Galactic Starfighter: Come Fly With Me

Galactic Starfighter Come Fly With Me

This weekend, I drained my credits buying an armor set, and I didn’t even have enough to augment and switch my mods into the new gear. However, right now SWTOR is giving double rewards for GSF! Once I heard each match was giving about 28k credits, I couldn’t resist.

I’ve stated before that my guild is excellent at GSF, but I hopelessly am not. They took me along on quite a few matches, and they are so good! There’s usually a group of them flying every night, so I’ll try to be more consistent in playing GSF when I’m not raiding or ground PvPing. 

It turns out that I’m starting to like GSF! It’s very relaxing and less stressful than ground PvP. When I first tried GSF a long time ago, I didn’t like how slow the ship flew. However, I like it now because the maps are actually very nice to look at, and also it’s easier to sneak up, find enemy ships, and destroy them. I also was intimidated by the controls the first time I went in, but now I’ve got the hang of it just a little bit.

I’m currently using the starter gunship, because I like sniping the enemy ships from afar. I haven’t tried the scout or the strike fighter, but I think I’m going to stick with the gunship. When I have enough fleet requisitions, I will purchase a bomber and try that out. I’m not sure if I’ll like it though, because I’d rather just be a damage dealer, like I am in ground combat.

If you haven’t tried GSF or if you’ve tried it before and didn’t like it, I recommend giving it another a chance. Queuing up with a friend that likes GSF definitely helps. I’m grateful to have a squadron of expert flyers in my guild teaching and easing me into it.

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