Leveling Up IRL: I Survived My First Spin Class

Last month I tried my first ever spin class! Since my 26-month contract with the big box gym in town ended, I’ve been trying out different gyms and studios for somewhere that I will actually go to that will supplement my aerial classes. (It was actually pretty hard to motivate myself to go to the other gym for a number of reasons.) Doing aerial silks and hoop requires a lot of strength and flexibility, but I thought I was missing a “cardio” type activity in my workout regimen. I also wanted to trim down and lose a little more fat (because I love to eat?!), so I decided to try indoor cycling.

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I wanted to try cycling because it’s low impact. I don’t like running because of the way your body hits the ground constantly. With cycling, I feel like I’m putting in more effort because I don’t feel like my feet hurt or that the ground is shuddering my whole body every second!

I decided to try a local studio called FSY Studio that offered cycle and other classes, including yoga, Pilates, battleropes, and more! I liked the location, and the gym itself is extremely clean, no weird smells when you walk in, bright and colorful, and has really friendly, helpful staff. When I arrived for my first cycle class, one of the employees helped me adjust my bike for my height (lowest setting please!) and get my shoes clipped in. The bikes require special cycling shoes which you can rent for $3 before class, but I purchased my own from REI after a few classes. The cost of renting adds up after a while if you go as frequently as I have been, about three times a week!

Shimano Cycle Shoes

The spinning itself was fun but exhausting! The lights are low, so you can hardly see other people (and they can’t see you either if you’re moving at a slower pace, haha), and the music is loud, so I couldn’t hear anyone noticeably breathing (though in FSY’s yoga class, one of the instructors describes one of breaths as “like Darth Vader.”). I thought that it was a lot like being in a nightclub, except instead of dancing in a crowded room of sweaty people, you are cycling instead. To me, this was fun and made it easy to “get in the zone,” and the music really gets you pumped up and wanting to cycle to the beat!

I finished the class extremely sweaty but satisfied that I put forth a lot of effort into it. I was very sore in the crotch area from sitting on the bicycle seat! I considered getting padded shorts to alleviate the pain, but it hasn’t hurt at all since I first started. At first, I did not feel any muscle soreness in my legs at all, but now that I’ve been working harder, sometimes I get a little sore, but not to the point that it hurts to walk or move around.

The bathroom is pretty nice too! There are toiletries and towels available in the women’s locker room. There are two showers, but I haven’t used them yet since I live so nearby. I just go home after I’m all sweaty! The shower stalls also have shampoo, conditioner, and body wash as well.


I ended up signing up for the studio monthly because I enjoyed the class. Since then, I have been cycling three times a week, going to the yoga class once a week, and hopefully will start going to one of their Barefoot Bootcamp classes. (This is on top of taking six classes a week at the aerial fitness studio.)

FSY Studio also rewards members for referring others, so if you live in the Las Vegas/Henderson area and would like to try them out, click on my referral link here! Currently they have a promotion in which you can try out four classes for $4, which is great deal!

Have you tried cycling? Do you have any tips for me? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @Heather_PLS!

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