Preparing For Guild Flagships

Ever since guild flagships were announced, my guild has been saving credits so that we could purchase one when Galactic Strongholds is released! My guild doesn’t impose any type of tax, but simply asks you to contribute if you can. We will definitely be able to afford the base price of 50 million credits, and we can also afford all of the unlocks and upgrades at 130 million.

With the more recent release of information regarding guild conquests and crafting, we have also started to hoard materials. I finally feel more useful, having hoarded mats for two years in my cargo hold. I donated everything to the guild, because I actually don’t care to craft anything myself. Is that lazy? I’d rather just leave the crafting to people who know what they are doing.

When the guild conquests come out, I’m glad that we have a group of people well prepared to do everything. I’m happy we have crafters, GSFers, raiders, and people that like to do different aspects of the game. I’m on a carebear server, so for now I suppose we won’t have to do much world PvP. However, I think we should be able to hold our own if a situation ever arises.

I’m very happy to be in a large guild. Even though some players may come and go, a lot of players are consistently there every week, and it’s not hard to get something going if you need it. I haven’t been online as much recently aside from ops nights, but I’m very thankful that 15 other guild members agreed to run 16-man Nightmare Eternity Vault with me, because I needed the achievement! We could’ve completed it with less people, of course, but we had enough members on that wanted to play. Additionally, my guildmaster also said that we could farm the operation for low level mats as well. And now, I’m finally at 100% for the Eternity Vault operation!

It should be easy to get 100% on the other classic operations; I just have to organize some groups together to knock out the ones I missed (8-man Nightmare Explosive Conflict?). However, I wanted to emphasize how nice it is to have a fun guild that works together to achieve common goals.

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