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Nom Nom Galaxy Review


Today, Nom Nom Galaxy by Q-Games and PixelJunk has been launched for PC!  Nom Nom Galaxy is a 2D game in which you explore different planets to build offices and factories and collect ingredients in order to develop your own galactic soup empire.  There is also competition within the interstellar soup industry, so you must also build defenses to protect your soup factory! Read more to see my Nom Nom Galaxy review!


Liebster Award!

Liebster AwardThe Liebster Award is one given to bloggers by other bloggers to help recognize and learn a little more about them than what they usually write about! I have been nominated by Chadrassa aka Cleeyah of the In Character blog, in which she also writes about video games, especially SWTOR!

In my Liebster post, I must give eleven facts about myself, answer Chadrassa’s questions, and then nominate another blogger and write my own questions for them! Let’s get started!