate to talk or write about the game recently, due to some of the people I’ve run into. I would much rather just log into game and play with my guildies, who are fun, kind people. Although I can block and mute and avoid as much of the bad stuff as I can—and I do receive positive feedback—thinking about the bad, for me, overwhelms the good and makes me less happy to do anything. (FYI this is not about Facebook; I really like the Facebook people!)

Then I thought of The Princess Diaries. If you are unfamiliar, it is a book series and a movie in which a teenage girl named Mia Thermopolis discovers that she is a princess born out of wedlock to her prince father (who has died) and artist mother. She is not a genius nor is she extremely charismatic—simply average. And at first she does not want to be a princess. There was too much responsibility, she didn’t want to let anyone down, and she didn’t think that she could do it. However, her friend Lily, who runs a fairly unpopular public access television show discussing politics and social issues, says that Mia has a huge opportunity to make a difference in the world, whereas someone like herself tries very hard to do so but has no clout or people listening to her message.


I’m certainly not saying I’m a princess, but I am saying that I have somehow made my way through the SWTOR community, and I do have a voice on Corellian Run Radio, on my blog, and whenever I’m not busy on Thursday nights to be on The Republic. I have an opportunity this weekend to bring questions directly to the developers of the game, and I know that players have many things that they would like to ask. It would be a shame if I let something like a voice go to waste because of “haters,” and I would still like to help people as long as they let me or would like me to.

If you would like me to bring a question with me to the Anaheim SWTOR Community Cantina and any other opportunities where I can speak to a developer, please leave a comment here, tweet me @Heather_PLS, or e-mail me

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