• Corporate Mission and Goals

    Become the leading role of quality aluminum profiles and set the industry benchmark.
  • Corporate Mission and Goals

    Advance with the times
    According to the characteristics of the times, AAG continuously improves the comprehensive competitiveness, keeps pace with the times, constantly improves itself, and is always at the forefront of the times.
    Working together for win-win
    All employees work together with common efforts to create and achieve the goals of the company and every employee, sharing the benefits of company development with all employees.
  • Corporate Vision

    Develop AAG into the best aluminum brand in China and even in the world!
  • Corporate Spirit

    We are not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, and are constantly challenging ourselves, being positive and never meeting the status quo.
    Scaling new heights
    We are not self-satisfied, and are brave to try and innovate, and insist on the idea that the better is the best.
  • Corporate Belief

    Take responsibility and pursue excellence; emphasize integrity, sincere communication, mutual respect, recognition and encouragement; work together to cultivate those who have lagged
  • Corporate Responsibilities

    Maintain high and stable product quality — We firmly believe that high and stable product quality is the basis for us to win market recognition and the basis of our survival, so we will never compromise on this.Continuously improve production efficiency — We continue to explore the best production technology, maximize the effectiveness of equipment, scientifically arrange production processes, and quickly deliver qualified products to customers.Strictly control operating costs — We understand that reducing operating costs can make the company profitable, grow healthily, and can further give back to the market, so we oppose all wasteful behavior.
  • Quality Policies

    Integrate today's technology, build quality profiles with strict quality supervision and continuous quality improvement, meet customer needs, and build an internationally renowned brand of AAG.

    Enterprise Quality Objectives

    Product qualification rate: 98% Customer satisfaction: 95%
  • Operation Principle

    People-oriented — We take employees as the core, emphasize on the interests of employees, encourage employees and train employees. Mutual respect — We understand, tolerate and respect each other no matter where our employees come from, with different positions or different backgrounds.Focus on integrity — We respect "people can not survive without credit". Sincerity is the foundation of person and the cornerstone of business, so we keep our promises and do what we say. Take responsibility — We believe that the spirit of being responsible is the power to change everything and make us excellent and outstanding. At the same time, taking responsibility is also an expression of important value.