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Equipment support

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Anodizing production line

Extrusion line
Currently, AAG possesses 58 extrusion production lines, including one 6000T and two 4000T of Ube imported from Japan; 40 sets of 2,750T and 2000T, adopts the fully automatic production lines and cooling systems (including double tractors) imported from Italy. The temperature at the outlet is under the infrared monitoring imported from US; the annual production capacity of the entire extrusion line reaches 600,000 tons.
Anodizing production line
AAG possesses 1 fully automatic horizontal anodizing production lines and 1 vertical anodizing line (Japan). The anodizing capacity for aluminum profiles reaches 10 meters, and electrophoretic materials for 7. 5 meters, and the annual production capacity can be increased to more than 100,000 tons. The high, precise and top features of the equipment are the guarantee of the international quality for our products. The perfect device and the optimization of the entire process make the product characteristics more stable, and the surface of the product has excellent physical and chemical indicators.
Spraying production line
AAG possesses 2 spraying production lines (Italy), 4 vertical spraying production lines (United States), 2 glue injection machines and 24 gluing machines. The spraying capacity for aluminum profiles reaches 12 meters. The annual production capacity of the entire spraying line exceeds 150,000 tons of profiles.
Dusting production line
AAG possesses 16 dusting production lines (Italy) and 7 sets of spray guns (Switzerland), which can be applied to surface treatment methods such as wood grain, powder spraying, and gluing (broken bridge insulation profiles). The annual production capacity of powder spraying profiles is beyond 500,000 tons.
Mold manufacturing
AAG is well aware of the importance of molds for product production. The Mold Center is equipped with world-leading mold design and production facilities. AAG possesses world-class equipment including 41 sets of CNC wire cutting machines, 7 sets of CNC, 41 sets of CNC machining centers, 4 sets of heat treatment vacuum furnaces, 59 sets of CNC electric discharge machines and so on. The design size of the cutting profile can reach 0. 005-0. 01mm of precision.
Casting plant
The casting plant possesses 23 melting furnaces with the daily production capacity exceeding 1800 tons, and is able to produce round aluminum casting rods of various specifications from 75mm to 406mm with 1, 3, 5, 6, 7XXX series.
Storage capacity
AAG possesses indoor centralized warehouse with a fixed storage capacity of 20,000 tons per day, which fully meets the throughput capacity of 2,000 tons per day.