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How I Started Playing MMOs & Why I Quit My First Guild

Once upon a time, I was brand new to MMO gaming.

My boyfriend and his best friend/roommate were talking about this new game that they were going to play, some Star Wars game. My boyfriend and I were at Fry’s, the huge electronics store here in Las Vegas , and he was talking to the enthusiastic store associates about the game as well and how he needed some new stuff for the computer (my computer!). We left with a brand spanking new monitor, Bose speakers, a headset with microphone, and more.

When my boyfriend started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, it was annoying and intriguing at the same time. While I was bothered that he was on the computer all the time and not hanging out with me, it was also very intriguing watching him play, seeing he had a cute little companion named Mako and watching him wipe pretty hard for hours doing Eternity Vault with his guild.

One day, he gave me the password to his account so that I could try the game out while he wasn’t home. I made my own character, a Sith Inquisitor named Heather. His guildies were very surprised that I got my actual name, and I didn’t realize the difficulty of that back then. I leveled my little sorcerer quite horribly, not knowing what main stats were, and dying on some of the easiest tasks. At the time I was trying to play some type of fail heal-dps hybrid, and clearly that didn’t work for me.

Eventually I asked to be in the same guild my boyfriend and his friend were in. They were officers in the guild after all. That was probably my first mistake, not making my own friends and seeing for myself what kind of guild I liked. But they were nice enough and must have been amazingly patient with me not knowing what I was doing.

I dumped Heather the Sorcerer and leveled Katnyss the Juggernaut because I thought it would be helpful, since my guild needed more tanks. I got tired of being a fail-tank and made my first DPS toon, Dianah the Sith Assassin. My guild leader’s main toon at the time was an Assassin tank, so I asked him whether to go Deception or Madness. I was actually leaning toward Madness, but he somehow convinced me that Assassins were made to play the Deception skill tree. And that is when the love affair between me and my Assassin’s Deception DPS began. Now that I think about, he may have been trying to doom me by telling me to play a skill tree everyone hates. Hm.

Back then, I sorely needed to upgrade my CPU and motherboard, and SWTOR had this weird memory leak thing going on that affected my game. One day while we were doing Terror From Beyond, back when it was new, my computer completely crapped out on me, and I disconnected while they one-shot the first boss, The Writhing Horror. Great. By the time we got to Operator IX, I needed to log off for some real life stuff. We beat the boss no problem, and I got some pretty good loot from it as well. I told my GM that I had to go, sorry, and he begged me to stay on just a little bit more to help get the chest right around the corner. I left anyway. Pugging must have been some serious task back then. (BTW, I must have been with some bad ass raiders if we were killing everything easily.)

The next morning, he had posted on our guild Facebook a long, mean rant about how we needed to prioritize raid times, and how rude it was to take a stim from him and not even stay the whole time. As a fairly new gamer that just started to really like playing the game, this was so crushing. I felt so bad, and it was uncomfortable to be in the same guild anymore. I was traumatized.

I quit the Guild That Shall Not Bepp Named and joined a friendly little guild, oTb. I don’t even remember what that stood for because it was in Latin. Eventually I had to quit that one too because it became inactive, and that’s when I joined Despair.

Of course now I realize that setting aside time for raid is very important (and I love being on a schedule now), but that first guild leader probably shouldn’t have been so mean about it. For a long time after that, I was also very self-sufficient, being extremely responsible in getting my own stims. I’ve gotten a bit soft on that… Finally, as my guildies will definitely know, my boyfriend no longer plays or has a SWTOR account because I have swiped it from him.  

Honestly, I’m surprised with myself that I hadn’t played MMOs prior to this. I liked video games, and I’m a pretty social person. MMOs should have been an easy decision. While I was aware of the stereotype of the guy playing in his parents’ basement, one of my favorite musical artists, Lights, played WoW and she made it seem like it was totally fine for a girl like me to go in headfirst into an MMO. Additionally, I was familiar with internet series The Guild by Felicia Day, and this was one of the other things that made MMOs look really fun and approachable.

What was your first experience like playing an MMO? When did you decide that it was something you really liked? Leave a comment below, and share my blog with your friends! Maybe my old guild leader will end up seeing this blog entry!

Why I’m a Reluctant Tank

Last night during raid, we were working on a boss, and suddenly it is suggested, why don’t we have Dianah taunt blah blah blah and off tank? I reluctantly agreed.  Normally my job is quite easy in most fights: hit stuff from behind and avoid stuff on the ground. However, it does come up on a regular basis during raids for me to do something tank-y .

Technically, I do have a tank gear set that is all 72s. I could probably lace some 78s in there from leftover DPS gear mods, but I don’t really want to do that. So why am I such a reluctant tank?

Before I made Dianah the Sith Assassin, I actually played Katnyss, the Sith Juggernaut. I know–what was I thinking! Of course people are going to want to me to tank all the time with those types of toons. However, the decision to make a Juggernaut was because I was very considerate when it came to my guild that I was in back then. (The story of why I quit that guild perhaps is a blog post for another day.) We didn’t have too many tanks, so I thought it would be helpful to roll a tank.

When I played the Juggernaut, I actually did do quite a bit of fail-tanking. For me, it was a bit stressful because tanks do have to learn some extra mechanics that DPS don’t have to worry about (stacks, tank swaps, etc.). Back then, I hadn’t done as many operations. I think I actually know a lot more tank mechanics now from raiding more.

Also, it was a little difficult to learn at that time due to the small guild environment I was in. Basically I had to learn how to tank with pugged tanks, and that stressed me out when they freaked out about how I wasn’t taking the boss to right place or doing the right thing.

I also don’t like to let a team of 7 or more other people down because I don’t know what I’m doing.  

I would like to say that something that is very, very easy for me is quickly jumping in if the tanks die and making sure the boss is pointing at me and not the crowd, which is very kamikaze of me to do seeing as I am made of toilet paper. Pointing the boss away from the crowd is like tank basics #1 rule, haha. The downside of that is if the tanks are down anyway, we’re probably going to wipe unless we are really close to defeating the boss.  I did this the other day during Toborro’s Courtyard 16M HM, but I did die at the end with the boss, heh.

Another thing that I can also claim is that I’m pretty decent at being a flashpoint tank, but I’m too chicken to queue for a random flashpoint unless I’m with my guild. And usually, I would not volunteer to be a flashpoint tank anyway, because I would snag that DPS spot first.

The moral of the story here is that I should suck it up and not be scared to tank, because I could probably be very good. ::sigh::

Loner Gamer’s Demise: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for Wii and DS Ending in May

AlakazamIf you haven’t already heard, Nintendo is pulling the plug on Wi-Fi Connection for the Wii and DS on May 20, 2014.

How am I supposed to trade and battle Pokémon with people around the world now? Will my Kadabra never evolve? How will I visit other people’s towns in Animal Crossing? Where am I gonna get the special fruit??!? As if DS gamers weren’t already loners, now they don’t even have online friends to play with. Are they forcing me to make IRL friends to trade with?! Does that still work?!

 Admittedly, I haven’t been playing with my DS as much anymore, let alone the Wi-Fi gameplay that my favorite games offered, but now I don’t have the option to do online stuff anymore. I will definitely be able to live without it, but I wonder if Nintendo will come out with some other online functionality. It is so easy these days to play games on your smart phone with your friends, and with the Nintendo DS, it was a little complicated and difficult with the implementation of Friend Codes.

What I didn’t find out is if you can still play together with someone that is nearby you in proximity. If that still works, then maybe not all hope is lost. That just means I have to find an IRL friend to play with… Bah! If anyone knows, let me know!

Dianah Goes Datacron Hunting

As my gear gets closer and closer to perfection (until they release a whole new type of gear again), I decided that I should take advantage of the stat bonuses from datacrons and go hunting for them. As of right now, I need a few 78 armorings (I personally maintain the Stalker 4-piece set bonus) and a 78 hilt, and I have some tricky optimization going on with a couple 72 enhancements.

Dianah's stats stimmed.

Dianah’s stats stimmed.

I was going to go back to find all the Endurance and Willpower datacrons, but one of my guildies (ahh Con, Drios, Daemon? None of the above??) told me that the Strength stat also improves an Assassin’s melee damage. This I did not know before, since I thought you only needed your main stat (mine is Willpower). I actually have quite a few Endurance and Willpower datacrons already, but I did miss a few that were out of the way or in areas of the map that I skipped due to being over-leveled. One of the datacrons I’m not looking forward to obtaining is the Strength datacron on Tatooine with that balloon. I remember seeing people trying to do it while leveling on that planet and always thought, ha ha sucks to be you WARRIORS. Well, now I have to get that one too. Hopefully someone will help me with the *easy* way to get it.

One of the fun things about going datacron hunting, however, is I get to wear some different outfits without having to switch out my mods! The mobs most of the time don’t touch me because I’m leveled so much higher than them, so it doesn’t really matter that I’m not fully geared (stat-wise) while I’m jumping around on pipes and rocks. When the datacron hunting quest took me to Hoth, I changed into one of my favorite outfits in-game, the Hailstorm Brotherhood social gear set.

I decided that Dianah would be too cold running around sleeveless in the snow (roleplay much?), so it would be cute if she was dressed up even for just a little while. Unfortunately, Dianah’s hair and makeup specifically matches her raiding outfit and doesn’t mesh too well with the snow outfit, but I didn’t want to burn Cartel Coins changing it for something like this.

(Girl moment: Honestly Dianah’s makeup right now is very heavy and costume-y, and looks fantastic with the regal gold and purple outfit she has for raiding, but for jumping around in the snow with the Hailstorm Brotherhood outfit, she really should be a little more fresh-faced with a different hairstyle, perhaps one of the newer ones with the long braided ponytail…)

Another thing that I like about hunting for datacrons is that it’s kind of like finding Easter Eggs in a game. I also like the challenge of jumping around in places, though while frustrating, is really awesome once you get to where you’re wanting to go.

So readers, how do you feel about datacron hunting? Social gear? Stat optimization? If you liked today’s post, please share my blog with your friends!

The Elder Scrolls Online Beta: Extra Invite

ESO logo

So, I promise I have another SWTOR themed blog post coming out later tonight once I can get my in-game screenshots but since my Elder Scrolls Online Beta Review post has been pretty popular, I decided someone might want this…

I have an extra beta invite key for this weekend’s beta testing, so whoever contacts me first can use it.

I’m pretty excited to be able to go into The Elder Scrolls Online beta again this weekend to take more screenshots and report more bugs!

This weekend’s beta testing will start on Friday, February 28th at 12:00PM EST and end on Sunday, March 2nd at 11:59PM EST.

10 Random Things About Me On a Tuesday

Sorry, no dramatically long post today because I’m going to be a little busy today. But here are some random things about me and Tuesday. Here we go!

1. Tuesdays are my favorite raid night, because usually we are refreshed, ready to go, and available to do any operation since they have all reset.

2. I’m just a little tired today because I was up late watching the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic…

3. I took a quiz to see what pony I was, and it said Rarity. Totally understand why, but Fluttershy is damn cute.

4. Pretty Little Liars is playing on TV tonight! Looks like Aria goes crazy in this episode.

5. I’m wearing a short-sleeve top and ankle-length pants today, because the high temperature is going to be 78 degrees Fahrenheit in Las Vegas.

6. I’m actually going to be spending about 6 hours out of the office today at a special event that I’m supposed to be preparing for right now..

7. I really, really need to get to the store and buy more toothpaste. I have been using other people’s toothpaste instead of buying my own.

8. I lost two pounds this week! For a short person this is a lot of weight. 8 more pounds!

9. I’m really excited to go home and update SWTOR for 2.7!

10. I really want to go to the Boston Community Cantina in April.

How a Distracted DPS Gets Her Achievement Beating Bestia in Dread Palace HM

It looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of raiding this week. Last night we raided, tonight we are raiding to catch up, then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. However, last night I got my achievement for Bestia in Dread Palace hard-mode! I talked a little bit about this fight in a previous entry, but we actually changed up our strategy a bit. Once we had that down, the fight was actually quite easy compared to our previous attempts. I was worried for a second that we were going to wipe, and it would secretly (not so secret now!) be my fault because one of my pre-Despair raiding friends was trying to have a whisper conversation with me about joining my guild in the middle of the fight. Here’s basically how that went:

Sniper: “what days do you do hm progression?”

Me: “right now lol”

Sniper: [asks more questions about the guild]

Me: [silence while I’m killing stuff]

Sniper: [logs off]

Me: [kills Bestia, gets achievement!!!]

Miraculously we beat Bestia, and it was awesome! And, the person who was whispering me also joined Despair later that night while we were doing EC NiM (trying to get the tank speeder to drop), so we have a new Sniper available for raids. Yay! And thank you for not thinking I was rude for not answering right away.

Dread Palace HM Bestia Strategy

So what was our strategy to beat Bestia? This is what I remember, from a DPS point of view, hopefully sans overly technical terms.

We still had the balanced DPS team, melee consisting of Mallgus (Marauder) and myself (Assassin) and ranged consisting of Filmadeus (Mercenary) and Sleeth (Sniper). Our tanks (Ulci and Drios) I believe were positioned at the “10 & 2” positions, with healers hanging out in the middle of the map, but within healing and guard range of the tanks.

Instead of assigning Mallgus on the tentacle, he would be DPSing down the monsters with me, and Sleeth and Filmadeus were concentrating on the larvae and tentacles when they popped up. This was beneficial, because the tentacles took some time to graphically render, and we lost a little more time to have a melee attempt to find and then make their way to the tentacle versus a ranged DPS that could find it and start DPSing right away.

One of the tanks (Ulci) held one monster on one side while the melee DPS burnt it down, and the other tank (Drios) held any other monsters that popped up. Once the monster that the DPS were targeting is killed, Ulci brought a monster from Drios’s side to the melee DPS so we could burn that one down as well.

When Bestia left her throne, we killed the last of the adds that were on the map (there was probably just one more monster left), and then we focus fired the boss. While Bestia is down the tanks have to worry about getting 10 stacks and swapping targets.  At around 50%, the add phase starts again with the monsters, larvae, and tentacle, so DPS went back to their assignments.

In the middle of all this, of course you just have to avoid the red stuff on the ground, and if you get the other red circle thing that moves with you, move away from the group!

This ending part is all a blur, and I can’t remember if we just said “f*** it” to the adds and burnt down Bestia towards the end, but we killed her and won! I haven’t really been in Dread Palace hard-mode that much, so this was super cool for me. If you’re curious about the loot, an Unassembled Dread Forged Earpiece dropped for us, which was awarded to Mallgus who only had Verpine earpiece at the time. One day I will write for you guys about how Despair distributes loot.

Thank You!

I also wanted to thank everyone who has been visiting Pretty Little Sith, because it’s actually doing pretty well (I think?) for the first couple weeks of opening. If you like what I’m doing, don’t be greedy; please share my blog with your friends!

Hanging Out With OotiniCast in Las Vegas

I got home at 3:00am.

Chong, Mosq, Bill, Chill, GasGuy, & me at Aria's City Bar.

Chong, Mosq, Bill, Chill, GasGuy, & me at Aria’s City Bar.

My guildie Ben told me that Ootinicast, one of SWTOR’s top podcasts, was going to be visiting Las Vegas, so I thought it would be fun to go and hang out! I thought that I was going to just meet up at the Aria Resort & Casino at 8:00pm, order a beer, chit chat, and go home. Well, I actually did quite a bit more than that! When I got to the Aria, Chill (who I met at the Seattle cantina), Mosq, Chong and his girlfriend, and Bill and his wife were already there with GasGuy, another local Las Vegas player. At the City Bar, I ordered a Sam Adams, which expectedly came out to $9.73 plus a $1.00 tip. Yep, not so sure I wanted to pay $11 for every drink, so we made plans to go downtown to Fremont St. where the alcohol is cheaper and more abundant, and additionally more pedestrian friendly than the Strip.

One of the first things we were trying to establish was what to call each other: game names or real names? We decided that we would answer by either one, but it was a little easier to do game names. In fact, I still don’t even know what Terg’s real name is. However I did go by Heather because they’re not really familiar with my game name, Dianah.


From left to right: Mosq, Chill, Terg, Chong, Bill, and me.

We met up in front of the Four Queens downtown, where they were having some kind of Jamaican BBQ festival or something. We saw a crazy, drunk old lady dancing alone to Bon Jovi, dirty Spiderman and his angel girlfriend walking around in a thong, dirty Bumblebee from Transformers, and various other class acts. However, the beer inside The D Hotel was only $5.50—awesome!

When the gang all got there, we walked to the East Fremont District, because I wanted to take them to Insert Coin(s), a video game bar. Unfortunately, we barely missed the time where we could go in with no cover charge, but the ladies and I were free anyway. The men had to pay $10 each. I wanted one of the cool booths that we could sit down and play video games, but they were reserved for bottle service, which I think was minimum $150.00 to buy one bottle. We hung out in a corner next to the Mortal Kombat arcade machine, and ordered more drinks! (FYI: I ordered the two different Shock Top beer varieties.)


Inside Insert Coin(s). Unfortunately I did not take pictures of decor/games.

That night at Insert Coin(s) they were also doing a giveaway for females, where you could win either a mug, tank-top, or some kind of makeup box made by Tarina Tarantino. It was pretty cute, but I didn’t get anything. They also had a section where ladies could get their nails done for free or get a glitter tattoo. I didn’t want to spend massive amounts of time away from the group getting my nails done or a glitter tattoo (gangster Pikachu please?), so I did not, but it was cool that they had that there. (One of my nails actually broke that night.) They also gave free drink tickets to the ladies that signed up to win the prizes as well. I did not actually use my free drink, because I had to get something with vodka, so Mosq used it instead for Red Bull-Vodka.


Chill’s show at Penn & Teller ended, so we left Insert Coin(s) and walked around downtown. We discovered that the Walgreens does not have a public bathroom or sell alcohol (as far as we could tell), but that the bathrooms in The D Hotel were pretty nice. Mosq also purchased a 6-pack of Coor’s Light somewhere along the way. It had been nearly 12 hours since most of them ate, and my feet were hurting just a little (I wore high heels because I did not expect to be running around town, and I didn’t want to be too short.), so we went to the Denny’s that happened to have a full bar. Terg unfortunately drank alone here with a Bloody [Good] Mary with everyone else ordering water or soft drinks.

By the time we were done getting sobered up at Denny’s, said goodbyes and went home, it was pretty late. So yes, I safely got home at around 3:00am and plopped into bed! It was very fun meeting up and hanging out with guys from Ootinicast, and I’ve never properly thanked them for mentioning my blog in one of their episodes last week. So, thank you! Hopefully I will see not only them but some other players at the Community Cantinas!

What Games Do I Play? A Gaming Biography

Something similar to this question came up in an e-mail to me. Besides SWTOR, what other games do I play? How specifically would you like me to answer that? Throughout my whole life, I have always played video games. I am definitely not the “OMFG JUST DISCOVERED A CONTROLLER I WILL TAKE A SELFIE OF ME LICKING IT” type of *girl gamer*. Here’s a little bit about me and about the games that I play currently and in the past, a sort of gaming biography.


More than twenty years ago (makes me sound old) the first gaming console I ever had was the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). I don’t remember how old I was when I first started playing, but I vaguely remember the games I played. We had a hockey game, where you could hit the other players and get put into a penalty box. As a young’un, that was pretty entertaining. I also had something that I think was either Archon or very similar to Archon. My sister used to say I cheated at it because I picked some type of character or some type of ability that did something that I really cannot remember, but it was pretty cheat-y. Of course I also had the classic Duck Hunt, gun and everything, and the original Super Mario Bros.

For some reason this one is kept in a safe spot in my room. Check out my french manicure!

For some reason this one is kept in a safe spot in my room. Check out my french manicure!

I’m old school, because the Super Nintendo was and will always be my favorite gaming console. I actually never had a Sega. No Xbox, PlayStation, Wii or any modern console will ever beat the amount of fun I had with the Super Nintendo. Probably. I had quite a few games, many of which I inherited from an older cousin. My absolute favorites were Yoshi’s Island, the second game in the Donkey Kong Country series, Diddy’s Kong Quest, and this little game called Wild Guns (seriously, I’ve still played this one within the last year. Love it.). I’ve actually tried the newest Donkey Kong game made for the Wii, and I didn’t really care for it that much. I also had a Barbie game, Star Fox (because, duh), several Street Fighter games, and some kind of RPG where you could have a glass sword. Of course, I always played Chun Li or Cami in Street Fighter because they were girls.

Nintendo DS Games

I had a pink Nintendo Gameboy, the ones that look like little flip-open compact mirrors. I’m pretty sure I sold it on eBay. Then, when I had my own money I purchased a pink Nintendo DS. Then much more recently I was given a pink Nintendo 3DSXL. I primarily played Pokémon and Animal Crossing.

I love Pokémon. I loved the television show, I loved Pikachu, and I wanted one of those damn Pika Pets so bad when they came out. I never asked my parents for one though. I liked Dragonair, but I didn’t like that it evolved into a big red dragon. My other favorites were Lapras, Charizard (um, big red dragon?), Chansey, Alakazaam… I’m missing a ground or grass Pokémon to complete the team. Even back then I knew how to build a balanced battle team. I don’t really like the newer Pokémon games as much because I like the original Pokémon.

Somewhere in between, I played Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. Spyro actually made me a little nauseous, and Crash didn’t have as much appeal to me as my SNES games. I don’t really remember when this all happened because it’s all a blur, but I used to play Neopets (hehe I have a baby blumaroo, striped Cybunny, and rainbow Usul). I ‘m pretty sure I still have more than a million neopoints sititng in the bank. I still know my username and password too.

Some random other games (mostly PC): Age of Empires, Purple Moon (LOL no one probably knows what that was), the Sims (2 & 3), the Nancy Drew Mystery Games, Animal Crossing, Tomb Raider, Skyrim, and of course Star Wars: The Old Republic. When I first started playing The Sims 2, I was addicted. When The Sims 3 came out, I built my very first computer to play it on. Okay, I didn’t build it, but I picked out the parts and had a friend build it for me. Ever since then I’ve been upgrading to stay current with newer games.

Also: surprise, surprise! SWTOR is my first real MMO experience. I have tried WoW, but never really sat down and really played a character.

Unfortunately I do not really play Call of Duty or anything like that, and I also don’t really like to pick up every single game under the sun. I would rather wait until I knew something was good, then try it and become addicted. Or I could just be crazy, you know, and just pre-order Elder Scrolls Online before even trying the Beta. I do apologize for the step down in literary brilliance; this blog post has been more stream-of-consciousness. But now you know a little bit more about my gaming background.

How to Effectively Use Parse Data for Raiding

During our raid night yesterday, we worked on Dread Palace hard-mode progression. It went pretty well, and if you ignore the fact that it was a little inquisitor-heavy, the team was pretty balanced with two different healer classes (Operative & Sorcerer), two different tank classes (Assassin & Powertech), and 50% melee (Assassin & Marauder) and 50% range DPS (Mercenary & Sorcerer). I encourage raiders to put together balanced teams, because you are able to utilize a wider range of abilities. For example, if you took a team of Snipers with you to hard-mode Nefra, not being able to cleanse themselves… well that would probably suck.

Assassins Do It From Behind

On the Bestia fight, my assignment was to kill the tentacles that popped up. Sure, I can kill tentacles. The only issue with a Deception Assassin aggro-ing and beating down a tentacle face-to-face is that it eliminates the ability to use Maul, which is my highest DPS ability. If you are not familiar with Maul, for Deception Assassins, it can only be used from the back or side of your target. Darkness (tank) Assassins can spec to use this move from the front as well. So the issue here was that I was DPSing tentacles, but missing a vital part of my rotation. I thought the tentacles were going down much slower than if I were to be able to use Maul, and my force was suffering as well. Personally, I just hate being handicapped in the way that I’m forced to try and hit things from behind all the time…

No One Listens to Women

So I suggested, why don’t we switch Mallgus (the Marauder) and me (the Assassin) so that I could constantly Maul the monsters/larvae/Bestia from behind, and he could quickly Ravage (or whatever Marauders do) the hell out of the tentacle from the front? We had already run this fight a few times with everyone knowing their assignments, so we didn’t make an official switch. Also, the tentacle job is for “the lowest member of the DPS totem” because there is not an immediate rush to get them down. Sigh. Unfortunately, our raid time ended, so we couldn’t try different strategies.

Parse Data Homework, LOL

After raid, this week’s assignment was to turn in our parse homework (I love making jokes like this because our guild leader is a teacher). Our guild leader wanted to form the best HM progression team as possible, so the ticket to being on the team was being able to have a certain DPS number while parsing the Training Dummy. I actually don’t normally ever practice on the dummy, because I don’t want to be faced with any unfortunate truths about my class and spec. And because I definitely know my rotation. But! I was pleasantly surprised. Shockingly, my parse was almost the same as Mallgus (within less than 100 points). So you know what happened?

They said I couldn’t complain about being handicapped, because clearly I’m capable. We also know that it makes a huge difference to leave out an essential move in a rotation (Maul), because for the short time Mallgus was beating on the tentacle, it went down pretty quick. So logically, using the parse data that we obtained and the results of the boss fight, we can say for strategic purposes: If an Assassin and a Marauder parsed similarly, they should also be able to DPS similarly during a raid fight unless a DPS is assigned to do something which requires fighting an enemy face-to-face, in which a Marauder would be a better choice than an Assassin.

Wow, that should be written into SWTOR raid law or something. Basically my point is that even seasoned raiders (sounds like salty football players) aren’t always perfect, and that although you can mess around in easier operations, you really must focus on mechanics and strategy on the harder bosses.

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