Foray Into Nightmare Ops

Yesterday I forayed into Nightmare (NiM) Dread Fortress with my ops group. I know, we’re a few months behind—that operation has been out for a while. But! It was exciting to go in and do it finally, especially after getting all of my gear to 180-rating.

We started after completing our first operation, Dread Palace Hard-Mode (HM). We had tried NiM Nefra before but had not beat her. We didn’t spend hours slaving away at it though. Last night, however, we got it on our second pull, which was great. Our DPS consisted of two Mercenaries, a Juggernaut, and a Deception Assassin (me!). I’m not sure what skill trees the others were using, but I was happy to see that my DPS was good enough to beat the boss.

In my guild, we set a time limit for raid nights, which I really like. I don’t want to be exhausted wiping over and over for hours on something. Because of the time limit, we really only had time for two shots on NiM Draxus (we did not get him down), which most of us had never seen before. I thought it was interesting that clicking those crystals through the maze damaged your health! There were a few differences from NiM and HM, which will take a few more pulls to get used to, but otherwise, I think we have a very good group to beat it tonight.

Have you cleared Nightmare Dread Fortress? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @Heather_PLS!


  1. gonzoloathing (@gonzofear)

    July 7, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    Yes, i have cleared DF NiM up until Brontes. I quit the day Wildstar came out and left my guild (dont worry they were prepared). They got the Conqueror of the Dread Fortress title about a week after I left. But that aside. The fights itself are exciting and riveting.

    Especially grobthok was no walk in the park at the start. We wiped on it for 6 hours in a row and said “this is our last attempt” and somehow magic happened and we got it down.

    It was a good moment too because my eyes were getting minds of their own at 2 am.

    Draxus required good coordination for interrupts. And that was the problem if you were a sentinel or guardian (or their mirrors at the imp side) and u were used to jumping in.

    The corrupter zero fight was a bit boring to be honest. The changes made to that fight didnt affect us much. e.g. we never cc-ed any of the repair droids and just aoe nuked them down. Only the mines had to be better coordinated.

    The Brontes fight was pretty exciting. Especially when you get to the last part of the fight. It’s an everything check really. Dps, tanks and especially healer in that last phase (my main was a scoundrel healer named Captain M’organ) and I was having trouble keeping people alive. They were taking a lot of damage.

    Happy that Bioware made the raids so that you are obliged to have good teamwork and especially coordination.

    Sad that it’s going to take another year before a nightmare release after the new ops come out. I may or may not come back if new ops are ever released. Just to see how they are 🙂

    I wish you a lot of fun figuring out the fights. You can always ask if you need any hints & tips.

  2. fleshribbon

    July 8, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    Congratulations! Don’t worry, our guild has yet to attempt Nightmare Dread Fortress or even get down the council in Dread Palace HM :-O We run similarly with set raid start/end times 3 nights a week and don’t use fixed teams to give everyone a fair crack at all the fights and try to never sit anyone 2 raid nights in a row.

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