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Gear Update: Full 180s!

Kudos to whoever can figure out where I took this screenshot in-game.

Kudos to whoever can figure out where I took this screenshot in-game.

A week or two ago I got the final 180 set piece armoring I needed to be at full 180s on my Assassin! I’m not sure if I told you guys, but I added in a Dread Forged Relic of Focused Retribution, which I didn’t have before. I also switched out some mods to add Critical Rating. Like I’ve written before, I’m not an expert at gear optimization, but listening to Redna’s OotiniCast interview with theorycrafter Oofalong a while back inspired me to try just a little bit harder.

When I’m more motivated, I’m going to try to bring down the Accuracy closer to 100%. I’ve had it as low as 100.28, so I’ll aim for that at least.

As far as parsing goes, I honestly don’t know how much of a difference everything makes, if adding the Critical Rating helped or if the relic helped… I don’t really know. I do know that my DPS is not an issue when we’re downing operation bosses!

Staying Happy

What have I been up to? I know it’s been a bit quiet here on Pretty Little Sith for the past few days!

I’ve been doing warzones, dueling, raiding, getting accidentally left out of a raid group, the gambling event, dailies (GASP), and flashpoints! Honestly, unless you spend every hour of your day playing SWTOR, I think there are plenty of things to do in the game to keep yourself occupied.

It’s like investing in the stock market. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. You want to diversify your funds, so if something bad happens in one part of the market, your entire portfolio isn’t messed up.

If you choose to play only one part of a MMO and for some reason that part of the game takes a temporary downturn, it could feel like the end of the world. As for me, I don’t just do operations. I am not JUST a PvPer. I don’t JUST do GSF. If you give yourself different things to do, you’ll never be bored. If you limit yourself to one aspect of the game, I think it’s a shame, because SWTOR has a lot to offer. I also don’t think you are getting the best value out of your subscription if you don’t try more than one part of the game.

If you are truly unhappy and set on doing the one thing you like, maybe you should take a break. Try something else in the game. Try a different game even. It’s better to try something different than to dwell on the problems and inflict your issue on other people.

MMOs are designed for an experience that exceeds any individual aspect of its game play or type.  Don’t get stuck in one game if all you want to do is play one part of it! Enjoy the various games out there and the incredible variety of encounters they offer in your individual game play preference, stay entertained, and don’t ever expect a single MMO to provide you as a singular game type enthusiast to be the sole focus of the developer’s time and money.

I Wish

I wish I won't fall into the lava.

I wish I won’t fall into the lava.

The Bad Feeling Podcast has a segment in their show called “I Wish” in which they talk about things that they wish were in the game. Whenever anyone’s asked me, what do you wish was in the game, I come up blank because generally I’m pretty satisfied with the game. However, I’ve given it a bit more thought, and decided that these are some things I wish were in the game.

I wish there was a hood toggle.

I just want to see my character’s face and the hairstyle I paid 20 (I think this is how much it costs?) Cartel Coins to switch to! As SWTOR Miner has said, it would be very easy to add this to the game; they just need to work on adding a UI option.

I wish for more level 55 hard-mode flashpoints and operations.

I don’t mean completely new content. I mean, I wish I could complete Eternity Vault or any of the other level 50 operations or flashpoints with my level 55 Assassin and feel challenged. It seems like such a waste of content not to scale the level 50 hard-modes to end-game, because you don’t spend a lot of time between level 50 and 55 doing all of the level 50 content.

I wish for 8v8 Ranked warzones.

Why am I practicing in regular warzones if I’m only going to be doing arenas? I know there is a whole long debate about this topic, and I simply don’t know enough about the facts to prove why it would or would not be a good idea.

I wish that you were able to redo your class story in hard-mode.

I know this one is really tricky. I don’t want to simply play the story. I want to play the story with a challenge. How cool would it be to do these lower level fights against buffed bosses with all of your skills and abilities? It would be so much fun. This is probably really difficult for Bioware to do though, but that’s why this is my wish list, and I WISH!

What do you wish for in the game? Let me know in the comments, send me an e-mail at heather@prettylittlesith.com,  or tweet me @Heather_PLS.

Angels & Daemons: New Outfit Pics

XoXaan Armor Set 4

I’ve been talking about this armor set that I purchased that cost me most of my credits, but I haven’t shown you a picture of it! Here are a few pictures of my character wearing the XoXaan Armor Set, which is obtainable from the Star Cluster Nightlife Pack and/or the GTN.

I actually liked a lot of the new armor sets in that pack! I looked up XoXaan to see who in Star Wars lore inspired the armor set, and it turns out that XoXaan was actually a female Sith Lord. She was one of the first of the Sith Lords to defect from the Jedi Order. I thought that was perfect for my Sith Assassin, and that’s ultimately why I decided to spend my credits on this one.

XoXaan Armor Set 2

XoXaan Armor Set 3

Angels & Daemons

This was a cool, unintentional screenshot of my character and my guildie Daemon by @HealingSwtor. I remarked that it looked like an angel and daemon–thus, the title of today’s blog post.

Daemon Photobomb

Thanks @HealingSwtor for helping with the screenshots and my guildie Daemon for showing up in Korriban just to photobomb me.


How I Earn & Spend Credits in SWTOR


At the moment, I’m poorer than usual, but this is only because I really wanted an armor set, and it unfortunately cost the majority of my credits. Someone asked–why am I so poor?

I don’t craft. I don’t sell anything on the GTN unless my cargo hold is full. I normally don’t do Dailies unless I’m trying to level a character from 50-55. All my income comes effortlessly from simply playing and enjoying the game. I normally don’t play with the intent to earn credits. Sometimes, I don’t even play to earn commendations. Last week I went two days of raiding with maxed Elite and Ultimate Commendations, and it wasn’t a big deal to me. The exception would be GSF this past week because I couldn’t ignore 28k credits when I’m near the poverty line, but it turns out I actually like it.

I also don’t ever buy anything. Once in a while I’ll see an armor set I like and spend a bunch of credits, but otherwise, after augmenting and switching the mods, I won’t spend money for a while. My guild provides free stims and adrenals to core raid members, as well as repair funds. We also have a guild crafter who makes everything I could ever want in exchange for just the materials, which I earn by playing the game.

I don’t actively look for speeders or pets or any other vanity items to purchase. I’ll use the Cartel Coins SWTOR gives you for being a subscriber and open a pack, and I may get some fun items that way.

When Galactic Strongholds comes out, I might be in trouble. I currently live a spend less, earn less type of life in SWTOR. I will definitely want to have a nice stronghold, but I don’t want to have to work so hard just to have something so cosmetic.

What I’m getting at here is that you can control your income, no matter how much you make, by controlling what you spend. It doesn’t matter to me that I don’t have millions in SWTOR, because I don’t spend it. When the expansion comes out, I most likely won’t have the fanciest Stronghold. I know I’ll want one, but I can’t imagine playing more than I already do now or farming dailies or spending time crafting—just to buy stuff.

Playing the game and being in a good guild rewards you enough to make up for dailies or however you farm for credits. If you are not always compelled to buy things, I think you’ll find that the credits you earn running operations, PvP, or whatever you LIKE to do, are plentiful enough to cover and exceed the costs of keeping your gear current and repaired.

PvP Series Episode 6: Trash Talking & WTF is a Relic Slut?

Trash talking the enemy is totally fine. I am totally okay with my teammates taunting and teasing the opposing team.

Trash talking your own teammates is not cool. Last night I queued with one of my guildies, and we were placed in a Voidstar match. We checked out our other teammates, a 4-man pre-made and two others, so it looked like a good group. Suddenly, one of our teammates (I think he was in the pre-made) remarked how there were “relic sluts” on the team and then pointed directly at my character. I was taken aback! What is a relic slut? WTF is a relic slut? I consulted my guildie who said that I was pretty much the only one on the team without full PvP gear on, that the troll was probably talking about how some PvE players only come into PvP to farm for the relics, and that I was one of those players.

For me, nothing could be further from the truth. My PvP gear is a work in progress, but I’m tricked out in PvE gear and have no need to farm a relic. I already have better.

Of course, this is the internet. That person doesn’t know me. He or she blindly threw out an insult to his or her teammate, some random stranger they will never know. Who cares, right? I know I’m not supposed to take it personally. However, the comment was made literally right before the door opened for the Voidstar match, and I was horribly distracted. I died over and over because I couldn’t quickly get my head straight, and also, I had made some changes to my hot-keys, and that just added to the confusion.

Maybe you’re reading and thinking, if I can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. However, I don’t think getting trash talked by my own teammate–before the match even started, before I could even show anyone what I could do– is something I should just get used to. What happened to common courtesy? Constructive criticism? You are only bringing yourself down if you mindfuck your teammate into playing badly.

And then I remembered–this is still the internet. Trolls abound. I must not be used to being treated like a street rat in-game when I’m used to being treated like a queen. I might be oversensitive. But just because it’s the internet, I don’t think it should be acceptable to be rude to your teammates.

People like that are foolishly driving away potential players that could fill their Ranked queues. Isn’t that an issue, low population for Ranked?

By the time I stopped dying and got my head together, I was seconds too slow to stealth cap the door. We ended up losing the match. With all the gear and supposed skill that the premade had, we still ended up losing the match. Looking at the scoreboard, my guildie asked, “What were you doing that match?” It was a rough one for me, and I had to take a break after that.

On the bright side, I earned enough warzone commendations to purchase an offhand, so now I have 2 Obroan relics, a Brutalizer mainhand, and an Obroan offhand. I think I would be much further along in regards to gear if I solely concentrated on PvP, but a lot of my playtime is dedicated to raiding. Nevertheless, I still wouldn’t consider that to be a reason to demoralize anybody in a similar position and thus endangering the success of the match for the entire team.

Galactic Starfighter: Come Fly With Me

Galactic Starfighter Come Fly With Me

This weekend, I drained my credits buying an armor set, and I didn’t even have enough to augment and switch my mods into the new gear. However, right now SWTOR is giving double rewards for GSF! Once I heard each match was giving about 28k credits, I couldn’t resist.

I’ve stated before that my guild is excellent at GSF, but I hopelessly am not. They took me along on quite a few matches, and they are so good! There’s usually a group of them flying every night, so I’ll try to be more consistent in playing GSF when I’m not raiding or ground PvPing. 

It turns out that I’m starting to like GSF! It’s very relaxing and less stressful than ground PvP. When I first tried GSF a long time ago, I didn’t like how slow the ship flew. However, I like it now because the maps are actually very nice to look at, and also it’s easier to sneak up, find enemy ships, and destroy them. I also was intimidated by the controls the first time I went in, but now I’ve got the hang of it just a little bit.

I’m currently using the starter gunship, because I like sniping the enemy ships from afar. I haven’t tried the scout or the strike fighter, but I think I’m going to stick with the gunship. When I have enough fleet requisitions, I will purchase a bomber and try that out. I’m not sure if I’ll like it though, because I’d rather just be a damage dealer, like I am in ground combat.

If you haven’t tried GSF or if you’ve tried it before and didn’t like it, I recommend giving it another a chance. Queuing up with a friend that likes GSF definitely helps. I’m grateful to have a squadron of expert flyers in my guild teaching and easing me into it.

Buying Battle #2: Girl vs. Geek

It’s been about a month since my first Buying Battle post! If you’re not familiar with the first post, how this works is I show you a bunch of geeky items vs. girly items, and you have to guess which one I actually bought. Let’s see if you can guess what I got this time! To read the result, highlight the text to see the hidden answers.

Round 1: Glasses

Tiffany Victoria Square Sunglasses ($450)

Tiffany Victoria Square Sunglasses

Sadly, I lost my Juicy Couture sunglasses somewhere. Sunglasses are a necessary accessory when you live in the desert, especially when you drive. These are the perfect replacement! Check out those Austrian crystals on the side…!


GUNNAR JOULE Onyx Crystalline ($99)

Gunnar Joule

If you read my last Buying Battle, you’ll know I was looking at the Cobalt Intercepts. However, I found these beauties! They have crystalline lenses so that I can see my games in true color with a feminine frame style. I spend HOURS on the computer every day, so these are a lifesaver.

Result (highlight text!): I got the GUNNAR JOULE! I’ll take a picture in them sometime. Another way you could’ve figured this out is by looking at my Instagram pictures. I’m wearing dark brown Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers with prescription lenses (which I don’t actually need). I don’t need a second pair of sunglasses, but it would be nice to have an alternate pair to wear when I feel like it. 

Round 2: Purse vs. Keyboard

Madewell “The Transport Tote” ($168.00)

Madewell The Transport Tote

Madewell is a J. Crew brand that unfortunately doesn’t have a store where I live. That’s probably a good thing, because I would spend a lot of money there. However, I really, really like this bag. I know it looks simple, but it’s really versatile. I have ballet flats from the same store in the exact same color leather. I really want this!


Razer BlackWidow Ultimate ($139.99)

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

If you read my post about how I play and organize my game UI, you’ll know that I wanted/needed a mechanical keyboard. The one I have right now is making my fingers hurt from bashing the buttons so hard.

Result (highlight text!): I purchased neither. I don’t really need either of them that badly, but eventually I really do need to get a mechanical keyboard. And I still really like the bag…….

Round 3: GPU vs. Red Bottoms

Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps in Black ($775)

Christian Louboutin Simple Pump

My Cole Haan Chelsea Black Patent Pumps are wearing out! I need to upgrade them also because I wear black heels to work several days a week. These pumps are the ultimate rare drop in the women’s shoe world.


GeForce GTX 780Ti ($719.99)

GeForce GTX 780tiI was leveling by myself, and my FPS was hovering only around 20, which is really bad. I currently have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 580. I could definitely use an upgrade for sure!

Result (highlight text!): Are you kidding me? I would never spend that much on a pair of shoes unless I had a lot more money. However, cost per use on both items would be similar, but the video card gives me more bang for my buck. I would only wear the shoes a few days a week, while the GPU would be used pretty much every day. So, I BOUGHT THE VIDEO CARD!!!!!!! Plus, it came with a free copy of Watch Dogs, which I will write about for you when I get around to playing it.


Geek trumps girl this time! Were you surprised?

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I will hopefully upload another PvP Series post!

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