7 Days of TruFusion: Gym Review

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A couple weeks ago while I was running errands, I stumbled upon a gym called TruFusion that offered a variety of different classes of Pilates, yoga, TRX, kettlebell, and more! I asked the girl at the front desk to tell me a little bit about the gym and pricing, and received a tour of the facility, which seemed great! They had a few different rooms that specialized in different activities, a healthy snack and smoothie bar, and even a retail area where you could purchase fitness clothing and supplies.
I had been bummed that my favorite Pilates instructor at my usual gym had dropped to only one day a week. Additionally, lately it has been difficult trying to fit in classes that I like in my schedule (gaming, appointments, various other errands and full-time job), and my usual gym does not always offer classes that I like during times that I am available. However, this new gym does, and so I took advantage of their 7 days for $7 to try out their classes and the gym to see if I would like to join.

Here is how my 7 days of TruFusion went!

Day 1: First Impressions & Tru Hot Pilates + Sculpt class

I was a little nervous trying out hot Pilates for the first time! I ate oatmeal for breakfast before I drove to the gym for their 8:15am class and brought a bottle of water with me. At the front desk I told the girl that I wanted to try out their 7 days for $7 promotion, so she charged my card and they gave me a complimentary towel since it was my first time. Normally, they charge two or three dollars for towels if you want one, and I can definitely see why I needed one!

The gym itself is petite, so you’re not running around a huge building to get from the front to the locker rooms and then to your class. The lockers each have their own lock in which you can choose your own code, so there isn’t a need to bring a lock. Additionally, there are little cubbies outside the classrooms with additional lockers where you can put your yoga/Pilates mat straps, shoes, etc.

I ran into my first instructor, Liz, in the locker room. She actually thought I was a different girl that takes classes all the time! I told her it was my first day at the gym, and she was so friendly! She told me what props I needed for the class (2 or 3 pound dumbbells and a block), and once I was in the class, she checked on me to make sure I wasn’t overwhelmed by the heat or the activities. At the end of the class she said I didn’t look like I was suffering at all through the class, but it was still intense!

I arrived pretty early to get a spot, but the room filled up quickly! The “Hot Pilates” room is heated to 95 degrees Fahrenheit at about 41% humidity. It was definitely a little shock when I walked in, especially having been maybe 70 degrees and almost no humidity outside. I was familiar with many of the exercises having taken Pilates before, but I’ve never sweat more in my entire life. Sweat dripped off my body, and you could see sweat on the ground and sweat on everyone else’s body. About 75% through the class I ran out of water and I kind of felt like using the bathroom, but I didn’t want to leave and come back! This was definitely the kind of workout I was looking for, one that challenged me and made me sweat!

Day 2: Break!

That first day was intense, so I took a break the next day. I also had a bit of a hectic schedule meeting Brian from the Bad Feeling Podcast on the Las Vegas Strip for brunch, recording Corellian Run Radio in the afternoon, and having raid night in the evening. I did go for a walk to my new house, so I wasn’t completely inactive!

Day 3: Tru Hot Pilates

On this day I did another heated Pilates class which uses a resistance band instead of weights. I didn’t speak with the instructor Jennifer at all, nor did I say it was my first time in the class when she asked if anyone was new! Technically I went to a hot Pilates class a few days before without the weights. In the Pilates classes the instructors so far have been incorporating more yoga poses and moves than the Pilates instructor I normally see, which is fine, since I have also started taking yoga classes this year. The workout was great, however I could definitely use some work on learning the different exercises! I also sweat a whole lot, but on this day I remembered to bring my own towel.

Day 4: Aroma Heated Flow Yoga and Trying the Snack Bar

This class name sparked my interest. Aroma? Heated? Hmm.. In this class, scented oils came out of diffusers, were passed around the class, or Chidimma, the instructor, sprayed them on us. The “TruFusion” room is heated to about 103 degrees Fahrenheit at 50% humidity. I’m definitely not as strong practicing yoga, so a few of the positions were a little difficult for me to balance or hold. At least there were a few other new students in the class, so I didn’t feel like I was surrounded by experts, though there were some very skilled people! While there were some tough moments during the class, it was very relaxing and soothing to close my eyes at the end and breathe in the aromas. I definitely want to go to this class again!

After the class I decided to try out another one of the amenities that the gym offered, which was the snack bar. There were many different types of drinks and smoothies, along with some snacks like carrot and hummus, quinoa salad, chia seed pudding, and some kind of healthy chocolate treat. When I received the tour, I was told that the cashier can just charge your purchase to your account, so you don’t have to have your wallet with you. Additionally, you can order an item before you go into class, so that as soon as you’re out, your food or drink is ready for you!

As a 7 for 7 member, they only did a one-time charge and didn’t actually have my card on file, so the next time I purchase something I will have to cover the balance for the salad I got, a quinoa salad with cranberries and cilantro lime dressing ($6.50)! It was really healthy and convenient, but not something I will do often to save myself from spending more money all the time.

Day 5: Yin

I arrived and checked in at the gym about 20 minutes before class started, because on the last few days I’ve been there, it has always been very busy. However, on this day there were a lot less people for some reason! I got to talk to the instructor Randall a bit before his class since there weren’t many people yet (the room eventually filled up).

I set up my mat in the “Ashtanga” room, and I noticed quickly that there was no clock. The “Hot Pilates” room has a huge digital clock in the front, and the “TruFusion” room I was in the day before at least had an analog clock. I figured the lack of clock meant that you were supposed to relax and not worry about the time in this class, and I think I was correct in that theory! I had never done yoga like this before, where we were holding poses for three minutes at a time.

I felt like it didn’t do me as good as it should’ve because my mind was racing a mile a minute, thinking about things like my boyfriend and Game of Thrones (honestly, I was thinking about Cersei’s hair color, and the wardrobe choices for Margaery and Daenerys in the season premiere this past Sunday). I also felt a bit ungraceful, because I kept moving around to get set up for certain poses. Also, we were supposed to be closing our eyes most of the time, and I had to open my eyes to see what other people were doing when I didn’t understand what the instructor said.

Additionally, I had forgotten to bring a towel and I didn’t want to rent one from the front desk, so during certain poses in which my face was making direct contact with my mat I was panicking about how clean my mat was! At my other gym this isn’t an issue because I get a complimentary towel with my membership on every visit, so I usually put my face on that. I was less comfortable in Child’s Pose than I should’ve been because my forehead was pressing against my mat. I stress about this because I think I’m a little acne prone and try very hard not to aggravate or do anything to cause a breakout. I guess I should clean my mat soon.

I really liked this class though, and I think it will be excellent for me to clear my mind and relax a bit more, even if it’s just once a week. Eventually, if I continue attending, I will be much better at not thinking about a million things!

Day 6: TruZumba

This Zumba class was in the fourth room, “TRX,” which I hadn’t had a class in yet. This was by far the most fun I’ve ever had in a Zumba class! While there were plenty of students in the class, it wasn’t overcrowded like I’ve experienced before at another gym. Sara, the instructor, was so fun and energetic and really made you want to follow her dance moves! She reminded me a bit of Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, a character who is happy, friendly, loves to smile, dance, and party! I think I kept up pretty well, and I got a great workout!

Day 7: Tru Hot Pilates + Sculpt

I started my 7 Days for $7 in a Tru Hot Pilates + Sculpt class, so I thought it would be cool to take the class again now that I am accustomed to the gym, prepared and knowledgeable about how the gym and the classes work.

A few minutes into the class, I realized I had been working out 5 days in a row, and my body may be a little tired! I still got through the class (with instructor Mindy) and while some parts were a little difficult, like on the first day, it wasn’t horrible and I felt better having gone!

Ending Thoughts

Every day this past week I was so excited to be able to go to TruFusion at class times that fit with my schedule! I am in California this weekend, but I will definitely be signing up for a full membership next week. If you are in Las Vegas and enjoy these types of classes in a small, clean, hip gym, try out TruFusion! I love telling my friends and family about how cool this gym is, and I think others will feel the same.

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