Personal Goals in SWTOR

I remember either writing here on the blog or talking on Corellian Run Radio about ways to keep yourself occupied when there is a dearth of new content in the game. One of the ways I mentioned was to create goals for yourself that you can complete, which are unrelated to whether or not there is a new flashpoint, operation, warzone map, etc. In no particular order, here are my current personal goals in the game:

Leveling My Jedi Shadow to 55

Clearly I’m a slow leveler, and sadly I have hardly paid attention to the class story. I’ve been leveling her dark side, which is a bit more entertaining as well. I’m currently in Chapter 2, so from here on out I’ll focus on the story. I’m planning on gearing her immediately after hitting 55 with my Assassin’s assortment of leftover mods, so she should be at 180-rating very quickly aside from the earpiece, implants, and relics.

100% Completion on Planets

I’ve started to do this on Korriban and Hutta. It’s much easier to grind a massive amount of enemies while talking to your friends, so you’re not really paying attention to how boring it is. However, I think my hours of gameplay would be better reflected in a high number of achievement points. After I get this done, I’ll probably move on to doing flashpoint achievements, which could get very frustrating from the looks of it.

PvP Gearing

I know, I know! I said my PvP Series would be all about me writing about my journey to full Brutalizer gear! And then I got lazy and didn’t do much during the double warzone commendations event. However, I have a goal in mind now, which involves my Shadow. This is a big excuse, but there has been a lot to do recently in game that I don’t have the time and energy to do everything.

Fully Upgraded Gunship

My Assassin’s gunship is partly upgraded so far. I’m decent at GSF, but I’m only decent and not fantastic because I haven’t been practicing. It is something I really like to do, but just don’t get around to flying. Also, I really like to do this with a group of people. More fun, less lonely.

Clear Nightmare Dread Fortress

We have already cleared Nefra, the first boss, a few times, but we haven’t touched Gate Commander Draxus as much as I’ve wanted to. This is a constant goal that I hope to work on with my guild.

Despite having these personal goals, a lot of times I just don’t get a chance to work on them! I’m happily entertained working on operations with my guild, which takes a bit of time during the week, and also other SWTOR related activities, like events (Gree, Soovada, Rakghoul, etc.), this blog, and my podcast. How are people still complaining about boredom? I swear I put so many hours into the game and I am not close to doing everything I want. Perhaps it’s because I strive to be good at all aspects of the game. Or maybe it’s because I do many things outside the game as well. Anyway, if I’m going to do something, I want to do it well, and that involves taking time and effort to work on it.

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  1. Olib

    July 30, 2014 at 1:23 am

    My in-game to do list is a bit longer; I’ve only got one 55 and one char at 50 and I’ve been out of the game for around 2 years, never really done flashpoints or ops and I had to replace champ PvP gear with quest rewards.

    To do list is basically: Do everything. Alts, PvP gearing, GSF, Flashpoints, Ops, Dailies, Rep… It goes on 🙂

    You’re list seems more manageable, best of luck and have fun!

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