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Corellian Run Radio Ep 149 w/ Lady Insanity

Corellian Run Radio

Hello everyone! I know I’m a few days late reporting this, but my co-host Jason and I  recorded episode 149 of Corellian Run Radio on Sunday featuring YouTube gamer and BioWare fan Lady Insanity! We interview her about what she does in the gaming industry and her thoughts of information she has obtained about the upcoming SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.

Additionally, I give a few tips on trying out operations in-game, especially for players that have been playing alone and would like to try out some additional end-game group content!

You can download the episode on iTunes or your favorite podcast app, or you can also watch the YouTube video of the live recording we did on Sunday, which I embedded here on the post.

Eating Myself in ARK


Despair guild base.

I’ve been playing more ARK: Survival Evolved, and I’ve gotten a lot better than when I first posted about it! I have been playing with my guild now, and we have a huge base with a bunch of creatures. I learned how to tame animals, and so far I have three!  I have a Carbonemys (turtle), Trike, and a Dilophosaurus named Spike, Mike, and Ike respectively.


Taking Down Torque HM


Earlier this week, my SWTOR operations group finally defeated 8-man hard-mode Torque! We had been working on the boss for a while now, and I’m proud of the achievement! Our group makeup isn’t always the same as sometimes people can’t attend raid, but here are the classes we brought when we beat Torque:


My Boyfriend Unsubbed from SWTOR

"You're my enemy now. Go." Just kidding.

“You’re my enemy now. Go.” Just kidding!

I’ve mentioned my boyfriend a few times here on the blog, and I would consider him a hardcore SWTOR player. He has definitely played more than me! He has played all of the class stories, has all 16 advanced classes at current max level, ran in NiM progression operation groups, unlocked and maxed out many (all?) GSF ships, and has played a ton of Ranked, unranked, and open world PvP. On top of that, he has an incredible number of achievements and maxed out reputations.

He is going to unsubscribe from the game, and it’s okay. SWTOR is a great game, whether one is subbed or not. Personally, I will stay subbed to the game for a long time, but I respect his decision, and I don’t disagree with his opinions either. (Or perhaps we agree to disagree!)

There are many reasons why a player would unsubscribe, and there is nothing wrong with it. At some point, some people are done playing a game—maybe forever, maybe playing only casually, maybe only when there is a new game update. Here are some of the reasons he has stated on why SWTOR is not worth the subscription fee to him anymore:


San Diego Comic-Con Day 2


I started off my second day of San Diego Comic-Con on the crowded trolley to the convention center where I met an Elsa (Frozen) cosplayer! The ride wasn’t very long—only a few stops from my hotel. I wanted to spend more time inside the convention on this day, but I quickly learned that it’s easy to tire out from walking back and forth and navigating through all the attendees!


First Impressions of ARK: Survival Evolved


I’ve been hearing a lot about ARK: Survival Evolved, a multiplayer survival game with dinosaurs! I’ve been interested in it for a while because I like dinosaurs (LOL “I like turtles.”), and the enthusiasm I’ve been hearing from my guildies and other people I know has motivated me to go ahead and spend the $24 to play.

After downloading, I immediately had some issues with the session selection screen. My guild has its own server, so I tried looking for that. Unfortunately, it takes forever to load, and it turned out that our guild server wasn’t even up this weekend because it has to be manually updated. While the game tried to load the session list, it didn’t let me click anything else in the meantime, so I was essentially stuck frequently trying to search and switch server types. I hit Alt-F4 quite a few times just to get out of there.

I ended up just choosing a random server to play on! I made a character and loaded into a spawn zone in the North, and it was nighttime! I didn’t take any screenshots of this, unfortunately. For some reason I don’t think to take screenshots, because I’d rather sit and enjoy the game, and not worry about showing or sharing what I’m doing with others. Anyway, it was nighttime, and the game kept telling me that my character was cold. I somehow ran into some huge dinosaur, and died within the first couple minutes of playing because I had no idea what I was doing.

I decided to load in the South instead, because I figured it would be warmer. I figured out how to do some basics with the help of a guide one of my guildies sent me. I gathered some materials by punching trees and picking stones off the ground, and I crafted a few tools as well. I was finally getting the hang of things in these first few minutes, when suddenly someone came over and killed me and took all my stuff. That was off-putting.

I decided to restart on one of the official PvE servers to attempt to avoid that sort of issue going forward. I ran into another player this time, who was geared out in a knight’s outfit riding a parasaur, but he left me alone. He probably felt sorry for me, as I was currently punching a dodo bird and experimenting with taming. YES, I TRIED TO PRACTICE TAMING ON A DODO BIRD. I must’ve looked stupid and ridiculous, haha.

I also learned how to cook on the campfire! At first I was confused about how to cook the raw meat (I even fed my character spoiled meat on accident), but once I had all the proper materials it was easy. One of the berries I had said it was good for cooking, but I couldn’t figure out a way to put the berry juice on my raw meat. Maybe this is a skill I will learn as I level higher.


Eventually, I was able to build my own little hut, but it seemed difficult to be able to find my way back, but I guess I wasn’t really using the map properly. I decided to try taming a parasaur for myself, which are fast dinosaurs that like to run away. I was able to punch one unconscious (still don’t understand how a little human is able to knock out a dinosaur with punches), but I still didn’t really know how to tame, and I only skimmed over guides about it. I transferred some narcoberries I picked up into the parasaur’s inventory, and the dinosaur just lied there. I read something online that said it took 20-30 minutes to tame a parasaur, so I impatiently decided to get up and do something in the meantime.

That wasn’t very smart! I got back a few minutes later and my parasaur was gone. I quit the game and decided to wait to play on my guild’s server so that they could at least help me not do stupid stuff in the game!

I thought the game was still fun, despite not knowing how to play, getting killed by another player that stole all my stuff and fail-taming dodo birds and dinosaurs. I’m excited to see what those huge towers and lights are in the distance, and playing the game knowing what I’m doing!

Have you tried ARK: Survival Evolved? What do you think? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @Heather_PLS!

Going to San Diego Comic-Con & PAX Prime!

I will be attending San Diego Comic-Con this week and PAX Prime at the end of August! I wasn’t planning on going to either, but I was able to obtain a full weekend pass for SDCC and a Saturday pass for PAX Prime.This will be the first time I’m attending either event! I’ve been to Seattle during PAX Prime for the SWTOR Community Cantina Tour, but I didn’t have a pass to the convention. However, I have been to other PAX conventions in Boston and San Antonio.

I’m extremely excited to go to Comic-Con though! I’ve been looking up the schedule and the offsite events, and there is so much stuff going on and so many people and things I want to see! I know several people that will be going, so hopefully I can meet up and hang out with a few of them.

Also, I will be attending the SWTOR Community Cantina this Saturday as well in San Diego! BioWare is doing something they haven’t done before in their cantina tour, which is a story panel and meet and greet with SWTOR developers and staff prior to the actual cantina. I wonder if this is exclusively a SDCC thing or if they will do the same on all future cantinas as well, like the upcoming one in Seattle during PAX Prime in August.

With the community cantina in August, I will have attended four SWTOR community cantinas this year. I remember writing here on the blog that I expected to only attend one! I expect this will be it for me this year as far as cantinas go, unless someone flies me out to Germany for Gamescom or New York Comic-Con!

If you have any questions you’d like me to bring to the cantinas, let me know! I can’t promise that I’ll get them all answered, but I managed one at the last cantina. I do prefer to go to these events to meet players and have fun, and I’ve realized that asking questions at these types of events is a bit futile. However, it is not futile to continue putting ideas and suggestions for the game into their heads, so I will try my best to do that at least!