PvP Series: Go Go Gree!

After our normally scheduled ops last night, I swapped out my 180/186-rating gear for my PvP gear and took my ship to Ilum to participate in the newly returned Gree event!

This is actually one of my favorite events because of the PvP aspect. I currently play on the Harbinger server, so my urge to run around ganking people with my double lightsaber is dampened by the fact that no one is flagged for PvP in the open world. With the Gree event, you can attack people on both factions including your own, which is very cool and fun!

I took three of my guildies with me to do the dailies that were there. I don’t remember the missions or the map that well, so I’m glad two of them did. Unfortunately they did not share my thirst for blood and were more interested in getting the missions completed quickly, especially the ones in the PvP area, because they wanted to be flagged and vulnerable for as little time as possible. This wasn’t that bad, since I had a headache anyway and wanted to hurry up and get off the computer.

However, we did run into a few PvP-flagged groups. The first 4-man group targeted me and then continued to melt down my group, which prompted them to change to a different planetary instance. We ran into another 4-man group that was seemingly non-aggressive. I said, “Since they’re not aggressive, we should attack them because they’re probably afraid of us.” Alas, they decided to attack us first while we hesitated, but thankfully we were much better than them. This was followed by me stealthing, spiking, and mauling lone wolves attempting to complete their missions despite my team’s reluctance in attacking helpless individuals.

I’m actually a very gentle and kind person with no violent tendencies in real life, so it’s difficult for me to believe any research done on video games saying that they encourage violence. I see absolutely no problem with killing other players in a game, because in a way, they are just another digital target with higher intelligence (hopefully) and better gear than the mobs you come across in PvE.  

At the end of the day, I can beat an operation boss and get great parse numbers and excellent gear. However, there’s no other rush like destroying a player controlled character out in the open! I guess this is what I miss out on for being on a carebear server.


  1. DualBlastersGuy

    July 24, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    /Me giggles madly….nukie-nuke taime nao!

    (That Arsenal-Merc alpha strike with full Expertise, not to mention the lovely ElectroNet…/me giggles madly some more :))

  2. Miss Mojo

    July 26, 2014 at 5:07 am

    Hi 🙂
    Just wanted to comment about the violence and research you wrote^^
    Think research done about gaming and violence is a one sided view from whomever did that research, clearly someone who have never touched a video game in his/her life, and just don’t understand gaming. Media etc is always so quick to blame things on video-games if something horrible happens. If it had the effect they say it has, there would be a hell of a lot more school – shooting and what not then there actually is (even tho ofc there is way to much of that as it is) There clearly must be underlying issues with people who become violent, and not the game itself that affects them that way. There were psychopath’s before gaming, and they will be there after gaming.

    I saw a documentary once, or maybe it was Penn and Teller – Bullshit, they went to this family and they had this kid playing all these violent games all day long. They asked permission from the parents to let the kid hold and shoot a gun. And they accepted this, and so they went to a shooting range, he gets shown how to use the gun, kid picks up the gun and shoots at a target. He freaks out, starts crying and shaking, being incredibly scared. Even tho he played violent video games daily. I would say violence in games don’t makes us violent. More the real life environment, family and friends that affect us.

    I know that’s not what your post was about but just wanted to comment on that 🙂
    PS. Like your blog!

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