Playing The Sims 4: First Impressions


The first gaming computer I ever had was built specifically for The Sims 3. This was back in 2008, and I was so excited to try out the game on my new computer! (I have replaced EVERYTHING in my gaming rig since then). Unfortunately, I did not actually enjoy The Sims 3 as much as The Sims 2. I did not like the open world and preferred loading into different lots, and I also thought it was very messy and not as mod-friendly as The Sims 2.

My self-Sim mourning her husband’s death.

One really, really horrible thing that happened: I didn’t realize that my print-screen button was not capturing screenshots until it was too late. The keybind for taking pictures in The Sims games is “C” which I completely forgot. I missed a lot of pictures where my self-Sim and her husband are younger, caring for the babies, and basically situations that I can’t reproduce once they are dead and the game is saved. Next post I do will have better pictures, but I’m a bit sad that I made this mistake.

The older son watching the Grim Reaper take his dad away!

I am very excited to have pre-ordered The Sims 4, which I have played just a little bit of since coming back from vacation and getting my computer back from the shop! So far, I spent maybe 45 minutes creating a self-Sim, moved her into a new house (Daisy Hovel) in Willow Creek, and got her married to the first male Sim that I noticed walking by her house, who happened to be shockingly compatible with my Sim (both having “geeky” and some other traits in common).

Younger self-Sim and the husband eloping on the sidewalk.

I have not explored the whole town yet, because I’ve been busy working on my self-Sim’s writing career (I think she’s currently an Advice Columnist), her husband’s computer programming career (I kid you not the NPC was already on this career track), and popping out a cute, blonde baby boy. I’m actually surprised that the child turned out blonde because it’s a recessive gene, but how much can I expect out of a video game? I can change his hair to a darker color later.


Additionally, I added another bedroom and bathroom to the house. The lot provided at Daisy Hovel was pretty large, and I didn’t want to move out of it because I had already upgraded all of the bathroom appliances with my Sims’ repair skills. If my Sims have more than two kids, then I’ll expand a bit more, but that can get hectic!

TS4_kidsroom TS4_livingroomTS4_breakfast

As far as the community lots I have visited: I’ve only gone to the nightclub and the gym (which I suppose might sound like me in real life). Both of the lots are pretty nice as far as aesthetics and moving around, which is a relief because I hate when the Sims scream at you when they can’t walk around. They were also already populated when I arrived at the lots, which I also like. I didn’t like in previous games, where you would go to a lot, and then the whole town would swarm to you.

Everyone died as soon as I remembered how to capture screenshots. Thus, all the mourning photos.

I really like that the UI is very simple and easy to figure out. I did change my camera controls to The Sims 3 setting, because I like to use my mouse wheel and some other things. I like that the game in general seems much simpler: no recipe ingredients to memorize, gardening is uncomplicated, and the interaction pie menus are also dynamic and change during conversations. I also like that my Sims’ friends are still aging despite not playing them, which is a feature I really liked in The Sims 3.

One complaint which is entirely my fault: I got my self-Sim fat. I wasn’t watching her while she ate, and slowly she kept gaining weight because she was eating too much! Having a good cooking skill doesn’t really help because the food is more filing. I’ve been having her take “Brisk Showers” so she gets the Energized buff, so I can send her jogging and to do whatever other exercises. It also didn’t help that I gave her an hourglass body type.

The Grim Reaper killing my self-Sim while her sons watch.
The Grim Reaper killing my self-Sim while her sons watch.

I look forward to playing more of The Sims 4, which I’ll get to do this weekend! However, my guild will be disappointed if I don’t at least meet my minimum conquest points, so I will have to make sure I play a lot of SWTOR this weekend as well.


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  1. Pantaro

    September 7, 2014 at 5:48 am

    Picked sims 4 up couple days ago cant get enough of build mode(I love to build all the things!) even tho a lot of people are complaining about things they have removed from the base game. all the time i’m spending just building stuff it was more than worth the purchase for me.

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