1、 Company profile

Zhaoqing Asia Aluminum Co., Ltd. is one of the largest aluminum profile manufacturers in Asia. Mainly engaged in the design and manufacturing of aluminum profiles, products include building doors and windows, industrial profiles, aerospace, automobile manufacturing and other fields. Many landmark buildings all over the world widely use aluminum products, such as: Dubai Tower, bird's nest, water cube, etc. As early as 2002 and 2003, the company was awarded the "top 200 global star enterprises" by Forbes for two consecutive years. The company and its "South Asia" brand have been awarded many honorary titles such as "China famous trademark", "top 10 brands of China Aluminum Profile", "top 10 enterprises of China Aluminum Profile".

Located on the Bank of Beijiang River, Dawang high tech Zone, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, the aluminum industrial city is a large-scale ecological industrial park with more than 70% of trees, grasslands and lakes in the industrial city. The living facilities in the park are complete, including parks, supermarkets, football fields, gymnasiums, reading rooms, billiards rooms, table tennis rooms, 8 basketball courts, more than 20 badminton courts, As well as more than ten north and South style restaurants, commercial streets, bank teller machines and other entertainment facilities. More than 40 dormitory buildings are equipped with air conditioning, fans, water heaters and self-service washing machines.

2、 Company benefits

1. Purchase social insurance upon entry.
2. Package eat package live, husband and wife can apply for husband and wife room six months after entry.
3. Provide employees with a variety of recreational activities.
4. Free annual physical examination.
5. At the end of the year, the company ordered round-trip tickets for employees, provided bus charters, and reimbursed round-trip tickets.

3、 Bus route

1. Liuhua station, Zhaoqing City, Sihui City and Sanshui City in Guangzhou all have direct buses to Dawang, then transfer to Dawang No.1 bus at Dawang station or Dawang Paifang station, and get off at No.1 gate of Yalai.
2. Buses from Guilin, Hezhou to Guangzhou all pass through Dawang.

We sincerely invite people with lofty ideals to join our company, we will provide you with a broad development platform, and work together to create a better future!

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