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Leveling Up IRL: I Survived My First Spin Class


Last month I tried my first ever spin class! Since my 26-month contract with the big box gym in town ended, I’ve been trying out different gyms and studios for somewhere that I will actually go to that will supplement my aerial classes. (It was actually pretty hard to motivate myself to go to the other gym for a number of reasons.) Doing aerial silks and hoop requires a lot of strength and flexibility, but I thought I was missing a “cardio” type activity in my workout regimen. I also wanted to trim down and lose a little more fat (because I love to eat?!), so I decided to try indoor cycling.


Leveling Up IRL: Becoming an Aerialist


For the past five months, I’ve been doing a non-traditional type of workout! Before, I had been doing Pilates and yoga a few times a week at the local big-box gym and sometimes at home watching online videos. However, I had seen Janel Parrish and Troian Bellisario, actresses from one of my favorite shows (Pretty Little Liars), post on their Instagram some beautiful pictures of themselves doing tricks on aerial silks! I decided I wanted to be like them and searched for somewhere locally that taught aerial silks.


Leveling Up In Real Life Part 1: Exercise

As a gamer, there are lots of things I do that are pretty unhealthy, like sitting hunched over in an uncomfortable desk chair for long hours, staring at a computer screen, staying up way past when I should be going to sleep because I’m trying to get something done in-game, snacking on whatever processed foods happen to be in my kitchen, etc.

However, I try my best in other aspects of my life to offset these things. While this seems really superficial, I think that if you like how you look and you feel healthy, it makes a difference in how you feel about yourself and being confident.

Gaming is an extremely sedentary activity—unless you’re playing one of those Wii or Kinect games that require you to move around. I also find myself snacking on things that are bad for me (Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Puffs), because I was too lazy to eat a real meal before doing a SWTOR operation for a few uninterrupted hours. It’s good to get your blood pumping and do some physical activity! Not only will this help with your heart, but you might even lose a few pounds or gain some muscle depending on your body type.

I personally like to do a couple of the cardio dance classes at the gym, along with Pilates, weight machines, and once in a while I’ll get on a treadmill (but that’s the most boring thing to do). Once in a while I might go hiking or walk around for hours at the mall, which are fun activities that will still get my heart rate up.

One thing that motivates me to work out seems a bit silly, but it totally works. I subscribe to Fabletics, which is a clothing service for women, in which you take a little quiz on what kind of exercises and workout clothes you like, and every month they recommend personalized outfits based on what you like! You can always choose to skip a month if you don’t want to purchase anything (or be lazy like me and never remember to skip), but I find that having cute, new workout clothes makes me want to wear and use them. Eventually you can earn enough points for a free outfit! Here’s my referral link for Fabletics if you are interested.

I think starting out is a little hard at first, but after a while, exercising becomes a routine. You WILL start to feel better after going. I also recommend having someone in your life that will motivate you (in a positive way) to exercise even when you don’t feel like it.