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When I Broke The Sims 4

Last night, after a couple weeks of playing Final Fantasty XIV and Star Wars: The Old Republic, I wanted to play The Sims 4. They are currently having “Triple Boost Week,” in which your sims can obtain skills three times faster than the normal rate, so I wanted to try it out on some of the sims that I had been playing.
You may already know, but I dislike taking screenshots. I don’t have evidence to show you about this multigenerational sims family that I had been playing. 

However, after updating the game in Origin, my save file was nowhere to be seen! It immediately brought me to the Create-a-Sim screen, with no households available to choose from. I checked the folder that contains the save files for The Sims 4—it was empty.

Once again, I felt totally screwed out of a game that I had been “working” on for a while, kind of like when I broke my Skyrim save file months ago. I tried to google some solutions to my problem, but since I didn’t see any save files at all to salvage, I didn’t have the patience to try anything else.

On the bright side, my boyfriend made me feel better about this situation. He asked, “Don’t you start new sims households all the time?” That is somewhat true. I normally play The Sims in binges, and then I take long breaks. I guess I can just start another household and “legacy.”

However, another thought that I had about my save file completely disappearing is that life for sims (and for us) is short. You never know when your save file or someone/something in your life is going to be gone for inexplicable reasons. (I think that was maybe it a little weird and dark for a post about The Sims 4, but I’m trying to motivate myself to blog here.)

Playing The Sims 4: First Impressions


The first gaming computer I ever had was built specifically for The Sims 3. This was back in 2008, and I was so excited to try out the game on my new computer! (I have replaced EVERYTHING in my gaming rig since then). Unfortunately, I did not actually enjoy The Sims 3 as much as The Sims 2. I did not like the open world and preferred loading into different lots, and I also thought it was very messy and not as mod-friendly as The Sims 2.


My self-Sim mourning her husband’s death.

One really, really horrible thing that happened: I didn’t realize that my print-screen button was not capturing screenshots until it was too late. The keybind for taking pictures in The Sims games is “C” which I completely forgot. I missed a lot of pictures where my self-Sim and her husband are younger, caring for the babies, and basically situations that I can’t reproduce once they are dead and the game is saved. Next post I do will have better pictures, but I’m a bit sad that I made this mistake.


The older son watching the Grim Reaper take his dad away!