When I Broke The Sims 4

Last night, after a couple weeks of playing Final Fantasty XIV and Star Wars: The Old Republic, I wanted to play The Sims 4. They are currently having “Triple Boost Week,” in which your sims can obtain skills three times faster than the normal rate, so I wanted to try it out on some of the sims that I had been playing.
You may already know, but I dislike taking screenshots. I don’t have evidence to show you about this multigenerational sims family that I had been playing. 

However, after updating the game in Origin, my save file was nowhere to be seen! It immediately brought me to the Create-a-Sim screen, with no households available to choose from. I checked the folder that contains the save files for The Sims 4—it was empty.

Once again, I felt totally screwed out of a game that I had been “working” on for a while, kind of like when I broke my Skyrim save file months ago. I tried to google some solutions to my problem, but since I didn’t see any save files at all to salvage, I didn’t have the patience to try anything else.

On the bright side, my boyfriend made me feel better about this situation. He asked, “Don’t you start new sims households all the time?” That is somewhat true. I normally play The Sims in binges, and then I take long breaks. I guess I can just start another household and “legacy.”

However, another thought that I had about my save file completely disappearing is that life for sims (and for us) is short. You never know when your save file or someone/something in your life is going to be gone for inexplicable reasons. (I think that was maybe it a little weird and dark for a post about The Sims 4, but I’m trying to motivate myself to blog here.)

Why I Don’t Like Taking In-Game Screenshots

As a blogger, I feel like I should be sharing what I’m doing in-game, and I think pictures are the best way to show my characters and what I’m working on.

I hate taking screenshots. I hate stopping in the middle of gameplay to take a picture or get the perfect angle. When I play video games, I get “into the zone,” and stopping to take a screenshot is not something that ever comes across my mind. I think it’s disruptive and removes immersion from what I’m doing.

However, without a picture or screenshot, I cannot “prove” that I’m actually doing what I’m saying I’m doing, and then I don’t feel like writing a blog post at all. I prefer writing over posting a bunch of pictures and even video. I hate clicking on links about news stories, expecting to read an article, and then getting a video pushed at me to watch. I don’t have the time or patience to watch videos, and it’s extremely annoying because I already gave them a hit on their website expecting an article.

Anyway, I would like to work on my blog, but I hate the feeling of wanting to include pictures, because I just don’t like taking in-game screenshots. Maybe I should just suck it up and stop being lazy about including pictures, because it does make blog posts look better, but I hate stopping to take a picture of what I’m doing in-game. I’d rather just play.

Playing Stardew Valley


A few weeks ago, I picked up the farming simulator and country-life RPG, Stardew Valley, after seeing and considering its popularity on Steam and Twitch. I had never played Farmville, Harvest Moon, or anything like that, but I decided to give it a try. I had hardly been logging into SWTOR (weeks, even months of not playing that), and I had completed a play through of Pokemon Red on my Nintendo 3DSXL. I wanted something else to play that wouldn’t frustrate me too much about learning how to play. After receiving Fallout 4 and simply not getting into it, I didn’t want to buy anything similarly priced and be disappointed, so Stardew Valley at $14.99 on Steam seemed like the perfect “casual” game to play.


FitBit Alta Review

Trying to get Daisy to pose with the FitBit Alta

Trying to get Daisy to pose with the FitBit Alta

Hey everyone! I had a birthday this month and received a FitBit Alta as a gift. The FitBit Alta is one of the latest FitBit models, along with the new FitBit Blaze. It comes in four basic colors, but I had the black one (there were customizations you could purchase for it later if you wanted). At first, I loved it! It was slim, unlike other FitBits I had seen before. I was also excited to get reminders to move throughout the day, during my sedentary desk job, and to see how many calories I burned. However, the usefulness of the fitness wristband stopped there for me.


Becoming a Preferred Player in SWTOR

Dianah in her Preferred player handcuffs

Dianah in her Preferred player handcuffs

A while ago I wrote on the blog about how I had become disenchanted with Star Wars: The Old Republic. I was no longer logging in and playing like I used to. I knew, eventually, that my account would go into the Preferred status, because I removed my payment information from my account before my subscription ran out to prevent it from auto-renewing. However, even though I knew it was coming, I was a bit shocked when I did finally log in, because my guild needed a fill-in for an operations group, and I was available.


I Made a Snapchat!

Last weekend I made an account on Snapchat! I saw plenty of people using it, but I hadn’t wanted to sign up. It seemed like another social media account that I would have to check or contribute to, and I’m on my phone enough using Twitter and Facebook.

However, after seeing my cousins howling in laughter at the face-swap filter at our family BBQ, I decided I wanted to have fun with it also and made the account. It took me a little bit to figure out how to use filters and how to get to certain screens on the app, but I think I understand the basic gist now.

If you want to follow me, my username on Snapchat is heatherpls. I can’t promise that I’ll post much, look at your stories, or even respond to people on there, but maybe I’ll end up using it more over time. Currently, I’m much more active on Twitter and Instagram (@Heather_PLS)!

Do you use Snapchat? What do you like about it? Let me know in the comments! You could even send me (heatherpls) a message on Snapchat and eventually I’d probably see it, haha.

Leveling Up IRL: I Survived My First Spin Class


Last month I tried my first ever spin class! Since my 26-month contract with the big box gym in town ended, I’ve been trying out different gyms and studios for somewhere that I will actually go to that will supplement my aerial classes. (It was actually pretty hard to motivate myself to go to the other gym for a number of reasons.) Doing aerial silks and hoop requires a lot of strength and flexibility, but I thought I was missing a “cardio” type activity in my workout regimen. I also wanted to trim down and lose a little more fat (because I love to eat?!), so I decided to try indoor cycling.


Corellian Run Radio Episode #161: Have a Nice Day!

This week on Corellian Run Radio, Jason, Mox, and I talk about our experiences playing SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapters 10 and 11, and I talk about what it’s like becoming a Preferred (non-subscription) player. We also meet Knite and Sin from the Have a Nice Day, a primarily PvP guild that is working on releasing their own SWTOR podcast called Have a Nice Daycast!

Download the podcast on iTunes or listen from the Corellian Run website here!

Leveling Up IRL: Becoming an Aerialist


For the past five months, I’ve been doing a non-traditional type of workout! Before, I had been doing Pilates and yoga a few times a week at the local big-box gym and sometimes at home watching online videos. However, I had seen Janel Parrish and Troian Bellisario, actresses from one of my favorite shows (Pretty Little Liars), post on their Instagram some beautiful pictures of themselves doing tricks on aerial silks! I decided I wanted to be like them and searched for somewhere locally that taught aerial silks.


Black Desert Online Beta


I recently had the opportunity to play Black Desert Online in their second closed beta session for their upcoming Western release. Thank you Joe of Gadgets & Khajiits for providing me with a code! I hadn’t been interested in the game prior to trying it. In fact, my first impression of the game was negative. From what I had seen and heard about the game before I even played, I thought that the “boob jiggle” animation, gender locked classes, and revealing female outfits perpetuated sexism and objectified women. However, I tried the game, and I liked it a lot! None of that other stuff mattered anymore. Do not judge a book by its cover! Here’s what I thought about Black Desert Online after trying it out.


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