Nom Nom Galaxy Review


Today, Nom Nom Galaxy by Q-Games and PixelJunk has been launched for PC!  Nom Nom Galaxy is a 2D game in which you explore different planets to build offices and factories and collect ingredients in order to develop your own galactic soup empire.  There is also competition within the interstellar soup industry, so you must also build defenses to protect your soup factory! Read more to see my Nom Nom Galaxy review!


Liebster Award!

Liebster AwardThe Liebster Award is one given to bloggers by other bloggers to help recognize and learn a little more about them than what they usually write about! I have been nominated by Chadrassa aka Cleeyah of the In Character blog, in which she also writes about video games, especially SWTOR!

In my Liebster post, I must give eleven facts about myself, answer Chadrassa’s questions, and then nominate another blogger and write my own questions for them! Let’s get started!


Corellian Run Radio Ep 149 w/ Lady Insanity

Corellian Run Radio

Hello everyone! I know I’m a few days late reporting this, but my co-host Jason and I  recorded episode 149 of Corellian Run Radio on Sunday featuring YouTube gamer and BioWare fan Lady Insanity! We interview her about what she does in the gaming industry and her thoughts of information she has obtained about the upcoming SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.

Additionally, I give a few tips on trying out operations in-game, especially for players that have been playing alone and would like to try out some additional end-game group content!

You can download the episode on iTunes or your favorite podcast app, or you can also watch the YouTube video of the live recording we did on Sunday, which I embedded here on the post.

Eating Myself in ARK


Despair guild base.

I’ve been playing more ARK: Survival Evolved, and I’ve gotten a lot better than when I first posted about it! I have been playing with my guild now, and we have a huge base with a bunch of creatures. I learned how to tame animals, and so far I have three!  I have a Carbonemys (turtle), Trike, and a Dilophosaurus named Spike, Mike, and Ike respectively.


Taking Down Torque HM


Earlier this week, my SWTOR operations group finally defeated 8-man hard-mode Torque! We had been working on the boss for a while now, and I’m proud of the achievement! Our group makeup isn’t always the same as sometimes people can’t attend raid, but here are the classes we brought when we beat Torque:


My Boyfriend Unsubbed from SWTOR

"You're my enemy now. Go." Just kidding.

“You’re my enemy now. Go.” Just kidding!

I’ve mentioned my boyfriend a few times here on the blog, and I would consider him a hardcore SWTOR player. He has definitely played more than me! He has played all of the class stories, has all 16 advanced classes at current max level, ran in NiM progression operation groups, unlocked and maxed out many (all?) GSF ships, and has played a ton of Ranked, unranked, and open world PvP. On top of that, he has an incredible number of achievements and maxed out reputations.

He is going to unsubscribe from the game, and it’s okay. SWTOR is a great game, whether one is subbed or not. Personally, I will stay subbed to the game for a long time, but I respect his decision, and I don’t disagree with his opinions either. (Or perhaps we agree to disagree!)

There are many reasons why a player would unsubscribe, and there is nothing wrong with it. At some point, some people are done playing a game—maybe forever, maybe playing only casually, maybe only when there is a new game update. Here are some of the reasons he has stated on why SWTOR is not worth the subscription fee to him anymore:


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