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Corellian Run Radio Episode #161: Have a Nice Day!

This week on Corellian Run Radio, Jason, Mox, and I talk about our experiences playing SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapters 10 and 11, and I talk about what it’s like becoming a Preferred (non-subscription) player. We also meet Knite and Sin from the Have a Nice Day, a primarily PvP guild that is working on releasing their own SWTOR podcast called Have a Nice Daycast!

Download the podcast on iTunes or listen from the Corellian Run website here!

I’m Back! Plus a Preview of Future Posts!


At the moment of writing, I’m afraid to see when my last post was. I’m alive! I’m extremely happy. I am still playing SWTOR. I’m sorry for the silence. I should really post here whenever a new episode of Corellian Run Radio is released! I’ll try to get better at that.

A lot has happened since my last post, both in-game and in my personal life, and I haven’t felt like writing or sharing any of it, so here’s a quick preview on what to look forward from me in upcoming blog posts! In chronological order on when the topics (spoiler alert? LOL) in these future posts happened or will happen:

Leveling Up IRL: Joining an Aerial Fitness Gym

When I Cried About My Guild

Becoming a Guild Officer & <Despair> Recruitment

Long Distance Relationship Comes to an End

Social Anxiety & My “First” Strip Club Experience

Going to Disneyworld & Universal Studios!

I’m excited to share with you readers, and I look forward to blogging regularly again!

The Republic Episode 200 Video is Out!

Best screencap of me ever.

Best screencap of me ever.

I know a few of you have been asking when episode 200 of The Republic that I recorded with Larry Everett (Hyperspace Beacon), Chuck (Bad Feeling Podcast), and Andrew (SWTOR Economics) for would be available on YouTube, and here it is! I think this is a great episode! We talk about some of the positive aspects of SWTOR and what we like about the game, and you can see me pull out my pink lightsaber!

Happy watching!


Leveling Up IRL: Going Back to School After Years!

Yesterday I attended my first university class in years after graduating from college! I am currently taking courses toward a web/graphic design certificate. I thought that the knowledge would help me improve the blog and enable me to be more self-sufficient, like self-hosting, creating my own graphics and code, and knowing how to design the site exactly how I want without WordPress as a huge crutch.

Although I could teach myself everything online for free, I enjoy the classroom structure, completing assignments, and reading the textbooks. I’ve always been an excellent student when I was in school, and while I was a little distracted in college, I’m very eager to focus and learn on the new material. Additionally, I prefer to obtain a certificate for professional development. It’s one thing to say, “I can do that,” and it’s another to say, “I have a certificate that says I know how to do that.”

The class size was small, maybe about half a dozen students in the computer lab classroom. Our instructor is a webmaster for a large organization in town that I do some work with already in my job, so it was nice being able to connect with him knowing the same people. As far as pacing goes, the three-hour class is once a week for the next five weeks. For me, the three hours went by quickly! I was familiar with a lot of the material since I used to do my own HTML coding years ago, and I was excited to learn things that I didn’t know from trying it out on my own.

Today is my first course in Adobe PhotoShop CS6, which I also used to use quite a bit. It is also three hours long, once a week, for six weeks, with a different instructor that I haven’t met yet. I’ve forgotten a lot about graphic design, but I should be able to catch up quickly. After all, I was able to design websites when I was 16, so I should be able to do it more artfully now.

Merry Christmas Pretty Little Sith-ers!

Darth Vader Santa
I wanted to wish all of my readers, listeners, watchers, and followers a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

It has been a great launch year for the Pretty Little Sith blog, and I have fun writing it all the time. I’m thankful for all the insightful comments and feedback, and even for the silent lurkers that read and keep to themselves!

Additionally, I enjoy writing about non-SWTOR subjects also, so I hope you’ve liked the few posts I’ve been sprinkling in here and there on the blog about my non-gaming life. I am very much open to suggestions for blog post topics, so if you’d like to give me a great idea, feel free to contact me via Twitter, e-mail, or simply leave a comment here on this post!

I will be going out of town late tonight, but I will be back on Tuesday hopefully with lots of pictures and a new blog post!

Here’s a fun video you can watch, called “The Sith who Stole Christmas.”


Upcoming Non-Gaming Life Events

No, I’m not getting married (maybe when I start playing FFXIV!), but I am excited for some upcoming events happening in the near future!

This weekend I’ll be going out of town to Long Beach, CA to take care of my nephew while my sister and brother-in-law attend a wedding! I’m hoping I will get to do some stuff outside of the hotel with the baby on this short trip, like walk around the boardwalk or go to the aquarium! He’s 8 months old, he’s pretty sturdy and hopefully will be easy to take care of. If I do get some fun time, I’ll try to post some pictures here for the blog.

Christmas is also coming up! I’m done with almost all my gift shopping, aside from my parents (who are very hard to shop for since they don’t really need any material items), and a White Elephant gift for a family Christmas party we will be having. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve purchased so far, and I think I’ve gotten pretty good deals on everything as well! I still need to buy some gift boxes and wrap everything, which I’m not that good at. I’m not good at physical crafty things like sewing, scrapbooking, gift wrapping, etc.

I’m hoping once I get some free time (next week is still filled with appointments, gym classes, and operation nights) I will be able to decorate a gingerbread house or bake some gingerbread cookies. I’ve never done either, but I think it would be fun to get into the holiday spirit. Christmas is so much more fun as a child because of all the festive things you do, so I’d like to recreate that. I’ve even been listening to non-stop Christmas music on the radio and on Pandora!

Speaking of appointments, I have to get three fillings at the dentist. I haven’t had to get fillings in years, so I must be getting worse at taking care of my teeth! I really like my dentist’s office though. Last time I went in, they gave me a heated neck wrap and a paraffin hand wax. It was great! I actually started going to this office because I won a free whitening kit from them. They are also much easier to schedule an appointment with (same-day availability sometimes) and see me quickly, instead of waiting a half hour in the lobby.

After Christmas I will be going out of town to visit a friend! I really enjoy traveling, and this year has been fantastic. I think I’ve been able to travel and/or go on vacation almost every month this year. I thought that last year I did a lot of traveling, but I’ve done just as much this year also. I’ve gone to San Francisco, Tucson, Charleston, Boston, Mexico, and have even had a stay-cation here in Las Vegas! Next year I will start out by going to San Antonio for PAX South in January, and my family also has some plans to go to Hawaii in June, I think.

Another exciting thing that is happening in my life is that I’m planning to buy a new home! I’ve previously owned a condo, but now I think I’m ready to have more space. Although I don’t bother decorating my SWTOR stronghold or even my work cubicle, I am really looking forward to decorating a house! My realtor has sent me a few properties so far, but I’m waiting for a new neighborhood that is getting built in an ideal area to list prices first. I’d like to see if I like and can afford one of those.

Finally, the last update that I would like to share is that I will be going back to school in January! I’m not seeking another degree, but I will be taking classes for web and graphic design. I used to be much better at actually coding and designing things myself on previous blogs I’ve had, but WordPress makes it very easy to not have to do or know anything. I would like to work on the website a little more and know what I’m doing. Obviously, I can teach myself these things at home, but I prefer the classes so I can earn a certificate and have that on my resume also.

In addition to the new SWTOR expansion, I’m happy that there are many things to do and look forward in my life!

SWTOR Community Cantina Boston 2014: Q&A Twitter Summary

For those that don’t follow me on Twitter, here are the live tweets I posted during the SWTOR Community Cantina in Boston of the Q&A session and conversations I had with members of the community team, Eric Musco & Courtney Woods.








I just got back to the hotel, and I’m pretty tired. Tomorrow I have PAX East to go to. I have some excellent info regarding Assassin/Shadow Deception/Infiltration AOE, so I will write about that later along with some videos that my new friends from the Prophecy of the Five server recorded.

UPDATE: Click here to read the bonus questions asked after the main Q&A session.

Quick Thoughts, News, & Upcoming Events!


I don’t want to spam anyone’s Twitter timeline, so here’s some random thoughts/facts of the moment:

  • I ordered business cards for that have my gaming info on them also. I foresee my networking skills being used at PAX East next month.
  • I regrammed a sweet Snow White picture illustrated as a Sith Assassin on my Instagram, thanks to @StarWarsy for posting the picture.
  • My next Stitch Fix is arriving next week, and I can’t wait! They haven’t shipped it out, so I can’t cheat and see what the items are yet.
  • Raid night was anticlimactic; couldn’t get through Corruptor Zero on Dread Palace HM.
  • I somehow did the flashpoint Athiss twice tonight with Daemon, Rewster, and Mesh.
  • I put the extra Saturday pass I had for PAX East on sale on
  • Chill from OotiniCast will be interviewing me this Saturday for an upcoming show!
  • I have low blood pressure according to my biometric screening…..!

10 Random Things About Me On a Tuesday

Sorry, no dramatically long post today because I’m going to be a little busy today. But here are some random things about me and Tuesday. Here we go!

1. Tuesdays are my favorite raid night, because usually we are refreshed, ready to go, and available to do any operation since they have all reset.

2. I’m just a little tired today because I was up late watching the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic…

3. I took a quiz to see what pony I was, and it said Rarity. Totally understand why, but Fluttershy is damn cute.

4. Pretty Little Liars is playing on TV tonight! Looks like Aria goes crazy in this episode.

5. I’m wearing a short-sleeve top and ankle-length pants today, because the high temperature is going to be 78 degrees Fahrenheit in Las Vegas.

6. I’m actually going to be spending about 6 hours out of the office today at a special event that I’m supposed to be preparing for right now..

7. I really, really need to get to the store and buy more toothpaste. I have been using other people’s toothpaste instead of buying my own.

8. I lost two pounds this week! For a short person this is a lot of weight. 8 more pounds!

9. I’m really excited to go home and update SWTOR for 2.7!

10. I really want to go to the Boston Community Cantina in April.

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