Girls with Gamer Boyfriends: Get Over It

So we had a pretty good discussion after raid today about girls with gamer boyfriends. What’s up with these girls getting mad at their boyfriends for playing video games? They’re not out getting drunk or picking up IRL chicks. They’re not out doing dangerous activities or spending insane amounts of money.

One of the guildies was talking about how they were sitting within 6 feet of the girlfriend, maintaining an intelligent conversation with her, watching Netflix, and playing an MMO at the same time. He claimed, what’s the difference between me sitting at the computer desk or on the bed watching together?

One of the other stories was with the girlfriend that bothered the gaming boyfriend to watch TV with her. The dutiful boyfriend logged off to watch some girly show with her, and so he said, “Since I’m here, can we watch something we both like?” The girlfriend said, “This is my show; I really want to watch it.” WTF, so he can’t play a game that he likes, but she’ll inflict her TV show on him?

Then there was the story about the guy who had female guildmates that used to text him asking if he was coming to raid. I guess the girlfriend went apeshit over that. Seriously? He’s not gonna cheat with someone whose real name he doesn’t even know or have weird MMO cyber sex with them. He’s gonna be with the real live breathing human that’s next to him, which is the girl giving him grief about an innocent text.

There were a few more stories, but you get the gist. My guild actually has quite a few females, so I’m not the lone estrogen in the group. My response to this conversation: “Girls are just crazy bitches.” So, females, what is your issue? Entertain yourself. Read a book. Watch a movie. Take a nap. Play the game with him. Be an independent, non-clingy human being. He’s going to log off eventually after the boss is dead.

Except Valentine’s Day or anniversaries or birthdays. Don’t play video games on those days. If you are gaming this Valentine’s Day instead of taking her out, you are doing it wrong. Admittedly, if you don’t spend enough of your off time when you’re not playing video games with your girl or put enough effort to send a cutesy text message, then you are still doing it wrong.

7 Reasons Why I Love My Sith Assassin

I forgot which of my guildies said this about the Sith Assassin the other night, but I thought it was pretty funny:

“The (SWTOR) devs thought it was a good idea to wrap a Sith in toilet paper and throw them at the boss.”

Or something like that. I’ve played quite a few different classes on SWTOR (which perhaps can be a post for another day), and my Assassin, Dianah, is my favorite. She is the alt that became the main! So here are seven reasons why I love my Sith Assassin, who is normally specced into the Deception skill tree:

1. Pretty light armor.

Samus Aran

Sith wear light armor robes, or “toilet paper” as someone said. But before the days of Adaptive Armor and the Cartel Market, I hated my Juggernaut because I had to wear the damn heavy armor all the time. I guess it wasn’t so bad, kind of had that Samus Aran thing going on, but still. I wanted my female toon to wear the cute crop tops and maxi skirts (because basically, that is what a lot of the female Sith light armor looks like), so I rolled an Assassin. Now any of my characters can wear whatever I want, but they do look coolest from a roleplaying aspect if you put them in gear designed for that specific class.

2. Stealth and burst DPS in PVP.

Honestly, I don’t make it into the warzone very often because it stresses me out to have to follow an objective and then get gang-banged by 4 different Republic players at once for trying to get some orb. But if there is a random, flagged Republic character out in the world, it’s on like Donkey Kong.  With the stealth ability and burst DPS, I can pretty much almost kill someone before they realize what’s happening. If I happen to go into PVP as a tank, it’s even better because I’m harder to kill, but that’s a rare occasion.

3. Stealth rez!

This was ahhmazing when I first figured it out. In our operation runs I’m not the tank, so if someone vitally important goes down, I can quickly stop DPSing and stealth revive that essential raid member. The bad thing is that I have a 15 minute cool down on Revive. If we wipe and I stealth out to avoid having to run back, you won’t get revived until someone else does it, because I want to have the Revive up in case of an emergency.

4. Better animations than the Shadow.

So you might say, “If she likes her Assassin, she’ll like the Shadow too.” Nope. When I first started leveling a Jedi Shadow, I was thinking, “OMG so cool, it’s gonna be just like Dianah.” Unfortunately, Jedi Consulars throw around ugly rocks and don’t make cool purple lightning and shock noises. I was disappointed. But I still have one, sitting hopelessly at level 28 or something. One day I will level her so I can run Pub-side operations.

5. Backup tank FTW

Sometimes it is just useful having a pretty little Sith Assassin DPS sitting in your operation with backup tanking gear, defensive cooldowns and taunt abilities. Most of the time I would probably just try to stealth revive the tank. But on other bosses, like Nefra in Dread Fortress for example, if a tank somehow goes down, there is the mechanic where the two tanks split the cleave damage from the boss. If the tank stays alone, it’s pretty much instadeath for them. What an Assassin DPS can do is run in real quick, hope their healer quickly battle rezzes the dead tank, pop defensive cool downs and hope they have enough force to switch to tank stance, and then get cleaved with their buddy tank. This sounds like I’m a grossly exaggerating my tank abilities.

Despair getting ready to pull Nefra.

Despair getting ready to pull Nefra.

6. Maul.

My healers shouldn’t have to worry about me running in front of the boss, because I will always be attempting to stand behind or on the side to use my big pokey double-lightsaber to Maul the boss from behind. Somehow, this doesn’t always happen in my case, because I end up standing a little too close to things sometimes. So yes, healers, I hear you when you say don’t stand in front of the boss, and I’m sorry! Anyway, Maul does a crap-ton of damage, and you get it pretty early while leveling up as well. I typed out a whole PVP rotation using Maul, but that should be secret, right?

7. Awesome DPS!

According to Dulfy’s site, Assassin DPS is “lackluster.” Well, I guess since she (he?) has the experts from Hatred writing then they must be right. Now, I wouldn’t vehemently argue that I was the best, because I know I’m not, but personally, I can keep up with any of the other supposedly “best” DPS classes. To state that Assassin DPS was lackluster just hasn’t met the right player, or one who knows how to play the Deception skill tree.  I have run into a few fail-Assassin DPS players, and the Deception skill-tree is extremely weak regarding AOE damage. However, I would have chose a different word. Maybe AOE-impaired… haha.

At the end of the day, most of us play Star Wars: The Old Republic to relax and have a good time because it’s fun* and a break from work and real life, so I play the class that I love, which is not necessarily the class that they say is the best.

*If it wasn’t fun, I’d be impatiently waiting for Elder Scrolls Online, which I’m not for a few reasons (NDA! NDA!).

Popping My Twitter #Cherry

Pac-Man CherryAfter years of laughing in my head at my own jokes, I finally figured out that I should probably have a Twitter. I use Facebook and Instagram, but my thoughts have always been more interesting than my Instagram pictures have been beautiful. I actually signed up a while ago, took a quick look, followed a million celebrities (because Twitter made me when I signed up!), and thought, oh my God, this is so confusing. And I gave up. But then I started this blog, and I was like, wait a second, that thought that I just had is totally funny and post-worthy, but ain’t nobody got time for a one-line blog post. Now I have a Twitter, @Heather_PLS, and it’s scrolling along the sidebar of my blog. Ta da! Thank you to Macho and Ben for telling me what to do with it.

In other news, tonight we will be continuing a NiM Explosive Conflict (EC) run from late last night. Killmenow.

My First Stitch Fix Review!

My first Stitch Fix came into the mail the other day! After reading many reviews about the service and weighing the good, the bad, and the ugly, I decided to subscribe to the service and get my own Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix logo

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a styling service for women, in which you answer questions about your size, style, and preferences.  A personal stylist selects clothing and accessories based on what you answered, and you receive this “Fix” in the mail on whatever day you scheduled. The trick is that you don’t know what’s going in your box before you get it! (Unless you’re me, and you Google the names of the pieces listed on your account to see what they look like in other girls’ reviews.) They also encourage you to try on the pieces instead of immediately rejecting them. You can also add additional comments about yourself, and provide links to your Pinterest/LinkedIn/Twitter so that the stylist can get to know you better.

How much does it cost?

In order to be sent a “Fix,” you must pay a $20 styling fee that is used as a credit if you decide to purchase any of the items that are sent to you. For the items themselves, you can choose how much you would like to spend on individual pieces. I would say that “The cheaper, the better” option is more akin to Francesca’s Collections pricing and not Forever 21, so if you’re used to not paying more than $30 ever for a shirt, it might be a little shocking. If you do decide that you would like to keep all the items, you get a 25% off discount. Otherwise, you must return the unwanted items within 3 days to avoid a charge.

So…. what did I get?

Stitch Fix Style Card

I received five items in my fix: a necklace, blouse, sweater, skirt, and dress. I think it was the perfect combination of items from the sounds of it, but here is what they looked like, and what I thought of the pieces.


Bay to Baubles: Teri Faceted Teardrop Gem Bib Necklace $28.00

Bay to Baubles Teri Faceted Teardrop Gem Bib Necklace

Jewelry is a little harder to shop because there are so many choices. I like that one was selected for me, and all I had to do was decide if I liked it or not. It doesn’t feel terribly cheap, but not super expensive either. So basically regarding quality, it’s a tiny step above Charming Charlie and a tiny step below my J. Crew necklaces. I think it’s cute and will coordinate with many outfits, and additionally provides a pop of color if needed. I also don’t have any necklaces that looked similar. Status: Kept!

19 Cooper: Cathleen Split Neck Tulip Sleeve Blouse $68.00

Stitch Fix #1 Outfit

Split-neck Blouse and Scalloped Detail Skirt

I knew I was going to like this one as soon as I saw a picture of it. It’s a simple Blouse, but the material is smooth, and I can wear it both at work and for fun. The price was a bit high on this one, but it goes with a lot of the skirts I already have in my wardrobe. Status: Kept.

41Hawthorn: Reyn Mini Scalloped Detail Skirt 58.00

For some reason, I thought this skirt was white and navy striped based on the pictures, but it was black and white instead. I thought it was a perfect addition to my wardrobe, since I didn’t have any striped skirts at all. It’s also long enough for work, which is a big plus. It matches well with the blouse that came in this Fix as well. Status: Kept!


Moon Collection: Bri Fit & Flare Floral Print Chiffon Dress $48.00

FYI: Not my bedroom..

Moon Collection Bri Fit & Flare Floral Print Chiffon Dress

Moon Collection Bri Fit & Flare Floral Print Chiffon Dress

This was pretty cute! My stylist nailed the style on this one. Maybe it was TOO on point because I have a bunch of black dresses already, and I don’t want another one. The other bad thing was that the zipper on the side gets stuck—not because I was too fat or it didn’t fit!! It was just a sucky zipper, and I didn’t want to pay $48.00 for something that was a pain to put on. Status: Returned.

Kut From The Kloth: Marquis Slub Knit Dolman Sweater $48.00

Kut From The Kloth Marquis Knit Dolman Sweater

Kut From The Kloth Marquis Knit Dolman Sweater

The sweater was loose and shapeless. I didn’t like really like it. Of course in the picture it looks fine, but it moved around everywhere… The material was see through, so I would’ve had to wear something underneath not only to keep people from seeing my skin, but to not be really, really cold. I liked the style card provided with this piece though, so perhaps another white sweater made differently would have been good. But this one had to go. Status: Returned.

That’s cute, but what if you’re a man?

Well.. You can order a Stitch Fix for your badly dressed wife/sister/mother/girlfriend. Just kidding (maybe). There is actually a very similar service for men called Trunk Club. It actually looks way nicer and more high-end than Stitch Fix, but I haven’t personally tried it… because I’m not a man.

Final thoughts?

It was so much fun anticipating what kind of clothes my stylist was going to pick. My favorite part about this is that you get to try clothes that you may not necessarily pick out or even consider.

Disclaimer: Stitch Fix has not compensated me in any way to write a review, and the opinions are my own. Additionally, any links to Stitch Fix are affiliate links, and if you sign up using my link, I receive $25 in Stitch Fix credit.

My Web Design Skillz at Age 17

Are you ready for a serious, serious flash to the past? I don’t know if I’m embarrassed or proud or a strange combination of both, but I wasn’t lying when I said I used to slave away with HTML and Photoshop. I present to you my web design layouts that I created when I was 17 years old, possibly even 16 because I don’t know how old exactly they are. They were all dated 3/12/2006. OMFG.

So demanding. “..this site is best viewed with a 1024×768 resolution, so if you don’t have that, change it.” But seriously, 16/17 year old me said that was her very first vector. Probably her last because it was, as she described, “crappy.” Still, I self-taught myself everything I knew.

Apparently I was an in-line frames genius. And what the hell am I doing with a half-naked, side-boob picture of Britney Spears?

I don’t even remember who this actress is. And I have a.. guestbook? WTF.

Big Hilary Duff fan. Still am. I can’t believe she’s getting a divorce. 🙁 It looks like past-Heather is also very good at selection cropping images.

1. Look at the camera I’m using. 2. Selfies are not a new thing. 3. Why did I use a low-quality image as the main picture of my site? I guess times never change (ahem current blurry about me picture on the right).

The ridiculous part of all this is that I have more of this stuff that I just can’t find from like five hard drives ago. I think I started designing when I was about 13 years old, and somehow I just lost interest, which is a shame. It also looks like I really liked the color yellow back then. Tomorrow’s post will hopefully be my Stitch Fix review, which wasn’t posted today because I’ve been too lazy to look nice and actually wear the stuff I got.

Despair Guild Raid Night & Galactic Starfighter Review

Here are some photographic highlights of last night’s guild run in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). We had a few newer members that were learning the hard-mode (HM) mechanics of Terror From Beyond (TFB). Hopefully next week we can get back to progression raids!

Dianah's current outfit, thanks to the Rakghoul event.

Dianah’s current outfit, thanks to the Rakghoul event.

As you can see, I decided to use this photo as the banner, because it sucked as a background. It was so easy to add with WordPress! Back in the old days of HTML and web designing, I slaved away in Photoshop and typing HTML. One day I’ll find images of my old website…. Anyway, I usually change Dianah’s outfit every now and then when I get bored, and I picked this one after picking up the Black-Green Hawkeye Crystal from the recent Rakghoul event.

Pretty bubbles! In the latest patch, you can Kolto Shell the entire raid group now.

Pretty bubbles! In the latest patch, you can Kolto Shell the entire raid group now.

After the most recent patch, Bioware changed the Mercenary to be able to cast multiple Kolto Shells. One of the healers, KitKat casted it on everyone before Operator IX, and here is the result–pretty bubbles!

More pretty bubbles.

More pretty bubbles.

Pretty Galactic Starfighter screenshot.

Pretty Galactic Starfighter screenshot.

Yesterday was my first day in a Galactic Starfighter match, and I was horrible. I didn’t really know how to use any of the abilities (Thanks a lot, tutorial), and my push-to-talk was actually one of the key buttons… Oops. I had 0 kills. Then again, I only played like 2 matches. Dianah is much better at ground PVP, which is still kind of stressful for me. Luckily, my guildies are not horrible! They’re actually really, really good. I wish I screenshotted it (maybe next time), but Sleeth carried our team to a win with 27/50 kills in one of the matches. I should keep trying, because I heard that death match PVP was not as good to learn GSF as some of the other objectives. I do like how you have different ship choices and abilities and are able to customize and upgrade your ship. I haven’t really looked at the GSF companions, but that was a nice touch from Bioware also.

I'm on fire because I suck at GSF.

I’m on fire because I suck at GSF.

The Cost of Gaming

EDIT: I will be canceling my pre-order because I didn’t like Elder Scrolls Online in beta. I doubt that feeling will change when the game is fully released.

I feel like I’m cheating on Star Wars: The Old Republic, because…

I pre-ordered Elder Scrolls Online Digital Imperial Edition! I know, I probably should’ve just waited to try it before spending the big bucks (so irresponsible), but I consider gaming a fairly cost-effective hobby. Plus, I love Skyrim, and ESO just sounds awesome. The cost of the ESO Digital Imperial Edition was $79.99, and for the first 30 days after release I will get 30 days of unlimited play, which will be followed by a $14.99 monthly subscription. The game will be fully released on 4/4/2014 on PC and Mac.

For all the gamers that whine about how expensive a monthly MMO subscription is, you need to reevaluate your monthly spending. Or, you’re a kid that can’t pay for their own stuff anyway. $14.99 a month? Bring your lunch to work/school with you one day (or a couple of days, depending how much you like to spend on lunch). If you think the $14.99 is a waste of money to spend and not a good thing by providing the company money to spend on developing more content, then you’re probably just not playing enough to make it worth it.

We can also look at monthly subscriptions in comparison to other forms of entertainment that one would spend money on. I can go to the movie theater, and spend upwards of $20 for 2 hours of entertainment and sub-par theater snacks. I might not even like the movie! I could also go to the mall for a couple of hours and spend $200 on clothes I don’t really need, but just bought because I was bored and was trying on clothes for fun. With video games, especially on the PC and with MMOS, your $14.99 monthly subscription is worth hundreds of hours of entertainment over time. Even if you include costs of upgrading your computer reasonably over time and the price of purchasing the game itself, I would still spend way, way more money trying to entertain myself some other way.

Let’s look at this mathematically. Figures are monthly estimates.

Amount Spent on Shopping / hours of entertainment = Cost of going shopping for fun
(This is not even factoring cost/per wear factor and possibly buying clothes I will hardly wear.)
$300 / 4 hours = $75.00/hour

Amount Spent on Movies / hours of entertainment = Cost of going out to the movies.
$40 / 4 hours = $10.00/hour

Amount Spent on Playing Subscription MMO / hours of entertainment = Cost of playing video games
$14.99 / 50 hours = .2298 or 23 cents/hour

Obviously not everyone spends $300 a month on clothes. I probably don’t even spend that much, but these are just examples. Figure out what you spend money on for fun in your own life. Is the cost worth the entertainment? For me, it definitely is.

BTW: Kate Beckinsale is one of the voice actresses for the game!!

The First Post!

Here is an armless photo of me.

Here is an armless photo of me.

Welcome to my blog! My name is Heather, a short, twenty-something living in the fabulous Las Vegas! What you can expect from me on my blog are topics ranging from food, fashion, fitness, video games, music, movies, science, travel….

I must sound like a completely ridiculous person. I could not pick a single subject to blog about because I have so many different interests. What I hope to gain from this blog is to entertain, inform, and show people that although I like Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Puffs, raiding with my guild twice week and Netflix-binging, I also like Pilates, fancy-ass fine dining, fashion, and going to the beauty salon. And now and then I might even say something really, really smart. I also love writing, and my mad skillz have been wasted on writing inconsequential work e-mails.

As for the blog name, it’s nothing extraordinary. I’m addicted to the ABC Family teen drama Pretty Little Liars and I play a super awesome Sith Assassin on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Actually, I liked the juxtaposition of something nerdy with something girly, while still semi-describing myself and simultaneously making multiple pop culture references. Have I blown your mind yet?

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