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Leveling Burnout

Last night I *healed* my very first operation ever. I had a whopping 16k in health at level 51 on my Mercenary, using Planetary commendations for the Makeb mods (Rakata-level 58s), thanks to Film for giving me leftover mods and unused comms. However, we only did Eternity Vault Hard Mode with 6 people, and the other 5 people in my group were very well-geared. Basically, I didn’t have to heal very much. I also actually ran off the stairs on Soa, which I never, ever do. It must have been nerves that got to me! They rezzed me at the bottom, but that was very bad playing on my part.

While many of you probably play many different alts, I personally only like to play one character, so having a new one makes me pretty nervous! I have a few characters in which I only played the class story and never any end-game content. I would like to be more flexible in regards to raiding in my guild though. I feel like a one-trick pony with just the one raiding toon! It’s really weird, because I’ve been playing almost since launch.

I did feel a bit burnt out from this past weekend. All the hours of grinding towards level 55 on a poor healing toon, waiting for Torian Cadera to kill stuff, off-DPSing to go faster, paying attention to Torian so he doesn’t die…. I thought about respeccing to DPS just to move the process along, but since I haven’t really ever played a healer I wanted to practice and get good at it with my companion at least. Torian still died a few times, but I was able to keep myself alive long enough to kill some difficult mobs.

I was almost burnt out enough to open up Skyrim! LOL but I did not. I had returned my pre-order for Elder Scrolls Online, but I didn’t want to play that anyway. What I actually did when I got burnt out was close out SWTOR, open up Netflix, and watch a few episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As a girl, I think the show is super cute and funny, and makes me wish I had a cool herd of friends.

If you’re worried about my sanity (and perhaps also my intelligence), I also picked up the classic Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. The reason I did that was because I also played QuizUp on my phone, and one of the questions asked was who the main character was in the book, which I answered correctly (duh because I’m smart)… so I felt like reading the book.

I probably sound like I’m FOREVERALONE. I’ve been getting a bit depressed about something and getting burnt out in my favorite game isn’t fun. However, I have some upcoming events within the next month in my life that will hopefully turn everything upside down, from lackluster to very, very exciting. I do have a new Stitch Fix coming to me in the mail today, so that’ll be a change of pace also!

Leveling a Mercenary: NEED TO BE 55 BY TUESDAY!

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any substantial blog entries in the past couple days, it’s because I’ve been trying to level my Mercenary like crazy. Despair is having a Bounty Hunter operation on Tuesday, which means only Bounty Hunter classes: Powertech tanks, Mercenary healers, and PT & Merc DPS. /sigh

At the moment, I have completed my class quest, and I’m on Ilum at level 48. It’s a little slow going since I’m so under-leveled, but once I get to level 50 I’ll try to find some better gear to put my character in. Then I can go to Makeb and level 50-55, and I’ll have a full set of level 55 gear by that time.

I really would like to quote Miley Cyrus’s song “The Climb” and replace the lyrics with “It’s the grind….” in this particular situation. I’m not going to. Just sing the song to yourself in your head.

In other news, I did my little interview with OotiniCast earlier today, and I think I sound completely scatterbrained. Clearly talking and writing are two different skill sets. I’m not sure when the show will air, but I’ll keep you guys updated!

Quick Thoughts, News, & Upcoming Events!


I don’t want to spam anyone’s Twitter timeline, so here’s some random thoughts/facts of the moment:

  • I ordered business cards for that have my gaming info on them also. I foresee my networking skills being used at PAX East next month.
  • I regrammed a sweet Snow White picture illustrated as a Sith Assassin on my Instagram, thanks to @StarWarsy for posting the picture.
  • My next Stitch Fix is arriving next week, and I can’t wait! They haven’t shipped it out, so I can’t cheat and see what the items are yet.
  • Raid night was anticlimactic; couldn’t get through Corruptor Zero on Dread Palace HM.
  • I somehow did the flashpoint Athiss twice tonight with Daemon, Rewster, and Mesh.
  • I put the extra Saturday pass I had for PAX East on sale on
  • Chill from OotiniCast will be interviewing me this Saturday for an upcoming show!
  • I have low blood pressure according to my biometric screening…..!

Despair Raid Night: The Nightmare PuG

We had a great raid night in Despair yesterday. Over 30 people were logged in during raid time, with a few that weren’t leveled high enough to go into an operation. Two 16-man groups were formed with two PuGs in mine. Tuesdays are usually are days where we do our weekly comms runs on Story Mode, so we cleared Dread Fortress and Dread Palace. This is also a good day to gear your ALT, because usually no one needs any of the gear that drops. My team one-shotted every boss! I’m so proud.

There was one negative thing about last night though. One of the PuGs was really bossy and demanding, even as we were clearing through everything like nothing. It was so very annoying, and they even had the nerve to whisper me about how I shouldn’t play an Assassin DPS and that I should tank instead. Somehow, they weren’t bothering the lesser geared (he was in PvP gear actually) Assassin DPS about this, so it felt a bit personal.

They also asked me my parse number, which is rude, kind of like asking me what my bra size is. I told them anyway, but I have not parsed in a while simply because I don’t need to base my success on a number I get from beating a dummy. Real results are downing bosses. I’m very good at what I do otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get through HM bosses, so this person just pissed me off.

They pissed off everyone else too, including the other PuG who I remarked got “sassy” with them. Why bother being a control freak when you’re in an amazing raid group? If I was a PuG in a raid that was one-shotting everything, I would be so grateful. I wouldn’t be wasting my time typing (instead of playing! Hello???) instructions to a raid group that already knows what they are doing.

Anyway, tonight we are running 16-man Hard Mode, probably Dread Fortress. I may also “flashpoint my face off” tonight or tomorrow to complete the weekly.

Despair raids are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, and also any time someone feels like putting a group together. We usually get our Classic Operations weekly done also on a non-official raiding time.

How to Find a Guild: It’s Like Dating

Yesterday we completed Dread Palace SM 16M with a full guild run on a non-raiding day, including a fresh level 55 without voice communications who had never done the operation before. (They did have me type out instructions to him because I’m the “blogger” that types a lot, haha.) We one-shotted the rest of the bosses like nothing. That is the beauty of being in a large, raiding guild—if you want to do something, you have the resources and people to help you do it successfully with minimal pain and frustration.

From reading my comments and also Twitter, I saw that sometimes there is a disconnect between players that want to do stuff, such as raiding and PvP, but not really having anyone competent to do it with. When players use GroupFinder, it leads to all kinds of random cluster mucks, which could end up with someone leaving the game because of unhappy experiences. This is not a good thing for everyone that plays, because you don’t want a declining population in your favorite game. This is also why I recommend finding a guild or people that you like to play with.

Now, I’m not saying everyone drop what they are doing and join my guild, because you may not necessarily be a perfect fit or compatible with our way of doing things (read “My Guild as a Communist Society”). However, here are some tips based on my own experiences on how to find a guild. Since finding a guild is like dating, I also included some semi-equivalent dating tips for funsies, which are in Italics!

PuG into guild runs. I know–this may not be the easiest thing since many guilds don’t actively recruit, but sometimes they might need to fill a few spots on guild runs. These are the best groups to get pugged into, because not only will what you are doing (probably) be smoother, but you can see what kind of guild they are and if they are people that you would like to play with. Also, they may end up just recruiting you on the spot if they like you. Alternatively, if you pug into a group where you don’t like the guild, then you know who NOT to ask for an invitation from. (Go to parties or events with lots of people with common interests: concerts, conventions, school, etc. Meet lots of different people!)

Do heroics or group activities pre-55. Find people to level or do heroics, world bosses with while you’re leveling. Perhaps if you’re cool, nice, chatty, funny, badass, whatever, you can nonchalantly ask someone that you group up with if you can join their guild. Bonus points if they are in a guild with the +10 experience bonus. (Make friends wherever you go. You never know who might be able to help you or be a good match.)

Ask for a referral from friends, Twitter, the SWTOR forums, Reddit, podcasts, etc. Someone is bound to respond to you. (Have a friend set you up on a date!)

Investigate guilds online. See which guilds have websites and if you can apply to be a member. See what the guild’s raid times are, loot rules, etc. I actually read through Despair’s guild website before I joined. I was pretty careful about choosing a guild, and I’m glad I was. (Check online dating websites!)

Make people WANT you in their guild. Be an awesome player. Have really cool gear! Be a really fun person that others want to be around. Say hi in voice communications if you’re female (LOL for shame!!!!) Own a popular SWTOR website so you can name drop yourself and join whatever you want! (Be really attractive so you don’t have to try so hard. Muahaha.)

You may not get the right guild the first few times. That’s okay. Finding a guild is like dating. You have to get yourself out there, see what you like and what you don’t, and if you’re happy and they’re happy, then make a long-term commitment. Try not to cheat on your guild, because then they’ll wonder if maybe they’re not good enough for you or if they’re doing something wrong. That could be messy. If anything goes sour, you can always /gquit or break up. It might be awkward between you and your old guild if it ended badly, and sometimes you may even regret leaving a guild.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, so if you know of any other ways to find a guild or to date, then by all means go ahead! I had a lot of fun and giggles putting this post together, so if you like this post, please share my blog with your friends! Happy gaming.

Why are PUGs so Frustrating?

This past weekend I decided to run some operations on one of our off-raiding days. I decided extra Ultimate Commendations won’t hurt for my up and coming Mercenary. I have hardly pugged anything since joining Despair (Click here to read my post about my pugging days), but I had gotten along that whole time before pugging operations… We had a few guild members, but the group was primarily PUGs. The first PUG group I was in was pretty good, because they were mostly of the same guild, but the second group was awful.

I realized that pugging was pretty much the worst time-waster ever. You have to find the group, hope the people you bring in are good, and then hope everyone does everything right with directions in chat without forcing them to get into voice comms.

Why is it that many PUGs seem to think they know everything, yet make so many mistakes? I’m not saying that all PUGs are bad, but a lot of them are! Also, all the PUGs all get mad at one another because it’s everyone else’s fault but their own.

No dependability, no accountability, no reliability, no TRUST. I feel that I can trust my guildies to do the right thing or at least be open to listen and learn. I was not a happy camper Saturday night, even after some patient explanations on what to do and what not to do in a story mode ops. SERIOUSLY. It was a damn Dread Palace STORY MODE.

On the bright side, I pulled out my super awesome guild recruitment skillz with one of the good PUGs, and now we have a new core raiding member! Welcome to the team, Asajjia. (Hopefully he’s still there when I log in tonight, haha.)

If you primarily PUG raids, have you ever tried being in a guild that regularly runs raids? Or vice versa, are you in a guild that regularly raids now after only ever pugging groups? (Ahem Indirion.)

Leveling a Mercenary: Status Update

As you may know, I’m currently leveling a Mercenary (level 35), and I’ve never done the Bounty Hunter class story before. Well, I got Torian Cadera not too long ago, and I’m just as excited about the romance story as I was when I played my very first character, the Sith Inquisitor!

I already knew he was going to be the companion after watching someone else level a Bounty Hunter, but of course he did not have the romance story with him. I haven’t gone on too far in that companion’s story, but he is like the best one so far out of all the Imperial, male romanceable companions!

I would like to write a whole post about the Imperial male romanceable companions, but I haven’t completed Torian’s story yet. Don’t tell me please, but I really hope he doesn’t go the way of Quinn. Ugh.

I also changed my character’s look (see her previous look here), because I didn’t want to see a Twi’lek get down and dirty with Torian…. yep. I’m a little lazy to find an armor that I like for Twi’nkiepie, so for now she’s wearing something kind of Sith-y.

Leveling a Mercenary Status Update

My main, Dianah also has a new look. Long hair again, different makeup, and a crop top with no under-boob! Yay!

Dianah new look 32114

Loot Crate Review: March 2014 Titanfall Edition

Loot Crate Review March 2014 Titanfall 2

After seeing everyone and their dog tweet about how they got their Loot Crate in the mail, I finally received mine! This is my first Loot Crate ever, which I subscribed to eventually after hearing my guildie Ben talk about it and buying a shirt from one of the previous boxes.

What is Loot Crate?

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box delivered to your house filled with geek/gamer goodies. Every month the box has a different theme. This month’s theme for example was Titanfall.

It's about the size of a child's shoe box. I didn't have a banana, so here's a cupcake for scale.

It’s about the size of a child’s shoe box. I didn’t have a banana, so here’s a cupcake for scale.

How much does it cost?

Depending on if you get the one-month, three-month, or six-month plan, the monthly subscription fee is $20 or less. According to Loot Crate’s website the boxes typically are worth $40 or more in merchandise. It’s a pretty good deal, except you won’t always know the theme of the upcoming box. You also have the chance to win the Mega Crate, filled with goodies worth over $750!

So, what did I get?

When I got home and saw the box waiting for me, I thought it was smaller than I thought it was going to be. (That’s what she said?) However, it did fit everything inside very nicely! Here are the contents of the box:

  • A mini Loot Crate magazine with articles centered around Titanfall. I haven’t read it through yet (probably for reasons I will explain at the end), but it also tells you what’s inside the box, with pictures.

Loot Crate Review March 2014 Titanfall 6

  • An Exclusive Titanfall T-Shirt. Yay size small t-shirt! This shirt was previously only available to the development team.

Loot Crate Review March 2014 Titanfall 7

  • Attack on Titan Manga: 1. Some reading material! It looks pretty cool, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.Loot Crate Review March 2014 Titanfall 3
  • Titanfall C101 Lanyard. This could come in handy for any upcoming conventions, or even for a work badge that I don’t wear!

Loot Crate Review March 2014 Titanfall 5

  • Attack on Titan – Scouting Regiment Wristband. Check out my bling bling! The wristband seemed sort of large for my arm, so I probably wouldn’t wear it. 16 year old me would definitely have worn it though! Maybe I will give this to my brother.

Loot Crate Review March 2014 Titanfall 4

  • Attack on Titanfall Magnet. If you look at the first picture, this is the little rectangular thing in the front. I’ll take this to work since I have a bunch of metal cabinets to stick it on.
  • Titanfall Premium Strategy eGuide. This is a redemption code for the premum e-guide of Titanfall. Not sure what I’ll be doing with this because I won’t be playing the game.
  • Two pieces of candy. I forgot to take a picture, but they’re mint green, and they look like taffy with a swirly white design on them. I’ll put these in my purse for a little snack in the near future!
  • Coupon codes for ASTRO Gaming headsets (15% off of orders over $50) and GUNNAR computer eyewear (25% off $99 or $79 styles).
  • An awesome Loot Crate March 2014 Titanfall pin. Very cool! Very collectible.

Loot Crate Review March 2014 Titanfall 8Final Thoughts?

I was a little disappointed when I heard the theme of my first Loot Crate, because I really have little to no interest in playing Titanfall or reading the manga. However, if these items were themed something a bit different, I probably would’ve loved it.  I think Loot Crate is doing a great job putting these little boxes together, and I look forward to seeing what’s in my next box!


Loot Crate has not compensated me in any way to write this review. However, I will receive $5 in Loot Crate credit for anyone that clicks one of my Loot Crate links and subscribes!

Girl Gamers: Why so much drama?

One of my Twitter friends @DanRhodenizer tweeted about his girl gamer list. I decided to join the list for funsies, because why not? I read through the conversation, and I was interested in the different reactions, such as people saying something like, why is that image pink/purple/hearts, those girls only play fucking call of duty, etc.  Why are “girl gamers” a big deal? Who cares what game they like to play? I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, but I don’t think I’ve ever truly written an opinion on this for you guys.

Why are girl gamers a big deal?

I can see why girl gamers are a big deal, because they’re a rarity. Anything that is scarce is more valuable if you look at it from a supply and demand perspective. If suddenly there was a huge influx of female gamers, the male gamers really wouldn’t care as much about gender anymore. At that point, if the ratio was 1:1 male and female, being a girl really wouldn’t be special.

Why do girl gamers care about being labeled a “girl gamer?”

I really couldn’t care less. That is exactly what I am. Why do females care so much about the distinction? Gamers are typically male, so to differentiate you, you are labeled a girl gamer. Like I said in the previous paragraph, when there is a more balanced ratio of females and males in gaming, the label will probably go away. Are women concerned about “girl gamer” having a negative stigma? If you are so concerned, by all means, just be a good member of the gamer population and don’t make it so girl gamers have a negative stigma. (Ex: all the things female gamers do that make you shake your head.)

Who cares what games they like to play?

I don’t really like to play the more violent games, like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. Actually, I generally do not like console gaming unless we’re talking about a Super Nintendo. Am I less of a “gamer” because I don’t like to play those mainstream, popular but violent console games? Or am I more of a gamer because I nerd it up on my PC playing an MMO? I don’t really want to link a video again, but in The Guild, when Codex meets Stupid Tall Hot Girl, you see a mini battle of girl-on-girl console vs. PC. You can see the disdain on Stupid Tall Hot Girl’s face when Codex says she plays an MMO, and STHG thinks she’s better than her. I know this is a work of fiction, but this really felt like an honest truth that I don’t know if males could relate to. People are not all exactly alike, so I wouldn’t expect every girl gamer to be the same, but..

Why are some girl gamers rude to others of their kind? Why are girls catty to each other in general?

Some gamer ladies are very unnecessarily mean and territorial, and I believe many feel validated that they are “the only girl” in their guild or raid group or whatever. One girl that used to be in our guild was horrible! I was nothing but nice to her, but she would be so rude and bitchy. Mean comments literally came out of nowhere. I also have run into the girl gamers that think they are better players than everyone BECAUSE they are a girl. Basically, they wouldn’t be playing if they weren’t really good. That’s annoying too.

I really just want a girl gamer friend that I can text and say, let’s go 2-man these quests, and then go to the nail salon after and talk about our epic loot.


Tonight I will log into Star Wars: The Old Republic. I will most likely be running a 16-man raid with my guild who treat me just like any other raider (except I have a blog), and there’s going to be at least 3 other females in there with me who all get along with each other and do not care what you think about them being female gamers.

I’m alive!

I’m sorry I haven’t really posted anything in the past few days!

I have a very special guest in town and have been spending time with them until they fly out of town. I’ve been doing lots of Las Vegas tourist stuff, like going to some restaurants I haven’t been to before (Mizumi at the Wynn and Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace), checking out the High Roller, the biggest ferris wheel in the world , and drinking green beer at the biggest Yard House in the world at The Linq.

Dessert at Bacchanal Buffet in Caesar's Palace

Dessert at Bacchanal Buffet in Caesar’s Palace

Green beer from the Yard House at The Linq

Green beer from the Yard House at The Linq

My view of the High Roller from my seat at the Yard House

My view of the High Roller from my seat at the Yard House

My view from my table at Mizumi inside the Wynn

My view from my table at Mizumi inside the Wynn

I post frequently on Twitter and Instagram, which update on my sidebar, so until tomorrow you can check those out if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to!

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